Pairing: Sion (Ross) x Alba

Warnings: gakuen!au; Ross' real name, Sion, is used; shounen-ai.

Disclaimer: Senyuu and its characters belong to Robinson Haruhara; I only own this story.

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[because of some weird reasons]

At the end of April, the classroom is unbearably hot, moist and sweltering.

Sion lets out an extremely annoyed grunt and curses softly against Crea; since he has broken the damn shutters, the sun is penetrating from the window, hitting him right in the face and forcing him to close his eyes. He can't even see the blackboard, let alone follow the lesson, so he has just given up –school will end in a month, anyway, and he doesn't really need to take notes. Having put down his reading glasses, now placed neatly in their case, Sion decides to just stare at the blinding blue sky with a hand on his cheek and a bored expression.

When he's immersed in his own thoughts like this, he always ends up thinking of the Student Council's room, he can't help but wonder what the president is doing right then –probably he's flooded by all the work others should be doing, as per usual.

The first impression Sion has had of the Student Council president hasn't been positive… like, at all.

Alba is weak, apparently stupid and mediocre; he's also messy and clumsy - he often slips on papers left on the ground, or hits furniture's edges and gets hurt (only five minutes after having known him, Sion has seriously found himself wondering how the hell Alba has managed to survive to his sixteen's). But what Sion hates most about Alba is how he's disgustingly kind, how he doesn't refuse to help anyone, just like a hero. Because of this, others easily take advantage of him, dumping all the responsibilities on him, so that Alba ends up having to take care of everything by himself, no matter how long it takes to finish. Sion hate feeling like he has no choice but take care of him. When Alba smiles in that pure, naïve way, Sion wants to hug him so tightly that someday he will just do it, and choke him (yeah, that sounds like a plan). To sum it up, Alba actually represents almost everything Sion hates, but because of some weird reasons he can't leave him alone.

When the bell rings, putting an end to the lesson, Sion is so lost in his own thoughts that he barely notices; but then Crea, whose desk is right in front of him, decides to turn around and ruin his peace by speaking in his loud, cheety voice.

"Si-tan, your copybook's blanker than mine! Even you couldn't understand what was written on the board, right?" he claims, laughing, and Sion frowns at him.

"Just kidding, just kidding," Crea reassures him. "I know very well that your grades are fantastic even though your books are so dusty. I have always wondered how you do it… Do you ask the president for private less—Ouch!" Crea interrupts himself as Sion slaps him full force on the cheek.

"Bullshit. The president is the one who should take lesson from me," Sion says, and can't help a wicked grin at the idea of how much he could torment Alba in that scenario. "I'm just very smart, unlike you or Foyfoy," He then remarks, just because he can.

As Sion stands up and begins collecting his stuff, apparently without any remorse for the red mark he has left on Crea's face, Foyfoy approaches them with a calm demeanor and hands pushed down in his uniform pockets.

"Did you guys call me? I heard my name," he says, stopping before Crea, who's still massaging his hurt cheek with an almost comical teary expression.

"Yeah. Si-tan here is reminding us how our grades will probably go down like the Titanic even this year," he tattles like a child, but Foyfoy doesn't look offended and simply nods - it's true that their grades are usually terrible, this year is no exception, and anyway they are by far used to Sion's awful personality and sharp tongue.

Meanwhile, Sion has finished putting away his stuff and has put on his backpack.

"Today I have some things to take care of, so go back alone, Crea," he simply states. Crea's expression goes from pouting to a lopsided grin, which – Sion believes- isn't good, because it means he's about to say something silly.

"Oooh, yeah, so now it's 'some things', huh. Yeah, run to your dear president, I'm fine with it," Crea mocks him, every word dripping sarcasm. Sion clucks his tongue at him, annoyed, but otherwise ignores him, instead turning and walking towards the door. He can still hear them talking, though.

"Poor Alba… Sion is particularly malicious with him, isn't he?" Foyfoy says, sighing. "Alba must be a saint to bear with it… It looks like Sion really likes to pick on him..."

At his words, Crea lets out a cheerful laughter. "Right, right! But it's actually a good sign, you know?" he says. "Actually, Si-tan is the type who bullies people he likes, and so he just can't leave the president alone…" But before he can say more, Sion lunges for him, grabs his head with both his hands and starts crushing it with all his might.

"What are you saying, Crea? It's something stupid, right? You don't need to continue, right?"

"Ouch, ouch, ouch! Si-tan, enough, enough, you'll crush my brain!"

"Oh, but there's no way that can happen, is there? No need to worry about losing something you never had in the first place."

"Si-taaan, I'm telling you, it hurts! My head hurts, it huuurts!"

Foyfoy simply watches their bickering and sighs, exasperated by something he has already witnessed many and many times before, since the day he has been put in class with them. According to what Crea has been saying, though, this should be just another way Sion uses to show his love… No, it can't be true – Foyfoy thinks, shaking his head. After all, it really looks like Sion is trying to kill Crea.


Alba lets his head fall on his arms and rubbs his cheek against the fresh surface of the desk. It's an extremely hot day, and the sun hitting him right behind the head makes him feel like he's literally melting into a puddle. His hazelnut eyes wander around the empty classroom, then stops at the high pile of papers placed beside him – as it often happens, all the other members of the Student Council have already left, claiming they have club activities, homework or other stuff to do on their way home, so he has to challenge a mountain of work by himself. He knows they are probably just taking advantage of his kindness, and Sion will be angry at him (as per usual), but he just can't bring himself to refuse; that kind of troublesome attitude is something he has had since his childhood, when he put on a red scarf and ran around helping people, wanting to be a true hero.

Sighing, Alba takes the first paper from the pile and blankly stares at it, unable to understand anything at the moment: alphabets and numbers are mixing in his head, and look like they can leave the paper and attack him out of nowhere, strangling him with their black curves….


Alba has to blink a couple of times for his own delusions to disappear. When he comes back to reality, Sion appears in front of him, running a hand through his black hair and clucking his tongue at him. He looks bored and in a terrible mood to say the least; he has something like a dangerous aura around him, but Alba still tries to give a smile.

"S-Sion. Why are you here? You didn't say you'd come…" he says, weakly.

Sion rolls his eyes at him - he has been going there every day of every week for the last three months, nonetheless Alba always greets him like he's surprised (Sion can't tell if Alba's just that naïve, or just pretending to be, but it sure gets under his skin).

He closes the sliding door, not caring about the noise it makes by slamming against the wall, which instead startles Alba, efficaciously waking him up once and for all. Sion puts his bag down and walks to the desk, then leans in Alba's personal space to examine the papers.

"Whoa, this looks way too difficult for someone like you, president! Are you sure you get it all?"

He can't hold back a smirk as Alba's cheeks rapidly color.

"W-What do you mean, for someone like me?! I'm perfectly able to do it!"

"Really, now? You don't need to lie, president, we all know your Q.I. is low. I'm not even sure you know how to count up to ten…"

"I can very well count up to ten and more, for your information!" Alba's voice is high pitched, as it always happens when he feels uneasy, and he shuts up as soon as he takes notice of it. They have been talking for merely a minute or two, and he already looks like he wants to bang his head on the desk - Sion grins, thinking about how very little it takes to upset him. On a second thought, there's no way Alba's pretending: he's completely transparent, contrary to him.

Without any comment, Sion reads the first papers and is relieved to notice that it's gonna be a quick job: they are mostly calculations regarding clubs budgets, and Math is one of his strong points. Before Alba can say anything, Sion takes hold of a pack of papers, then walks up to a chair and sits behind him with his legs crossed; he then proceeds to wear up his glasses and looks up with a smirk when he notices Alba's staring at him.

"President, I know I'm incredibly attractive, but I'd like you to focus on your job rather than me. We have a lot of time to do stuff later, that is if you can finish everything, alright?" His grin only grows wider as he watches Alba turning around quickly, flushed and embarrassed. Oh, so he's not that innocent, he thinks, amused by his reaction.

"N-no, t-thanks!" Alba quickly says, glaring at the paper he has before him. Sion notices his fingers are lightly trembling and his whole face is coloring, the redness reaching his ears and nape, and has to force himself to stop smiling as he thinks about how much Alba is shaken just by feeling his eyes on him.

Sion doesn't know exactly how much time has already passed, but he can tell that the amount of papers left has visibly reduced. As he's smart and quick-witted, he's able to make all the calculations in his mind and write down the results, directly and neatly; he has had to stand up and pick up more papers several times now, taking advantage of these moments to get closer to Alba and spying on him without him noticing, as he's apparently too focused on what he's doing. Alba isn't particularly good at arithmetic, nor is he as smart as Sion, but he's the most hardworking, stubborn person Sion has ever met (and he isn't sure if it's a merit or a weakness).

It's about the fourth time Sion has approached Alba's desk when, as he's retreating back to his chair, he finally notices that Alba has his hair tied in a little ponytail, fastened by a pink hair clip with a rhinestones strawberry. He can't help but laugh.

"Wow, nice clip. I think it's very fashionable nowadays… for primary school girls," he says him, mocking him as he lightly pulls on his hair. "I didn't know you had such tastes, president."

Alba jumps, taken aback by his sudden closeness, and instinctively brings his hands to his nape.

"E-eh—no, it's not mine! Ruki gave it to me, I couldn't say no, or else she'd cry, so, uhm…" he mumbles, visibly embarrassed. Sion knows who he's referring to, and everything makes sense now: Ruki is indeed a fifth grade girl, other than the daughter of some neighbors of Alba, and she's very attached to him, so much that she never loses the chance to pester him (Alba's easily targeted even by children).

While Alba's still trying to defend himself, clumsily tripping over his words, Sion's eyes stops on his flushed, sweaty nape; the sight of something which is usually hidden makes it look delicious, to the point h wants to bite down on his now naked skin. Also, the more Alba talks, the more Sion wants him to shut up.

Before he can think better of it, Sion grabs Alba's chin in his fingers from behind and holds him still; then, off-handed and kinda rushed, he places his lips on the other's nape. As his tongue slowly caresses the hot skin, Alba shivers and squeezes his eyes, letting out a surprised moan. His bewilderment quickly turns into embarrassment as Sion starts kissing his neck hungrily, slowly reaching towards his chin.

"H-hey, w-we are at school!" Alba hisses the first thing that comes to his mind, which is probably the most obvious fact. Three months have already passed since they have started dating (which they haven't told anyone yet, even if Sion suspects Crea knows anyway: his childhood friend knows him better than he wants to admit), but Alba still isn't used to being touched by him. His protests sound weak, though, and not convincing at all.

Alba shivers again as Sion slips a hand under his shirt.

"Sion… ah… h-hey!" he says, and this time Sion stops.

"Can't I?" He asks, slightly pouting, but Alba knows he's going to stop if he asks him too. Sion is stubborn and acts maliciously, but he's actually kind – Alba knows and likes this part of him, and it's not like he really hates what Sion is doing…

Alba gulps and, if possible, blushes even more, trying to come up with some witty response that doesn't come. They stand like that for a while, still and silent, and Sion is starting to grow impatient when Alba finally gathers his courage and nods.

"O-okay. But only for a while..." He says, arching back a little to give Sion more openings.

Sion is a bit surprised by his boldness, but nods back and resumes kissing his neck, trailing down to his collarbone and then up to the Adam's apple, to the chin and finally the lips. Alba's skin tastes salty. At first they only brush lips, and Sion immediately wants to do more, but his glasses are in the way; snorting, he removes them and moves to put them away. He almost expects Alba to chicken out because of the interruption; instead, Alba instinctively grabs his uniform to bring him closer again and crushes their mouths together. Sion is so surprised by the abrupt action that it takes him a moment to properly respond to the kiss, which is rapidly growing into something hotter and messier, almost unusual for them. Making out isn't really an option for them, as they're at the beginning of a relationship which is very new to both of them – Sion is relieved, somehow, that Alba also has no experience whatsoever with romance, and although he's very eager to try stuff he won't push Alba to do something he doesn't want. Sion is used to being the one who takes the first step in this relationship, so he's taken by surprise every time Alba gets bolder than he expects; it makes him realize that maybe he's not the only one who's eager.

Sion kisses Alba thoroughly, licking into the other's mouth and biting at his lips, enjoying the soft sounds Alba makes. Before he can think better of it (he can't really think of anything right now), his hands automatically slip under Alba's shirt, making him jump slightly, and his fingers press burningly on his hips, holding him still and at the same time wanting to pull him closer, which seems impossible as he's suddenly reminded that they are still at school.

When they separate, the temperature in the classroom seems to have turned up by several degrees, so much that it feels like being in an oven. Alba leans his forehead against Sion's shoulder while trying to regain his breath, and he's blushing from his toes to the tip of his ears. Sion find it unbearably cute, and disgustingly endearing. He really wants to do more than just kissing, so much that his entire body aches with wanting, but this is no place to do something like that; a glance towards the clock on the wall also tells him they should stop now that they can control themselves, before it gets too late.

"Time's up," Sion mutters, and before pulling back he runs his fingers in Alba's hair, freeing them from the clip and smoothing them. Hearing his words, Alba also seems to recover and pushes himself away

"Ah, yeah, uhm… We should hurry, then!" He coughs to clear up his throat, his voice rougher than usual.

"Yeah," Sion says, and an extremely awkward silence fall between them as they resume their work.


At the exact point where their ways divide, there's an open parking lot, from which it's possible to admire a breathtaking view of the city; although they can see it every day on their way home from school, Alba looks always astounded – he always stops to lean on the stone bulwark and stare in awe as the sun sets into the sea, leaving a glittering reverberation on the water surface. Sion also stops to stare, but what he's really interested in isn't the panorama; this time too, as it often happens, he only realizes he's been watching Alba when he see him blushing as he's overly conscious of the other's eyes pierce his back. Sion quickly lowers his gaze and shrugs, pretending to be unaffected by Alba's reaction, as if he doesn't find it endearing.

"Well, president, here we part ways," he says, coughing a bit. "Try not to lean too much. If you crash from up here, it wouldn't be a nice view… Also, your physical decomposition would cause a noticeable rising of the environmental pollution."

"You…! You're so mean!" Alba yells, although he does indeed take Sion's warning seriously and distance himself from the bulwark with a horrified expression, as if he's just suddenly noticed how high it is. Sion shrugs again, and grins sloppily. He's pretty tired, but he'll die before he admits it. "Well, goodbye. See you tomorrow," he says, then he starts to walk away, but after only a few steps he hears Alba call him.

"W-wait a moment!" he yells. "U-uhm, Sion, thank you for today...!"

Sion raises a hand, as to say that there is no need, and continues walking, but it looks like Alba's not finished with him.

"Wait!" Alba, in fact, calls him again after a moment or two, and from the sound of footsteps Sion realizes he's run after him. Sion sighs, but stops and turns around; he's about to make a snarky comment about this (something like, "What, do you already miss me?"), but the serious look on Alba's face stops him in his tracks, and shuts him up before he can formulate a phrase.

"What?" He asks instead, finding himself curious about what Alba could possibly want from him and more than a little impatient as he notices that Alba is so nervous that words seem to be stuck in his throat now that he has Sion's undivided attentions. It's nerve-wrecking to watch him, to say the least, yet Sion forces himself to be quiet and waits for the other to continue – after all, he knows that, even if he's not that good with words, Alba is very brave. After a few minutes, indeed, Alba takes a deep breath and seems to be ready for whatever he's going to ask.

"Uhm… today my mother will come back home very late, so I was wondering..." Alba's voice then considerably lowers, so much that Sion has to lean towards him to catch the rest. "I was wondering… I-if you'd like, by any chance, to come over at my house… If you want to, of course!"

Sion watches quietly as Alba's face turns impossibly redder, nearly resembling a boiled octopus; the worst thing is that Sion fears he might have the same look right now.

Ah, really… how can I leave him alone?

Hello! It's passed a while since the last time I wrote about Senyuu. I know that Haruhara has drawn something like this, which was made into an oav (I think), and I'm aching to read/watch it :c

Here's some facts about my version of the gakuen au!

- Ross is simply called Sion, as this is his real name and in au like this it would be weird to use a made-up name without any specific reason (I mean, the name has a specific story in the original series, and without that background story I think it loses his meaning);

- Sion (Ross), Crea, Foyfoy and Alba are perfectly normal students who go to a normal high school in Tokyo;

- these four characters are all second years;

- Sion, Crea and Foyfoy are classmates;

- Alba is the Student Council's president, while Sion is not a regular member of the Council, but he still ends up helping him.

In this specific story, Sion and Alba are already in a relationship because I simply craved for some fluff between them, but one day I'd like to write about how they got together ~

Hope you liked my story, and I always appreciate reviews ;)