Okay, so I'm starting something new. I'm one of those writers that I have to have a ton on my plate or I get bored. I do plan on finishing all of my WIPs, but I wanted to try something different. Anyhow, this will be a drabble-ish fic. My chapters will be a thousand words or less, unless the chapters lend themselves to something longer (i.e., a lemon…). We're also going to be switching back and forth, every five chapters between our two favorite characters, Edward and Bella…

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Caught in the Flames

Chapter One


"Just sign here, Miss Swan, and everything is complete," said my grandmother's attorney, Jenks. "I'm sorry for your loss and I wish we were able to meet under better circumstances."

"Thank you, Mr. Jenks," I said, signing my name on the dotted line. "I appreciate everything you've done for my grandmother. She spoke highly of you when I talked with her prior to her death." I pushed the paperwork back to him.

"Well, she was an amazing lady. I'll miss her. She was a perpetual smart ass and kept me on my toes," Jenks snickered.

"That she was. It's why I got along so well with her. I get my snarky, no nonsense attitude from her," I chuckled. "We both had a very low tolerance for bullshit."

"Let me grab the keys for your new home, Miss Swan and the paperwork for the trust fund," Jenks said, getting up from behind his desk. He opened a safe, grabbing a huge envelope and a binder. He walked back, placing the envelope and binder in my hands. He went over everything that my grandmother left me in her will, which was her entire life and her life savings. I was shocked when I found out she died and was cremated, per her instructions. I was even more shocked that she had made me her sole benefactor for everything in her life.

Pissed my mom off something horrible.

We never even knew that Grandma was sick. When I got the phone call that she had died from a long battle with cancer, I was shocked. She hid it well, never even informing my mom or me about her diagnosis. I was incredibly sad that I never got to say goodbye to my grandmother, but she was never one to dwell on negative things. In her will, she left me a letter, explaining her reasoning behind her instructions upon her death. She didn't want people crying over her body or people circling like vultures, acting with insincerity. She wanted to celebrate her life and wanted us to keep living, not dwelling on the past. Live for today and focus on the future.

My mother, Renee, didn't get that, but I did. That was my guess as to why I got everything from my grandmother. I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. I loved my grandmother and I wanted to abide by her wishes. So, I packed up the meager belongings of my life in Jacksonville into my Ford Explorer and drove up to Chicago, ready to face a new challenge.

I flipped through the binder, shocked at how detailed my grandmother was with her finances. She had several various stock accounts and my eyes bugged out when I saw the amount invested. "That's a lot of zeros, Mr. Jenks," I squeaked.

"That's only the stock portfolio. She also has a specific trust fund for you; that only you can access. She mentioned that you and your mother were not on the best of terms at the moment and she would try to get to the money?" Jenks asked.

"Yeah. We had a falling out," I said coldly. "Difference of opinion on a relationship of mine that ended."

"I'm sorry," Jenks frowned.

"Don't be. My mother was never really a mother. I raised her," I shrugged. "My grandmother was my mother figure in my life…" I wiped an errant tear from my cheek. "I'll miss her very much." I continued flipping the pages.

"The trust fund information for you is in the final section," Jenks said, turning to the appropriate page. "This was the initial investment, when you were born and this is how much it's worth now. None of it's in stocks. It's all available cash for you. Your grandmother said that you'd probably want to redecorate her house."

"This is over seven million dollars, Mr. Jenks," I squeaked. "Was my grandmother involved in the mafia?"

"No, Miss Swan. She was a flipping savant in the stock market or something," he chuckled. "All of the information to access this account is here. Ask for Aro when you call this number. He'll complete the transfers and such for you. Now, do you need directions or to follow me to your grandmother's home? Or rather, your home?"

"I remember where it's at," I said, opening the envelope and pulling out my grandmother's keys on her Chicago Cubs keychain. "Thank you, Mr. Jenks for taking care of my grandmother during this final year of her life."

"I enjoyed it. She was a fun, hysterical woman and I will truly miss her," Jenks replied, holding out his hand to me. I closed the binder, shaking Jenks' hand. "I wish you the best of luck, Miss Swan."

"Thank you," I replied, taking my armload of items to my car. I sat in the driver's seat, twisting the keys to my new house in my fingers. I hated that my grandmother had died and that she was gone, but her death provided me with a chance.

A chance to heal.

A chance to start new.

A chance to live for today.

A chance to focus on the future.

"No turning back, Swan," I said, starting my car, driving to my new beginning of my new life.

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