Angela paced her bedroom floor the conversation with Mona and Sam still playing in her head. They had confronted her as soon as she had come home over her refusal of Tony's proposal. She had tried to sidestep them but it was futile. She had tried given them excuses over why she couldn't accept Tony's proposal but they weren't buying it and she knew it. She looked down at her left hand where the engagment ring had been. Although it had been on there for only a few minutes she missed it. It had felt right. But then she had found out that the family had talked Tony into proposing and even though she was happy that Tony had proposed it had hurt knowing that he had to be talked into proposing. But was that just one of her excuses? Mona had said that she wanted a guarantee and she was right.. She did want a guarantee But there weren't any guarantees in life. Hadn't she learned that when Michael left her? When she lost her job? Actually there was one guarantee: Tony. He had been there for her when Michael left and when she lost her job. When she had started The Bower Agency he was right there for her. All these years the one person she knew she could always count on was him. Which is why she had thought that if/when he finally proposed to her that it would be the perfect proposal. Was Mona right? Did the perfect proposal not exist? Angela sat down on the bed and realized that Mona was wrong. The perfect proposal does exist when it's between two people who love each other. When it's between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives is the perfect proposal.

Angela sighed her thoughts swimming through her mind

"I know he loves me. Isn't that enough? Shouldn't that be enough? I almost lost him twice before when Frankie proposed and when he decided to pursue a relationship with Kathleen. I can't take the risk of losing him because of my own insecurities. I can't let my fear of getting married again get the better of me. I have to stop this constant thinking. I need to feel like he said when Geoffrey proposed to me. He's right. You don't think these things. You feel them. When he proposed at the ski lodge did I think? No, I felt. I felt happy, I felt love. I said yes because I knew it was right. In my heart I knew. So why am I being so stubborn? Why am I putting him through this?*

Suddenly she knew what she had to do and even though she was scared she also knew it was right. She felt it. She got off her bed and went to the top of the stairs. She took a deep breath and started walking down the steps. She saw him and although she was nervous she was happy too because she knew she was doing the right thing. This time she wasn't going to think. This time she was going to listen to her heart.

"Tony may I have a word with you?"