Hello All! I know I am not done with Kaleidoscope, but I had this little plot in my head and decided to try it out. I know that there are a million and one 'After The White Light..' fics concerning Bamon, but I wanted to give this a try and see how it pans out with my vision of what happened or could happen (the plot is slightly taken from Buffy's resurrection on BTVS). As always, I love your support and I appreciate you reading.

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Bonnie Bennett stood in front of the tombstone bearing Damon Salvatore's name. She hugged her body as she stared down at the grass growing over the grave. She shook her head as the tears fell from her eyes, "I'm all alone here…please…come back", she cried as stood looking down and then up at the stars.

Two weeks previously

"This is going to work, I know it will", Elena Gilbert nodded confidently as the witches stood around in a circle. They were standing in the Mystic Falls cemetery at night, by the graves of Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett. Six months had drifted by since they attempted to get rid of the Travelers and Damon and Bonnie were casualties of that war.

"It will work", Caroline Forbes hugged Elena as the witches continued to chat.

Stefan Salvatore looked down at the two tombstones erected next to each other, like shrines to the two people that lay below the soil. The fancy tombstones even included pictures of Damon and Bonnie. He couldn't help but chuckle about Bonnie being oh so happy being next to Damon for all eternity.

Bonnie's mother wanted to bury her in Seattle where she was now living, but Elena and Caroline convinced her to bury Bonnie in Mystic Falls and the gang also thought it would be fitting if their two heroes were buried next to each other.

"How long will this take?" Tyler Lockwood asked impatiently.

"As long as it takes", Lucy Bennett, Bonnie's cousin paused from chanting to say and sending Tyler such a glare that he knew, it was best to be quiet—especially in his human state.

When the witches stopped chanting, Elena looked down at the ground, "That's it?"

"That's it", Lucy replied.

"Well shouldn't they be doing something? Like coming up out of the ground?" Caroline asked.

"That spell has never been used before, raising the dead is not exactly a business that is down to an exact science and the fact that we even did this spell may have some horrible repercussions for us", Lucy explained, "but you explained what happened to my cousin and the fact that she got a raw deal made me want to help…and um…well, I guess the Damon guy was is just a bonus for you all".

"Thank you for your help Lucy", Stefan stepped forward.

Elena continued to look down at the graves. Every moment that went by felt like an eternity. There was no sign of movement, no sounds…nothing. The gang wasn't sure exactly what Bonnie and Damon would look like when they returned. Afterall, Damon's body was burned beyond recognition and Bonnie's body, although in tact, it had been six months since she died permanently.

"Are you sure that this worked?" Elena asked turning to Lucy.

"One can never know Elena".

Elena sighed, "There is no way our hopes could rise so far and be destroyed, no way", she shook her head as Stefan hugged her around her shoulders.


Beneath the soil and below the feet of their friends in Mystic Falls, a body was starting to be put back together. Ligaments, arteries and organs were starting to form again. Skin started to cover the bones and hair began to grow out of the top of the head. Finally, green eyes opened.

"Where…", Bonnie said softly as her eyes adjusted to the dark surroundings. She lifted her hand up and hit the top of a hard surface and then she realized, that she couldn't breathe, "help…help me", she pleaded as she began to beat on the top of the coffin.


"Do you hear that?" Elena asked as she looked down at the graves.

Stefan and Caroline listened and that's when the heard it; the faint whispers of their friend and scratching. Immediately, Stefan and Caroline dropped down to their knees with Elena's help and they began to rapidly dig in the soil. They could hear Bonnie screaming help louder and louder the deeper they got and when they finally reached the coffin that she lay in, they broke the locks on the edges and the coffin was opened to reveal Bonnie. She looked panicked, but to Elena and Caroline, she looked perfect.

"Bonnie!" Caroline said grabbing her and wrapping her arms around her.

"Oh my god, you are back…you're alive!" Elena joined in on the hug.

Bonnie looked around, slightly dazed and unfocused. She knew that she was in the cemetery, but she felt a sense of disconnect.

Stefan lifted her out of the hole as Lucy quickly walked over to her, "Once again we meet cousin", she smirked as she hugged Bonnie as she continued to look around. She was in Mystic Falls, but something about this did not seem right.

"Damon", Bonnie whispered.

"Where's Damon, it should have worked for him", Elena said turning to his grave.

It was untouched and no sounds were coming from it. They all turned to look at Damon's grave as tears fell from Elena's eyes. Bonnie gazed at Damon's tombstone and felt the lump in her throat form. "No…", she whispered.


After almost 2 hours of waiting in the cemetery, Stefan was able to coax Elena away from Damon's grave and he brought both Bonnie and Elena to the boarding house. Bonnie felt as if she was in a tunnel the entire time. From the cemetery to the drive to the boarding house, things just felt…false.

As she sat in the back seat listening to Elena's quiet sobs and Stefan's clench and unclench his jaw try to stop himself from crying, she felt their pain.

"Bonnie, we're glad you're back", Stefan replied looking at her in the rearview mirror.

"Yes, Bonnie…I'm happy to have you back. We tried to bring you guys back for months and nothing worked and finally tonight, we were able to bring you back and I am grateful for that, I just wish that Damon had…", Elena trailed off into tears.

Bonnie felt her eyes well up into tears and she nodded.


"Your mom sold your house a couple of months ago", Elena said as she handed Bonnie pajamas to put on.

Bonnie took the pajamas without a word.

"So I thought it would be easier for you to come here since its familiar", Elena smiled crookedly.

Bonnie nodded, "This is probably better", she stated quietly.

"Bonnie, I'm happy that your back. I missed you soo much!" Elena hugged her tightly.

Bonnie let Elena hug her and then she returned the hug slowly, "I missed you too", feeling as if she was telling the biggest lie she's even told in her life.


After lying in bed for hours and not drifting to sleep, Bonnie found herself in the Salvatore living room staring at the fire burning. "Can't sleep?" Stefan's voice drifted from behind her.

"Oh…I'm sorry…actually no, this is just…different", Bonnie replied, "I know its been, what six months? I just feel like I was gone for so much longer".

Stefan nodded, "We really missed you".

Bonnie nodded, "I missed you all too".

"Jeremy's coming in to town tomorrow, he and Alaric have been on some kind of spiritual journey since you…umm…"

"Died", Bonnie supplied.

"Yes", he nodded, "I know that he will be happy to see you".

Bonnie nodded.

"Where were you?" Stefan asked.

Bonnie shrugged, "I'm not quite sure".

"Was Damon with you?"

Bonnie turned to Stefan, "No…we were separated".

"Oh", Stefan replied disappointed, "I know that he only went to the Other Side because of me".

"Well you know, Damon always wanted to be the hero in his own self righteous, sociopathic way", Bonnie smirked.

Stefan nodded, "I really wish that we could have brought you guys back sooner, what was it like?"

Bonnie closed her eyes for a moment and looked at Stefan, "I don't remember".

He searched her eyes for a moment as if he knew that she was lying to him, but he let the moment go. He nodded, "Do you mind if I sit here with you for a couple of hours?"

Bonnie shook her head, "No not at all, but don't take offense if I don't speak. I don't know how to…I don't know what to say anymore, honestly".

"It's ok…".

Bonnie turned from Stefan and looked back at the fire.


The next morning, Bonnie woke up to Jeremy's voice downstairs in the living room. "Where is she! Where is Bonnie!" he shouted in the foyer.

Bonnie listened to him question Elena and Stefan as she stared at the ceiling with her hands folded. A few months ago or at least, when she first arrived on the other side, she would have rushed down the stairs into Jeremy's arms and now? She just felt like a stranger in her own life.

She heard him running up the stairs towards her door and she braced herself as the door opened and Jeremy stood in the doorway. "Bonnie!" he breathed as he rushed over to her, grabbed both of her cheeks and brought her into a kiss.

She held onto him as tears left her eyes, she was waiting to feel something but her feelings would not surface.

"Bon…I'm so happy that you're back. I missed you! I thought…I thought we would never get another chance".

"I know Jeremy".

"And now that you're back, we can be together and we have forever now…right? No anchor, no angel…I can touch you and everything", Jeremy beamed.

Bonnie smiled back with her smile not quite meeting her eyes.


"I really don't understand why it didn't work for Damon", Elena shook her head as she sat across from Bonnie at the dinner table with Stefan, Caroline and Jeremy.

"Probably because he's burning in hell", Jeremy replied.

"Jeremy!" Elena squeaked.

"We're sitting here acting as if he was in the same place as Bonnie and that's not possible. Damon only cared about one or two people…or scratch that…he only cared about himself, so we all know why he didn't come back when Bonnie did. He never sacrificed anything, he only helped when it could benefit him!" Jeremy ranted.

"He did help in the end", Bonnie replied quietly as she pushed her food around on the plate.

Jeremy turned to look at Bonnie along with everyone else, but she didn't say another word as she put food in her mouth.


Later that night, Bonnie glanced at Jeremy sleeping next to her and slid out of bed. She slipped on her jacket and headed out of the room. She tiptoed down the steps knowing that Stefan and Elena were out hunting and wouldn't be back for hours. She grabbed Elena's car keys off of the hook and headed out to her Prius.

Bonnie drove for at least 20 minutes before arriving at the cemetery. She parked the car and headed through the cemetery to the familiar gravesite. The place she hadn't been in a couple of days. She looked over at the tombstone with her name and shook her head. There's only but so many times you can stare at your own tombstone. The ground was packed nicely as if she had not been freed from it days before.

She turned to Damon's tombstone and kneeled down. She removed the leaves that had fallen on top of the tombstone and smirked, "So I never thought I would say this", she chuckled and then she immediately frowned, "I don't like it here anymore. I don't want to be here anymore. I am jealous and angry at you all at the same time for not being here. It's not fair. How is it that everyone believes or at least Jeremy does, that you're in some kind of hell…when in reality…", Bonnie looked around, "I'm the one in hell".


Two Weeks Later

"So Bonnie do you want to go back to Whitmore or do you want to take some time off and start again next semester?" Caroline asked as she and Bonnie sat at the new Mystic Falls Bistro.

Bonnie shifted the lettuce in her salad, "I think I'm just going to take it day by day".

Caroline nodded, "So you haven't said anything but…how was it, wherever you were?"

Bonnie thought for a moment, "I really don't remember".

"You don't, was your memory wiped when we brought you back?"

Bonnie shrugged, "I guess so. It just seems like nothing has changed here…I mean, things are quieter I guess".

"And you and Jeremy are back together and you should be happy, but I never see you smile!" Caroline stated exasperated.

"I'm sorry, its like I was in some kind of coma or something for the past six months and now I'm back and…"

"Everything's changed?"

"No, nothing's changed here. You're still my crazy, happy neurotic friend. Elena is still obsessed over one of the Salvatores, Jeremy loves me and my mom still can't find the time to come see me…nothing has changed".

"But isn't that a good thing. We can just pick up where we left off", Caroline smiled touching Bonnie's hands.

"I know…its just taking me some time that's all, I'm sure I will be the same Bonnie in a couple of weeks", she smiled back at Caroline.


Later that evening, Bonnie stood in front of the tombstone bearing Damon's name. She hugged her body as she stared down at the grass growing over the grave. She shook her head as the tears fell from her eyes, "I'm all alone here…please…come back", she cried as stood looking down and then up at the stars.

She sat down in front of the tombstone, "You know, I never thought I would say this, but I want to be with you at our favorite place doing absolutely nothing. Well not exactly nothing, listening to the stories where you make yourself the hero or the stories that make you seem like a jackass. I miss that. I miss that we didn't have to worry about anyone or anything. We could be ourselves with no problems and you could be your true self…the Damon not competing with his brother…you are the only one who understands now and you need to come back, it's not fair that you're there and I'm…here…not after everything…oh and you will be interested to know that apparently, I came back as the Bonnie who can do magic again, interesting huh?" she said causing leaves to fly around her.

Bonnie stared at Damon's name for a few moments and then stood up from the grave, "You need to come back", she replied.

She turned to walk away and suddenly she felt as if the ground was shifting below her. She turned around as the wind began to pick up around her and she noticed that the ground began to cave in. She fell to the ground as she moved her hair from her face as she saw the dirt and the grass start to fall within the hole.

Suddenly Bonnie noticed a pale hand reach from below the soil and grip onto the ground. She crawled over and touched the hand…she knew. She grabbed the hand and suddenly she saw his dirty face and she felt a since of relief that she hadn't felt since she opened her eyes in that coffin two weeks before.

She helped him climb out of the hole and both gasped for air when they sat on top of the soil. She looked into his blue eyes and he looked at her, "What took you so long?" she breathed heavily.

He looked at her and grabbed her face to his before bringing her into a passionate kiss and she felt, for the first time in a long time that things were going to be ok.

So next chapter will explain how Bonnie and Damon's relationship changed while they were 'dead'. One thing is for sure, the title is the mantra that Bonnie and Damon will live by until ONE of them can't handle it anymore.

Let me know how you feel about this and I will continue on.