Cautious fingers folded the ribbon into a loose bow, which tightly held her sideways ponytail. A purple rose was then slipped in and its thorny stem was wrapped around the bow. Kat looked over her reflection in the mirror with an eagle's eye, deeming herself well enough before skipping out of the room and jogging down the stairs.

Granted, the stairs were now spiral in the newly-built, cylinder-shaped house. It was covered in vines already, just like every other newly-built building in Rewtown was; the sky was only seen through the purple-green filters of leaves, and any exits of the city had to be hacked daily to be free of the rapid-growing plants. The reset bomb had changed it entirely, halved the population, and doubled the scientist visitors. She could easily imagine this was what life in the Sahara or something was like.

"You ready?" the now fourteen-year-old girl asked, popping up from behind the kitchen counter. Renee ended up cutting her hair into a pixie cut for a cosplay they were going to do a few months later, and could easily mimic Pit if she had a laurel wreath.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Katie sighed in response. "I don't want them to leave…"

"Me neither," her sister agreed, heading out the door with her.

It had been months since the SSB incident. The group of kids knew early on that they would need to part sometime, but it didn't make it any easy; they spent the fall, winter, and early spring with each other as much as possible, and that would be combing over the town for any last Primid or occasionally sneaking into the sewers for signs of Bytan. They still made it last.

And January of that year, they finally learned of their permanent locations aside from the homeless shelters and friend's homes; the Jecksons were going to be in Colorado, since the main lab of Throst Laboratories was there and Mr. Jeckson had earned that big of a promotion; Tyrone and his mom would be living at a cousin's wheat farm in more rural Kansas, helping out with chores and earning enough money for an apartment back in Rewtown (the rents were already going up since the place was becoming a tourist hotspot); the Reids were forever destined in Rewtown, in their new home, enjoying the place.

The Jecksons were moving today, and Tyrone was heading off in a week.

The two siblings earned plenty of double takes with Kat's rose ponytail, mostly by the visiting gamers who mistook the short girl as Viridi. Then there was Renee, with her familiar haircut…

"This is really cruel, but I love doing it anyways," Renee whispered.

"Good. I thought I was just being a jerk," Katie mumbled back.

They made it to the park, where Tyrone was leaning on the swingset pole, Steven was yammering on to Faith, and Faith was perched on a swing, uninterested.

"HAY GUUUYS!" Renee shouted, running forward and skidding to a stop in front of them.

"Hey Ren," Faith greeted before noticing Kat. "Hey kitty, what's with the rose?"

"My name is Katie," Kat deadpanned before returning to a cheery mood, "and I just felt like fooling people!"

"Okay, so maybe I thought you were Viridi from afar...Wait, aren't you guys supposed to be at your old house?" Tyrone suddenly asked Steven.

"Faith snuck me out of the house," Steven sighed. "And I was this close—" he pinched his fingers a hair's width apart "—to defeating that stupid gym leader!" "

Which one?" Renee chirped. "

Clair. Her Dragonair are jerks, both of them…"

A conversation went on just like any normal day, complaining about enemies or sharing victories and funny moments. It was like any other school-free day, but they all knew that by that afternoon the group would be divided and it would all be over. And they didn't want it to. They still weren't entirely sure all the enemies had been ridden of, and what if the smashers were to come back? It would be one or two of the gang against a problem way bigger than themselves.

But they were feeble reasons; they had been in every part of the city at least twice and the most interesting thing they found was that there were a lot of places that could be explored twice.

And the smashers were definitely gone, even if they wished otherwise: Renee just about cried when she found a bit of Lucario fur wedged in her bed's sheets one day. Katie never washed out that duffel bag, the one with the defined scent of Pikachu, and constantly locked the door so the Pikachu that left could have freedom again. Tyrone always found himself checking the skating rink daily, even if it was now just a pillar of plant life. Faith perked up the instant she heard a Hylian war cry from her brother's game systems, then waiting for someone to translate that. Steven had been running through codes lately, trying to find the heroes again, and couldn't bear to watch the mascots die on screen.

Too early, noon came, and Mrs. Jeckson was hollering at her kids to get in the moving van from the street.

"See you guys later, I guess," Faith sighed, embracing the two sisters in a goodbye.

"See ya, nerd," Tyrone preformed some secret handshake with Steven before the geek set off with his sister.

"BYYYYEEEEEEE!" Katie waved franticly alongside the other two gamers.

Faith slid into the car first, Steven joining her moments before they sent into explaining why they had left the house and what-not. The truck's cargo was firmly secured and made no rattling while the vehicle chugged along, followed by a much larger moving van. The family was silent the first thirty minutes, just relishing in the old memories.

Mr. Jeckson finally spoke up, "You know, the CEO of Throst has some kids of her own."

"Oh," Steven grunted, apparently more interested on the 3DS in his hands.

More silence.

"…okay, what is poking me?" Faith muttered to herself, reaching into the back of her shirt to quench the item rubbing at her neck. When she pulled it out, she snorted in an attempt to contain laughter. "Hey, Steven, look at this," she mumbled, putting it between her brother's eyes and his game.

Steven, predicibally, raised an eyebrow. "How'd that get in your shirt?" he asked. "

Renee must have slipped it in before we left. The darn fangirl," Faith answered, refraining back to her seat and running a fingertip along the object.

What, exactly, was her farewell gift?

None other than a long, downy feather of the purest white—and if one watched it long enough, they would see the occasional blue glint light up its quill.

Angel feathers are very good souveniers.

Well, that's it, I'm officially done. I have to say that I really, really enjoyed writing this fic, even if half the updates were barely on time. The concept of a real-world fic just…inspires me, seeing how real-life people respond to fictional characters and vice versa.

Speaking of which, if you still have an itching for one of these kinds of fics, I know some people!

Panda-chan's Smashers Stuck in the REAL World! has an awesome and surprisingly thick plot, not to mention a TON of humor and a lot of good character reactions!

Queens of Madness' Through the Glass is a very, very well-written fic that I adore and reread on several occasions, as well as introducing smashers one at a time so they can each have the spotlight. They even include an assist trophy, the only fiction that I know of that does.

Dragoness Kitten Sweetie's What you Wish For can be a little intimidating at first, but when you get over that it's a really great fic that actually takes place in the first person POV. What does that mean? It means you get to see ALL of her reactions to EACH and EVERY character, also making them stand out!

...oh, what? You're wondering what I'LL be doing next? Well, for those of you who weren't involved in the frantic OC scramble, I'm going to be working on a new SSB fanfiction involving other people's sent OCs! I'm not sure when I'll start it, but it will be another weekly-update type thing.

And...I'd like to type a story in the Zelda fandom. I don't have a plot yet and I just thought of it in the early hours of this year, but i'd really like to try it out as another rare fic that might not even exist.

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME! Thanks again for reading and sticking with me, thank you all for being awesome, and I hope I'll see you again someday! This is Reevee21 saying, HUG THOSE EEVEE! BYEEEEEE!