This is the next story in the series after When Opposites Attract and The Bookworm and the Business Man so please read these first before reading this one as this follows on from The Bookworm and the Buisness man.

I have taken parts of this from the Deathly Hallows movie and book but I have changed some things obviously.

I don't own Harry Potter or anything associated with it.

Chapter 1 – The Return to Hogwarts
The door soon came into view. Neville stepped up the step and pushed the door open.

"Oi you lot, I've got a surprise for you all!" Nevilel called out.

He jumped down to let the others follow him. One by one they stepped up to see a large room below them which was filled with about 30 or more Hogwarts students. There were gasps and cheers as the group jumped down to meet their old friends and classmates. The group were pulled into hugs while the boys high fived each other. Once all the greetings were over, they were able to take in their surroundings. The room had sleeping bags, airbeds and hammocks as well as two working bathrooms and a radio.

"What is this place?" Ron gasped, looking around.
"It's the Room of Requirement. We've been using it as a hide out. It's the only safe place now in the castle and the one place that Snape and the Carrows can't get in." Neville explained.
"Wow this is brilliant." Fred grinned.

They couldn't believe how many students were now gathered in the room.

"Dumbledore's Army has gained quite a few members and Ginny managed to copy your coins Hermione so that our new members could have them." Neville spoke.
"They've been of great use to us. Its the only way we can all communicate without anyone getting suspicious. It's not like they can take money off us." Ginny added.
"I always knew you were brilliant Hermione." Fred commented, hugging Hermione.

Neville informed the group that due to him causing havock around the castle, they went for his Grandmother but thankfully Dawlish bit off more than he can chew with Gran, he's still in St Mongos." Neville grinned.

"They were considering chucking him out or sending him to Azkaban so he's been hiding out in here since." Ginny added.
"Bloodly hell Neville. I think being Harry's friend has did you more harm than good." Ron laughed.
"Well it's all about standing up for what you believe in and fighting for the greater good." Neville answered modestly. "They don't like the fact that we're not giving up easily."
"Dumbledore's Army all the way!" A Ravenclaw fourth year cheered.
"Wow." Hermione gasped, looking around at the group of students which included the likes of Lavender Brown, Seamus Finnegan, Faye Dunbar, Colin and Nigel Creevey, Hannah Abbot, Terry Boot and Micheal Corner.

"What brings you back here Harry?" Micheal Corner asked.
"We're looking for something." Harry answered.

Just then the door of the Room of Requirement flew open and in came a panicking Justin Finch Fletchy.
"Harry Potter has been sighted in Hogsmede." he gasped, not realising Harry was stood in the room. "Oh my goodness you're here."
"Do they know he's in the area?" Neville asked.
"Yeah they do know and they're on the prowl." Justin gasped, getting his breath back.
"Should we leave?" Colin Creevey asked.
"I think we'll be alright there." Neville replied.

The chatter began again as the group started asking Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George 101 questions about what they'd been up too. They could only tell them so much though. Just as they were chatting, Harry's scar soared with pain. Voldemort was angry and had found out that one of his horcruxes were gone.
Harry sat down on the floor with his head in his hands in the hope the pain would subside. Seamus was on his feet in a flash with a glass of water for Harry.

"Thanks mate." Harry said, taking a sup of the liquid.
"We need to get going. I think he knows we're here." Harry gasped to Hermione and Ron.
"What's happening?" Neville asked.
"Yeah Harry what's the plan? What do you need us to do?" Seamus asked.
"Look guys we need you all to hold the fort for us, buy us some well needed time. Do whatever you feel you need too but please be careful." Harry stated.
"Harry has to find something that is hidden in the castle as soon as he can." George spoke.
"What is it Harry?" Lavender Brown asked.
"I'm sorry I can't tell you that." Harry replied.
"Harry if it is in the Room of Requirement, they'll all need to get out of here." Hermione whispered in Harry's ear.
"Why can't you tell us Harry? Is it something to do with fighting you-know-who?" Neville asked.
"Yes I guess you could say that." Harry replied sheepishly.
"Then let us help you mate. If you're looking for something we'll help you find it." Seamus replied.

All of the other members of Dumbledore's Army nodded their heads in agreement. Harry didn't really want any of them to help find the diadem as it meant telling them what they were looking for and why they were looking for it which also meant loosing precious time.

"Harry is there anyway they can help us?" Hermione wondered.
"Do any of you Ravenclaws know of where the lost diadem might be?" Harry finally asked.
"No it's been lost for centuries." Padma Patil answered.

Just then the door that opened out into the passageway opened and in came Dean Thomas and Luna Lovegood.

"Hello everyone. We got your message Neville." Luna stated cheerily.

Seamus lept to his feet and dashed over to his best friend, Dean.
The clock was ticking at an alarming rate and time was running out fast. The longer they stood chatting, the less time they had to find the diadem.

"Why are you looking for the diadem?" Micheal Corner asked.
"We need it to help us destory you-know-who for good." Harry answered.
"We know it's in the castle somewhere but we don't know where." Ron added.
"I tried looking in the Room of Requirement the other day but I couldn't find it and I have already spoke to Helena." Ginny said.
"Did Helena tell you where it was at?" Luna asked Ginny.
"No she wouldn't tell me." Ginny replied sadly. "It could be in the Room of Requirement but I didn't see it."
"I think it would be worth a few of us checking it again just to be sure." Luna suggested.
"Yeah that would be a good idea." Hermione replied.
"I'll go and try and speak to Helena again." Luna offered.
"I'll come with you Luna. We can go under my invisibility cloak so you don't get caught." Harry answered.
"That is very thoughtful of you Harry." Luna answered.
"Right you two go and try and speak to Helena." Fred spoke. "George and I will help Ginny and Hermione search the Room of Requirement."
"And anyone else who wants to help." George added.
"Some of us could cause a distraction near Ravenclaw tower." Micheal Corner suggested.
"That would be brilliant." Fred chirped, tossing Micheal some darkness power. "Here use this."

Micheal, Padma, Terry and Anthony all left the room with some decoy detinators and darkness powder. A few other students left the room, heading off in seperate directions in a bid to cause diversons.

"We need to get going Luna." Harry spoke.

Before they left, the door flew open again and in came Harry's old Quidditch team mates, Lee Jordan, Angelina Johnson, Alica Spinnet, Katie Bell and Oliver Wood.
Fred and George dashed straight over, lifting Lee off his feet and ruffling his hair. Cho Chang was next though the potrait hole.

"So are we fighting?" Lee Jordan asked.
"I'd hate to break it to you all but we're not fighting. That was never our intention when we said we wanted to come back here." Harry answered to the group, a gulity feeling in his stomach.
"I thought we were here to drive the death eaters out." Oliver Wood said.

Harry just shook his head.

"I think we might have to fight Harry. I just have a bad feeling about this all." Hermione spoke sadly.
"Hopefully it won't come to that Hermione." Harry said as his scar pained again. "He's moving."
"I think we should go Harry." Luna spoke, placing her small hand on Harry's shoulder.
"Good luck Harry and please be careful." Hermione urged.

Harry took out his cloak and placed it over himself and Luna then led her towards the good. There was a chorus of 'good lucks' from the large group.