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Hello, everyone! Welcome to the story. I have to admit, I am not normally a fan of second generation Harry Potter stories. However, I read an amazing ficlet that revolved around a sick Hugo and this idea came to me and I knew I had to write it out. Seeing as it's been my brain child for the past few days, I figured you might as well get to enjoy it as well.

Just a quick note for those following my other Harry Potter story, Frozen, I have not forgotten about it … but getting Hermione into St. Mungo's while Harry is Undesirable No. 1 is proving difficult. However, my brain is working on it and I hope to update soon! In the meantime, this story can entertain you till that happens. Enjoy!

Just for reference, James is 7, Albus is 5, and Lily is 3 (almost 4). Rose is 5 and Hugo is 3 (also almost 4). Teddy is 13. I calculated these ages based on how old Teddy was in comparison to James and then used approximate birthdays to figure out the rest.

"How long will it take to get there?" Lily Potter asked, looking up at Teddy. Teddy smiled.

"Not long at all," he said. "We're taking the Floo network to Uncle Ron's house and then we're taking a port key to the Highlands."

"And there'll be snow?"

"Lots of it, I promise you."

Lily jumped up and down with excitement as her mother and father brought down suitcase after suitcase.

"Alright," Harry said, setting down a heavy suitcase with a loud thud. "Unless we're moving to Scotland, I think we have enough stuff."

"Just one more bag," Ginny said with a laugh, coming down the stairs. "And you can hardly complain. It was your and Ron's idea to spend Christmas in the Highlands. Hermione and I would have been satisfied with France. All this bulky snow gear could have been replaced with shorts and sandals."

Harry smiled at Ginny before turning to his children.

"Alright, has everyone been to the toilet?"

James and Albus – seven and five respectively – nodded, as did three year old Lily.

"You're sure?"

Again, they all nodded and Lily looked up at Teddy.

"Have you?"

Teddy raised an eyebrow.

"Your dad was not asking me."

"Ask him, Daddy!" Lily exclaimed and it was very clear that the little girl was practically feeding off everybody else's energy.

"Lily," Harry said with a sigh. "Teddy does not need me to ask him if he's gone to the loo before we leave."

He winked at Teddy before bending down and picking up two duffel bags.

"Alright," he said. "Everyone take a bag. James and Al, put your knapsacks on and you can take a duffel bag between you."

"What about me?" Lily asked.

"You can hold my hand," Teddy said, picking up his own knapsack before slinging a larger duffel bag over his shoulder. "And we'll Floo together."

"Good," Harry said. "Alright, to the fireplace."

They marched through the living room and James took a handful of powder. He disappeared in a flash of green light, followed by Albus, Ginny, Teddy and Lily, and finally, Harry.

"Hello!" James exclaimed, sliding out of the grate and into Ron and Hermione's living room.

"Hi, James!" Hermione called from the kitchen. "Remember to move out of the way!"

She didn't speak soon enough and she heard the crash that was Albus running into James and they both toppled onto the floor.

"Quickly," she said coming into the room with a laugh. "Or we're going to have a Potter pile-up."

James and Al giggled as Hermione helped them stand and move from the fireplace.

"Put your bags by the back door," she said. "Uncle Ron's working to tie them together."

James and Albus had just vanished from view when Ginny appeared.

"Are you ready for this?" she asked, setting her bag down. Hermione laughed.

"I'm not sure we'll ever be ready to spend a week in the mountains with this lot," she said. "And over Christmas, Hugo's birthday, and New Years … we're crazy."

"As long as we get back in one piece, I'll be satisfied," Ginny said, taking Lily from Teddy when they appeared.

"Hi, Aunt Hermione!"

"Hello, sweetie," Hermione said with a smile. "Are you excited?"

Lilly nodded, her red hair bouncing.

"Tell Aunt Hermione what you did last night." Ginny said as Teddy ambled towards the back door with his and Ginny's bags.

"I slept in Mummy's bed," Lily said, almost proudly.

"You did?"

"Uh-huh. I couldn't sleep and when Daddy checked on me, he said I could sleep with them."

"Your daddy is a push-over." Hermione said with a laugh.

"Tell me about it." Ginny replied.

"What's a push-over?" Lily asked, wriggling from Ginny's arms.

"Nothing," Hermione said. "Why don't you find Rose? I think she's in her bedroom."

Lily scampered off to find her older cousin and Harry appeared in the grate.

"Hello, Harry," Hermione said, laughing at her friend's appearance. Harry was carrying at least four suitcases and could barely stand but he was smiling.

"Hi," he replied. "Where should I take these?"

"Back door," she said. "Ron's trying to find the best way to take them over the port key."

Harry waddled away, laden with luggage, and Hermione and Ginny looked at each other and burst out laughing.

In the end, the luggage was bound together with ropes and Teddy, Harry, and Ron held onto it with one hand and the port key with the other. Hugo and Lily were holding their mother's hands tightly and Albus, Rose, and James were scattered between their parents.

"Alright," Ron said, addressing the kids. "Everyone listen up. When you let go of the port key, think of it like running. If you move your legs, you'll eventually run down to the ground instead of falling. Got it?"

Albus and Rose nodded, looking nervous. James nodded excitedly.

"Okay," Ron said, glancing at his watch. "Everyone grab on."

They were surrounding a broken lawn chair and ten hands grabbed onto it. It began to glow and Lily squealed with excitement.

The next thing she knew, they were spinning very fast and flying through the air. Ron, Harry, and Teddy were pulling on the ropes as best they could but the luggage was heavy and difficult to manage.

"Let go!" Hermione exclaimed and she released her hold on the chair, pulling Hugo with her. James was next, followed by Albus and Rose. Ginny pulled Lily's hand off and finally, Ron, Harry, and Teddy let go.

"Arresto Momentum!" Ron heard Hermione call and he soon saw why. His daughter and nephews had not understood the concept of running on air and had fallen freely before stopping about three feet from the ground before dropping onto it. Lily and Hugo fared better, their mothers holding them and helping with the landing.

"Look out!" Teddy cried as the group of three tried to slow down. The wizards were doing fine; their enormous package was not. Hermione cast the spell again as Rose, Albus, and James scurried out of the way seconds before the large parcel landed where they had been.

"Well, that wasn't so bad," Ron said after making sure everyone was alright. "We'll need to work on it for the trip home, though."

"The cabin is just over that hill so it's a short walk." Harry said. "Al, James, and Rose, you can help us with some of the suitcases."

Teddy had undone the ropes and soon every person in their party was laden with luggage, including Lily, who was carrying a bag almost as big as she was that was packed full of mittens and hats.

The group slowly made their way through the snow – a detail Hermione and Ginny had overlooked; their children were not particularly dressed for cold weather upon arrival – and finally the cabin came into sight.

"It's made of logs!" Albus exclaimed.

"Duh," James said. "What did you think it'd be made of? Cotton balls?"

"James," Ginny said in a warning tone.

"I just thought it would look like a regular house is all," Albus said, defending himself.

"It's awfully pretty," Rose added. "Who gets the room way at the top?"

"We'll see once we're inside." Ginny answered. Ron was the first one up the steps and knelt down and felt under the doormat.

"Here's the key," he said, pocketing it before pointing his wand at the door. "Alohomora."

The door clicked open and everyone swarmed inside the warm hall. The house was big and impressive, with exposed wooden timbers and there was a strong sent of pine. Albus and James dropped their bags and immediately ran towards the big staircase.

"Hold it!" Harry called. "Come back."

The boys shuffled back, knowing exactly why they were being told to do so. They picked up the bags again and moved them further inside.

"Thank you," Harry said with a smile, going to the kitchen. There was a floor plan of the house along with a book of information about the town and phone numbers in case something went wrong.

"Alright," he said after studying the floor plans a moment. "There are two bedrooms with bathrooms on the top floor. Those are for mums and dads. Teddy, can you sort out the other rooms on the first floor? There are four bedrooms, plus a bathroom."

Teddy nodded.

"Sure thing. Alright, troops. Everyone got their suitcase?"

Albus, James, and Rose nodded.

"I can't lift mine," Lily complained.

"Me, neither." Hugo added.

"Not to worry," Teddy said easily. "For I am a wizard with super strength."

He picked the extra bags up.

"Forward march!"

He led the group of kids up the stairs.

"I'm glad he was able to join us," Ginny said, smiling.

"Me, too." Harry replied. "I hope he finds some time for himself, though. We'll have to make sure the kids don't pester him twenty-four-seven."

Ginny turned to Hermione.

"Shall we go into town and get some supplies?" she asked. "Is that alright with you two?"

Harry nodded.

"Sure. We'll get the rest of this stuff put away."

Hermione and Ginny left (after pulling on warmer coats and some mittens) and Ron and Harry began putting snow things, board games, and other miscellaneous items away on the main floor.

"It's awfully quiet upstairs," Harry noted after a few minutes. "We'd better check on them."

He and Ron went up the stairs, taking their suitcases with them.

"Hello?" Ron called as they entered the first floor hallway. He glanced at Harry, who raised his eyebrow. They dropped their suitcases and went down the hallway, peering into rooms as they went.


They were being mobbed with pillows.

"Hey!" Harry and Ron exclaimed as their children swung pillows at them. They were in good spirits, however, and a full-fledged pillow fight was still ensuing with Hermione and Ginny returned. After a few pillows had been mended (as well as Harry's glasses), hot chocolate was made and everyone sat around the large dining room table.

"What are we gonna do first?" James asked.

"What would you like to do?" his mother replied.

"Can I learn to ski?"

"Sure," Harry replied. "But not today. We'll hit the slopes tomorrow as long as the weather's clear."

"Did you figure out the sleeping arrangements?" Hermione asked, glancing at Teddy. He nodded.

"Lily and Rose and sharing the room with queen bed, James has a single room, I have a single room, and Al and Hugo are in the captain's beds."

"Good," Hermione said.

"Yeah," Ron added. "It sounds like that ought to keep the house from being destroyed."

It was no secret that Albus and James could never share a bedroom as Harry regularly said so. Al and Hugo, however, got on just fine, as did Rose and Lily.

Eventually, the kids were put to bed – even Lily, who had fallen asleep in her mother's arms but protested she wasn't tired when Ginny tried to take her upstairs – and after laughing and remembering their first Christmas at Hogwarts, Ron, Ginny, Harry, and Hermione retired for the night. As they were climbing the stairs, Harry noticed Teddy's light was on and he knocked on the door.

"Everything alright?" he asked.

"Yeah," Teddy said from his bed. "Just can't sleep."

"You're probably over tired and hyped up on sugar."

"Maybe," Teddy replied with a yawn.

"We're really glad you could come with us."

Teddy smiled broadly.

"I am, too," he said. "Thanks for letting me."

"Don't be daft," Harry said. "You're always welcome, you know that. But," he continued. "Don't be afraid to tell the kids to back off if you need some space. You're not here to be constant entertainment. It's your holiday, too."

"Thanks, Harry," Teddy said.

"I'm serious. Let one of us know if things get out of control."

"I will."

"Try to get some sleep. Good night, Teddy."


Lily was the first one awake the next morning and was helping herself to some breakfast when Harry came stumbling into the kitchen. He'd heard noises and had come down to investigate.

"Lily," he whispered. "What are you doing?"

"Making breakfast. I'm hungry."

Harry sighed, going to the counter where his daughter was attempting to pour milk into cereal.

"It's five o'clock in the morning. It's too early to be awake."

"I'm not tired." Lily protested as Harry put the milk back in the refrigerator.

"You can snuggle with Mummy and me," Harry replied, picking her up. Lily (and Harry) didn't go back to sleep and by eight o'clock, everyone else was awake courtesy of Lily (by seven thirty, she was so wriggly that Ginny had sent her to wake up the other kids).

"She has to stop sleeping in our bed," Ginny murmured to Harry, her eyes closed once Lily had gone. "She kicks in her sleep."

"And talks when she's awake," Harry added with a smile and Ginny laughed.

"Are you coming down?" Lily's voice wafted up the staircase and Ginny groaned.

"I'll go," Harry said, kissing her forehead. "Stay as long as you'd like."

He went downstairs for a second time and found six kids, all in pajamas, in the kitchen.

"Alright, Hugo," Teddy was saying. "What do you want?"

Harry was thoroughly impressed. The five young ones were seated at the table and Lily and Rose were already eating cereal.

"Hey," James complained. "Why him next?"

"Because," Teddy replied. "The rule is ladies first, then children, and then the men."

James seemed very pleased with this answer and let Hugo answer. Teddy fixed his cereal and delivered it.

"Morning, Harry," Teddy said with a smile.

"Morning," Harry replied. "You didn't have to do this."

"I know." Teddy answered easily. "Coffee's brewing. Alright, Al, what do you want? Al?"

Harry, who had shuffled to get a cup of coffee, glanced over his shoulder. Al's head was resting on the table and Teddy shook his shoulder.

"He's asleep," Teddy informed Harry. Harry put his coffee down and picked up Albus, who curled into his arms.

"Can you handle things down here?" Harry asked and Teddy nodded. Harry carried Albus upstairs to his and Ginny's room. Ginny, who was dozing, opened her eyes when her husband came in.

"What's wrong?" she asked, sitting up.

"Nothing," Harry said. "He just needs a bit of snuggle time is all. Fell asleep at the breakfast table."

Harry put his son on the bed and he curled up even tighter and Ginny laughed.

"He was never a morning person, was he?"

"Not in the slightest," Harry laughed before leaving them and returning downstairs.

Two hours later, everyone was up and dressed and the kids were itching to go outside. Despite having told them to use the loo before getting ready, three of the five had to undo their mother's work to use the toilet before being bundled up again. It took a full thirty minutes for five kids, one teenage, and four adults to be ready to go outside. Ron opened the back door and a cold wind blew through the kitchen. Still, they wandered into the backyard and began playing.

"Hey, what's that?" Rose asked, pointing to her and Lily's bedroom window.

"What's what?" Hermione asked.

"I thought I saw a man in the window," Rose answered. "But he's gone now."

"What's this?" Ron asked.

"Nothing," Hermione said quickly. "Rose's eyes were playing tricks on her is all."

Ron shrugged and suggested they make a snow fort.

"Or an igloo!" James exclaimed.

"We'll see," Ron said with a smile. "Girls, come help us!"

Together, everyone began making blocks of snow but Hermione noticed Rose kept glancing at her window.

"It was nothing," she assured her daughter. "The doors are locked and we're right out here. There's no one in there."

Rose was not convinced and continued to constantly look over her shoulder. Two hours later, everyone was rosy cheeked and wind swept and Ginny, who had taken Lily and Hugo inside an hour earlier, called them in for lunch. It was a timely process to undress but a simple drying spell followed by a sorting spell cleaned up their mess and everyone sat down to a warm lunch.

"Dad, can we please go skiing after lunch?" James asked and Harry smiled.

"Sure," he said. "Who wants to come?"

Everyone raised their hands and after another round of snow dressing, the troupe trudged over the next hill to the ski resort. Hermione had no interest in learning to ski so she took Lily and Hugo to the bunny hill while the others went to lessons. Albus, who had not inherited his parent's athleticism, joined Hermione after about ten minutes and Ginny came to check on them after the first lesson was over.

"How's it going?" she asked with a smile. Lily looked determined to be good at the new sport and beamed at her mother, though she lost her balance and fell while doing so.

"Great," Hermione said, standing Lily up again. "We're having lots of fun. How was the lesson?"

"Fine," Ginny answered. "James is actually pretty good at this. He's better than Harry, at least."

"How's Ron?"

"Alright, though he's had quite a few spectacular falls."

Hermione laughed.

"That sounds about right. What about Rose?"

"A natural," Ginny grinned. "She and Teddy are going to the intermediate hills."

"Ginny!" Ron's voice called from across the valley and instantly both witches knew the news was not good.

"What's wrong?"

"James," Ron said, out of breath. "He fell."

"Is he alright?"

Ron shook his head.

"No, they think he broke his ankle."

Hermione gasped.

"The Muggle ski patrol are there now and Harry's with him."

Ginny and Ron left the kids with Hermione. A small group of people was crowding around James and Harry was holding his hand. Ginny pushed through the crowd.

"James," she exclaimed, kneeling next him on his other side. "It's alright, you'll be just fine."

She glanced at Harry, hoping this was true. She was also wondering how they were going to handle this. James didn't need to go to hospital for his ankle to be fixed – they could bring him to St. Mungo's and it'd be fixed in an instant.

"You're being very brave," Harry said, smiling at James. "I know it hurts but it's almost over."

Ginny glanced at the Muggle ski patrol, who were wearing bright yellow reflective jackets.

"Where are you going to take him?"

"We'll put him on the sled," the officer nodded to the sled pulled by a snowmobile. "And take him to the lodge. From there, we'll send for an air ambulance."

"Is the break bad?" Harry asked while Ginny glanced at James, shushing his protests. Now was not the time to mention their magic or St. Mungo's.

"I've seen much worse but he'll be alright, though his ankle definitely needs to be set and put in a cast."

"A what?" James asked and the patrolman looked confused.

"A cast," he said. "You know, when they put plaster on the leg to keep it still? Haven't any of your friends ever broken a bone?"

James shook his head.

"Oh, well, it's kind of annoying but people can write their names on it and you get all sorts of special attention from you teachers and mum and dad," the officer said, winking at him. James smiled weakly.

"Alright, James, we're going to move you now," the other officer said. "It'll hurt a little bit but try to stay as still as possible, alright?"

James nodded and Ginny and Harry moved out of the way. James cried out when they moved him and Ginny cringed.

"One of you want to ride along?" the officer asked Harry and Ginny.

"You go," Harry said. "Ron and I will meet you there."

Hermione, Albus, Lily, and Hugo were at the lodge when James was carried in.

"James!" Lily shrieked. "Are you okay?"

"Shh, Lily," Ginny said. "He'll be fine."

"Are you going to fix his leg, Mummy?"

"Uh, Lily, let's go get some hot chocolate." Hermione said quickly. "All of you, the doctor needs to work on James' leg."

She herded the kids away – mostly because she didn't want their secret to be blurted out accidently – and Ginny looked at James.

"Don't worry," she said quietly. "We'll get this sorted out."

James swallowed and nodded.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to."

"Oh, love," Ginny said, pushing James' hair from his face. "I know. It was an accident."

"Where's Teddy?"

Ginny, quite honestly, had forgotten about Teddy and Rose.

"I don't know," she said. "But we'll find them soon. Right now, just try and keep still."

Ron and Harry were walking quickly to the lodge, deep in quiet conversation. They wanted to avoid memory charms if at all possible but this was a tricky situation to get out of.

"We should have just gone to France and visited Fleur's family cottage." Ron mumbled. "But we had to go to a Muggle village."

"Not now, Ron," Harry snapped. "We need to focus."

"Right … what if we tell them we'll drive him to the hospital and just take him home?"

"We could try," Harry said. "I suppose it's our best chance but we're going to have to do some fast talking to make it work. They won't like that."

They reached the lodge and Ginny looked up hopefully as they came in.

"Any news yet?" Harry asked her and Ginny shook her head.

"Alright, follow my lead, okay?"

Ginny nodded and Harry got the attention of one of the patrolmen.

"You haven't telephoned for an ambulance yet, have you?"

"Yes, an air ambulance will be here in a few minutes. It'll take you to Inverness, which is the closest hospital with the proper facilities to care for James."

Harry glanced at Ron but the officer was still speaking.

"If you need to get James' NHS card or anything else from your cabin, we can hold the helicopter."

"Uh, thanks." Harry said. The officer's radio made static and Harry turned to Ginny.

"What do we do now?"

"We can refuse to let them take James, can't we? He's a minor."

"But then they'll have to call protective services or something to register that we didn't medically treat our child. That would just cause more problems, especially when they come over and see James is perfectly fine."

Ginny sighed and Hermione joined the adults.

"What's the consensus?" she asked.

"There isn't one," Ron told her. "It looks like James is going to have to go to a Muggle hospital after all."

"What?" Hermione exclaimed.

"The ambulance is already on its way," Ginny told her. "So we don't have much choice."

Harry glanced at his watch.

"Seeing as we're heading to hospital whether we like it or not, I'm going to run to the cabin and get James' NHS card."

"It's in my handbag," Ginny told him and Harry nodded. He disappeared around a corner before apparating and returning moments later with Ginny's handbag and a dry jumper for James.

"We'll watch Albus and Lily," Hermione said. "I think we're all a bit tired so we'll head back to the cabin."

"Where are Teddy and Rose?" Ron asked, glancing over his shoulder and not seeing them huddling around the fire with the others.

"Out on a trail somewhere," Ginny answered. "Teddy was taking Rose to the intermediate runs, remember?"

"I'll find them." Ron said immediately, pulling his hat back on. He knelt next to James.

"Hang in there, bud," he said. "You'll be fine."

James gave a weak smile and Ron left the lodge. He was already halfway up a ski lift when he saw the bright red helicopter land near the lodge and watched from a distance as people the size of ants were loaded into it and it lifted off again.

I'd love to hear what you think. This is my first try with second generation Harry Potter so it was fun crafting the personalities of all of the kids but at the same time a challenge to keep Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny in character. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!