Chapter 25

G was finally sleeping, an exhausted Dimitri on his chest as his phone vibrated.

His six month old twins were cutting their first teeth and nights for the Operations Manager and his wife were nothing short of hell, even the normally insomniac was tired and had been spotted by his former partner and the team face down on his desk on occasion.

Deeks had finally finished his therapy and rejoined the team as a junior agent. Kensi taking him under her wing and teaching him on her promotion to full Agent status. Although even she had to admit there wasn't a lot he needed to learn, just to trust his partner and to relax a little. Although his wife had been helping him with that.

G sleepily picked up the phone not registering who was calling.

"Comescu." He groaned.

"'s!" Deeks' panicked voice came over the speaker.

For a moment G had no idea what he was talking about.

"What is?" he asked, gently laying his son down in the crib.

"Ami's water broke."

In an instant he was awake. "Ok, you get her to the hospital, and drive carefully Deeks. I'll wake her mother and we will be there as soon as we can."

G walked into the bedroom and gently shook Anya. "Honey...Ami's gone into labor."

She sat up and rubbed her eyes, she had only managed to get to sleep an hour ago.

"Do you want to stay here with the twins, I'll call Sam and see if he can come and sit with them if not."

"Call Sam." Anya ordered heading for the bathroom for a quick shower, "I am not missing the birth of our grandchild."

G smiled and pressed the button for Sam.

"What!" Sam groaned looking at the time and keeping his voice low so as not to wake Michelle.

"Need you to sit with the kids." G said.

Sam looked over at the clock, "What now? It's two am!" He groaned.

G chuckled, "Thanks for the time check and I know it's 2am, you know that, but apparently my grandchild thinks it's a perfect time to be born."

He smiled as he heard Sam suddenly sit up in bed.

"What's wrong?" Michelle asked sleepily and Sam filled her in.

"You stay with Kam, I'll go and watch the babies and you can drop Kam off to me later on." She told him and got up to get dressed.

"Which Hospital is Deeks taking Ami?" Sam asked.

"Pacific Alliance Medical Center, Maternity suite." G replied.

"You head down there, get Greg to watch his brothers till Michelle gets there." Sam told him.

Deeks' pulled into the parking lot at West College street and opened the door for Ami.

"Should I get you a wheelchair, gurney...nurse?" Deeks asked, the panic evident in his voice.

"Slow your roll hun, let's just walk...slowly ok?" Ami smiled.

"OK….ok...I've got your bag. Are you ok?" Deeks asked again.

Ami stopped panting for a second as a contraction rippled through her. "Martin Deeks, if you do not stop asking me if I am alright, I swear, I will sit right here and give birth in the parking lot."

"Ammmmmiiiii!" Deeks pleaded and then sighed with relief as she smiled. "You're teasing me? Now?"

She laughed, "It's going to be fine Marty, now let's go and meet our daughter."

An hour and a half later, G and Anya turned up to find a frazzled Deeks pacing in the waiting room.

"Deeks?" G barked, "Why are you not in the room with your wife?"

Deeks looked up worried, "The doctors kicked me out for a moment, I think something's wrong." his heart plummeted to his gut again. "It's my fault I know it is...the baby is deformed or something!"

"Deeks, calm down." G said, "You don't know there's anything wrong yet."

A gowned up Doctor came out, "Family of Amilena Deeks?" he called.

"Here!" Deeks jumped up, "Is she alright? Is the baby alright?"

"She's fine, we are moving her to the delivery suite, we had to do an ultrasound as we found an anomaly."

"Is there something wrong with the baby?" G asked worried for his daughter.

"The babies are fine Mr…."

"Comescu, I'm Ami's father."

"B...Babies?" Deeks staggered and sat in a nearby chair.

The doctor nodded, "The second is smaller, but tucked neatly behind the first one, it seems even their heartbeats are in unison, but the nurse noticed a slight discrepancy in the heartbeat which led us to finding the second child. Please, Mr. Deeks...your wife needs you."

Deeks nodded and followed the doctor into the delivery room where Ami was leaning against a pile of pillows already looking sweaty and in Deeks' opinion beautiful.

"Hey handsome." She smiled, "Surprise!"

Deeks laughed, "Yeah just a bit."

He moved to sit beside her.

"So are we ready to be parents?" The midwife asked as she bent down to check Ami again.

Deeks and Ami nodded, "So, ready….I...I need to push!" Ami panted.

Five hours later; Sam, Anya, G, Greg, Kensi and Nell were all in the waiting room waiting for news.

Deeks came out smiling from ear to ear, "It's twins."

"We know." G laughed, "But what flavor?"

"Boy and a girl, Eva and Evan. Ami picked the names." Deeks smiled, "Grandma and Grandpa, you wanna come meet the kids?" he asked.

G and Anya smiled and Sam smirked at the fact his partner was now a grandparent.

"Shut it Sam." G growled as he walked past following Deeks to where his daughter and grandchildren were resting.

Nell turned to Sam, "I'll let Eric know. I know that Director Vance and SECNAV were interested to know when Ami and Deeks had their baby."

"OK Partner, I'll let Michelle know. If I don't she'll lynch me when I go to pick her up for being out of the loop."

Deeks woke up after what he knew would be his last solid nights sleep for a long time. He grabbed the two car seats and an extra bag of supplies and walked to the door as it knocked.

"You need someone to drive?" G asked as he stood at the door.

"I can drive dad." Deeks said. He had taken to calling G dad outside of work ever since he had married Ami.

"I know but driving with new babies is bound to make you nervous and, well, I want to help." G admitted.

Deeks smiled hardly believing that less than nine months ago they were at each other's throats, now they were family.

"Come on Deeks, let's bring your family home." G said picking up one of the car seats and walking to the door.

The man sat waiting in the car, in the same spot he had been in months earlier when the Comescu twins were brought home from the hospital.

He had a file in his lap and another man sat nervously beside him.

"So you say that Martin had twins, a boy and a girl?" He asked the nervous man.

The younger man nodded, "Yesterday morning, both doing well and no problems considering their father's genetics."

"Did you do the DNA tests on them?"

"Yes, the Davis/Comescu DNA looks good. The children will be perfect candidates, have you found a new facilities to train them?"

The older man smiled. "I have found the perfect place. I want teams in place watching the children, do we have someone in situ at NCIS for the Comescu twins?" He asked.

The younger man nodded, "The placements started a month ago. We don't know if the Deeks' twins will go to daycare with the grandmother, but we are fairly certain that they will."

"Good, good…" The older man looked over the files, "Once Martin and Gregori are killed, it will be easy for Social services to come in, take the children and place them with our families."

"Do we have the other candidates under surveillance?" He continued.

"We do there are a few good prospects at MIT, and a new birth in Washington, again, the child of an NCIS agent. Also an older child daughter of an FBI Agent, we've started grooming her online." The younger man said pleased at the smile from the other man.

"Good…." He watched as Gregori Comescu, Marty Deeks, Amilena Deeks and Eva and Evan Deeks all left the hospital.

"My brothers legacy will continue," William Johns Davis looked at his Nephew and his family leaving the hospital.

"The factory will rise again."