Hey everyone…it's me…Josie, AKA Tufano79. I'm starting a new drabble-ish fic. It will be similar to Mafia Princess. Chapters will be a thousand words or less (unless it's a lemon. I don't like breaking those up, ya know?). A few things first, thanks to Chandrakanta for the AWESOME banner! It was beautiful, girlie and exactly what I pictured! Also, things will be pretty sexy with this one (smut at its finest, folks). Author's notes will be brief, save for this one. I'm also trying to pre-write this. If you've read it on FicPad, TWCS or AO3, it's probably been written for a few months…As a result, I'm hoping to update daily. We'll see if I can do it.


Summary:Bella and Edward have been friends for as long as they could remember. They grew up together and now, live in the same apartment, 'saving' money on rent. Bella was just dumped by her boyfriend, Paul and Edward had been single for a long time.

One night, Edward drunkenly tells Bella that he's horny and lonely. Bella, being the good friend that she is and drunker than a skunk, offers to fuck that horniness out of him. They ended up having sex.

Awkward morning after follows…

Out of everyone they'd been with, Edward and Bella admit that they are really compatible with each other, but a relationship between the two just can't work. They are almost like family. So, they decide to become friends with benefits…

What happens when one realizes that they want more?

Without further ado…

Friends with Benefits


"Bella, baby, this thing between us, it isn't working out," Paul said as he stuffed French fries into his face and checking his Blackberry, frowning at whatever was the screen.

"This thing?" I snarled. "We've been dating for three years! I thought you loved me!"

"I do, baby," he said, frowning insincerely. "But as a sister. The sex isn't what it used to be and to be honest, you've gained weight, Bella."

"You're dumping me because I'm fat?" I shrieked. "Excuse me for gaining a few pounds, Paul. You're not exactly the vision of athletic prowess, either." He was around five foot nine inches tall with a beer gut. His hair was receding and he tried to hide it with a stupid hipster fedora all of the time. His beady little eyes were framed by thick black glasses. I definitely wasn't with for his looks.

"Look, Bella, I want a clean break," Paul said coldly. "I think it's time to cut our losses and go our separate ways."

"Fine," I spat, getting up from the booth at the diner he decided to dump me at. "Have a nice life, Paul. I hope you catch chlamydia and your miniscule dick falls off."

"Bella, let's not be harsh," he chided, arching a bushy brow. "You never were unsatisfied."

"Oh, Paul, I was unsatisfied. I faked it. Every. Single. Time," I smirked. He pursed his lips angrily. "And do you know where the clitoris is? Because you could never find it on me." Waggling my fingers, I turned away. "Toodles, asshole." I flounced out of the diner and hailed a cab. Barking out my address, I kept my emotions in check until I pulled up to my apartment building that I rented with my long-time best friend, Edward Cullen. We shared the cost of a brownstone apartment. I wanted to live in the city but couldn't afford it. Edward just wanted to make sure I was safe because he's like the overbearing, protective big brother.

Paying the driver, I heaved my body out of the cab and up to the stairs to my apartment. Our place was nice. Too nice, really. I was barely scraping by as a teacher in Chicago Public Schools. Edward worked as an up and coming attorney in one of the bigger firms in Chicago, Denali, Volturi and Romani. How we could afford this is beyond me, but I wasn't about to question it. I had a gorgeous home and a best friend who I needed desperately.

Walking into the apartment, I tossed my purse, jacket and keys onto the table in the foyer. Edward's head turned in the family room. He was watching reruns of Law and Order. "Bells? I thought you had a date?" he asked. He stood up and pushed up his glasses.

Not able to hold back, tears fell from my eyes. "Paul dumped me!" I sobbed.

Before I knew it, Edward had me in a hug and I spent the rest of the night, crying over that loser who made me waste three years of my life, when I was my hottest. Paul was such a troll.

Why was I with Paul again?

Oh, yeah…desperation.

A/N: There's your first chapter. Pictures of Bella and Edward's apartment are on my blog. Also, similar to Mafia Princess, I'm going to stick with one point of view for a batch of chapters. I'm thinking every five chapters, you'll get a new point of view. So, we're gonna stay with Bella. Also, pictures of what Bella and Edward look like are on my blog, too.