Hello! my darlings my loves! Here is the final chapter to Seven days. The crew is headed home lets see what happens!

Charlie and Bass decided that the last night they should probably spend in their own rooms. Miles did pay for her room and all of her things were still strewn all over her floor and bed.

Cracking one eye open Charlie looked at her door as someone loudly and rapidly pounded on her door. Smashing her face into her pillow she groaned loudly and reluctantly rolled out of bed. Padding her away across the floor she tried to tame her wild hair. Sighing she opened her door glaring at the smiling face of her brother.

What. She asked staring at him.

Danny's smile faltered a little before coming back in full force. We leave in an hour, the boys want to know where you are.

Charlie ran a hand through her long hair. The boys? She asked confused.

Miles and Bass? He said quirking an eyebrow at his sister. I'm surprised actually, I figured Bass would have been with you, the two of you have been joined at the hip since we left Chicago.

Charlie ran a hand through her tangled hair as she yawned. We decided to spend the night and morning apart to clean up our rooms and you know, Miles paid for this room for me, I should spend one night alone in it. She laughed as her brother made a disgusted face.

Charlie... no... He groaned. You wanna go shower? I can pack your stuff for you if you want. He indicated to the mess that was her room. Provided there isn't anything in here I shouldn't see. He raised an eyebrow looking at her suspiciously.

That would be great. She said grabbing her towel and clothes for the day. There isn't anything dirty I swear, Just be careful with those. She pointed to a couple decoration things on the table. I already broke one.

You got it.

Charlie took her shower in record time, in and out in less then ten minutes, would have been faster but it took away for the water to warm up, as she remembered as a stream of loud curse words flowed from her mouth when she stepped under the icy water.

Danny was still laughing when Charlie stepped from the bathroom. You alright there dear sister? He asked tossing the last of her things in her suitcase. I've never heard such foul language from you before.

Shut up. She said throwing her Pj's in the suitcase. Let's get outta here, I'm starving and I wanna eat before we leave. She hauled her suitcase off the bed and smiled at her brother. Scoot boy!

Danny headed to the door and held it open as Charlie dragged her bag behind her. One last look, make sure I didn't forget anything. She scurried back in the room and scanned the room quickly. Looks good! She tossed her room key on the table and followed her brother down the hall.

When they found the boys, Miles as lounging back in his chair a cup of coffee in hand and eyes closed as he enjoyed the sun on his face, and Bass was leaned on the table flipping through a magazine. Charlie snuck up behind Bass and ran her fingers through his hair down to his face as she pulled him up gently for a kiss. Morning sunshine. Bass smiled at her.

Hey kiddo. Miles said lazily from his spot, eyes still closed. You ready to go? He asked sipping his coffee.

I just wanna grab something to eat, maybe something to take with me.

Bass pointed to a table in the corner, I think today is check-out day for most of the people here, they've set up some food you can take to go. His hand fell to a slide down the back of her leg resting just behind the knee.

Looking down at Bass, Charlie couldn't help the smile that crept on to her face. I'll be right back, stay out of trouble while I'm gone. Bass smiled back up at her as she bent down to give him a quick kiss.

I make no promises. He smirked.

Charlie just rolled her eyes and went off in search of breakfast. Bass watched as she walked away from them, a lazy smile on his face.

Listen up. Miles said leaning across the table towards Bass, his coffee abandoned beside him. That girl is my whole world. He said staring at Bass.

Bass looked back at him mildly startled. I know. He said cautiously.

Next to you, Charlie is the only important thing in my life, there isn't anything I wouldn't do to keep her from getting hurt. She already promised me that she wouldn't do anything to hurt you, but I need the same from you. I need to know that you will take care of her. She's had to do a lot on her own and she had to grow up a hell of a lot faster then she should have, she needs someone in her life who will look out for her, make sure that this world doesn't try to eat her. I can only do so much and Danny is to far away to do to much. Miles looked at the blonde boy to his side. I know you guys only started seeing what this is here, but I know you've had feelings for her for a long time, I'd have to be a complete moron not to see it, and she's been in love with you for as long as I can remember. This isn't some experiment to you guys, and I just want to know that if this all falls apart that you guys will be okay.

Bass sat for a moment unsure what to say, two sets of eyes bore into him from across the table.

Miles... Charlie had some how managed to get back to the table without anyone taking notice and stood there listening to Miles talk about herself and Bass.

All three heads snapped towards her, Miles looked stunned and shameful, Bass spoke first looking up at Charlie I would do anything to make sure she's happy and safe and cared for. I know I have a reputation with women, but this is different, I love her. His eyes searched Charlie's, this wasn't the way he wanted to tell her, especially only a few days into exploring what they were, what they could be. I'll never be as important to her as you are, but I can try everyday to show her and tell her how much she means to me, and that no one will ever compare to how she makes me feel about her, about life, and about myself.

Charlie's eyes flicked rapidly over his face searching his eyes, her breathing quickened at the thought of having the love and admiration of the man before her. Completely forgetting the presence of her uncle and brother she dropped her plate on the table and grasped Bass' face in her small hands. I love you to.

A smile broke out on Bass' face as he tugged her towards himself wrapping his long arms around her as he hugged her tightly.

Miles and Danny looked at each other both stunned, neither expected a confession of love from either of the people before them. Danny knew his sister was crazy about Bass but thought it was a mostly innocent crush and all would go back to the flirty conversations and stolen glances he'd grown used to over the years.

Well then. Came Rachel's voice cutting through the moment between Bass and Charlie, all four heads turned towards Ben and Rachel who stood off to the side observing. Ben stood behind Rachel and looked at Bass and Charlie smiling big and giving them a thumbs up of support. Charlie stepped away from Bass her hand slipping into his absently. I'm not starting a fight I swear. Rachel said raising her hands in defense. I can't guarantee when I'll be okay with this, but if you're both happy I can deal with this. Charlie and Bass both responded with half hearted smiles.

Thanks mom. Charlie squeezed Bass' hand as he stood up a hand coming to rest on the small of her back. Thank you Rachel. He said quietly.

Rachel crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at Bass. You hurt her or break her heart and I will be forced to make you disappear.

Bass smiled widely. I don't doubt that at all.

Well. Miles said loudly grabbing Danny by his shirt and hauling him up as he stood. Now that this is sufficiently awkward I think it's time we hit the road, the four of us need to be at the airport in an hour and its a bit of a drive. He released Danny who had started flailing his arms at his uncle to let go. It's been a fun trip, thanks for letting the two of us tag along. He gave his brother and Rachel a quick hug and pulled Danny along.

I'll see you guys back in Philly. Danny said waving at his parents.

Have a safe flight sweetheart. Rachel said laughing as Miles pushed the younger man ahead of him.

Rachel turned to Bass and Charlie who had moved towards each other in a defensive stance. Honey, come here. Charlie looked at Bass quickly before stepping towards her mother, Rachel reached out and hugged her daughter. I'll always be here to look out for you, it's my job as your mother to protect you from the evils of the world, I'm trusting that Bass won't be one of those evils. Let me know if we need to beat some sense into him. Charlie just smiled at her mother and they parted.

Ben snagged his daughter and pulled her into a tight hug, whispering into her ear. I don't care what your mother thinks, Bass is a great guy who will take care of you, but her offer is valid, if I need to glare at him from a distance let me know. Charlie laughed. Thanks dad.

Backing up into Bass' waiting arm, Charlie smiled at her parents on last time. We should move before Miles leaves us behind.

Charlie and Bass grabbed their bags and nodded at her parents. Ben grasped Bass' hand before they ran off. Take care of her.

Always. Bass replied grinning widely.

Miles and Danny were hauling their bags into the back of a cab when Charlie and Bass finally showed up, huffing from sprinting across the resort. 'Bout time! Miles shouted at them. Hurry up.

Charlie tossed her bag into the back and Bass followed suit, the four of them crammed into the cab and off they were to start the last of their Mexico adventure.

Getting through the check points this time around was much faster, no one got pulled to the side, no one had their bags searched and no one had to sit and pout as everyone else laughed.

On the other side of the check in Charlie pulled her back pack over her shoulders and looked at the boys before her. I dunno about you guys, but I'm getting desperate for a coffee.

Danny nodded. I could go for some coffee, I definitely don't feel awake yet.

Looking at the other two who just shrugged at her. I don't need it but we might as well tag along. Miles said also shrugging his back pack over his shoulders.

Bass slipped his bag over one shoulder and smiled at Charlie before slipping his hand around hers. Lead the way madam.

After ten minutes of wandering the airport Charlie stomped her foot. How can there be no coffee shop in this place! She huffed.

Bass patted her hair as he tried not to laugh at her sudden outburst. It's okay, would you be willing to get your caffeine intake from a pop or something?

Charlie sighed and leaned her head against his shoulder. I suppose if I have to.

Maybe we should get you something to eat to, you seem to getting a tad cranky, did you actually eat anything back at the resort? Miles asked.

Charlie squinted trying to remember. No I don't think so...

Thats it. That is totally it. Danny pipped up sighing.

What's it? Bass asked confused

She gets scary cranky and bitchy when she's hungry, it's not the caffiene she needs its food. Danny produced a granola bar from his bag. Eat this until we can find you something bigger. He handed the bar to his sister who took it glaringly.

I do not get cranky when I'm hungry. She narrowed her eyes further at her brother.

Miles and Bass just laughed until Charlie socked Bass in the ribs. I'm sorry I'm sorry. He said defending himself from further punches while laughing. I just never put two and two together before it totally makes sense now.

It totally does.

Charlie crossed her arms over her chest and looked from Bass to Miles. What makes sense? She asked bordering on frustrated.

There have been a couple times when Conner will complain that you're being exceptionally mean to him during the day, when you've gone an extra half our or so between your breaks but when you come back everything seems to be fine and you're back to being your chipper smiley self. Miles explained.

Do you happen to eat on your breaks? Bass asked running his hands along her arms trying to soothe the beast.

Charlie narrowed her eyes to the point of almost closing them. Yes, always. It's a demanding job I have to eat or I get tired quickly.

Miles and Bass high-fived. Problem solved, well just start stashing candy and stuff under the bar and you can snack to your hearts content.

She just huffed. I don't believe you that I get cranky when hungry, but I definitely won't say no to candy and snacks under the bar.

The three boys responded with laughter and Bass kissed the side of her head. As long as you won't say no.

Eventually the four found themselves inside a small airport restaurant, all sitting around stuffing food into their faces Charlie stopped and looked at Danny. Hey, I was just thinking, why don't you move to Chicago?'

Danny gave her a questioning look. What?

Miles and Bass both turned their looks to Charlie, questioning looks in their faces as well.

We'll you're graduated, still living with mom and dad and I know how frustrating it is living with them, you should move to Chicago, you can live with me, I have a spare room and no one to use it. she shrugged.

I don't have a job, and I'm pretty sure mom would blow a gasket if I moved that far away from her.

Miles pipped up. Maybe, but she can't be hovering over you your entire life, that's no way to live. You'll never find a girlfriend with her watching you're every move.

And with the job thing, I'm sure we can find you something at the bar until you find something you like better. Bass said around a fry.

You don't even have to live with Charlie, I've got a spare room not in use either. Miles offered.

Charlie reached over and patted her brother on the back of his head. There is absolutely no pressure, but there are options, what ever you decide. Miles and I are in Chicago and either of us would be happy if you can out to live with us.

Danny gave the three of them a stunned look before slowly bringing a fry to his mouth. I'll think about it, I've got a few days before I have to head back to Philly anyways. He said smiling at his sister and uncle.

That's all I ask. Charlie nodded approvingly and finished her food, checking her watch she looked at the boys. WE should finish up, they're about to board us.

They all grabbed their bags and hustled their way to their gate after dropping money on the table.

Sitting on the plane Charlie looked straight at the seat ahead of her. God I hate this part. She whispered to herself.

Bass reached over and pried her hand off the arm rest. I'm right here. He said lacing his fingers through hers. Nothing will happen to you while I've got you. He ran his thumb her the back of her hand and smiled at her as she bared her teeth in a grimace at him. He laughed at her attempt to smile. Holy crap don't do that again.

She laughed with him and suddenly her tension seemed to subside. I'm glad you're here, I'm glad we got to find something new on this trip. She said batting her baby blue eyes at him. I finally know what it's like to have you look at me. She smiled softly.

I've looked at you for a long time Charlie, I just didn't think you'd want a guy like me.

She leaned over the arm rest and kissed him. I've wanted no one else. Kissing him again she smiled and sat back in her seat. The engine roared to life and the cabin shuddered as his blasted off down the run way to take off.

Her hands gripped the arm rest and Bass' hand. Bass leaned back in his seat and fished the bracelet out of his pocket. I was going to save this until the landing, but you might be asleep for that.

Charlie didn't turned her head to look at him. Save what? She asked through clenched teeth.

Bass pulled his hand from hers and slipped the blue beaded bracelet on her wrist. If I'm not around, and something isn't going right, or you don't feel like you can do something, I want you to look at this bracelet and remember what we found in Mexico, and how much you mean to me, and that I think you can do any damn thing you want to. You're an amazing woman Charlie, and I want to spend as much time as I can with you, spend as much time looking at that beautiful face you have as I can. And I want to be able to make you as happy as you make me.

Charlie's eyes went wide as she stared at him, the weight of the bracelet against her wrist. Bass... She whispered.

I'm sorry, I know it sounds like we've been together for years and this probably sounds scary. I just wanted you to know how much I care about you, that I love you and want us to spend as much time as possible together.

Charlie smiled and threw her arms around his neck, holding him close she couldn't stop the happy tears from falling and the grin she had on her face wouldn't go away. I love you too. She pulled back to lock baby-blues with his. I'm so happy we finally found each other.

Charlie sat back in her chair, head tilted towards Bass, a smile racing her face. She was so happy, she'd finally found the man who made her incredibly happy, her brother was thinking of moving to Chicago, she had the undying support and love of her uncle. Her life was finally falling into where she wanted it.

Charlie was happy and she knew that this feeling was one that wasn't going to go away any time soon, this was her life now and this was exactly what she wanted.


So my loves how was it? I apologize for it taking so long to appear. But long story short, my boyfriend and I of five years ended back in march and losing a relationship doesn't really make you want to write romance, but I have since found an amazing person who makes me feel all fluttery and romantic again and I once again got inspired to finish this story.

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