Where Did You Go?

~By: Lauren~


For once I thought I was happy

For once I believed it would work out

For once I was in love

For once I was loved too

You took my hand gently

As we neared the edge of the well

The golden band on my finger sparkled

We knew the future we held

I took a deep breath,

I stared into your eyes

I saw reassurance

And I believed in us

We took a hesitant step forward

We glanced at our dear friends behind us

And they urged us on too

So we plunged into the familiar darkness

When I woke up,

I was on the other side

But when I glanced over

You were not there

I waited day and night

I refused to leave the wells insides

You never came

And I never went

Broken spirit

Shattered heart

Unable to move on

I ran and cried to my mother

I went to the support of my family

They did not believe me at all

They did not know of you

They denied all knowledge of my doings

Where did you go,

My love Inu Yasha?

Where did my happiness go??

Where's the light that was once in my eyes?

Why did you leave me?

Why can't I go and see you?

Why do they all say...

...I'm crazy...?