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Bad Intentions
Chapter 2: The Jenna Thing

"It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness."
-Leo Tolstoy, The Kreutzer Sonata


Zhala-Slippin Around (beginning-restaurant)

Black Mountain-Don't Run Our Heart's Around (interrogation-flashback)

Savant-Stargate (flashback)

Lorde-Glory and Gore (Wilden&Amber-restaurant)

Amber sat at the right head of the table, Aria to her right and Emily to her left, Spencer on the other side of Emily and Hanna on the right of Aria.

"Why was Jenna there?" Aria asked heatedly.

"I guess she's back," Spencer offered feebly with a shrug.

"That cop acted like we knew something."

"All cops do that, Hanna, that's how they get you to confess," Amber reminded.

"Do you think we looked guilty?" Emily asked worriedly.

"Why would we? We haven't done anything wrong," Aria said.

"Except lie about 'The Jenna Thing'," Hanna mused, making Amber sigh. The older girl hadn't been there, but she was the only one Ali and the others trusted to let her know. Safe to say they all got a very long lecture and Amber's famous 'I'm very disappointed' look, coupled with crumpling guilt.

"We promised we'd never bring up 'The Jenna Thing' again. Remember? It never happened," Spencer said firmly.

"Have you found a way to forget? I still wake up sometimes in the middle of the night-,"

"Aria it was an accident," Spencer snapped.

"Easy, Spence," Amber warned. Spencer just looked down, stirring her water mindlessly with her straw. All the girls stayed silent.

"Look," Amber said, drawing all four girls' attention.

"You have nothing to worry about. Jenna is not a threat, okay? And the cops here are as dumb as they come, trust me." Aria, Spencer and Hanna cracked a smile while Emily just fiddled with her bracelet.

Hanna pulled out her flask, to which Amber gave a scolding look but said nothing as Hanna poured it into her water. Hanna caught the look an old man at the table across from them sent her.

"What?" she hissed.

"It's medicinal." He gave her another suspicious look.

"Cramps," she bit, her glare threatening him to say anything. He finally looked away, making Amber stifle a laugh.

"I don't get it. How does 'A' know something about me that only Alison knew?" They all shared a look.

"Ali knew all of our secrets, but we didn't know any of hers," Aria said softly. Amber refrained from telling them that Ali didn't know nearly any of her secrets, knowing it would only raise more questions.

"I knew some," Spencer said suddenly. They all look at her, surprised.

"Go on," Aria urged.

"Talk," Hanna snapped.

"I can't," she said.

"Spence, you are not going to drop a bomb like that and clam up," Aria accused.

"She'd so kill me if I told you," Spencer bemoaned.

"She's dead!" Hanna whisper shouted, her eyes wide in disbelief.

"Ali was seeing someone that summer," Spencer revealed after a few moments of silence.

"I knew she was keeping something from me," Emily said softly, to herself. They all looked at her with raised eyebrows.

"From us," she was quick to add. Aria, Hanna and Spencer all accepted this, though Amber filed it away for her to muse about later.

"Why didn't she want us to know?" Aria questioned.

"He was an older boy. And he had a girlfriend," Spencer said.

"Who was it?" Emily wondered.

"Can we at least have initials?" Hanna asked.

"She never told me his name," Spencer muttered.

"That's only half a secret," Hanna scoffed.

"It's more than you ever got from her," Spencer shot back.

"How was it that Alison told us nothing and we told her everything?" Aria asked quietly.

"She made us feel like we were a part of something special," Emily said.

"We were," Hanna assured.

"I miss that," Aria admitted.

"Me, too," Spencer agreed.

"I miss Ali," Emily mumbled.

A waiter refills Spencer's coffee, leaving a sugar packet by the mug.

"She's gonna need more than that," Aria muttered to Emily.

"She hates the taste but loves the rush," Emily agreed as the waiter left three more sugar packets, per Spencer's request. Sure enough, Spencer opened all of them, pouring it into her coffee. Amber watched in amazement as she sipped at her Long Island Iced Tea, raising her eyebrows as Spencer sipped at it without a wince. As Emily passed Hanna another spoon, the blonde noticed her bracelet for the first time.

"I can't believe you still wear that," Hanna said, surprised.

"We swore we'd never take them off. Alison still wears hers. Wore." Emily looked down as an awkward silence fell upon them.

"So for the entire year I was gone, Jenna was away?" Aria wondered.

"She left Rosewood and never came back," Spencer nodded.

"If Jenna is 'A' then this is about revenge," Aria realized.

"Sorry, but 'A' is 'watching' us and that rules out Jenna," Hanna said. Her four companions looked at her, shocked.

"Hanna Marie-," Amber began.

"Those sunglasses aren't a fashion statement. She's blind," Hanna defended. She stole a French fry from Amber's plate, who gave her a dirty look, which she returned with a sweet smile.

"When Ali didn't come home I knew something terrible must have happened to her, but there was a part of me that imagined someday she would just show up," Spencer said quietly as she remembered that night.

"I used to think that maybe Ali had run off with some guy," Aria smiled softly.

"That she was laying on a beach somewhere-," Emily grinned.

"Getting a tan with that hot lifeguard who worked at the pool," Hanna finished.

"What was his name?" Aria asked.

"Who cares? 'Save me'!" Amber said, making them all laugh.

"I can't believe she's gone," Spencer whispered. Amber opened her mouth, her hand going to Spencer's forearm, when a rhythmic tap tap echoed in their ears. They all looked to the door as Jenna entered the restaurant. Slowly, Amber stood up, Spencer and the girls following her example as they shuffled out quietly.

Hanna looked up from pouring coffee into her travel mug, silently greeting her mother. She pulled out another one, filling up that one and her mother's. Ashley opened the fridge, pulling out the milk, pouring it into all three.

"That's the last of the milk," Ashley sighed as Hanna screwed on the lids, handing her mother hers. She took the other two just as Amber walked in.

"G'morning Hanna," her older sister smiled and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

"Mother," she greeted.

"Amber, nice to see you. Are you driving Hanna to school?" Ashley asked politely.

"I'll be fine, mom," Hanna assured as she fixed her hair in the mirror.

"Hanna, you know I loved Alison but she wasn't the most loved person in your school. If anyone says anything to you-,"

"Hanna's a big girl mom. She'll be fine. Besides, she has Aria, Spencer and Emily," Amber said. Ashley looked at Hanna who was applying lipstick Amber had gotten her at their last mall excursion.

"You're hanging out with them again?" Ashley wondered. Hanna shrugged.

"Yeah, I guess. I mean, Amber took us out after the funeral, we had fun."

"Good," Ashley smiled and nodded.

"Is that 'Amber Rose'?" she questioned as she saw Hanna stow away the lipstick in her purse.

"Yeah-Am got it for me."

"It's a good color on you," she said as she looked at Amber, who merely raised her eyebrows.

"Thanks," Hanna smiled and blew her mother a kiss as she and Amber left the house.

Hanna watched with interest as Aria walked out of Mr. Fitz's classroom, intrigued by the look on their English teacher's face.

"I'm all for boob jobs but when I see those I want to 'Moo'," Mona scoffed, watching another girl walk pass. Hanna looked at her best friend, about to follow her gaze when-

"I spy a Sean," Mona pointed to Hanna's boyfriend, Sean.

"See you at lunch," Hanna told her best friend as she approached her boyfriend, greeting him with a kiss. He smiled and wrapped his fingers around hers, leading her down the hall.

Emily pulled out her last book, slamming her locker shut, turning to leave, only to be met by a kiss. She jumped back, startled.

"What's wrong?" Ben asked, his eyebrows raised in confusion. Emily smiled at her boyfriend, though her joy was half fake.

"You surprised me."

"Are we still on for the movie?"

"My mom invited Maya to stay with us tonight-," Emily began hesitantly.

"What kind of jammies do you think new girl wears?" Emily froze, unnerved.

"How would I know?" she asked quickly. He shrugged, bending his head to peck her lips quickly.

"See you at practice," he said before leaving for his next class.

Where Ben had been, Emily could see Maya just around the corner, laughing and smiling with a couple of other girls. What kind of jammies does the new girl wear? Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she left for her next class, only to be interrupted as her name was called over the P.A. system.

"Will the following students please come to the office? Emily Fields, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings and Hanna Marin."

What now? Emily silently groaned as she headed to the front office, just as the first bell rang. She joined Aria, Spencer and Hanna at the end of the hall as they started the long walk to the front office. They all froze as Aria's phone rang. She pulled it out, lighting up the screen.

"It's from 'A'."

She showed them the screen.

Hanna leaned forward, reading it.

"Dead Girls Walking." They all looked at each other, before continuing down the hall.

The four squeezed onto the couch in the office, Wilden standing in front of them, holding a file.

"You thought you heard her 'scream'," Wilden mused, looking to Spencer for confirmation.

"I said that, yeah." He looked at the other three.

"And when you three woke up in the barn-Alison was gone but so was Spencer?"

"Yes, I woke up before them and I realized Ali was gone-," Spencer interjected.

"-So you went to look for her?" he finished, recounting her statement from the year before.

"That's what happened," Spencer confirmed.

"Was this a slumber party?" he asked.

"Is this an interrogation?" Spencer asked suddenly, her eyes narrowed.

"No. Just a routine follow-up. Why did you all fall asleep?" he continued.

"I guess we were tired," Aria offered.

"Is that how it was, Hanna?" he asked, glancing at the blonde. Hanna glanced at her friends out of the corners of her eyes.

"Yes," she answered confidently.

"We've told you everything we know. Just like we did the night she went missing," Spencer stated.

"Yeah, I know. It's almost exactly what you said last year. Almost like it was rehearsed," Wilden said. There was a pregnant pause as they all had a stare down with the detective.

"Like Spencer said," Aria began.

"We've told you everything we know."

"He knows we're lying," Aria said later that day.

"Lying's not a crime," Hanna muttered as she pushed around her lunch on her tray.

"It is when you're giving false statements to the police. It's called obstruction of justice-," Spencer rattled off.

"Oh, please. We lied about drinking. The truth that matters is we don't know anything about what happened to Ali that night," she shot back.

"We also know about someone who might have wanted to hurt her," Spencer said quietly.

"We should have told the police the truth about Jenna's accident the night it happened," Emily shook her head worriedly.

"I wanted to, remember?" Hanna bit.

"We had a chance to do more than tell the truth. We had a chance to stop Ali," Aria said.

"But we didn't," Spencer frowned, looking down. They all exchanged remorseful looks. Oblivious, they had no idea Mona had spotted Hanna hanging out with her old BFF's. Hurt, she walked away.

"Telling the police now about what happened to Jenna isn't going to make her see again. It'll just ruin our lives. And Amber agreed, remember?" Spencer reminded them. Sharing a look, they all remembered when they had told Amber the truth about 'The Jenna Thing'.

Hanna knocked on the door to Amber's bedroom. Just loud enough to be heard over the loud music, came a "come in!" She hesitantly pushed open her sister's door, shuffling into the room with Alison, Emily, Aria and Spencer trailing after on her heels.

"Hey girls," Amber reached over, grabbing the remote on her bedside table to turn down the music until it was in the background.

"Come on, sit," she urged, sitting back as she closed her magazine, putting the bowl of popcorn and her soda on the floor by her bed. Alison sat right in front of her on the bed, folding her legs under. Spencer took up the space to her right, Aria to her left, as Emily and Hanna took up Alison's left and right respectively. Amber wrapped an arm around Aria' leaning back into her pillows. Spencer followed, burying her face into Amber's hair.

"What's up?" None of the girls answered, simply staring at each other apprehensively, trying to avoid looking into her eyes. It was only two days after the fire, and it had been confirmed that Jenna was stable, though blind.

"Guys? What's wrong?"

"Look," Ali began, making all of them look at her. Usually, Ali was easy under spotlight-enjoyed it, but having Amber scrutinize her with her icy blue eyes made the young blonde jumpier than she usually is.

"What I'm about to say-please don't get angry. You can't tell anyone!"

"Okay, Al, whatever you say. What's got all of you so upset?"

Ali looked at all of her friends who silently urged her to continue. She immediately started tearing up.

"It-it was an accident, Amber I swear I-," she broke off, sobbing. Amber immediately let go of Aria and Spencer, wrapping her arms around Ali worriedly. Ali leaned into the blonde that was practically her sister, shoulders shaking. Collectively, her four friends started crying too. The guilt and shame weighed heavily down on all of them.

"It was us," Emily said tearfully.

"We're the ones that set fire on that garage-not Toby," she whispered. Amber stiffened, pulling back ever so slightly.

"Excuse me?" Ali let out another sob.

"It was me. I threw it in. Toby had been spying on us through Em's window as we changing and-it was just supposed to be a joke, I didn't know anyone was in there!" As Ali continued, Amber pulled back with every word she said until she was arms-length away, her hands gripping Ali's shoulders hard enough there was sure to be a few bruises for a few days. All five held their breath as Amber digested the news. Her hands slowly fell from Ali's shoulders, hanging limply in her lap.

"Please, Am, just say something-,"

"What am I supposed to say?" she interrupted, shaking her head, disappointed.

"What do we do? Do-do we tell-?" Emily began.

"No!" Amber barked, her eyes wide.

"You do not breathe a word of this to anybody, do you understand? Not your boyfriends, not your parents, no one!" All five nodded. There was a pregnant pause before Amber let out a long sigh.

"I don't know how you took care of it, Alison, and I don't want to, but you cannot confess after someone has already taken the blame. You'll just be in more trouble." They all nodded again, silently crying.

"Come here," she sighed again, letting all of them pile on top of her in each other in a much needed hug.

They never breathed another word of 'The Jenna Thing' again.

Aria looked over Emily's shoulder, her eyes widening as she watched Jenna, standing alone, carrying her lunch tray while trying to feel her way around the cafeteria.

"Oh, my God, she's back in school too?"

Aria jumped up without a second thought as Jenna stumbled after a boy bumped into her. Her three friends watched as she approached the blind girl, gently placing a hand on her wrist.

"Jenna, it's Aria. Would you like to join us?" she asked nicely.

Jenna stilled, surprise clear on her face.

"Sure." Aria lead Jenna towards their table carefully, taking her tray as she set it on the table, ignoring the looks she was being sent by Spencer, Emily and Hanna.

"Here's a chair. You're between Hanna and Spencer and Emily is directly across from you," the other three were silent as both Jenna and Aria sat down.

"So this would be Alison's chair?" Jenna questioned finally, her lips curling as she folded up her leading stick.

"No. We're not even sitting at that table," Emily said, not particularly nice.

'You know she came to see me in the hospital after the accident."

They all looked at each other, eyes wide.

"Alison did?" Spencer asked incredulously. Hanna nervously popped a tater tot into her mouth.

"So many people misunderstood her. But I knew exactly who Alison was," Jenna said pleasantly, a serene smile on her face.

"When did you get back, Jenna? We heard you were in Philadelphia at a school for the visually impaired," Spencer said politely.

"You can say blind, Spencer. It's not a dirty word," Jenna scoffed, a bitter laugh in her voice. They all exchanged remorseful looks, not saying anything.

"So quiet. This used to be the fun table. What happened to you girls?" she asked playfully.

Emily bit her lip and flushed as Alison shot her a saucy smile in the mirror. Spencer and Aria held clothes up to the other, laughing as Emily and Hanna watched Hanna model the skimpy summer shirt. Suddenly, Alison whipped around, a glare on her face and her eyes dark. All of the girls jumped back, wondering who had angered the blonde.

"I see you!" Alison shrieked, stomping to the window.

"Oh, my God. I can't believe it!" she seethed. The other four run over, trying to find what she had seen.

"Who was it, Ali? What did you see?" Emily pestered.

"He was in that tree, spying on us. I am so creeped out!" she shuttered, disgust painted on her face.

"Who was it?" Spencer wondered.

"That perv Toby Cavanaugh," Alison bit out darkly.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Aria. He was right there!" Alison shook her shoulders and head.

"I'm sure he saw us all naked," she sneered. Hanna cringed, wrapping her arms around her body uncomfortably.

"We should tell someone," Aria urged.

"We could. But I've got a better idea."

Fireworks explode in the distance. Alison lead the girls across the lawn, heading to the Cavanaugh's garage, where Toby kept his motor cycle. As they neared the garage, Alison pulled out a stink bomb firework she'd stolen from Jason, who was most likely with his friends and Amber out making their own fireworks.

"Are we sure he's not in there?" Aria asked worriedly.

"He's not, okay? You've got the lighter, right Spencer?" Alison asked, looking over the dark barn.

"Let's wait a second," Emily started. They stopped, Alison looking at the girl, annoyed.

"What, Emily?" she asked, rolling her eyes.

"I don't want to do this."

"Fine. Go back. You're on your own," Alison sneered, though she already knew Emily's answer. The girl didn't want to be alone and Alison knew it.

"Maybe Emily's right. If we tell the police they'll bring him in. They'll take care of it," Aria said convincingly.

"What's the fun in that?" Alison wondered.
"Toby Cavanaugh is a freak and we need to teach him a lesson. If he thinks he can come and spy on us while we're in your bedroom, Emily, he needs to know that his 'domain' is no longer a safe little hideout," the blonde spat, looking over the garage.

"Who knows what he does in there all day, that freak."

"Are you sure it was Toby?" Spencer asked suspiciously.

"Yes, and it's a stink bomb for God's sakes. We're not nuking the place. Now let's do it." She sneaked closer. Behind her, the four girls exchanged cautious looks before one by one, following her. When they reached the garage, Alison opened the top half of the Dutch door, poking her head in.

"Give me the lighter," Alison said, holding her hand back. Spencer handed the lighter to the blonde, who lit the firecracker fuse. She threw it in as it began to spark, she paused for a beat, eyes wide as she locked her gaze on something.

"Let's get out of here," she quickly urged, her eyes wide as she turned back to the other girls. She ran across the lawn, eyes wide in panic. The four followed her, clutching each other's hands. Inside the garage, flames erupted. They a heard a terrified girl's scream that stops them dead in their tracks as they turn around to face the garage.

Aria's, Spencer's, Hanna's and Emily's phone all vibrate and make the little dinging noises that signify a message. None of them made a move to grab their phones.

Jenna reached forward, picking up Spencer's phone off the table, holding it out.

"Aren't you going to get that?" she wondered, her hand outstretched to the brunette. Spencer took it, just as the other four looked at the message they had received.

If only she could see how guilty you look

Wilden sat across from Amber, relaxing into the chair. He grabbed the menu from the table, browsing through it mindlessly. Neither of them said anything as Amber stirred her straw in soda, flicking through the three pages of the menu.

"I'm not that hungry," Wilden finally said.

"D'you wanna split something?" Amber hummed, tilting her head as she continued to look over the menu.

"Why not? As long as it's not salad or seafood, you choose," Wilden scoffed a little, remembering Amber's extreme dislike for the two foods. The waiter came, taking Wilden's order of beer and the cheese sticks for them to share, promising the food in a few minutes. Wilden put his elbows on to the table, leaning forward, folding his hands together.

"I know you didn't call me just for a friendly check up. What do you want, Amber?" Amber gave him an innocent look.

"I haven't the slightest idea of what you're saying, Darren. We used to be friends."

"We used each other, Amber, is what I believe you're trying to say," he corrected with a smirk. Amber's nice face dropped before a sneer took over.

"Fine. A favor, Darren." He cocked an eyebrow curiously, gesturing for her to continue.

"I know what my mother is trying to do, Darren. And you're taking advantage of that. While I don't particularly like my mother, or trust her for that matter, she is Hanna's mother too. In hindsight, this will affect her. You can think of this as more of an offer, if you'd like," she paused as the waiter approached, setting the basket of cheese sticks in between the two. They both smiled and thanked the waiter, falling back into silence as he left. Amber ripped half of the cheese stick, dipping it into the little bowl of marina sauce.

"As I was saying. I want you to stop your little tryst with my mother. In exchange, we go back to our little," she gave a saucy smile, dragging her nails lightly against his wrist.


Hanna watched Sean with his nose buried in the textbook. She sighed as he didn't even notice she got up. She headed to the refrigerator, pulling out Amber's stash of Mr. Pibb. She popped open the tab on the can and refilled Sean's glass, finally gaining his attention.

"Thanks," he tossed her a quick smile. She leaned over his shoulder, pressing a kiss to his neck. He smiled, but kept his eyes on the textbook. She ran her hand down his chest, making him shift. She hid a grin.

"Hanna," he pulled back, giving her a look.

"What?" she half whined, half pleaded. She slid her hand further down his stomach.

"It's too hard to stop if we go there."

"There's no one here but us, Sean. It's okay." She kissed him on the neck again.

"Come on, Hanna," he scoffed a little, pulling back. She huffed and sat back down in her chair, trying to ignore the feeling of rejection and the flush in her cheeks. She reread the same page for the thousandth time, before looking back at her boyfriend.

"You do like me like that, right?" she asked quietly. Sean looked up as if she were stupid.

"Yes!" She hesitated, wringing her hands.

"Maybe you still think of me as just a friend. As that girl I used to be." He leaned in and kissed her slowly.

"Do you kiss your friends like that?" he asked after he pulled back.

"No." She's smiling now, as Sean turned to her.

"I liked that girl you used to be. Just like I like the girl you are now," he said promisingly.

"Is this 'waiting' really something you want or is it about your dad?" she asked. Before he could answer, the door opened, Amber waltzing in with annoyance clear on her face as Ashley followed, her hand holding her phone to her ear.

"Hi Miss Marin, Mrs. Marin," Hanna held back a snort at Sean's address of her sister. The older blonde was scary and very overprotective of Hanna, especially about Sean. She knew how the teenager had had a crush on him half her life, and she had been overjoyed when the boy had finally begun to show her attention. Hanna was fragile about Sean; the boy had more of her sister's heart than Amber cared for, but he made Hanna happy and that was enough for her, as long he continued to do so. Hanna had no idea what Amber had said to Sean when they first began dating, but ever since, Sean always address to Amber respectfully and kept the kissy-touchy feeling with Hanna to a minimum in front of the older blonde.

Ashley flashed them a smile but continued to talk into her phone. Amber smiled widely though, tossing her purse onto the table in front of them.

"Hello there Seany-boy," she sung, wrapping her arms around both of their shoulders. She smacked a kiss to Hanna's cheek obnoxiously, making her giggle.

Ashley flashed her an annoyed look as she continued to chatter into her phone.

"We'll submit those loan docs in the morning. Great. Thanks," she shut her phone before smiling at them. She walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge and pulling out a bottle of water.

"How's the studying going?" she questioned as Amber made herself comfortable on Hanna's lap.

"Fine," Hanna smiled, before grunting as Amber elbowed her in the stomach. She muttered a quiet 'sorry' before Ashley spoke.

"Sean, please tell your dad we really have been trying to make it to church but-I've been working on the weekends and-,"

"-I'll let him know, but it's okay. He understands, Mrs. Marin. He works on the weekends, too," Sean smiled, making Amber bark a laugh.

"Cute preacher humor," she patted his shoulder. Ashley tossed the boy a friendly smile. Unlike Amber, who merely acted friendly towards the teen, Ashley genuinely liked the boy. The doorbell rang, making Ashley head for the door. There was a beat of silence between the three before they all heard Ashley yell, "Amber!" The older blonde huffed, rolling her eyes before getting up, straightening out her dress.

"They love that you call them Miss and Mrs. Marin," Hanna grinned at Sean. Only seconds later Ashley walks in with a look of concern on her face, Amber not far behind with a faux smile.

"Look who stopped by for dinner," Amber drawled. Wilden stepped out from behind her. In his hands were a six-pack of beer and a take out bag.

"I brought Thai take out," he smiled, holding out the bag. Ashley leaned down to whisper to Hanna.

"It's time for Sean to go." She turned back to Wilden and Amber.

"Let's eat in the dining room," Hanna glared at Wilden as Amber took his arm, leading him out of the room.

Hanna stood next to Amber, leaning against the counter, watching as her sister furiously scrubbed one of the plates.

"What did that plate do to you?" Hanna asked rhetorically. Amber didn't say anything, just locked her jaw and rubbed harder.

"Whoa, Am, slow down you're going to break it," she put a hand on Amber's shoulder, making the older blonde sigh and sag against the counter. She dropped the plate and the sponge, turning the tap off. She dried her hands before turning to Hanna. Hanna raised her eyebrows questioningly. Amber stared quietly at her little sister, as if contemplating whether or not to tell her something. Finally she sighed and put her hand on Hanna's cheek.

"You know that I love you, right?"

"Yeah, Am, of course. I love you too," Hanna said, confused. But Amber just sighed and pulled her into a hug, burrowing her face in Hanna's hair. ]

"Mom does too, you know?"

"I know." Amber pulled back, putting both of her hands on the side of her face.

"And you know that we would do absolutely anything for you, right?"

"Yes, Amber I know. What is this about?"

"Nothing," she pressed a kiss to Hanna's brow, before hugging her again.

"It's nothing."

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