the one of ice and snow


Hi! This is mistystar123! Call me misty! This is my first tmnt fic so sorry if its horrible also I apologize now for the horrible grammer and chapter sizes! I also have a bad habit of taking to long to post….. you've been warned! Now this is from donnies P.O.V this is just for fun so it will be sporadic. As you may already know he has gained ice powers you will find more out in the story! Now lets go!


Today I thought was going to be just like any other day. Shell I was wrong. Today was the day that would change my life. But for better or for worst I did not know. I only knew that by that evening my entire world had shifted into something new. Maybe good maybe bad. We will soon find out. It all started when me and my brothers went to investigate a report at the infamous TCRI. Apparently the krang were working with shredder again! Not only that but the only other scientist of my level, Baxter Stockman was working with the krang as well to create some sort of super mutants! As anyone who knows us ( even if it is only a few humans) would know Baxter plus chemicals add me and my brothers equals a really bad night for us all. so it was to be expected that the plan would be eliminated as soon as it began. once the battle began Baxter called in some reinforcements. so with in seconds of his call me and my brothers were neck high in a battle with, stockman, tiger claw, rahzar, and even a few krang droids.

that's when Leo yelled', Donnie, go see if you can get their mutagen samples!', that was when it all went wrong. I reached the mutagen. but it wasn't the normal teal/ green mix It was... blue! but when I reached to grab the experimented mutagen, raph was slammed into the wall making the single blue canister of mutagen start to crack and fall onto my big brother! but of course I couldn't just let my brother get hit by the stuff so I dumbly jumped over him shielding his body with my own. I know it sounds like I was being some sort of hero but I was far from it. once that stuff hit my shell a sting that was like an icy blast over took my entire body. as if on queue I dropped to the ground with a loud yelp of pure pain and fear. as soon as I yelped al eyes were on me. the guys we had been fighting left once they saw my pained form on the ground covered in the thick blue substance. I had by then grabbed my trusty bo staff and gripped it as tight as I could in order too stifle out another yelp. I quickly had shut my eyes, nut when I opened them I was greeted by my older brothers worried gazes and my only younger brother tear filled one. al I could muster was too reach over and grab my littlest brother and best friends hand before everything slowly shifted into a peaceful darkness.

hope you like it! sorry if it is choppy I wont be writing the same way next chapters this was kinda a flachback. also I give full credit to .7 for the idea! check out her story the winter storm of my brothers heart it is amazing a lot better then this! plus it was the basis for this one also try its sequel the one with a frozen heart. :) please R&R! bye!