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Bad Intentions
Chapter 1: Pilot

The biggest guru-mantra is: never share your secrets with anybody. It will destroy you.



Meg Myers-Make a Shadow (Amber in the car in front of the DiLaurentis house)

Rachel Diggs-Hands of Time (outside the church)

Amber Faye Marin stood outside Rosewood's Police Department, irritation rising in her stomach as she watched her mother march out, her baby sister on her heels. The blonde watched as Ashley scolded Hanna.

"In a small town like this, What people think about you matters."

"I know," Hanna muttered as Ashley grabbed her arm, stopping her in her tracks. Hanna hadn't caught sight of her sister yet.

"Then why would you risk it all to steal a pair of sunglasses? Hanna, I buy you everything you need to be popular."

"That's not why I do it," Hanna huffed, avoiding her mother's eyes.

"Then why? This is something you do?"

"A few times." Amber scoffed quietly as she remembered a similar conversation, though it involved a hell of a lot more screaming and throwing of objects in the house.

"This is about your father, isn't it? You think this is going to get his attention," Ashley said, as if it were a big revelation.

"I made a mistake," Hanna said, almost pleadingly.

"In Rosewood, you don't have room to make a mistake. And neither do I."

"I'm sorry. I'll fix it somehow," the young teen offered.

"You will deny you did anything wrong. It was a misunderstanding," Ashley said sternly.


"I'm taking care of it, Hanna," Ashley said before she could argue.

"Taking care of what?" Amber questioned, pretending to be oblivious to the conversation that had taken place only seconds ago.

Both Hanna's and Ashley's heads whipped to the 18 year old who stood with her arms crossed and eyebrows arched. Hanna squealed, any previous dilemma forgotten as she threw herself at her sister, arms winding around her waist. Amber chuckled deeply, her arms draping over Hanna's shoulders comfortably.

"Hey baby girl," Amber cooed gently, pressing a kiss to Hanna's temple before pulling back, her hands resting on the 16 year old's biceps.

"Now, what is this about you stealing a pair of sunglasses?" she accused, her eyes narrowed perceptively at the young teen. Hanna hung her head, avoiding her sister's death stare. Ashley was the one to answer.

"Hanna didn't do anything," she said, warning in her voice as she and Amber stared at each other. Amber slowly nodded in realization as Hanna wondered what kind of communication had passed between the estranged mother and daughter.

"Well then," Amber retracted her hands, clapping them before wrapping her left arm around Hanna's shoulders.

"Off we go. You can buy me dinner," Hanna grinned as she was led to her sister's car, waving to her mom as her older sister reassured their mother that Hanna would be staying at her apartment.

Amber pulled out of the parking lot, driving as her and Hanna chatted about school, Hanna's new BFF Mona, and "Oh my God Aria is back?! Does she still have that pink hair?"

Hanna reassured her sister that Aria had, in fact, gotten ridden of her pink hair, and no she had not grown even a centimeter in her time spent in Europe. The siblings both fell silent as Amber slowly rolled to a stop, both recognizing the house the cops had parked at. Amber stayed in the car as Hanna slowly got out, seeing Aria and Spencer on the side of the street. Hanna looks towards the DiLaurentis house again, her stomach rolling as they pushed a body in a body bag through the crowd on a stretcher.

"I heard the cops took Hanna to the police station today," Hanna heard Spencer mutter to Hanna's smallest ex-best friend.

"You don't think she'd ever talk about..." Aria trailed off, horror oozing from her voice. Hanna silently crept up, finishing the brunette's train of thought.

"The Jenna Thing?" she questioned, making the two look at her. She silently gazed back.

"We made a promise," she muttered, before all three turned back to the scene.

"The current owners of the residence were in the process of demolishing the structure to make room for a renovation project when workers made the gruesome discovery. The parents of the deceased were unavailable for comment, But a family spokesperson has confirmed the gazebo was under construction the summer 15-year-old AlisonDilaurentis disappeared. Tonight, the family is asking for privacy as they come to terms with the sad ending to a year-long mystery, and local authorities are coming to terms tith the fact a killer is at large in Rosewood." Hanna jumped as Amber's arm shot out, muting the television. Hanna stared silently at her sister, trying to figure out what she was thinking.

"The family spokesperson," Hanna wondered quietly, "do you think that's-,"

"Hanna," she cut off sharply, before closing her eyes and slowly breathing out through her nose.

"Come on," she said, opening her eyes.

"You want cake? I have cake," she muttered distractedly, making Hanna regret ever saying anything. She silently followed her sister into the kitchen, letting her cut two pieces of chocolate fudge cake that Hanna would usually avoid. She still only ate half, letting Amber finish it off, as well as her own. Amber kissed her forehead as Hanna changed into one of Amber's sweatpants and old Rosewood High Cheerleader T-shirts, promising to be up soon.

Downstairs, Amber stared at her phone.

Welcome home, bitch. You never should have left.


She had received the text in the car earlier, after spotting Ali's body being carted out by the police. A. Could that stand for Ali? Ali's dead, you idiot. It's probably just some idiot playing a prank on you.

Aria eyes widened as she recognized a familiar blonde beside Hanna, that held Spencer tight to her side, Emily smiling as she stood across from her her.

"Amber?" she called, making the blonde turn around, a bright smile gracing her face as she swept the small girl into her arms.

"Oh, my girls all in one spot again!" she paused as they all thought to Ali, but Amber shook it off as she gave all four a small, bitter smile.

"Well, I'll just have to treat you all to lunch sometime, I have a whole bunch of things for all of you," she promised.

"Oh, Am, you didn't have to-," Spencer began with a shake of her head, making Amber wave her hand.

"Shut it Hastings, I got the cutest blazer ever that you are going to love," she said with a grin. A smile drifted to all the girls faces before a voice sounded by them.

"Girls!" They all turned, catching the sight of Jessica DiLaurentis, Alison's mom.

"Mrs. DiLaurentis, hi," Emily smiled. Jessica preened, giving all five a thankful smile.

"I'm so glad you all came. You five should sit up front-it's what Alison would have wanted," all five smiled wistfully and nodded agreeably, Hanna and Spencer both latching on to Amber's hands as she led them into the church. Aria sat first in the front left pew, followed by Hanna, Amber, Spencer, and Emily. Hanna took Aria's hand, smiling gently.

"Poor Ali," Emily murmured, breaking the silence.

"Popular in life and death," Spencer said darkly. Hanna looked over, seeing Spencer's head on Amber's shoulder. She looked at Emily before letting go of Amber's hand, reaching into her purse. She held a flask out to her.

"No thanks. I don't-,"

"Today, I think you do," she gave Emily a look.

"Where did you get that, young lady?" Hanna was saved by the sound of Aria receiving a text. She stiffened and slowly pulled it out.

"Anyone we know?" Hanna wondered.

"No, it's just my mom sending me a text," she paused, looking up from her phone.

"Emily and I aren't the only ones Who got messages from 'A', are we?"

Amber sucked in a breath as all five shared a look.

Spencer raised her head from Amber's shoulder, catching a flash of a familiar face. She turned fully, facing the rest of the pews.

"Oh my God, it's Jenna," she gasped quietly. The other four turn as Jenna sat down in a pew on the right side, a few behind their's. Mrs. DiLaurentis joined them, sitting by Aria.

"Is that Jenna Marshall? I didn't realize she and Ali were friends."

"They weren't," Spencer said. They all turned around as the service started.

"The Lord giveth and the Lord away..."

Amber stood in the middle of the girls as they watched people leave the church.

"Amber," she turned, sneering slightly as she recognized the man before her.

"Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna," he listed with a smirk on his face.

"Do we know you?" Spencer questioned suspiciously.

"I'm Detective Wilden. I understand you were all good friends with the victim," he began.

"Yeah, we were," Aria said before Amber could tell them all to not say a word.

"I'm gonna need to talk to each one of you."

"We all talked to the police after Ali went missing," Amber said sharply.

"And I intend to go over every one of your statements. This is no longer a missing persons investigation. It's a murder. Rest assured, I will find out what happened that summer," he promised, before he walked away.

Amber caught sight of Jenna being assisted into a car. Turning back to the girls, Aria spoke.

"You don't think he knows about-," she began worriedly.

"No, how could he?" Hanna reassured. Before Amber could tell them not to worry, each of their phones went off. Pulling her own out, she sucked in a breath silently.

"Oh my God," Aria breathed.

"It's from-,"

"I got one too," Emily interrupted Hanna worriedly.

"'I'm still hear bitches,'"

"And I know everything. -A."

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