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Summary: "…and you're sure?" he asked weakly. The Mediwizard smiled and nodded, holding out the folder for him to see. "You're in your second Trimester – sixteen weeks, more or less. You should start showing soon and in a few weeks we could probably even look to see what the sex is."
Pairings: Lucius/Harry. Remus/Draco/Sirius.
Category: Romance/Drama
Warnings: Slash. MPreg. AU/AR. OOC.

Idek. Timing and pacing may be a bit wierd - first attempt at a story like this. Very cliche, but I thought it was cute. Complete. Will post whenever the fuck I want because apparently weekly is too boring for me c:

Edit: Five parts and an epilogue because 4 was too long.

PART 1/5

"…and you're sure?" he asked weakly.

The Mediwizard smiled and nodded, holding out the folder for him to see. "You're in your second Trimester – sixteen weeks, more or less. You should start showing soon and in a few weeks we could probably even look to see what the sex is."

There was a short silence in which Harry merely stared at the man, expression blank as his mind tried desperately to justunderstand. It wasn't that he was unhappy – it was amazing and something like a miracle, but he didn't quite know how to feel. After a moment he inclined his head in agreement to whatever Jenkins had said.

"I'm…um, I'm going to go home now…" he said quietly, pulling his robes back on and pushing off the examining table.

Mediwizard Jenkins gave him a pitying smile. "Thank you for coming, Mr Potter. Take these pamphlets, alright? I'll be sure to forward your name to Healer Gretchen."

He barely looked at the pamphlets, stuffing them in a random pocket and hurrying out of the examining room. He just wanted to go home and sleep.

A week later and Harry was still dazed.

He had accepted the news – he had woken up the first night, rushed to the bathroom and just stared at his stomach for a small eternity, poking it and cooing in a completely ridiculous manner – but it still felt like some kind of dream. He was happy, happier than he would think possible and yet...cautious. Like he'd wake at any moment and find out wizards reallycouldn'tget pregnant, no matter how powerful they were or the potions they took.

And then there was the fact that he had yet to tell anyone.

Normally, he wouldn't have been able to hide it. Lucius was observant in a way he was more than likely to be embarrassed by and suddenly locking the bathroom door when he'd only ever closed it before would immediately alert him to a change. There was also sneaking the pamphlets from his sock drawer and how he was suddenly afraid to do anything remotely dangerous – like going shopping. Who knew when he'd be accosted by theProphetnext?

Luckily for him, however, Lucius was away on business. It was lonely being in the Manor with only himself and the elves for company, but it gave him time to think and justfeelinstead of pasting on a smile and pretending everything was fine and dandy.

He had seen some friends since his appointment and he had nearly spilled everything to Luna, but he had known instantly it wouldn't be right until his closest, most special people knew – meaning his lover, godfather, Remus and Draco; as much as the git annoyed him sometimes, itwouldbe his little brother or sister. Luna had seemed to know, anyway, in that strange way of hers.

He had had a week to think about it, and he decided he wanted to tell someone—someone he knew would be rational and understanding.


He was, after all, the whole reason Harry went to St. Mungos to begin with. He had been feeling ill for weeks, throwing up and fatigued and moody as all hell. Remus had finally put his foot down and demanded he go see a doctor and be done with it – colds could develop into horrible diseases and Moony was paranoid about him dropping dead; something to do with his mother-hen instincts, Sirius would laugh. Hermione had offered to go with him, but he had waved off her concern, expecting nothing more than the flu even though he hadn't had a fever or a runny nose.

As horrible as it sounded, he was glad he had gone on his own. Hermione was a great friend and very loyal, but she wouldn't have been able to let it go and would have alerted the whole bloody neighbourhood about his 'condition' in her excitement—or horror. He still wasn't too sure about her knowledge on any kind of pregnancy and was trying to stay positive, but when he was moping in bed unable to sleep at 3AM without Lucius breathing on his neck, he started thinking about horrible scenarios.

It only strengthened his resolve to start with Moony.


Jolting from his doze, Harry looked around blearily, frowning sleepily when he saw Remus hovering in the doorway. It clicked a second later and he groaned, glancing at the digital clock on his nightstand – Lucius had complained mercilessly when he first brought it into their bedroom, but he had managed to shut the prissy blonde up with—er, 'compensation'. "Sorry, I fell asleep."

"Missy let me in, said you weren't feeling well and that I should go on through," the werewolf explained, looking slightly uncomfortable. Sitting timidly on the edge of the king-sized bed, he lay his hand gently on a covered foot. "I thought you went to the hospital? Aren't you feeling better yet?"

"I—I'm fine," he said slowly, swallowing thickly. It was partly true – he wasn't sick, per se, just suffering some morning sickness and general ickiness. He had gotten out of bed with a headache and got straight back in after throwing up breakfast and anything else his body could surrender.

Remus frowned at him, lips thinning in displeasure. "Harry."

He slumped against the headboard, picking at the quilt Missy must have laid over him at some point in the early afternoon. "I'm—fine, really, Moony," he said quietly. "It's just…these symptoms probably won't go away for a while."

"What's going on?" Remus demanded, looking slightly panicked. "What did they say?"

Licking his lips, Harry refused to meet his eyes. Mr Jenkins and the pamphlets assured him male pregnancies weren't anomalies, but he still felt absolutely horrified talking about it. Unsure how to begin, he tried a blunter path. "Moony…you know Lucius and I have been together for a while now…"

"…he hasn't given you some disease, has he?"


"Okay," Moony soothed. "It's just…Harry, you're scaring me."

"Look…it's just...we…—!" he huffed in frustration, bringing his hands to his face. "We stopped using contraception!"


Harry bit his lip, terrified to look up when Remus hadn't said anything for at least five minutes. Peeking between his fingers, he was met with an absolutely stunned expression. Not disgusted or angry, merelyverysurprised.

"Oh…" Remus finally choked out. "You're…pregnant?"

"Nearly four months," he whispered.

There was another small silence before he was suddenly in Remus' arms. "That's great, cub!" he laughed, squeezing him gently. "When did you find out?"

"Last week," he said dimly, feeling giddy all of a sudden. He smiled into Moony's chest. "It feels good to tell someone…"

"You mean I'm the first to know?"

Harry flushed red, pulling away. "Yeah…I mean, I'm still trying to figure everything out myself…"

"Youareplanning to tell Lucius and the others, right?" Remus frowned. "He'll be back soon, too."

"Tomorrow," he muttered distractedly. "Iwilltell him…I just, need to figure out how."

"And the others? Padfoot and Draco and your friends?"

He sighed, fidgeting. "I'll come over and talk to Padfoot and Malfoy sometime in the week."

"Harry…you don't have to do it now, but it sounds like you'd rather jump off a cliff than tell them."

"The cliff would be so much easier…Don't look at me like that, Moony! I'm not suicidal! I'm just…I'm having ababy!We'rehaving a baby."

"Are you not happy about it?" Remus asked quietly. "It's okay to feel that way, Harry. You're still very young and you've probably not even spoken about children with Lucius."

"Nineteen isn'tthatyoung…" he said feebly. "I'm happy…it's just a lot to take in? I want a baby – I've always wanted at least three children, but now that's its actually happening…and I don't know how Lucius will react! He told me once he'd considered having more children with Narcissa, but that means what exactly?"

"…that he wanted more children?"

"I—…don't know. Maybe."

Remus wrapped an arm around his shoulders, pulling him in for another hug. "Harry…what are you worried about? Is it about how everyone will react?"

"I don't know…" he said flatly, cheek pressed into a firm chest. "…what if Lucius doesn't like it—us?"

"Harry…I'm not saying this is the truth and I don't want to jump to conclusions, but don't you think Lucius would have insisted on contraception if he didn't want more children?"

"…what? You think…heintendedto get me p-pregnant?"

"Maybe, maybe not. He's a smart, traditional Pure-blood, Harry. He must have known there was a chance of you getting pregnant and if he took the risk, then he must not mind—or he's an ignorant arsehole. But I personally think the first is more likely."

"Why didn't hetellme, then?!" Harry fumed, pushing away from Remus, expression furious. "Thatbastard! Playing Fate!"

"Harry! Calm down!" Remus insisted sharply, grabbing him by the forearms. "Listen to me. Maybe he thought you knew and by getting rid of the contraception you were giving your permission. He's aSlytherin, Harry. If he had asked you out-right and you had said no, how do you think that would have gone?"

"Still!" Harry hissed. "He shouldn't justassumethings. He should have put that bloody Slytherin-ness to use before deciding that letting him cum in my arse must obviously mean I want to be up the duff!"

Remus was silent and Harry frowned him, annoyed, before his words settled in his head and flushed bright red, looking away.

At least one thing was for certain now – he wouldn't mind telling Lucius he was pregnant and then maybe demanding he sleep on the couch for the duration of the pregnancy.


Grumbling to himself, Harry shuffled through the dim, moon-lit halls. It was late – or early, really, but he couldn't sleep and had taken to wandering the Manor or sitting in the cool night air. Currently he was heading for the gardens, fluffy quilt around his shoulders and trailing along the floor, most likely gathering dust bunnies.

He stumbled back, heart thumping erratically when Missy popped up before him. Clutching his chest, he scowled irritably at the nervous looking elf. "What!"

She flinched, tugging on her ears. "M-Master mustn't go outside! Is cold! Missy has orders to keep Master healthy!"

He huffed a sigh, rubbing his forehead. "I'mfine, Missy. I won't be long."

She wanted to argue, it was obvious, but left with a reluctant warning glare as her sister, Minny, appeared to drag her back to the kitchen. Harry continued down the passage, ducking under the nearest doorway and crossing the room towards the ground-level balcony. Stepping out into the night air, he sucked in a deep breath and let it out, nose burning with the icy mist.

Dragging one of the chairs towards the half-gate, he settled on it and brought his legs loosely to his chest, blanket wrapped around his body. The moon was high in the sky, peering down at him as clouds dragged on by, sometimes stalling the light. The garden was especially beautiful, certain flowers blooming under the starry sky.

Head lolling to the side and wiggling to get comfortable, Harry sighed and closed his eyes. He wasn't sleepy, but he felt – drained. He had initially felt angry and betrayed when Remus suggested Lucius had practically planned on knocking him up, but now...there was relief. He was still bloody angry, but it gave him a sentiment of hope that everything really would be fine.

And if Lucius did freak out and act like a twat – well. He obviously didn't deserve the amazing child they had created. Because he or she was amazing, simply because theywere.

Smiling forlornly to himself, Harry shucked a hand between his legs and chest, resting it gently on his stomach. The bump was barely visible, it could be considered nothing more than water retention, but heknewwhat it was and that was enough for him. He'd be a blimp soon enough anyway – he'd enjoy this while it lasted.


Startled, Harry nearly fell out of his chair. Flinging the blanket off and struggling with his wand, he froze, shocked, as he saw what had made the noise. A small bird stood a foot away on the grass, a slender mass of grey and shaded feathers, head turned so it's beady eye could look right at him. It stood on toothpick legs, body tilted forward aggressively.

Laughing breathlessly, Harry flopped back into his chair and studied the peachick curiously. It looked to be about a month old and a little shaky on his clawed feet. "Hello," he said softly after a moment, trying not to giggle at the lone fluffy feather sticking upright on its head.

The peachick made another strange honking noise and cantered forwards, head still tilted so his tiny beak and eye were facing him. It hopped atop the low wall, squawking at him once more before sitting down and seemingly going to sleep.

Shaking his head in sheer incredulity, Harry fixed his blanket and got comfortable again. Even the bloody peacocks were pureMalfoy.

"Harry…why are you holding a chicken?"

"It's not achicken," he frowned, gently stroking the rebel feather atop his new friend's head. "And his name is Neelkanth. He's a peacock."

"Oh," Sirius said. Coughing slightly, he hid a disbelieving smile behind a fist. "My apologies. Apeacockthen. Still, the question is valid."

"He doesn't have a mum so I'm looking after him," Harry said brightly, hugging Neelkanth to his chest. "Isn't he cute?"

The peachick honked in agreement, the volume startling Sirius and making him spill his tea over his leg. "Fuck!" he hissed, grabbing his wand and vanishing the stain. "Dumb bird…"

"Don't blame my baby!" Harry shouted, flinging a biscuit at his shocked godfather. "Hmph!"


"Potter?" Draco said, poking his head around the door. "What's go—is that a peacock?"

"See!" Harry exclaimed, jabbing a finger at Sirius. "Dracoknows it isn't a bloody chicken! You know what? I think you're just full of shit! You think you're funny, don't you?!"

They gaped speechlessly at him, making him huff in annoyance and turn away, cuddling his peachick. Draco looked wide-eyed at Sirius, who merely shook his head with an equally 'what the fuck' expression.

"Er…Harry…where'd you get the peacock from?" Draco asked tentatively, sitting meekly beside his partner.

"The Manor," Harry replied sulkily, glaring weakly at him from across the room. "And his name isNeelkanth."

"Oh. Um. That's a nice name…?"

"You think so?" Harry brightened before scoffing, rolling his eyes. "Hermione thought it wassilly."

The two Black's exchanged a look.

"You visited Ron and Hermione today?" Sirius asked, keeping his tone light as to not aggravate him.

"Mmm. Ron was out though, so it was just Hermione, Ginny and I. Ginny didn't look very impressed either, come to think of it."

Draco gave him a small smirk. "Well,Ithink he's perfect. I didn't know the peahens were laying now."

Harry blinked. "Neither did the elves…hmm…"

Moony came in then, interrupting whatever Draco had to say in response. Shrugging off his jacket, he greeted them warmly, not even batting a lid when he saw the ugly duck pecking at the sofa cushion.

"Harry, I didn't know you were coming today – and with company."

Noting the werewolf's slightly wary look, Harry smiled and faintly shook his head. "I was just visiting with Hermione and thought I'd pop over for a bit. Oh, and this is Neelkanth. But you can call him Neel."

"Well, I'll be sure to remember to. Are you feeling better today?"

"Yup! I found some potions in Lucius drawer—"

"Whoa, what?!" Remus exclaimed. "What did you drink? Harry! You can't just take whatever looks good!"

"It's fine!" Harry rolled his eyes, flapping a hand. "It was just some Pepper Up!"

"…fine. What were you doing in Lucius' drawer anyway?" Remus raised an eyebrow.

Harry went bright red and looked away, petting Neel. "…"


"I said, I was looking for the book he writes his plots in!"

"…Father doesn't have a 'plot' book," Draco said slowly.

"That's what he wants you to think," Harry whispered in response. "I see him, writing in a leather-bound book and then hiding it when he thinks I'm not looking!"

There was a short, tense silence before Sirius said, "Is it A4 and black?"

"Yes! Have you seen it?!"

"Harry," Sirius said, biting his lip to hold back the inappropriate laughter bubbling in his throat. "Cub. Are you not talking about the book he balances his money in?"


Groaning, feeling absolutely mortified, Harry stumbled through the Floo and dropped into the nearest chair; letting Neel jump to the floor and waddle off. He rubbed his face, pressing his hands to his flaming cheeks.

Mediwizard Jenkins' pamphlets had said it was alright to have Pepper Up in small doses, but it hadn't said how crazy it would make him act! He had been feeling wired and moody before taking the bloody potion and then everything was a hundred times worse. It was wearing off quickly, leaving him weary and with a bit of a headache.

Sighing, Harry stood and brushed himself off. He had used the Floo closest to his bedroom and was especially glad, considering his exhaustion and frail mood. He walked through the door and down the passage, shrugging off his robes and unbuttoning his shirt on the way. The bedroom door was open, so he kicked it shut behind him and dropped his trousers, leaving his clothes in a heap on the floor.

He didn't actively acknowledge the stylised trunk sitting at the foot of the bed, heading for the open closet and pulling the nearest pair of pyjamas off the shelf – incidentally, Lucius'. There were a bit long and they fell low on his hips, but they smelt nice and they were soft against his skin.

Obviously, this was what you had to look for in sleep-clothes.

He was already in bed, cuddled underneath the covers and eyes half-mast, when he finally noticed the blonde looming in the bathroom doorway, arms crossed and eyebrow quirked.

"Bit early for bed, no?"

"Lucius!" he cried, bolting upright and swinging his legs over the side of the mattress, vaguely aware he had settled on his lover's side. "You're home," he finished feebly, feeling suddenly very fragile.

Lucius seemed to notice his strange mood, straightening and coming to sit beside him. Cupping his cheek, he brought their mouths together for a brief kiss before pulling back and searching his eyes, expression wary. "What is it? Has Draco upset you again?"

"No," he smiled weakly. "It's…nothing. Come here." Looping his arms around broad shoulders, Harry pulled him until their chests were flush together and caught his lips in another kiss, this time longer and more sensual.

Lucius wrapped an arm around his waist, using his free hand to loosen his boots and pull them off before climbing fully onto the bed, hovering over him. Grey eyes appraised his expression for what felt like a small eternity, taking in his pale complexion and larger-than-normal eyes. He wanted to ask, but let it go and leant down to continue their first real kiss in a month.

Harry felt a tiny flutter in his belly and gasped, clenching a hand in corn-silk hair. Baby had missed him too.

Staring into the relaxed sleeping face of his lover, Harry contemplated their life together.

They had known each-other since his second year at Hogwarts, but their relationship only really took off in fifth year when Lucius filled in for the rest of the year after Umbridge was fired and sentenced to Azkaban for using the Blood-quill on him and a few other students. Like everyone else he had been wary and partially disgusted, but he had been surprised at the professionalism shown and grew ever-curious about the Malfoy patriarch. A minor obsession stemmed from the knowledge that perhaps everything wasn't as it seemed, but it was cut off and stomped on rather viciously when the year ended and he resumed his duties as Governor. Harry had seen him after that, of course, but they never spoke and the flame he held for him dwindled – never dying, but cooler than he liked.

It was just his luck Lucius would encounter him in Knockturn Alley, the summer of 1997, when he had tried to Floo drunk. He had been more than a little out of it and practically glued himself to the Lord, leading to Lucius sobering him up and dropping him off at the Burrow much to Arthur's astonishment. He had been mortified the next morning, but couldn't help but be a little happy he'd gotten to spend time with his…'crush'.

Everything seemed to go from there and they kept meeting, sometimes purposely and sometimes sheer coincidence. They were somewhat 'friends', although many newspapers and magazines liked to think up nasty stories about Lucius blackmailing him into a relationship or that he was whoring himself out. They tried not to speak about the gossip as a rule, but he supposed without it they wouldn't have gotten together in the way they had – discussing a particularly nasty article, as it happened.

When they had actually become a couple everyone and their dog had been absolutely stumped, many of his friends claiming he had gone batty. Draco had been particularly horrified, but had taken it surprisingly well – perhaps the best, next to the ever-supportive Remus and unflappable Luna. They had drawn up a truce of sorts, although he supposed Draco had merely realised his situation could be considered much worse and was probably relieved to have someone to confide in. He had, after all, starting wooing his second-cousin and said cousin's best friend not months later.

His friends and a heartbroken Ginny got over themselves however and their relationship bloomed, though many claimed they would never last. The law even tried to get involved, though Harry was quite happy to report they hadn't gotten far before backing off. He was legal when Lucius officially asked him for an intimate relationship – a calculated move, he was sure – and so they had no footing.

Two and a half years later and they were living together full-time with a baby on the way.

Harry rolled over, careful not to wake Lucius as he inched backwards until his back was to his chest. Carefully lifting Lucius' left arm from the duvet, he slung it over his waist and placed the cool hand underneath his shirt, palm flat against his first-glance flat stomach.

He drifted off to the soft, tickling breaths on his neck.