Hermione's Death


Summary: Hermione died saving Harry's life in the face of Voldemort.He and Ron feel empty and alone, especially as Hermoine was Harry's girlfriend.Everything he does reminds him of her.And Voldemort's getting stronger every day...r&r please!

Disclaimer: I own only a few characters, I don't own the setting or anything like that. Most of this story (most, not all!) is down to that genius JK Rowling. Please, read on, and enjoy…oh, and review. All constructive criticisms very welcome. But please, no flames.

Author's Note: I have decided to do two parts to this story, the first part called "Discovery", the second called "The Fight". Please, read on and enjoy. This is hopefully going to be quite a long story, so bear with me! AND REVIEW!!!!!!!!!   ~rowan xxxxxxxx

The stars twinkled and Harry shot up in bed, breathing heavily. He'd had another bad dream. He breathed out deeply and lay down again, alone with his thoughts. Thunder stormed outside and Harry stared at his window. Rain dripped down it tapping loudly. Harry glanced round; worried it would wake everyone up. He'd forgotten it was the dead of night and rain was very quiet. The sound of it, though, seemed multiplied to him. After his nightmare, everything seemed so much louder.

          Harry snuggled up in his bed and pulled the bedclothes closer to him. He shut his eyes tight, desperately wishing the monsters would just go away. Why wouldn't they leave him in peace? Why couldn't they just go and not come back…why pick on him?

          Then Harry's eyes shot open again. "What? Who's there?" Harry looked around his enlarged room, searching for shadows in the darkness. He was sure he had heard a noise. There it was again! I little scurrying noise coming from outside his room. Harry looked around him, but no one else had heard it. Ron was closest to him, and indeed, closest to the door, but he was tucked up warm and cosy, and didn't look like a thing in the world would wake him.

          Harry smiled to himself at Ron's snoring, then tore his eyes away to face the door. He lifted the covers up away from him and swung his legs out of bed slowly. Cautiously, he made his way to the door and placed his hand around the doorknob, looking at it carefully. He didn't know why, but he thought that maybe it would be hot. Like in his old school, when they used to teach him what to do in case of a fire.

          He took in a deep breath and, staring intensely at the wood of the door, opened it up quickly. Air blew past him; but nothing more. Harry frowned and walked cautiously down the stairs that started outside his room. Down in the common room, he looked around for signs of a break-in, but there was nothing. Except an open window…

          Harry frowned and walked over to it. He placed his hands on the ledge and peered down at the ground below him. He was pretty far up, and the window was so small, he doubted anyone would fit through it anyway. Harry shut the window, locked it, and walked over to the fire. He sat down in a comfy armchair and slumped into it sighing. He had gotten so paranoid recently. Especially since seeing Voldemort again last year… Harry felt a sudden shiver run down his spine and tried to shrug it off. Harry looked at the fireplace, got his wand out and set it alight. He hadn't told anyone, but he had learned how to light fire without speaking. He merely had to point his wand at it, think, "Fire", and it would light itself.

          Why didn't he tell anyone? Because he knew what people would say. They'd be worried. And they'd annoy him. He was famous enough as it was; he didn't need any more popularity. He didn't need any more attention. And if Voldemort found out…

          Harry shivered again involuntarily and was suddenly glad of the warmth in the fire before him. He rubbed his hands together near it and gathered his thoughts. Yes…if Voldemort ever found out about his newly found power with fire, he'd certainly be interested. He'd want Harry to join the dark side even more strongly than he ever had wanted it before.

          But Harry knew he would never join the dark side. In his opinion, there were too many beautiful things in his world to screw them up. To fight over it and have it all…that would be selfish. Sometimes, things were better shared.

          The year before Harry had, again, met with Voldemort on one of his yearly trips to try to destroy him. They had fought together and so had Ron and Hermione… Harry gulped as tears rose up to his eyes. He thought of blinking them away, then stopped. No one was there. And so Harry let the tears fall for his friend Hermione… The one who had died to save him…