This is for the folks (You know who you are) who complain I don't do 6 line scenes any more. So Wednesday is six line scene day, and it's still Wednesday cause I'm working my Wednesday shift at work, and it's Wednesday in Kansas.

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                                                            Staring Into The Abyss


(Laying down on a leather Chase lounge. Rubs forehead on cowl.)

So what you're saying is that I'm confused.


I said no such thing.


But that's what you're implying. Because… one minute, I'm dedicated to my… whatever with Catwoman. And the next minute, I'm on the moon because the JLA has been called up. And I'm having a… whatever with Wonder Woman. And I need to pick one. Even though I'm not doing anything with either of them. It's just a lot of eye locking and meaningful glances that could be construed as sexual tension, were I not so… repressed. Selena and I are two of a kind. She and I…

                                                            (Rubs forehead again.)

Then again, Diana…

                                                            (Stares at ceiling.)

You know, I'd be more inclined to do something besides stare meaningfully if she weren't so… I'm just the rebound, you know. This time last year, she was staring meaningfully at Orin. Then there's that Trevor fellow…oh my god. She's a loose woman.


This is your impression of her behavior? 


Every time you turn around, she's staring meaningfully into someone's eyes. It's wrong. Morally apprehensible. Wrong. Very wrong.

                                                            THE END