Panting softly, feeling tired and sore and content, Harry buried his face in his lover's neck. They were still connected, chests flush together despite the stickiness between them and the sweat clinging to their skin. The room smelt of sex and the last remnants of the incense Lucius had been burning – something spicy, like cinnamon.

It had been almost a year since the birth of their baby boy and they were finally celebrating their marital union – in short, fucking like rabbits on their honeymoon. It wouldn't be a very long one since they had Baby to think about – not his real name of course, but it had stuck even after the pregnancy – but Draco had practically kidnapped his brother and sent them off to a deserted island for the week.

Harry had a niggling suspicion that Lucius had put him up to it, though with the way Draco had been acting around Baby all month he didn't think it took much convincing. He just hoped it was a 'Sympathetic Pregnancy' thing since Sirius had been showing similar symptoms.

If not, he really did pity Remus. It was bad enough he was constantly having to act like the adult in their triad because Draco and Sirius were like two pre-schoolers when it came to certain things.

"Whatever you're thinking about, it's not me."

Smiling, Harry gently disentangled himself and settled on his side, folding his arm under his head as a pillow and slinging the other across Lucius' chest. He stroked firm fair skin, idly poking and prodding as he counted ribs.

"I love you." He said softly, gazing at his lover through his eyelashes. Whatever issues they still had after being reunited on his birthday had been quickly resolved – he hadn't wanted any surprises for the rest of his pregnancy and Lucius was quick to comply, not wanting to upset him after the huge misunderstanding. There had obviously been difficulties and more mix-ups, but nothing they couldn't handle.

"And I, you. But could you stop that? I think you're bruising me."

Snorting, Harry spread his fingers and palmed the expanse of skin instead. Soon enough Lucius turned over, mirroring his pose and wrapping his free arm around his waist, dragging him even closer and tangling their legs. They were pressed together very intimately, but neither pulled away nor did they want to. Tilting his head back slightly, Harry searched storm-cloud eyes briefly before leaning forwards for a kiss.

Their lips brushed simply at first, a chaste peck, but Lucius deepened it a moment later and gently bit into his lower lip, pulling it back before letting it go and diving back in – with tongue that time.

Moaning softly, Harry could feel himself trying desperately to get aroused again. Alas, they had been busy for quite some time and he was exhausted. Chuckling breathlessly, Lucius pulled away with one last peck before settling back on his side.

"Noo," he groaned, pouting. "Want more…"

"Later," Lucius smirked, pulling him closer and tucking him under his chin. "We have a whole week to play. Now, we should sleep…"

"Fine," Harry grumbled, smiling a second later. It was nice to be able to just lie there in each-other's arms without any obligations or things they had to do. Well, they did have things to do – like sex, eating, showering, sex, swimming, sex and some more sex – but that was hardly a chore.

It was as he was drifting off that he realised something rather important.

"Hey…you remembered to do the charm, right?"




So, I hope everyone enjoyed! The timing was a bit off in some places, but I think it worked? I really enjoyed this little series and while I'm sad I didn't really go into the pregnancy or their relationship, this was a pre-written story and I didn't really want to change anything. I'll probably write a prequel at some point - who knows though.

If there are any mistakes [which I hope there aren't] just let me know and I'll fix them!

Thoughts? I love feedback and I really appreciate it when people take the time to let me know what they thought! Thank you for reading and I'll be back with another one...real soon! ;)