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Credenza: Why me?

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Prompt 30: My Choice!


"Do I really have to do this?" Credenza asked, her eyebrow quirked up. Claire nodded from down at her feet.

"Yup! No take backsies!" the girl ordered, her ears perked in entertainment. Credenza resigned to her fate.

"But...why?" she asked, still not sure for the whole point of this thing.

"Because it's fun! Remember, when you're done, you get to tell three other people to do it!" Claire yelled happily as she backed up with a smile. Credenza was about to retort when she felt herself suddenly drenched in ice-cold water.

The girl froze up and started to jump around, attempting to get rid of that stray ice cube that had managed to wiggle down the back of her shirt.

"That's cold!" the girl yelped as she finally got the last chunk of ice off of her. Claire giggled as she high fived Blitz, who had been the one to pour a bucketful of ice on top of her head.

"You were the one who said you wanted to cool off!" Claire happily reminded as Credenza was finally handed a nice, fluffy, warm towel. She sighed in contentment as it helped to warm her. Claire was looking at her with expectation.

"Oh," she said, remembering. "I'm supposed to pick three others to do this, aren't I?"

Claire nodded, happy that at least one person was playing her game. Uru had not wanted to and Ben said he didn't want his circuitry to get wet. Blitz had tried to get them, but they both avoided him. So that had left Claire to get Credenza, and now she was gonna pick the next three victims of Claire.

"How about Tuff, Riley, and Raven?" Credenza asked. Claire nodded happily and pulled Blitz along for their next adventure.

"Come on, Blitz! We're gonna pour ice on their heads!" she laughed, her words echoing across the busy beach. Credenza shook her head.

"Where did she even get the idea for an ice bucket challenge, anyways..." the woman wondered, simply happy that she was no longer cold. Cool, she could handle, but not cold. Not for too long, anyways.

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