So, something completely different…I'm struggling with writer's block and I'm hoping that if I write something new, it will get my juices flowing. I saw something on one of the many group's walls and it intrigued me, The Twi-Sci-Fi/Fantasy Contest. I've always been interested in Star Trek and science fiction. Even before Twilight, it caught my attention. I even wrote some Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fic, but never posted it. Anyhow, the idea that I had couldn't really lend itself to a one-shot. I decided to make it full-length fic (or novella…whichever it turns out to be).

Now, none of this mine. I'm not Stephenie Meyer, nor do I claim to be. I just like to play with her characters because they make me forget about my life for a while. I also do not own Star Trek, which the space aspects of the story is loosely based off of. Everything else…is mine.

Summary:She was the leader of her people.

He was a gruff, by-the-book star ship captain.

An interstellar war, negotiations for a peace treaty gone wrong and a taboo relationship between two species.

Captain Edward Cullen was in charge of the starship, Volvo. He, along with his crew, were given a mission to deliver Empress Nirabelle of the Cygnarian people to the nearby planet of Lapus, to negotiate a treaty between their two worlds. For over a millennia, they have been fighting a vicious battle. For what? They don't even know. It's ingrained in their minds and their history.

The Empress is to meet with the Crown Prince of Lapus, Jakob. The Volvo is transporting her and her envoy, Maralice to the planet. There are strict rules in place for the Empress's transport. She is to not have any contact with any males on the ship, per the cultural norms of Cygnarian society. The trip should take as little time as possible and if no headway has been made within one day of being in orbit, Captain Cullen is to transport the Empress from the planet's surface.

However, something goes terribly wrong on Lapus. One communication to the Volvo and a brief face-to-face conversation forever changes the future of the Empress and Captain Cullen.

Will they survive this threat or are the Star Crossed lovers doomed before they even have a chance?

Star Crossed

"Captain, you have a hail from Admiral Cullen," said the communications officer, Lt. Riley. "He says it's urgent and delicate, sir."

"Send it to my ready room," I responded curtly. "I'll speak with him there."

"Understood," Lt. Riley nodded.

I got up from my chair on the bridge of my ship, the starship, Volvo. I nodded to my first officer, Commander Jasper Whitlock. He barely acknowledged me, but then again, he never did. I knew he was bitter about being passed over for the command of his own ship and under my leadership. Striding across the bridge, I used my thumb to open the door of my ready room, the office just off the bridge. Walking a little slower, I sat down at my desk and turned on the terminal. The waiting communiqué was blinking on the screen. Pressing the screen, I saw the face of my father appear. "Admiral?"

"I just received your report on the last mission we sent you on," my father said, looking at the tablet in front of him. "You're building yourself quite a reputation as a negotiator and a diplomat, Edward."

"I'm only following the guidelines and rules from my Galaxy Fleet training," I said, blushing slightly. "It was tough, but the reward was worth it. Seeing the smiles of the refugees from the war as they exited their prison cells, it made me so proud to say that I had a hand in that."

"You should be proud, Edward. I know I am," Carlisle, my father, the admiral, said while he gave me a beaming grin. "Anyhow, we have another mission for you."

"Sir, I mean no disrespect, but my crew is desperate need for some rest and relaxation. The negotiations with the Mesans and Phoenicians was taxing on them and my ship. I was heading to one of the space stations to get the Volvo overhauled," I said.

"You can still go to the space station, located off the outskirts of Cygnari space. They are quite good at what they do and you'll be able to spend some time as you prepare for your mission," Carlisle explained. My tablet beeped and I saw a classified file appear. "Your reputation is going to be your biggest asset, Edward."

"Did you say Cygnari space?" I asked, looking at our orders. "They have been at war with the Alphans for millennia. They aren't also a part of the Federation."

"But they want to be. They've been denied because of their ongoing war with the Alphans. Their leader, Emperor Charel, wanted to see it happen before his death. Unfortunately, the war snuffed that idea quickly. He was killed about six months ago in a border skirmish."

"How do you know all this? The Cygnarians are a very private species," I said, skimming the information.

"Charel reached out to the Federation. He wanted to end this interstellar war. He wanted a better future for his children, Nirabelle and Charanel. He died before his wish came true. His daughter, Nirabelle, is now the Empress of her people. She wants to see her father's dying wish come true. Working with our team here on Earth, we've devised a plan for her. But there are some very specific rules, per the Cygnarian Council of Elders," Carlisle said.

"What are these rules?" I asked.

"Empress Nirabelle cannot have any contact with any male member of your crew," Carlisle stated firmly.

"Uh, Dad, I hate to burst your bubble, but eighty percent of my crew is male," I grumbled.

"I know. However, Rosalie will act as her liaison," he said. Rosalie was our chief medical officer and my ex-wife. We got married impetuously on the pleasure planet, Monté, on shore leave. We didn't love each other. It was all lust. Rosalie was gorgeous with golden blonde hair, golden skin and golden eyes. We fought merely just to make up, because the sex was phenomenal, but that does not make a strong relationship. After a year, we ended our union and we're the best of friends. She was also a valued member of my crew, being an excellent doctor and counselor. Rosalie was half human and half Solarian, an empathic species. If it weren't for her, the negotiations for all of the missions we went on would fall to pieces. She also could control the room with her empathic ability.

"Okay, so Rosalie will work with her. That's good, but it's going to be difficult to keep her separated from all the men on my ship," I said. "Is she going to stay in her quarters for the entire journey?"

"Yes, for the most part. She will have an envoy, Maralice, to act as a go-between. Maralice is a widowed Cygnarian woman who can speak with men and will relay any concerns to you or to Commander Whitlock," my father explained.

"What about the rest of the rules?"

"It's all in the file. Now, it will take about a week and half at maximum jump speed to get to Cygnari space. You have to be in orbit of Forx, the home planet of the Cynarians, in two weeks. It will take another week to get to Lapus, the Alphan home world. I'll let you read the report. Contact me if you have any questions," he said.

"I will," I said, pushing the tablet aside. Smiling crookedly, I looked at my father. "How's Mom?"

"Hating retirement," he snorted. "She wanted to keep exploring space but I missed my wife."

"You could have joined her, Admiral," I snickered. "Or she could have accepted her promotion."

"You know as well as me that your mother would not want to work at Federation Headquarters. She's always wanting to learn more. You're so much like her," Carlisle said, giving me a wry grin. "She wouldn't be so antsy if you would give us a grandchild."

"Dad…" I grumbled. "Kind of single. Can't have babies on my own."

"Well, you could," he laughed.

"I'm not liking where this conversation is going. Bug my sister," I said, arching a brow. "She lives on Earth and is in a relationship."

"Trust me, Esme is constantly ragging on Elizabeth," my dad deadpanned. "I think Elizabeth will be contacting you about stowing away on our ship to get away from the nagging."

"I'll gladly take her because I know what a pain in the ass Mom is when she gets her mind set on something," I chuckled. "Anything else pertaining to the mission?"

"No. You have it all," he said. "Call your mother, just to give her something to look forward to and after this mission, your crew will get some much needed time off. And that is coming from the admiral and your father."

"We'll gladly take it, sir," I snickered.

"Love you, son."

"You, too, Dad."

"Admiral Cullen, out." The screen blinked black before the insignia for the Federation popped up.

I sat back on my chair, running my hands through my unruly bronze hair. I stared at the ceiling for a moment before getting up to the replicator to get something to drink. "Computer, coffee, black," I barked to the console. The machine whirred and appearing out of thin air was a steaming cup of coffee. I picked it up, inhaling it briefly before walking back to my desk. I quickly contacted the helm officer, informing him of our new destination. The engines sprang to life and we were on our way to Space Station Seven, on the outskirts of Federation space, near Cygnarian territory.

I spent the next two hours poring over the orders my father gave me. I had to prepare a briefing for my senior staff so they knew what we were heading into. However, this kind of mission is what I lived for. I was a Galaxy Fleet brat. I was born on starship, lived on a starship for most of my life and will probably die on a starship. Plus, I was the golden child of Galaxy Fleet, graduating with top honors at the age of seventeen. Two years ago, I was awarded my own command and was the youngest captain in Galaxy Fleet history at the age of twenty-eight. I was now thirty and I loved the challenges I faced on a daily basis of being a Galaxy Fleet captain.

Well, except for my pain in the ass First Officer.

Commander Jasper Whitlock was amazing at his job, the best in the fleet. However, he was up for his own command at the same time I was. Galaxy Fleet felt that he wasn't emotionally prepared to be a captain and he was denied the promotion, assigned to be my first officer. Jasper was a decorated Wing Commander for the Galaxy War Fleet. He was injured gravely and lost both of his legs in the final battle he led. In addition to that, he was scarred both physically and emotionally. He spent a year and a half at Galaxy Fleet Medical Headquarters on the Solari home world. He had to learn how to use his biomechanical limbs and cope with his survivor's guilt. He was granted a field commission of lieutenant commander upon his return to Galaxy Fleet. He quickly became commander and first officer for a small research vessel, Chicago.

He put in for a transfer to the Volvo when he heard that the captain was nearing the end of her career. I was the first officer and when the captain resigned from the fleet, I was offered the post and Jasper was given the opportunity to be my first officer. He took it, begrudgingly. The rest, as they say, is history.

Commander Whitlock was a seasoned officer and I trusted him with making tough decisions. But, he was too eager to start a fight, to use our phasers or torpedoes to settle issues. I was always willing to negotiate or solve it diplomatically. Jasper was a hot-head who just like to shoot off his weapons. A lot of that comes from his history in the War Fleet. They didn't use diplomacy. They used fire power. It was a different frame of mind and he was still learning it.

Shaking my head, I sent a communiqué to my senior staff for a briefing of our upcoming mission at 0800 the following morning.


Smoothing my black uniform with grey jacket and blue shirt underneath, I picked up my tablet from the desk in my quarters. Swiping my communicator from the edge of my nightstand and affixed to my jacket. As I was adjusting it, it chirped. "Halé to Cullen."

"Cullen here," I responded to my ex.

"Edward, I can't make it to the briefing at 0800. There was a coolant leak in engineering and sick bay is swarming with injured," Rose said.

"When can you make it?" I asked. "You are crucial to this mission. You have to be at the briefing."

"I don't know. Two hours? I have to triage the patients," she said. "Once I get through with that, I should be able to make it. I'm exhausted, though. Zero sleep over the past thirty-six hours. We need another doctor or one of those holographic doctors that Galaxy Fleet Medical is constantly trying to install."

"I thought you were against the holodoctors," I snickered.

"You try staying up for nearly two days and see how you feel," she said. "1000 in the conference room?"

"Yeah. I'll let everyone know. It'll give me an opportunity to finalize their jobs. Have Lt. Morgainne contact me about the status of the coolant leak," I said, naming our chief engineer.

"Got it. Halé out."

I walked to the bridge after I informed the senior staff of the change. I received reports from helm, security and science stations for my perusal. I thanked them politely, nodding as they were dismissed and first shift came on duty. I went in my ready room, rereading the report and orders from my father. I also read over the overnight reports. Nothing was out of the ordinary. The only thing that caught my attention was a minor course correction that was made to avoid an asteroid, but the ship was traveling smoothly, even with the coolant leak.

Around 1000, I beckoned to Jasper. We left the helmsman in charge of the bridge while we had our briefing in the conference room. My senior staff was all assembled around the table. I took my seat at the head of the table and sent the information from my tablet to the screen. "Thank you all for being flexible with the meeting time, everyone. Dr. Halé was indisposed due to an accident in engineering. Is everything okay?"

"Yes, sir," she replied. "We had two ensigns with extreme frost bite and one crewman with a broken leg, but everyone is resting comfortably."

"Lt. Morgainne, what happened?" I asked my chief engineer. He was a full blooded Solari man that was nearly six and half feet tall and was one huge muscle. His hair was a shiny black, but his skin was tanned with a pearlescent sheen and his eyes were golden. He was also involved with Rose.

"One of the pipes was weak and it gave way. Thankfully, it was a smaller leak or it would have been a lot worse. We've corrected the problem but we need to get into space dock soon for a complete overhaul, sir," he said, frowning deeply.

"Unfortunately, we won't be able to. Not until after our next mission. We are stopping at Space Station Seven, but it's mainly to pick up supplies and fix any major issues," I explained.

"Why are we flying to the far reaches of the Federation?" Jasper asked. "Space Station Seven is just outside of Cygnarian space. They've been involved in an interstellar war forever!"

"That's why. Six months ago, the leader of the Cygnarian people, Charel, contacted Galaxy Fleet. They had petitioned to join the Federation but were rejected numerous times due to the war between the Cygnarians and the Alphans, the residents of Lapus. Emperor Charel was trying to negotiate a peace when he was killed by an Alphan attack. His daughter, Empress Nirabelle, is trying to make his dream a reality. We are transporting the empress and her envoy to Lapus to discuss and possibly negotiate a treaty between the two worlds," I explained.

"Why couldn't the empress take one of her own ships to Lapus?" asked my head of security, a Klaxon woman named Victoria. She was short, but wiry with wild, curly red hair. Her eyes were a unique shade of indigo and she had ridges along the bridge of her nose and on the muscles that connected her neck to her shoulders. Behind her, Victoria's tail vibrated with anxiety and anger.

"All of the Cygnarian ships are protecting the border," I answered, showing them the Cygnarian fleet on a star chart. "One ship leaves the line and the Alphans attack."

"It seems like the Alphans are monsters," spat Rose. "You've only ever mentioned Alphan attacks, no Cygnarian."

"The Alphans are a very aggressive species. They've attacked planets along the borders of Federation space, looking for supplies and ships," I sighed. "The Cygnarians are peaceful and don't want to fight. At least, that's what Charel told Admiral Cullen six months ago. Empress Nirabelle has reiterated the same beliefs as well. So, we've been asked to provide her a transport and act as intermediaries if negotiations fall apart. There are some strict rules in place, though."

I pressed a button the rules for transporting the empress were on the screen. "The first one is probably going to be the most challenging. She cannot have any contact with male members of the crew."

"Uh, Captain, you do realize that out of a crew of nearly six hundred people, four hundred fifty are men," Lt. Morgainne said, arching a brow.

"I know," I sighed, scrubbing my face. "This is where Rose and Victoria are going to be very valuable. Rose, you are assigned to the Empress as her liaison."

I pressed another button and a picture of Empress Nirabelle appeared on the screen. I'd never seen a more beautiful woman, honestly. She had long flowing, mahogany hair with a few strands that shone, almost iridescent. Her skin was pale but she had these light brown, almost like, leopard spots going down the sides of her face and disappearing into her gown. Her hair was clipped back, held off her face by silver crown. Her ears were lightly pointed and very dainty. Her true beauty and her ultimate sadness were held in her face, specifically her eyes. The empress had pretty, pouty lips that were full but pulled into a frown. Her face was heart-shaped but her eyes, which were electric blue, held all of the pain of her people. I wanted to pull her into my arms and hug the shit out of her, but strict rules prohibited men from interacting with her.

"Captain, do you know why she is not allowed to speak with men?" Commander Whitlock questioned.

"It's not clearly stated in the report. The explanation is vague at best, saying it was culturally unacceptable," I responded. "In addition to that rule, we have a week to get to Lapus, but we are to remain in orbit for a day and pull out the empress and her envoy if there is any trouble."

"Will we be sending a security team?" Victoria asked. She took her job very seriously and the fact that she could kill any one of us with one swipe of her talons or a be strangled by her muscular tail, we listened to her intently.

"No," I said, trying to hide my distaste. "We're sending the empress and her envoy down with a communicator and that's it. They didn't want to cause the Alphans any reason to doubt their sincerity."

"I don't like it, Captain," Victoria growled, her red hair beginning to glow in anger. Her violet eyes also began glowing.

"Calm down, Commander," I said curtly. "I don't like it either, but it was what the Cygnarian Council of Elders wants."

"Can't we give her a phaser or bomb or something?" Victoria almost whined.

"No, Victoria," I answered. "Now, we're en route to Cygnarian space. We have a brief stop at Space Station Seven for some repairs and then to the Cygnarian home world, Forx."

"Sir, with all due respect, why were we chosen for this mission?" Jasper asked snidely. "I know that the Enterprise is closer to the Federation border."

"Our recent work with the Mesans and Phoenicians have made the Volvo the go-to for diplomatic missions," I answered. "This is a very delicate situation and the admiral knew that we had the finesse to handle it." Jasper harrumphed and muttered something under his breath. I growled lowly. "Do you have something to add, Commander?"

"No, sir," he spat.

"Well, you all have your jobs. We have a week and half until we get to the space station. Make as many repairs as you can so that we have to dock for as little time as possible," I hissed. "Everyone but Commander Whitlock is dismissed." They all left except my first officer. I glared at him. "I'll repeat my last question, Commander Whitlock. I'm pretty certain that you don't want another letter in your file for insubordination."

"Permission to speak freely, sir?" he asked, his hazel eyes blazing. I nodded. "It's bullshit that your 'daddy' the admiral gives you these missions. You're not ready for them."

"And you are?" I scoffed. "You'd want to blow up the Alphan home world. You fire phasers, ask questions later. And who are you to question my authority? I became a captain on my own merits, not riding on the coat tails of my father, the admiral."

"You keep telling yourself that, sir," Jasper snarled.

"You're treading a fine line, Commander. I gave you permission to speak freely, but I'm still your commanding officer," I said, standing up. "Your boss."

"I'm sorry, sir. I just don't agree with the admiral's orders," Jasper said, crossing his arms.

"It doesn't matter if you agree or don't agree, only that you follow them," I said, walking to the door. "You're assigned to engineering today. They need some extra help due to the coolant leak."

"I can't move around in the Jeffries tubes, sir. You know that," Jasper growled.

"You have your orders, Commander," I said coldly. "You don't show up and you'll be relieved of duty for the remainder of this mission." I turned on my heel and left him in the conference room. I hated to be a hard ass, but Jasper constantly questioning my authority was getting on my last nerve. He had to learn that I was the captain and that he was not.


Nearly two weeks later, we were in orbit of Forx. It was a smaller planet that was mostly green and blue. It reminded me of a smaller version of Earth. Rose was waiting for the Empress in the transporter room along with Victoria. It felt weird not being there to meet a traveling dignitary.

"Sir, the Cygnarian Council of Elders is hailing us," Lt. Riley said.

"On screen, lieutenant," I replied, standing up. Three men were seated at a long table. The man in the middle had long black hair and a shrewd gleam in his neon green eyes. The man on his right had brown hair that was braided down his back and he looked bored, his blue eyes filled with zero emotion. The man on the left had short cropped white hair with glowing pink eyes. "Greetings from the Volvo. I'm Captain Edward Cullen. This is my first officer, Commander Jasper Whitlock."

"Thank you for making such good time," said the man in the middle. His voice was deep and resonant. "I am Aro. These are my brothers and fellow members of the Council of Elders, Marcusi and Caius. We are grateful for your assistance with this matter between the Alphans and the Cygnari. So many years have gone by. So many deaths. The time of war needs to come to an end, Captain."

"I can imagine, Counselor Aro," I frowned. "We will do our best to ensure the safety of the Empress and her Envoy. I have a team assigned to work with them once they come aboard."

"No males?" Caius asked, his eyes flashing.

"No, Counselor Caius. My chief medical officer, Dr. Rosalie Halé, is acting as the liaison along with my chief security officer, Victoria Braxas," I explained.

"Why can't she interact with men?" Jasper asked, arching a brow. I shot him a stern look. He had the same report that I did he knew that it was socially unacceptable to ask such a question. He was undermining my authority in front of this tribunal of elders.

"She simply cannot. We are going against our cultural beliefs in allowing her to go and negotiate," Caius hissed. "The leader of the Alphans, Crown Prince Jakob, only will work with the leader of our people. We wanted to send an emissary, but told us on numerous occasions that would be an insult to his leadership. He will only deal exclusively with the Empress. If need be, he wants to create an alliance with the Cygnarians through marriage with the Empress." All of the council members reacted to that, making faces of disdain and disgust.

"We do not want to resort to that," Marcus said, his voice sound fatigued. "The Empress needs to mate with a Cygnarian male, not an Alphan."

"What can we do to prevent that, Counselor Marcus?" I asked.

"If after one day, there has been no headway made toward a peace, you need to pull her out," Marcus said.

There was chime in the council room. Aro looked up at me. "The Empress is aboard your vessel, Captain. You have one week to get to Lapus and to negotiate a peace between our worlds. May the Gods shine upon you as you carry our most precious cargo."

"Thank you, sir," I said, nodding slightly. "We will be in contact with you if there is anything that happens."

All of the men, clasped their hands in front of their faces and bowed solemnly. I did the same before cutting the hail from the surface of Forx.

"Halé to Cullen," chirped my communicator.

"Cullen here," I replied.

"The Empress is ensconced in her quarters. She gave me more explicit directions regarding our role in the negotiations," Rose explained. "However, time is of the essence, sir. Envoy Maralice will speak with you once she has the Empress settled, but there has been a change in the terms from Jakob and Alphans. You need to break orbit and head to Lapus immediately."

"Understood. Cullen out," I said, nodding to the helmsman. He plotted a course and we broke orbit, jumping to our maximum speed. "Commander Whitlock, the bridge is yours. When Envoy Maralice needs to speak with me, please send her to my ready room."

Whitlock nodded, taking the captain's chair. I went in my ready room, puzzled by the 'change in terms.' I was also stressed about the expectations the council had regarding the negotiations. Finally, I felt a stirring in my belly and a warmth washing over my body. The last time I felt something like that was when I shared my first kiss with a Klaxon girl from school when I was fourteen. Her tail had crept up my pants and gave my penis a tug. Why would I feel as giddy as a school boy when I had no reason to be having these feelings? It made no sense.

Pushing that aside, I reread my father's report and his orders, hoping that we're successful with our mission and distract my mind. Based on the cryptic message from Rose, it didn't sound promising. I didn't want to fail the Federation or the Cygnarians. I had to be successful, but how? I was trying to figure out a diplomatic solution when my door chimed. "Enter," I replied, standing up and smoothing my uniform.

The door slid open and a petite, elfin looking woman glided inside. She had long raven hair that hung around her head like a cloud. Her eyes were bright blue, almond shaped and wide set. Like all Cygnarians, she had the leopard spots along her temples, going down the sides of her face and neck. Unlike the Empress's spots, Maralice's spots were grayer with a blue tinge, glowing slightly towards the center. She wore a long, flowing white tunic with a blue belt around her waist. It matched a single turquoise gem in between her eyes. "Greetings, Captain Cullen," she said, her voice sounding like tinkling bells. "I am Maralice, Envoy to Empress Nirabelle of Forx, Leader of the Cygnarian people."

"Welcome aboard, Envoy," I said, giving her the greeting that I learned in my research, the same gesture that the council gave me.

"Please, call me Alice," she replied, her face relaxing slightly as she gave the greeting. "I do hope that we can become friends during this dark time."

"Only if you call me Edward, Alice," I smiled. "Please, sit."

"Thank you, Edward," she said, sitting on the couch in my office.

"Can I get you something to eat or drink?" I asked. She shook her head, folding her hands in her lap. "It's an honor to have you and the Empress aboard my ship."

"The Empress wishes to express her gratitude for the use of your ship and her crew. This is far more luxurious than the most expensive ship in our fleet," Alice said, looking around my office.

"I take it that the Empress is happy with her accommodations?"

"She is, Edward." Alice blew out a breath and gave me a sheepish grin. "Now, we have withheld information from you about these negotiations. We've also withheld the same information from the council as well for fear that they would not allow our departure," Alice frowned. "We do not mean to deceive you, but this turn of events necessitates peace more so than ever."

"Will it put my crew or your Empress in danger?" I asked, my temper flaring. Stay calm, Cullen.

"Possibly," Alice grimaced. "Please, hear me out, Captain. Crown Prince Jakob, he has been obsessed with the Empress for as long as he has been alive. Emperor Charel was trying to avoid an arranged marriage due to the prince's nature."

"His nature?"

"Prince Jakob is a cruel, sadistic monster," Alice growled, her eyes flashing a deep blue. "He ordered the death of the Emperor when he refused to promise Nirabelle to him in marriage. Since that moment, Jakob has sent threatening hails and communications directly to Nirabelle, vowing that he will take her as his wife and…" She trailed off, her eyes darting to the floor. "She is terribly frightened and does not want to be mated to this animal."

"I understand, Alice. You don't need to explain," I soothed.

"Captain, we need to stop this war. It's been going on for millennia, for so long that we do not even know what we are fighting over. In order to stop it, we need to stop Jakob. If he takes the Empress as his wife, she will die and so will the Cygnarian people."

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