Thank you all so much for reading this story and the previous two. I haven't decided whether or not I will be doing a another story after this one but I do have a few ideas. I have been considering doing a 4th in the series which will all be from Hermione's POV, so keep an eye out for that if I go ahead with that.


It was a very bitter-sweet moment for everyone, seeing the Hogwarts Express speed off into the UK countryside. A year ago, Hermione, Ron, Harry, Fred and George were hiding in Grimmauld Place rather than returning to Hogwarts. For the other Hogwarts Students on the train, they did not know what was in store for them when they returned to the famous wizarding school.

For Harry and his friends, they did not know how on earth they were going to defeat Voldemort and hunt down his horcruxes but somehow they managed both. Harry defeated Voldemort and they had managed to find all the horcruxes and destroy them. Voldemort was gone for good and on the 1st September 1998, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry opened it's doors for the start of a brand new term, welcoming old students and new students a like.

Would Hogwarts still feel like home or would be bring back far too many horrible memories of the past year of events?

Only time will tell.