Just a Kiss

Disclaimer: I do not own Voltron or any of its characters.

Rating/Setting: Rating is T. Setting is DotU pretty early on. Not related to my other stories, but I think this one may start a new story arc. What happens if Allura doesn't have the same feelings as Keith? What if she's just an 18 or 19 year old girl who hasn't had the experiences that other teenage girls have and she just wants to experience some 'normal' things? This story is a take on that…

Chapter One

This was it. She had been planning this moment for the last two weeks and the time was finally at hand. She was waiting on the shoreline at the end of the lake bridge near Black Lion. Wearing a new sapphire blue bikini, her eyes were on the figure in the water swimming towards her with powerful strokes. If he followed true to his pattern of the last two weeks, he would exit the lake for a short rest before starting his return swim to the castle.

As he continued to swim toward her, she thought back on why she was here. Everyone was so busy sheltering and trying to protect her, they never let her experience things other girls her age got to do. Knowing about governmental policy and flying the Blue Lion were all wonderful things that she was privileged to do, but she sometimes longed for a normal life. She wanted to be able to do things that others girls got to do now that there was some small bit of peace on Arus. Things like going out with your friends to a party, going to a regular school, dating, and especially… kissing a boy. Allura had rarely been allowed to hold a boy's hand before the Force came and gave Arus back some sense of civility. Down in the caverns, Coran had been a stickler for proper behavior and boys her age had been given a stern talk by Coran and their parents. It was made EXTREMELY clear to everyone that the princess was off-limits. She wasn't allowed to be alone with males of any age while in the caverns. The only exception was Coran, and there absolutely nothing romantic about Coran to a teenager.

Then the Voltron Force arrived and suddenly she was spending a lot of time with boys, well young men, that were only a few years older than herself. They were young men that hadn't had her status as 'untouchable' drilled into them. Now she was in rooms with them without chaperones, eating meals with them, fighting with them, and then her favorite – working out with them. She was actually surprised that Coran and Nanny let her have such physical interaction with the guys, but she wasn't complaining. She had heard the maids in the castle whispering about the team and their whispers that told her that she was very lucky. Not only was now allowed to be around young men, she was around young men that were very attractive. The maids, it seemed, were very jealous of her interaction with the team.

Focusing her attention back on the athletic figure in the water, she watched him take long strokes as he made his way to the shoreline. From what she could tell, he had no idea that she was even here. Just a few minutes later, the water was shallow enough that the figure stopped swimming and stood up in the waist deep water. She stood looking at his muscular physique as he pushed his wet hair out of his face and water ran down his chiseled chest and into the water at his trim waistline. As he started moving towards her through the water, he looked up and saw her. She was rewarded with the same look that he had when he fell off the Lion into the water when she wore that pink bikini. Waving to him, she called out, "Hi Keith!"