Children no more

Anna pulled her cloak tighter around her though it did little to fend of the bitter cold as snow continued to fall gently down around her. Frost gave a shake beside her, flinging off the snow that had started to pile up on his back.

Anna grinned and held up an arm to trying to block the barrage as he showered more snow down on her.

"Hey, hey. I don't need any more snow , thank you" She laughed at the blue winged lizard. He chirped in reply as they walked through the field back toward the castle stables.

The 32 year old knight spent more time patrolling in the town since her promise to take a step back from duties. It was simple, Elsa didn't mind her doing it and though at first it had been rather boring she started to enjoy it and some of her long time aches and pains had lessened or disappeared. Some.

She still snuck out she had today to check on some known bandit posts near the base of the North Mountain.

What her wife didn't know wouldn't hurt her...or herself for that matter.

With winter in full swing most of them had abandoned the mountain posts in favor of warmer hidey holes in town where the guard presence was heavier and they couldn't do much, but a walk/ride through the mountains in the snow with her oldest and scaliest friend was a good way to spend the afternoon as well. Whatever got her out of the castle and away from her wife.

Elsa had been barely bearable for the past couple of weeks. She was stressing herself out with wedding plans.

The 18 year old groom to be was of course no help at all. He was too busy being nervous.

Speaking of...

"Hey, Anna." Traveled across the snowy landscape. She glanced over and grinned at her brother in law as he met her at the stable entrance.

Looking at him now she still saw a kid but the 5 year old little boy that sat in her lap, clung to her leg or jumped into bed with her and Elsa 13 years ago was long gone. An albino with a mop of still shaggy colorless hair and sky blue eyes but that was all that had remained the same.

The ankle hugger of yesteryear was gone, replaced with a 6 foot tall and lanky man with a squared jaw and a slight stubble the same shade as the hair on his head. Elsa claimed he would fill out a little more like their father had when he was young, that was what her mother had claimed anyway.

He was dressed similarly to his sister in law. thick wool lined pants and tunic covered with a thick fur cloak and gloves, a sword in its scabbard dangled from his hip.

"Where are you off too?." She wondered aloud.

"Where have you been?" He asked in a deep voice, smirking and white brow raised challengingly Anna snorted but didn't ask again. They were often enough the keepers of each other's secrets. Mostly all from Elsa.

"So will we be like, double in laws since I married your sister and now you're marrying mine?" She laughed. The Prince rolled his eyes and wrapped an arm around the red heads shoulders.

"No, not super in laws or anything, just siblings." He gave the older woman a squeeze and kissed her head." Anna snorted and gave him a light shove.

"How is your sister doing since I left this morning?" She asked as they walked into the stables. Tulvir perking up immediately at his masters appearance. He gurgled and growled as Olaf walked over and rubbed the other albinos scaly head. Anna lead Frost into his pen and quickly removed his saddle and started rubbing down the scales on his back.

Olaf groaned.

"She's still stressing herself out over the wedding details, Emma has to make a quick trip home to get her dress so Gerda can hem it, but your mother is here to help stress her out now while we're gone.." he threw over his shoulder. with a grunt.

"Of course she is…" Anna sighed. Olaf shook his head.

"Please go do something, Anna. Elsa is about to have a stroke in there and i can't say anything because she's soon to be my mother-in-law." He hopped over the gate and pulled Tulvir's saddle off its hook.

"Maybe if you had a more active role in planning your own wedding she wouldn't be so stressed out." The knight frowned and stepped out of Frosts pen, closing the gate behind her.

"You know he's no good at these kind of things, Anna." They both looked up as a lithe fur cloaked figure walked through the stable doors, pulling back the hood revealing a thick head of strawberry blonde locks, a heavily freckled face, sparkling emerald eyes and a sweet dimpled smile. Olaf smiled dreamily.

"Don't defend him, Emma." The older redhead growled. "He could at least help rather than give my wife a breakdown." She folded her arms across her chest.

"What about her?" The Prince threw a hand in his fiancé's direction. Emma frowned and glared at him, fists on her hips.

"Because she's at least trying to keep mother at bay." The knight snorted.

"You just hide out here with Tulvir." Emma accused. Olaf held his hands up in defense, eyes sliding back and forth between his fiancé and sister in law.

"Okay, okay. When we get back Emma and I will take over for Elsa." He promised, hand resting over his heart. "Till then, why don't you go help her instead of looking for trouble around the mountain?" He lead Tulvir out of his pen and out into the field, Emma and Anna followed.

"I'm heading there now you brat." She growled standing toe to toe with him, head tipped back to look up at his smirking face.

He leaned over, accentuating their height difference.

"Then you better get going." He smirked. The stared off before Emma came shoving herself between them.

"As should we so we can get back and relieve my future sister-in-law." She pulled herself up onto Tulvir's back and looked down at Olaf expectantly.

"Move it, Snowman." She called. Anna snorted and Olaf flushed brightly before hauling himself up onto the dragons back and taking up the reins.

"We'll be back soon." Emma promised with a smile before pulling her hood back up and flipping Olaf's up back over his snowy colored head. He slapped the reins and with a mighty flap they lifted into the air, the wind sending the snow on the ground flying. Anna squinted into the snowy gusts, watching as they flew off back toward the Bjorgman estate.

Anna hummed to herself before turning and heading back toward the warm castle. At least with Elsa being stressed she hoped it was warm.

The guards and servants she passed in the halls greeted her with smiles and nods or calls of good day. She nodded and smiled in turn.

When she was outside her wives study she could hear her 51 year old mother going on a tangent about some kind of flower arrangement. Anna rolled her eyes before squareing her shoulders and throwing open the office door.

The older redhead stopped talking and turned to look at her daughter. Elsa looked over at her tired and curiously over her half rimmed reading glasses.

"Mother, if you wouldn't mind I need to talk to my wife in private right now." She announced. The other two woman blinked slowly before Madeline nodded and stood from her chair in front of the queens desk.

"Of course, honey. I'll go have some tea in the dining hall." She smiled before quickly curtsying to the monarch and exiting the study. Anna closed the door behind her and held out her arms.

"Your knight in shining armor has arrived, Snowflake." She declared making the curious looking queen smile adoringly and stood up as the redhead strutted up to her.

"And just in time." She smiled, wrapping her arms around the redheads neck and kissing her thankfully.

Anna grinned against the blondes lips before pulling back but wrapping her arms around the queens waist.

"That's my job. Save the queen." She gave a shrug before kissing the blonde again making her giggle.

"I ran into Olaf and Emma on my way to the stables." She said, leaning back to look into her wives blue eyes. Elsa nodded, extracting herself from the redhead's arms and walking back to her desk.

"Yes, her dress is a little long and Gerda offered to hem it. I can keep working while their doing that." She shuffled through a handful of papers, eyes now trained firmly back to the work before her.

"Is it wedding work?" The knight asked, eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Yes, that's all I've been doing." The queen bit back a tired sigh and didn't even look up at Anna as she flipped over a paper.

A hand slapped down onto the desk, covering the papers Elsa had been looking over. She jumped, head whipping up to her younger wife.

"Anna! What are you doing?" Pale brows furrowed.

"This needs to stop Elsa." The knights tone brooked for no arguments, but as her wife, Elsa would of course, argue.

"And what is it that needs to stop?" Elsa frowned looking up at the knight.

"You, doing all the work for this wedding. You're running yourself into the ground. You didn't even come to bed last night!" She threw her hands up.

Elsa sighed, pushing her glasses up and pinching the bridge of her nose tiredly.

"I know. Anna. I'm sorry, but there's still so much left to do and the wedding is only a couple days away." She reasoned. Anna frowned.

"Olaf is 18 and Emma is 19, between them and mother they should be able to plan their own wedding instead of making you do it all for them." She argued frowning.

"As I recall you didn't have any part in the planning of our wedding." She frowned, eyes narrowing at Anna.

"That was my wedding gift to you. You got to plan it all the exact way you wanted. I didn't care. I just wanted to marry you." She defended herself. "It wasn't near as stressful, you didn't have 3 other voices of opinions all contradicting each other and telling you what they wanted and how they wanted it." She placed both hands flat on the wood and leaned across the desk, coming nose to nose with her wife.

"I know…" She relented, letting out a long weary sigh and slumping back in her chair tiredly.

Anna realized then just how exhausted her wife was, Queen Elsa, the mistress of ice and snow did not. Slump.

"You're done." The knight declared.

Before Elsa could say anything she was being slung out of her chair and over her wives shoulder. She let out a startled squeal that made the knight snort. The queens glasses jostled, falling back crookedly on her nose.

"Anna!" She cried as the knight made her way out of the office and down the hall. Guard and servants peaked around the corners and down the hall as Anna carried the blonde over her shoulder back to their bedroom, Elsa wriggling violently in her arms the entire time, demanding the redhead put her down.

Anna managed to get the door open and once inside, kicked it closed behind her. She dropped Elsa unceremoniously onto their bed.

"Damnit, Anna!" The queen glared. Anna smirked. The queen was very unhappy, the slip of a curse was the telltale sign of her annoyance.

"No more work on the wedding, Elsa. I mean it. I already talked to Emma and Olaf. They're going to take over the remainder of the planning the moment they get back from getting her dress. You, are done." She said finitely.

Elsa pursed her lips but didn't argue with her redheaded wife.

"You need to relax and that's exactly what we're going to do. You change and I'll be right back." She quickly turned and left the room.

The queen briefly contemplated going back to her study and continuing to work but knew that doing so would infuriate the knight and earn her another embarrassing shoulder ride right back to their bedroom and a very unhappy redhead.

She breathed heavily through her nose and stood up from the bed and moving over to the wardrobe they shared and dug through it till she found an old worn piece of blue and silver trimmed fabric.

Anna's old tunic

Elsa rubbed her thumb over the smooth worn material. It had a few rips and holes in it so Anna had stopped wearing it some years before but the queen had had a near fit when she had tried to throw it away, so now it was solely the blondes' night ware. It was only late afternoon but she had the impression Anna wasn't going to be letting her leave their room for the remainder of the day.

With a wave of her hand her dress vanished just as their bedroom door opened she jumped but let out a relieved sigh as Anna closed the door behind her a bottle of clear liquid in one hands and two glasses in the other.

"Well, it's a little early, but if it'll make you relax I'm up for it." She smirked. Elsa rolled her eyes and pulled on the old worn garment.

"Oh yes, after you dragged me kicking and screaming down the hall in front of everyone I am so in the mood." She drawled, sarcasm dripping from every word. Anna smirked and shrugged.

"You were the one standing naked in the middle of our bedroom…you…were expecting me right?" She looked around the room suspiciously. The blonde rolled her eyes.

"What do have there?" She eyed the clear bottle warily.

"It's one of those bottles of Piscollian rum Alistair and Amelia sent us for our last anniversary." She grinned and held up bottle.

The queen scrunched up her face.

"Not that repugnant swill." She whined, plopping down onto the bed.

"You only say that because after a couple glasses of this you're sliding down the wall and shimmying out of your dress." She bit down on the cork and pulled it out of the bottle with loud pop and set the glasses down, filling them up with the powerful smelling clear liquid.

Elsa flushed but remembered well the last time they had dipped into the liquid. Anna's recount of the events was not….entirely inaccurate.

She blinked as a glass was held in front of her face.

"Come on. It'll be good for you." The knight wheedled. The queen sent her a disbelieving look but took the proffered glass anyway.

"Fine" She acquiesced taking a drink from the glass.

Anna grinned at the scrunched face the blonde made as she swallowed it before taking a large gulp herself.

"Ugh" She gasped as it burned like fire all the way down her throat, leaving a lasting heat in her gut.

"Hmm, like fire." She grinned tho it appeared more like a grimace. She looked over at Elsa sipping slightly on her own. "You know you're not going to be able to drink it like that, Snowflake." She reminded.

She paused a moment, sending the knight a look before tipping her head back and emptying the glass.

Anna chuckled when she coughed but laughed even harder when the queen just held her glass up for a refill.

3 more and an hour was all it took for the queen to relax. Laying limp in the knights arms, an empty glass barely in her loose grip.

"I just can't believe he's getting married…" She slurred, curling her fingers into the fabric of Anna's tunic.

Anna who had finished her glass had quit after the glass had emptied the first time.

"He's not little anymore." She agreed with a nod, running her fingers through the blonde's hair.

"Remember when he was little?" The queen asked drunkenly. Anna smirked, trying to hold in her laughter at the heavily slurred words.

"Yes, I remember, love." She snickered.

"He was so small and fragile…I wanted to protect him from everything…but now that's Emma's job." She sniffed. Anna paused, looking down at the blonde laying against her chest.

"Elsa…?" She asked quietly. The blonde sniffed, curling up farther into the knights side.

"He doesn't need me anymore." She hiccupped. Anna curled her arms tightly around her wives back.

"He doesn't need you as much as he did when he was a kid, but he's always going to want you around." She tried to assure her kissing the top of her wives head. Elsa shook her head and sniffed.

"No one needs me." She whimpered.

"I need you." She squeezed her drunk and emotional wife. Elsa hiccupped.

"You need a miracle." She mumbled. Anna grunted, a little offended but kept her mouth shut.

A knock on the door had her sliding out from under the emotional blonde, who flopped back onto the bed when Anna got up.

She opened the door to Olaf.

"Is Elsa in there with you, I need to ask her about this guest list. She used some kind of acronyms I don't understand." He held up a piece of paper.

"She is…but I don't think she's going to be much help to you or anyone." She took a step to the side reveling the sloshed queen.

"Olaf!" She slurred, pushing herself up from the bed.

"Is she..?" The prince started. Anna nodded with a smirk as Elsa climbed out of the bed, tripping over herself. "I've never seen her drunk…" He glanced at his sister in law.

Elsa threw herself into the Princes arms, squeezing him mercilessly, sniffling into his tunic.

"Um.." He blinked at Anna curiously.

"The drink has made her a little emotional and she thinks now that you're getting married no one needs her anymore." Anna explained, walking over to the table where she'd left the bottle to pour herself another drink.

"What?" He took hold of the queens upper arms, pushing her back so he could look at her. "I don't need you to look after me as much anymore, but I'll always want you around Elsa." He promised wiping away the stray tears on his sisters face.

"Really?" She sniffed again. The Prince chuckled.

"Yes. Really." He kissed her forehead. "Besides Someone has to take care of Anna still." He smiled.

"Okay, she's drunk, so I'll take it from her, but not from you." Anna turned around and growled at the prince.

"Let's just put her to bed." He chuckled.

Might do the wedding, but I promise nothing.

2:30am Enjoy

~Malthazar LOS