In the beginning there was Chaos. Then there were the Primordials. Then the Titans. Then the Olympians, the Gods of Olympus, current rulers of the world. Before they became the rulers of Olympus they had to fight the Titans, their own family, because Saturn, the King of the Titans, ate his own children. Before Jupiter saved all of his elder siblings there was carnage. Countries were destroyed, mountains thrown over vast seas. Death was in the air. The human race almost extinct just managing to survive from hiding underground. There was no where to run anymore. The Gods beat the Titans after many years of pain and suffering. There were too many loses. Vesta who was the eldest of all her siblings and probably the most powerful (though Jupiter would never admit it) had suffered the most.

~line break~ 3rd person POV

A young woman ran through the forest about 20 years of age. She rushed past trees and bushes running so fast a mortal could see nothing except a blur of a warm orange yellow color. Right after she jumped past a tree over a log a man walked behind her crushing the log with his boot. The woman was slowing down, tiring. The man caught up to her.

"It was fated for me to lose this war but I will come back and you will not be a problem even as the most powerful goddess. I know you would never hurt your child would you?"

The man grinned at her and all she could do is cry softly and beg of him to not do what he is about to do.

"You will bear me a child after this night and he will be my most powerful weapon. A child of Vesta and Saturn."

He smirked at the goddess.

"Enough talk, we must hurry before the others find us."

He walked over to her and grabbed her hair. He started to undress her. After that point the only noises heard were the quiet whimpering of the goddess and the sadistic laugh of the Titan Lord.

Chapter One 91 years later

Vesta avoided her siblings at all cost. They won the war but Vesta still hid her child for she was scared at thought of Jupiter finding out about him. Perseus. Her first and last child. She had used the powers Kronos unintentionally gave her when he raped her. They would go to her son when he is born. She slowed the birth of Perseus but their was no doubt she would give birth to him soon. She knew she had to hide him. She knew exactly were to do it.

~line break~ 9 years later

"This means so much Leto. I don't know how to thank you."

"You have done so much for me this is the least I could do Hestia."

Vesta or Hestia was sitting with Leto the mother of the twin archers Artemis and Apollo. They were in Leto's hut on the Island of Delos. The twins burst into the room. They were 5 years old now.

"Hey auntie Hestia." They ran up to their "aunt" and gave her a gigantic hug.

Hestia pulled away and smiled at the children. Her face turned into a face that looked like she was about to throw up. Leto quickly rushed over and when she saw Hestia she knew.

"It's time. Apollo go get my medical supplies, Artemis get the herbs from the forest."

They both ran at top speed. Leto prepared to do what this goddess did for her 5 years ago. She was about to help deliver a baby.

~line break~ 7 years later

There are currently three people hunting right now on the Island Delos. Thats how they eat there. The two older people, who were both 12 years old were showing there younger brother how to hold a bow. So far they have caught nothing. That was because of the little boy Perseus or Percy as Apollo called him that was struggling to keep up with his older siblings. They tried not to be to hard on him but they needed to actually catch something to eat and they needed to eat to stay alive. They ran past a deer surrounding it. Percy put his bow up aiming at the deer. He pulled back and let go. The arrow landed two feet in front of the deer. The siblings let him have a chance and he almost got it. Now it is Artemis' turn. She climbed a tree and stood on one of the branches shot and arrow at the running deer. She hit it right in the heart. That night they had deer.

~line break~ 5 years later

Percy was running through the outer edges of the island the most dangerous parts with overpowered monsters they were getting to close to the hut and he could not allow them to reach it. He pulled out his stygian iron bow out of thin air. It was a present from his mother. She asked Hades to have it forged and he made it because he owed some favors. Hestia blessed it to shoot fire arrows and normal arrows. He pulled back the string and a pitch black arrow made out of the same material appeared. It does that too. He aimed for his target the hydra and shot at one of the heads. He let the arrow fly and it got stuck in it's eye. It screeched and suddenly 4 cyclopes came running. When they saw the hydra they snarled and took out their clubs. Percy notched another arrow, this time it was on fire, and shot the beast's heads. He did that moving around never staying in one spot. He jumped down from where he was hiding and flicked his wrist so he had his hunting knives Artemis gave him. He snuck up behind the smallest cyclopes and stabbed through both it's shoulder blades. The smallest cyclopes yelped and it's brothers turned around to see a pile of golden dust. They growled and got in a fighting stance. Percy jumped right in the middle of them. And they circled him like wolves circle a wounded animal. Two cyclopes rushed forward and the left one swung at Percy. Percy ducked and the cyclopes on the right was hit in the face with a club. It dissolved and while the other cyclopes was still recovering Percy slammed his blade into its ribcage. Another pile of golden dust at the floor. The last and biggest cyclopes smashed his foot into the ground. Two dracaena slithered out. Percy backed up then suddenly disappeared in a flash of light. One of the perks of being a son of Hestia was controlling fire. He flame traveled to the top of the rock he was on and then he started shooting the dracaena. He hit one but the other one saw him and shot two arrows at him. Time seemed to slow down and he dodged the first arrow but while he was distracted thinking about how time just slowed down the other hit him in the left thigh. He clenched his teeth and felt his

eyes start to water. He closed his eyes and shook his head. His brother and sister did not train him to cry like a baby. He opened his eyes and narrowed them. He flame traveled in front of them and stabbed the dracaena. He rolled under one of the cyclopes' swings. He was getting exhausted and let one of the cyclopes swings get him in the chest. He hit a tree and slid down his vision was blurry. As a last resort he shot flames out of his hands and after struggling hard the cyclopes burned to ashes. He traveled to the hut and let unconsciousness take over.

Percy woke up to see silver eyes and auburn hair in his face. He jerked upwards and bumped heads with the person.

"Ow what the Hades!" the girl yelled.

"Sorry Arty."

"Whatever. Lets go to see auntie Hestia and mom, if you can stand."

"I'm ok really."

She hugged him.

"Good, next time don't be such an idiot and tell us before you go scouting."

Percy was about to answer but his immature brother Apollo barged in the room.

"Whats up Percy. I heard you've been taking down some monsters without me. Next time make sure you bring your awesome bro with you."

Artemis rolled her eyes. She was scowling at her twin.

"Come on Arty lighten up." Apollo smirked at her.

" Don't call me Arty!"

"Percy just did!"

"He isn't as annoying as you."

"Your just jealous of how awesome I am."

Percy interrupted them and got up and limped out of the room towards his mom. The twins rushed after him.

"Hey mom. Hey aunty Leto."

"Percy, thank Olympus your ok. Next time warn us before you go out."


Hestia sighed.

"Percy your are turning 13 soon you will become a man and leave this island with your brother and sister. They have been chosen to become the two Olympian Gods, and you will be found and be sentenced to death."

"Why would I be killed?!"

"Percy,"his mom said without answering his question," I think it's time you found out who your birth father is."

~line break~

"Perseus you must not do anything rash."

His mom had told him everything from when she got raped to when she had Percy. There were tears in hear eyes. Percy stood up with a look of determination and hatred.

"I will rip him apart. That bastard will fade by the time I am done with him."

"Now is not the time Perseus You will train and then you can have justice."

This surprised Percy as his mother is usually so peaceful.

"Where will I go. If I have to leave aunt Leto, Arty and Apollo then I have nowhere to live."

"I arranged some plans with Hephaestus. he will take you in and teach you how to build and control your flames as you have almost no control now. I won't be able to see you any more for a few months or Zeus will find you. We are very lucky that Hephaestus is mad at Zeus for throwing him off Olympus. What am I saying it was horrible of Zeus to throw him off Olympus, we are lucky that he will take you in."

"If it is the only safe place then I will go. I love you mom. Goodbye," Percy said with a smile as his mom evaporated him into flames.

~line break~

"Hello Perseus, your mother said I should be expecting you later," Hephaestus said nervously. He is obviously anti-social. Not really his fault, he only had automatons to interact with.

"Hello lord Hephaestus it is a pleasure to meet you."

"Well, we better get started." Hephaestus said rubbing his grimy hands together.