Hi!! In this fic. Sanzo and Goku are staying in a same room... And Goku's very sad!! But, Sanzo's there to comfort him.. ^-^

In my arms

It was a rainy night and our friends were sleeping in an inn. Luckily for Hakkai and Sanzo, even though they hated rain, they got to sleep... But little Goku couldnt, he had a very bad dream and now was sobbing through the blankets.

Moments later, somebody heard him crying...

"Oi, saru! What ya' crying for?" Goku looked up, only to see...

"Sanzo... Gomen, if I woke you up! I'll go back to sleep now." Goku said, wiping away tears and going back to bed.. But, stopped when he saw Sanzo's gun aiming for his head.


"You still havent answered my question!!!" Sanzo roared, Goku frowned

"Nandemonai..." He said, looking down. Then suddenly, river of tears made it's way to the saru's cheeks, not planning to stop.

"Ch'..." As Sanzo said that, he stood up and gently hugged Goku... Goku accepted and cried in his arms.

"Sanzo?" The monkey asked, confused. Never did Sanzo really acted this way,

"Just shut up!! I wouldnt have a peaceful sleep if I leave you crying like that all night." The monk replied, still hugging Goku in his arms.

Goku smiled, and stopped crying...

"Arigato!!" he whispered. "Don't worry.. I'll let you sleep! You can let go now..." But Sanzo didnt move,

"Sanzo?!" the saru asked, confused... again

"Ch'..." Was the reply gotten. But, Sanzo didnt let Goku away from his arms... Goku smiled again,

And they stayed in that position, as the rain continues to fall...

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