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"Why is there a Human in Victorian bloomers, bleeding out in my bar?"

Sookie had barely noticed the calm tone that sounded behind her as she pressed down on a gaping wound. Beside her, Tara stood, arms crossed and leaned to one side. Watching with her maker, Pam. Both had been aware of the Viking's entrance, hearing his steps long before the door to his office opened. He stopped over Sookie, peering down at the woman she had no definitely brought with her for some reason.

Despite the crowd that had been there just ten minutes ago, the bar was now empty. Cleared upon Pam's command.

"She's not Human!" Frantically collecting the torn flesh around the unconscious brunette's stomach, Sookie turned to the group behind her.

"Are there any towels? Something to stop the blood! She's going to die!" Frustration weighed on her tongue as she spoke. The three subjects of her gaze exchanged glances before Tara nodded and started to the area behind the bar.

"Of course she is." Focused on the blonde's previous statement, Eric stared down at the injured woman on the floor. He smelled the blood, and could detect the difference Sookie was referring to. There was an unusual scent in the air, but Eric was well-aware of what it was. In less than a minute, Tara returned to Sookie's side, handing her a brown towel to cover the wound with. Once the fabric was out of her hands, Tara carefully stepped back and returned to the side of her maker.

Pam gazed at Eric, crossing her arms as she caught his eye. The woman raised a single brow, clearly knowing of the scent Sookie had referred to as well. As delicious as it was, pooling around the woman, they knew better than to step closer. It was a wonder that Tara sufficed by simply covering her nose.

As knowing as Sookie seemed, bringing the woman to Fangtasia was far from smart. If she thought it was a safe house of sorts, she was wrong. One misstep and that friend of hers would be drained. Completely. Whoever had attacked her before wasn't trying to kill her, if logic was a valid method to use.

"Don't you smell that? She can't be human!" Pressing the towel to the woman's injuries, Sookie quickly glanced at the trio over her shoulder.

"I know a human when I see one." Still as calm as ever, Eric dared to move closer; examining Sookie's work. There was no possibility of a human surviving an injury like the one before him. In an hour's time, Eric was going to have a dead Human, likely a stripper, taking up space on his floor. The smell of her blood would stick to the walls for weeks, and they would have to dispose of her, corset, bloomers and all. The beige fabric of her shirt was drenched in crimson, and one of her shoes hung half off her foot.

"A pirate."

Everybody turned to look at Pam as she spoke, and the sandy-haired vampire remained stoic as she tilted her head.

"The tacky ensemble, she's supposed to be a pirate." The woman affirmed, and Eric slowly nodded. That was reasonable. It made sense, but now he wondered why she was dressed as such. It definitely wasn't Halloween, he would have known. Tara also nodded, her brows furrowed as she cupped her nose once more.

"I let you out for one night, and you bring a tacky pirate back. Shoulda known you weren't ready." With as much of a dramatic sigh as her corset would permit, Pam rolled her eyes and turned back to the bar, striding away as her interest waned. Silently, Tara shot her maker a sideways glare, not daring to speak or inhale the scent that had filled the room. A larger distance seemed to be a better option, and soon, Tara found herself following Pam. She moved to the opposite side of the bar with the woman, finally feeling in inkling of control over her fangs.

"If that's a Human, I'm a parrot. That girl don't smell nothing like a human."

Pam slowly raised her eyes to Tara's the faintest hint of amusement playing on her lips.

"I'll get the bird seed."


Their conversation was interrupted by Sookie, swiping a hand towards Eric as she leaned up and away from the girl on the ground.

The blond man covered his mouth, quickly hiding his fangs. It wasn't his fault, she had moved the woman, tearing open what tiny cover her body could form on the fist sized wound. Blood had poured out of her and assaulted his senses, thus, rousing his teeth with the illusion of dinner.

Again, Pam and Tara turned to one another, both tense from the scent. It had even gotten Eric. He was the oldest of the three; if he was affected, nobody was safe.

"You can squat on pirate girl's shoulder." The playfully flat line was received with a quirky smirk. Pam turned back to the scene before them, watching as Eric retreated. She didn't understand why he didn't just eat the damn human already; clearly, she wasn't going to make it out alive. Without even turning to look at Tara, she continued.

"So where'd you get little miss bloomers?"

In the dead of night, a knock resonated through the Stackhouse residence. Two steps at a time, Sookie hopped down the stairs, rushing to answer her guest. It wasn't that she had forgotten her plans. The day had been busy, and she had barely had enough time to strip herself of the Merlotte's uniform. The girl was raking her hair back with her fingertips, trying to fix it into a neat pony tail. She pulled a hair tie from her wrist and fashioned the blonde locks in a hasty, yet secure knot.

Maneuvering the door open with her elbow, Sookie found her friend, Tara, waiting with her arms crossed.

"You done?" A single perfectly arched brow raised to punctuate the question, and sookie released a deep breath in the form of a sigh. Greetings were skipped as the blond turned away from Tara, playfully rolling her eyes.

"Not yet, come on in."

No second invitation was needed. The dark skinned woman entered the house behind Sookie and gently kicked the door closed. There wasn't much conversation to be had. While Sookie rushed to tie her shoes, Tara plopped onto the couch, watching the entire time. A moment was spent in comfortable silence, save for the light droning of television.

"So, you know where you wanna go?" Tara's question was met with a grin and flick of the blond's eyes.

"Anywhere. I've had it up to here with all this vampire bullshit." Catching her misspoken frustration, Sookie met Tara's narrowed eyes. "Sorry, not you. You know what I mean."

The dark skinned woman shook her head as she sank into the couch, excusing the slip-up. She knew her friend well enough to know it wasn't an insult. Sookie had been stressed lately, and needed to take her mind off things. When the blond had called Fangtasia, it was clear in her voice. Admittedly, after Tara had been turned, they hadn't had much time to hang out. So on a slow night, with Pam's express (reluctant) approval, Tara had left the club to accompany her friend on a night out.

Sookie pushed herself to her feet and twirled around once, showing Tara a full view of her little black dress.


Following suite, Tara rose to her feet and examined the girl's choice of clothes.

"Yeah, but..." Gently grabbing her shoulders, Tara turned the girl around, frowning, "The hell did you do to your hair?" The question earned a loud laugh as the vampire took hold of the scrunchie around the odd bun-like contraption.

"I was rushing!" A poor excuse for the abomination Sookie had created. Unable to help herself, Tara joined in the laughter and released the gathered blond hair. It fell to Sookie's shoulders and the scrunchie was handed to the blonde as she turned around.

"Leave it down." Eying the girl, Tara couldn't help but smile. Sookie nodded, still chuckling as she examined the hair tie. "So do you know where we're goin'?"

"Oh, yeah," As she spoke, Sookie started back towards the door, followed by Tara. "I was thinkin' , that new bar just outside'a town looks nice." The girl was already outside, pulling a coat over her arms as Tara closed the front door, scowling at her back.

"Oh hell no. You talkin' 'bout that fancy buildin' with the fuckin' 'no fangs' sign out front?"At the mention of the sign, the blonde stopped mid-step. She turned to face Tara, realization crossing her. Still frowning, the girl's eyes trailed to the ground. She had barely even noted that sign.

"Shit..." The mumble was barely audible, but keen ears easily detected the word.

"Shit? Well if I'm ruinin' your plans, you shouldn't of even invited me! You think I'm gonna let this-" Motioning to the scarlet corset laced around her torso, Tara extended her gesture to her stilettos. "-go to waste?! I don't wanna go to no stuck up-"

"No," Just as Tara was about to tell her off, Sookie moved to her side. She grasped the girl's arms, smiling and pulling her to the car beside herself. "No, don't be like that! Come on, lets go have fun! We don't have to go there, there's plenty of other places!"

The vampire was immediately silenced, dragged to the car.

"It's gonna be great!" Sookie continued to grin, as if she wasn't being glared down by her friend as she opened the passenger door and ushered her inside. The door was closed, and Tara crossed her arms as the blonde walked around the car. From the looks of things, it was going to be a long night.

Sookie drove in a familiar direction, which was noticed, yet not addressed by Tara. It wasn't until the blonde parked outside of the exact bar in question that the vampire turned to frown at her.

"Really? How you gon' bring me here still like aint nothin' wrong with it?"

Peering at her friend, Sookie killed the engine of her car. A smile curled her lips and she playfully nudged Tara.
"Don't act like it's the only thing on the block! Come on, you can flip them off the entire time were walking in." Before Tara could object, Sookie was jumping out of the car, giggling to herself. With no other choice, Tara reluctantly followed suite, careful not to slam the car door behind herself as she eyed the prominent "no fangs" sign. It was lit with light bulbs, beckoning all scared humans to enter what was no doubt a house that required invitation.

A tug at her arm caught Tara's attention, and she found herself being ushered in the opposite direction, to another building. Her eyes found a sign, which she read aloud.

"Temptations?" Beside the entrance was another clear sign, reading "All types welcome". At least it wasn't prejudice.

"That's right!" Playfully wrapping her arm around Tara's, Sookie switched her steps to match her friend's. "I heard they even have a strip bar."

"A strip bar?" Echoing the words, the ebony vampire studied the approaching entrance.

"Yep, they're only open at night and the owner is all about vampire rights. So he added a blood bar. A real one, with flavors." As the blonde spoke, she pushed the door open to reveal what appeared to be a strip club; packed with customers. Tara could smell the blood from the entrance and caught sight of a man across the room, biting into a caramel wrist.

Over the pair, another lit-up sign read, "you bite it, you heal it".

"Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout, Sook." Brown eyes were busy taking in every dancing form. Every scantily clad human, both male and female. Each feeding vampire and intoxicated human, coexisting and serving one another. Sookie remained still, grinning at her friend as their arms unlinked.

This wasn't what she'd had in mind. When Sookie had claimed to be tired of the vampiric men in her life, she wasn't lying, but she couldn't leave Tara out of the fun. There had been whispers around town about a new bar that was catering to life and death. People had said both were perfectly incorporated in one human-owned establishment. From the looks of things, it appeared to be such.

While they stared into the crowd, trying to decide where to go first or who to watch, a woman slowly strutted into view. A human, dressed in heels and lingerie, her dark hair swept up into an overly extravagant up-do. Both girls focused on her as she laid a feather boa around their necks and stopped at a small podium.

"Two? Y'all together?"

"Yeah, she's mine." Tara was the first to step forward, and her statement earned a chuckle. Waving her hand, the woman nodded.

"Alright, give me your hand."

Glancing towards Tara, the blonde extended said hand, which was pressed with a purple stamp. It was dark against Sookie's skin, easily visible despite the dim lights, a picture of a single long fang. As soon as the stamp was pressed onto Sookie's skin, the woman motioned around the room, smiling.

"Enjoy. Don't be scared, we're all friendly here." With that, she left the two to their own plans.

Stepping forward beside Sookie, Tara couldn't help but grin. This was interesting. A new club that welcomed both humans and vampires. They had a way to claim humans, though a stamp wasn't enough to fight a vamp off, it would definitely serve as a warning. Everybody was having a good time; dancing, being danced on. Watching strippers or enjoying a meal. It seemed too good to be true.

"Maybe I shoulda dressed up more."

Tara didn't even glance towards Sookie. She already knew what the blonde meant. People in costumes speckled the crowd, some dressed like pirates, others belly dancers. Most was lingerie, but Tara knew better. Some of the vampires were dressed as they were more comfortable. Something from what she assumed to be their "time zone". True historical garb, which was widely accepted in the club, and gave the crowd a chance to relive their moments.

Such a rare occasion wasn't one to waste. Across the room, a woman had started to beckon to her. Waving Tara over with the slight flick of her wrist.

"Nah, you good." Without so much as another word, Tara was gone. On the opposite side of the room, woman's wrist in hand. The feather boa unevenly hung down Sookie's side, one end on the floor. She caught sight of her friend, fangs out; pulling a laughing woman closer for the bite.

Well, at least she was happy.

Though she was in a crowd of people, Sookie still felt alone, in a sense. She threw the long end of the boa over her shoulder and started into the crowd, aimed towards a leather couch. It seemed she had caught the eyes of enough people. Before even taking four steps, Sookie was being swept into a flurry of dancing bodies. Pure glee emanated from the crowd, and of the few thoughts that Sookie could hear, none were focused on her.

There was no negativity, nothing aimed at her or her sexual endeavors. Nobody was judging her or paying the slightest bit of attention to where she had been or where she was. Sookie could be free. Just for a night. She could drink and dance her thoughts away, and forget anything that was even remotely upsetting. Around her, vampires and humans were all engaged in a beautifully wild dance. Primalistic in places, more sultry in others. Everybody had somebody. Not a single thought was spared on where she would go. Sookie completely forgot the couch.

She wanted to have fun, and that was exactly what she would do.

A hand clasped hers, and unintentionally, the blonde jumped in surprise. She swiveled around to find a girl dressed as a pirate grinning at her. She was a brunette, and her hair had been swept into an overly decorative bun. A black corset covered her torso, shaping the loose cream-colored shirt. An eye mask rested over the bridge of her nose and extended to the outer-edges of her eyes in fine lace points.

Despite her previous longing to let go, Sookie was on guard. She didn't know who the woman was or what she wanted. If there was one thing Sookie had learned, it was to be wary of strangers. Her mind reached for the stranger's, and all she could find was playful. Her inner voice held a certain sultry tone, low and relaxed. She thought Sookie was pretty.

Wanted to dance with her.

"You need a partner?" The woman raised her free hand to the side of her mouth in an attempt to concentrate her voice, aimed towards Sookie. The words of her mind edged on the woman's loudly spoken question, more specifically stating that she didn't want any funny business, and hoping that Sookie wouldn't turn out to be a secret lesbian. Unknowingly, the blonde had been staring at the woman with all too much intensity. When gray eyes shifted away from her, Sookie tightened her grasp on the hand.

"Sure!" Though Sookie leaned closer and shouted her response, she could barely hear herself over the sound of the music, which seemed to have been turned up. Either way, her answer had been understood and she found herself led back into the center of the hardwood floor, lost in a sea of beings and pulsing with the music that flowed through her ears.

Every tense moment in her life melted away, every thought of Bill, or Eric. Nothing seemed to exist anymore, aside from her body, which instinctively moved with every drop of the song. And of course, her dance partner, which hadn't even groped her once. It was amazing. She wasn't being felt up. Nobody was bothering her or asking her what she was. Nobody wanted to bite her. She could be perfectly at ease with whatever was in the air; a combination of sweat and a lust for life.

Pure desire to forget, and live in the moment.