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~*~ Where Did You Go? ~*~

~By: Lauren~

-Chapter 34-

"Always, Time After Time"

"Hold still!!" Sango scolded Shippo angrily, her voice cutting through the air as he went bounding away from her grasp, fidgeting in the prim black and white suit he had on.

"I'm Okaa-san's flower BOY! Not flower GIRL!" He laughed, sticking a lollipop in his mouth. It had been seven months since the battle with Daemon and things had settled down a lot. Kagome and her mother had spent many afternoons catching up and talking while she and Souta continued teasing each other as siblings often do. Things between the brother and sister seemed to have not changed since Kagome's time traveling days, except they seemed closer and they both claimed they argued about more 'mature' subjects. Inuyasha had decided to quit his job as a psychiatrist and instead took up a career as a detective for a police agency he had been recommended to. Even Kagome was working at her family's shrine, trying to rejuvenate it after all its long years. After a bit of debating with her mother and some compromising, Kagome finally convinced her to let her buy an apartment near Inuyasha's. Ms. Higurashi wouldn't allow her daughter to live with a guy until they were married, so she instead opted for near him. Even so, the two already had a house bought near the shrine, and were waiting to move into it after the wedding. The couple had been spending the last month frantically trying to arrange the wedding along with fighting a case in court.

A case to adopt Shippo. All would have probably gone well except for the fact that Kagome had lived in a psychiatric ward in the past. It was strange; no matter how much she wanted to forget the past, it always seemed to come back and bite her in the butt. But that was okay, the two of them worked together and got through it, winning Shippo over in the end. It also helped a lot since Shippo wanted to be adopted by them and only them along with the fact that Naraku had some friends in high places. And so now, he was officially their child.

Shippo turned towards his new partner in crime, sticking out his tongue. The young boy had found out recently that the 'Thunder Brothers' had been arrested and were now being trailed for murder, which settled the boy's soul immediately.

"Well…well…I don't care!" Kohaku retorted, sticking his own tongue out at the younger boy.  A few months ago, Sango's younger brother Kohaku had shown up mysteriously, having been found in a hospital far away from home. He was okay for the most part, having managed to survive the horrible freak car accident in which Sango's parents had been killed. He had told his sister it was strange, that he could barely remember the actual accident and what had happened afterwards. The hospital claimed they had found him abandoned by the side of a street nearby and he had been in a coma up until recently. Oddly, when Sango asked the date of the day when he had come out of his coma, it matched the exact date of when Daemon had been destroyed. She knew the two were somehow linked probably but it didn't matter anymore; all that mattered was her brother was safe now. Kohaku couldn't remember a lot of what had happened, although it hadn't been that bad. He had managed to survive and was back with his big sister now. Sango had taken him in and luckily for her, he also took a strange liking to Miroku, although she prayed he never picked up on the former monk's lecherous ways.

Sango sighed, having a hard time keeping the two kids under control. "Come back here so I can put your tie on!" She dove after the rusty mass of red hair, hoping to get Shippo before he caused some horrendous accident, like staining his white shirt with something brightly colored. She grabbed him, hooking on his tie around his neck so that he was forced to stay still. After a few quick loops, Sango finished up the final touches. Grinning at her brother, she licked her finger and smudged his hair back until he whined. "Now you two, BE GOOD and keep your outfits looking NICE or else…you know what I'll do to you…" She glared at the two, huffing threateningly before a soft smile graced her features. She thanked God every single moment for sending her brother back to her, unharmed. She ruffled his hair, giving him a tight hug while Kohaku rolled his eyes at his sister's antics. Sango stood up then and walked out of the room, heading down the hallway to help Kagome get ready along with her own self too.


"I'm so proud of you." Miroku patted Inuyasha on his back, receiving a glare from his friend. "Thanks for letting me marry you guys even though you wanted me to be your best man. It was nice of you to let Souta be the best man too!"

"You're welcome." Inuyasha replied, busily fixing his long hair in the mirror while wondering if his necklace clashed with his tuxedo. Luckily it was mostly hidden under the collar. "I just wonder if Sesshoumaru and dad are going to show up or not." He muttered, crossing his arms nervously.

"You're brother, right?" Miroku lifted an eyebrow, having not heard much of this 'Sesshoumaru' person.

"Yeah." Inuyasha spun on his heel, pacing across the room as his heart nervously fluttered.


"All this hair spray is killing me!" Kagome gagged, trying to get away from Sango who was hunting her down with a hairspray bottle. "If anyone lights a match, I think my head will blow up!" She joked, poking her hair to see if it was frozen solid yet from all the hairspray Sango was pouring on it.

"It has to stay looking nice!" Sango argued, giggling at her friend.

"I doubt even a tornado would mess up this hair." Kagome sneered, bursting out in nervous laughter. After a few minutes, she turned to Sango. "I can't believe I'm actually getting married." She stared at herself in a nearby mirror, tears forming in her eyes to cloud her vision.

"Don't cry or else you'll mess up your make up!" Sango grabbed onto Kagome's hand, bringing up a Kleenex to dab away the moisture from her friend's eyes. "Kagome, you look beautiful." She whispered.

"Thanks." Kagome grinned, looking at herself in the full-length mirror now.

"Just one question I've been thinking about." Sango whispered just to be sure no one heard. "Will Inuyasha live longer because he has some youkai blood inside of him?"

Kagome pondered this in silence for a moment before she spoke. "Inuyasha and I have both talked about this before and here is what we figured out. Because he has a little demon blood, he heals a bit faster than a normal human. But it's not a big difference, especially since he wears the rosary. We figured out he'll probably live a bit longer than the average age of males, but, get this. Because I purified the Shikon, some of its magic affected me. Remember how afterwards my wound had healed a bit? Well, apparently because I purified it, it has somehow given me the power to heal a bit faster than a normal human also. It's not enough that it's noticeable, but it's enough to make a difference. Because of that, we figure I'll live pretty long too. Let's just say, Inuyasha and I might be beating the world's oldest man and woman, but that's all." Kagome shrugged. "We don't know if this is for sure though, it might not be correct, but we know for a fact he doesn't have enough youkai blood in him to make him live super long like he did in the past and because of the Shikon's powers, it has made us about even."

Finishing her explanation, Kagome turned back to the mirror. Her dress was made out of a silky material, which clung to her form, fitting her every curve as it sculpted itself to her body perfectly. It billowed out slightly after her waist while the top part was off the shoulders. Thousands of sparkling silver jewels were sewn in a trail across the neckline, creating a pattern of swirls. The sleeves just strapped around the edge of her shoulder, only about an inch and a half thick. She had a simple, white choker around her neck that glittered with a hint of silver. Silk gloves that matched the color of the dress were pulled up to her biceps with two silver bracelets on both of her wrists while a pair of delicate high heels where strapped tenderly across her tiny feet. Silver and pale gray-white eye shadow decorated her eyelids lightly, glittering every time she blinked. Faint pink lipstick painted her lips as she smiled at herself. Her ebony hair had been pulled up, twisting in the back in an intricate design of swirls, but a few curls had been left down, framing her delicate face. Little white roses and silver ribbons had been tied into her hair, each placed a bit above her ears while a frosty white veil was clipped onto the back of her head, from the swirls of hair, and it flowed down to her knees. She seemed to sparkle with every step or movement.

"Look at yourself Kagome. This is the moment you've dreamed of, the moment you've waited for all of your life. You're going to spend forever with the man of your dreams, the guy you've been chasing forever." Sango sniffed, suddenly becoming emotional as Kagome turned and hugged her. Sango was one of the best ladies, along with Kirara. The best ladies sported a soft, light pink dress that was strapless and was designed to be slimming, hanging straight down with silver sparkles in the thread.

"Hey, pretty soon we'll be switching roles!" Kagome grinned. "I mean, with you and Miroku getting engaged and all."

Sango blushed, smiling as she looked down at the ring on her finger. "Yeah." Silence enshrouded the pair for a moment while Ms. Higurashi placed some final touches on Kagome's light makeup.

"But I still can't believe Miroku is going to be the one marrying us. Since when did he have a place in the priest hood? Since when was he approved for marriages?" She blinked in confusion.

"I have no idea." Sango nodded. "But apparently, he does. The church saw it and approved of it and everything."

"We better get a move on!" Her mother exclaimed, interrupting them while she helped Kagome get a pair of diamond earrings into her ears.

"Where'd you get those? They're…beautiful…" Kagome whispered, looking at the earrings dangling from her ears.

"They were mine. I wore them when I got married." Ms. Higurashi smiled warmly, wrapping her arm around her daughter. "Thank you Kagome, for everything. And thank you for letting me be the one to give you away, since your father is gone."

Kagome nodded while Sango gave her one last hug then disappeared into the church. She took in a deep breath, readying herself as she and her mother weaved their way to the entrance of the hallway. Instead the church, white ribbons adorn each pew while a red carpet was trailed down the center, the carpet ending with a white over hang that had been set up while the priest stood a step up above everybody else. Intertwined in the over hang were apple blossoms and thousands of colorful flowers, such as white roses, while the sweet aroma they gave off floated in the air. Scanning the pews and the people standing up near the front (the best man and the bride's maids), this is who was there:

Souta stood up front next to Shippo, who had proudly thrown flower petals all over the aisle. Inuyasha stood at the end of the aisle while Miroku stood up on the tiny platform, adorn in gold and white robes. Sango and Kirara stood to the opposite side of the guys. In the front pew sat Sesshoumaru, Rin and his weird friend Jaken. Next to them was Naraku whom had an arm loosely hung about Kikyo's shoulders. In the other row to the left of them sat Kouga with Ayame cuddling up against him. Behind them, Kagura glared daggers at the back of Kouga's head but stopped as piano music began to play softly. Her sister Kanna sat next to her along with Kaede. Myouga, Yura and Inuyasha's father sat behind Sesshoumaru and behind THEM sat Hojo and a mass of Kagome's old friends from school. More people cluttered the room, surprising her that she even knew this many. It was ironic to her, how all these people had such odd pasts interwoven with one another and now here they all sat peaceful, save for a couple quiet arguments.

Then she saw him. There was Inuyasha, standing up tall at the end of the aisle. He was dressed in a stunning tuxedo that fit his muscular body perfectly. His raven black hair had been tamed and pulled back in a loose ponytail that hung down his back while a few free strands framed his face. Kagome felt her breath escape her lips gently. A sudden hush filled the church as everyone's eyes turned to the back. Inuyasha lifted his head up and took in a sharp breath as his eyes met Kagome's.

Her heart was beating faster and faster as she took soft steps down the aisle way. She linked arms with her mother, leaning against her for support because she was too afraid of tripping or her knees getting weak. Ms. Higurashi turned and gave Kagome a warm smile, tears filling her eyes. She was giving away her little Kagome, the girl she had raised from birth. The Kagome that would tackle her little brother and spray him with water in his face when they where little (not that they still didn't do that). The Kagome that would stay up late making sandwiches for them to eat. The Kagome that would want to sleep in her room with her when there was a thunderstorm. And now she would be going to someone else. But they would still be together always, as a mother and daughter forever. She wanted Kagome to be happy and in the past days, she had discovered that she couldn't have picked anyone better for Kagome to be happy with. Tears of joy threatened to overspill from Kagome and Ms. Higurashi's eyes but both women took in a deep, settling breath, pushing them back.

Inuyasha stared at Kagome approaching him slowly. His mind flashed back to the moment they had first met, the true day, the moment she pulled an arrow out of his chest. He snorted and held back a laugh at how arrogant and silly he had acted, almost killing the girl. Watching her now, he decided she looked like a goddess. And she was going to become his wife, no one else's. She had picked him out of every guy she could have had. She had picked Inuyasha and he declared he was going to make her the happiest girl alive, always.

Kagome stepped up next to Inuyasha, her eyes still lost in the depths of his own. All she knew was she loved Inuyasha and she wanted to spend forever with him.

Miroku began to speak. "Ladies and Gentleman, we are gathered here to witness the union of Kagome Higurashi and Inuyasha…" He spoke on, moving through motions and words. Finally, he reached the vows. "Do you, Inuyasha, take Kagome Higurashi to be your wedded wife, to have and to hold in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"I do." His voice never faltered, not once as he stared into her eyes.

Miroku grinned as Inuyasha slid a golden ring onto Kagome's finger. "And do you, Kagome Higurashi, take Inuyasha to be your wedded husband, to have and to hold in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"I do." She muttered the words as if they might break as she said them. They were so fragile, held so much meaning she didn't want them to be lost. She wanted to hold them in her heart forever, the two words that meant she would be with Inuyasha forever. Forever, and she didn't want forever to ever end.

Inside her mind, she suddenly remembered something her grandfather had once told her, when he had actually stopped his silly antics and had grown serious when Kagome had questioned him about her grandmother. He had said, "Love makes you go mad. It's not trying to see him every day, trying to hold his hand as often as you can. It's what is left over afterwards. And don't wait for him to ask you for a blanket, if he is cold, warm him up. If you think he's hungry, make him something to eat. And he should do the same for you."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Miroku smiled, lifting his eyebrows at the word 'kiss'.

A huge cheer erupted throughout the church, leaving not one single corner silent while the couple pulled each other into a tight embrace and their lips came together in a soundless kiss. Kagome put all the love she felt in that one simple action and Inuyasha responded in kind, their kiss deepening by mutual understanding, growing to encompass their entire minds and wipe away all consciousness of the outside world; nothing existed for the two except one another. Her fingers had tangled themselves in his surprisingly soft hair while his hands were holding her to him and it was pure bliss.

Finally, Miroku stepped in. "Come on, break it up you two! There are children watching!" He laughed as the couple pulled apart, their faces blushing tomato red. Kagome's body shook with excitement as she looked up at Inuyasha. "We're finally…m-married!" She squealed softly. "I love you."

But she was cut off as Inuyasha put a finger to her lips. "Shh. I know, and I love you too. And I want you to know that I'll always love you, forever. You always remember that."

"Hey!! You have to throw your bouquet of flowers!" Sango pointed out as the couple trailed down the aisle, everybody clapping while most of the girls cried, leaning on the guy's shoulders.

"Oh yeah!" Kagome muttered, looking at the bunch of white roses and other flowers she held in her hands. She turned around towards everybody who had crowded around her at the church entrance. "I'm going to throw the flowers and you know the tradition! Whoever catches it is the next to get married!"

"I'm going to catch it! I'll be the next to get married!" Kikyo grinned, giving Naraku a kiss on his cheek while he blushed faintly.

Kagome turned around. "Ready everyone! One, two, THREE!" She shouted as she threw the flowers over her head and into the air.

Kikyo sprinted after the bouquet as a mass of girls tripped over each other, landing in a pile of limbs and legs. "NOO, IT'S MINEE!!" She yelled but suddenly, the flowers landed in the hands of Sesshoumaru, who strangely instantaneously blushed crimson red.

"No fair! He can't catch it, he's a guy!" Someone complained.

"So, Sess, who's the lucky girl?" Inuyasha joked, elbowing his brother who only gave him a flat look. "Aww come on! You can tell us!"

"I'm gonna marry him!" Rin declared, tugging onto Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru's sleeve.

Inuyasha chuckled, "Well, you do that." He winked at the adorable girl before turning over to his wife. He liked that, his wife, even his mate, his Kagome. His one and only love- the girl that stole his heart.


Kagome smiled happily, sinking into the warmth of the arms that encircled her. For once, she was content and she knew as long as she was with Inuyasha and her friends, then she would always be content. She always would have her faith, hope, friends and family. And who knows where she might be in the future…

They'd seemed to have already started a family, what with Shippo and all. Even Sango and Miroku were beginning to look like a family as they watched after Kohaku. Kirara had agreed to help raise Kohaku, moving into a house near Miroku's. Yes, the three had moved into Miroku's large household and Kirara would always be nearby, part of the family too, like a sister to Sango along with Kagome and the others. It was quite odd, seeing everyone and everything settle down for once after all the chaos they had been through. In a way, it was like this was the ending that was really supposed to be meant for them.

Wait. Kagome took that last thought back. At one time, she might have said that this was her happy ending. But, she had learned that there where no happy endings because…

…nothing ever ended. Inuyasha and Kagome were only beginning. Their story was still continuing; they had only finished a few chapters of it and where opening to a clean page to write more. It would always go on.

A neat little feeling in her heart made her think that heaven would pale in comparison to being in his arms. She sighed, nuzzling against the chest she was being held against. Golden sunlight filtered through the window blinds, announcing the arrival of a new day, filled with its own worries, joys, anxieties and ideas. She would take one day at a time. There was much to be done, after all, they had just returned home from their honeymoon. They still had to unpack their things into the new house and put away all the wedding gifts they had received. Kagome was glad there were a few guest bedrooms in the house, for she was sure they'd have many interesting people and friends over often. She closed her eyes, not wanting to leave the bed and Inuyasha's arms. She had forever with him. Always. They had all the time in the world to hold each other like this, but even so, you never know what might happen tomorrow, so she took everything in, not wanting to forget it and knowing she never would, never in a million years.

The warmth of the blankets lazily strewn across the bed. The warmth of Inuyasha's body held against hers. The soft sunlight shining through the slits in the blinds. The tingle of Inuyasha's hot breathe against her skin. The rise and fall of his chest. The quiet, little snoring noises he made. The chitter-chatter of a bird outside their window. The softness of the blankets. The gentle feel of his hands holding onto her. Everything.

It was perfect. In a way, Kagome had finally begun to find, and create, her happily ever after...

She smiled, knowing she would have to break the wonderful news to her mother eventually. It was something that would make her mother even more joyous than she already was. It would make Inuyasha happy, ecstatic and very nervous at the same time too.

She opened her eyes slightly, her heart filling with joy as she rested her hand on her abdomen. She didn't know how she knew, but she just did.

In time, Shippo would have a little brother or sister.

Kagome grinned, holding back the giggles that tried to escape her lips. She felt like a schoolgirl, trying to contain their laughter so their teacher wouldn't hear, except she was trying to keep quiet so Inuyasha could still sleep. She failed, letting out a sound somewhere between a high-pitched giggle and a snort.

Inuyasha stirred, blinking his eyes wearily as he glanced over at her, his unruly hair giving him a messy look. "Good mornin' to you too." He grumbled, pulling an arm over to rub his eyes.

Kagome just looked at him, a tiny smile playing across her lips.

"Keh, what's so funny?" He questioned her, raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing." Her smile broadened as she snuggled closer to him, surprising him slightly before a soft smile graced his features also. He wrapped his arm around her again, letting it return to the place it had previously been resting, while using his other hand to brush back a strand of her hair and tuck it tenderly behind her ear. She sighed happily, knowing that neither she nor Inuyasha had to constantly say to one another "I love you" because…they just didn't have it. Their actions spoke more for their words, or at least Inuyasha's did, and that was something Kagome had learned from him.

He closed his eyes, inhaling her sweet scent while burying his face into her hair. Something about her seemed a bit…different. Even with his demon blood sealed away with the rosary, he swore he could still sense things sometimes.

"I've got to have a little talk with you later on about something." Kagome grinned, knowing she'd just sparked his attention. "Something about another addition onto the family."

Inuyasha's jaw dropped, causing his eyes to nearly bug out while he pulled Kagome away from himself slightly, staring down at her in shock, his jaw slack. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?!" He demanded, his face paling in neither fear but general shock.

Kagome nodded, biting her lip to contain her joy as she was suddenly pulled into a bone-crushing, yet still gentle, tender hug. He looked down at her; his eyes radiating all the feelings he felt for her. For his Kagome.

She smirked mischievously, hoping to gain a bit more shut-eye while ignoring his continuous questions.

How long had she known? Had she gone to the doctor yet? He'd take her there first thing today! How was she feeling? Could he get her anything?

Eventually, he took the hint and quieted down, grinning proudly to himself. Him- Inuyasha- a father! He would be the best father ever! Daughter or son, it didn't matter, as long as his little baby was okay. The room silenced once again, each having their own thoughts that rushed by them a million at a time.

They'd have to buy baby things soon. Good thing they had an extra room right next to theirs, but of course they'd keep the baby in their room for a while. They'd have to go to the doctors as soon as they got up. They'd have to break the news to everybody sometime. Good thing they both had well-paying jobs. In a way, the pregnancy was slightly unexpected, but at the same time the both of them had been hoping for this, knowing they were ready. Sometime during the honeymoon they had agreed to take on whatever came their way, bumpy roads or not, because after all, life isn't all fun and games. You have to add up the little good things each day and be thankful for them. You've got to try and understand things, have empathy for others, compromise and so much more. They had agreed they both wanted a child sometime but the timing didn't matter exactly when. They would try to be ready whenever it came and with raising Shippo, they felt ready, even if people can never really be ready for what the future holds.

Suddenly, Kagome felt the mattress shift and it almost seemed to grow lighter, as if Inuyasha had left her side and had gotten out of bed. She blinked, not quite sure what to make of it, but after a few minutes, she felt the weight return and a warm hand rest on her forearm. She turned around, coming face to face with his deep, purples eyes flecked with amber. Inuyasha leaned forward, bringing her lips against his own to lock in a passionate kiss, feeling as if fire was rushing through both of their bodies. After they broke apart, the two looked at each other, their faces flushed slightly, amethyst eyes gazing into cinnamon eyes while they both wore matching smiles.

"Hey Inuyasha?" Kagome blinked after regaining her senses, having sworn that the man had gotten out of bed only a moment ago. "Where did you go?"

Inuyasha gave her a quizzical look, wrapping his arms around her. "No where. I was here all along." He replied casually, his hand unconsciously resting over her heart.

-The End-

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This is my most popular fic and what is funny is when I first began to write this, I was happy to get six reviews, thinking it would be a short fic with the few reviews that I used to normally get. And them BOOM! I got such a huge response that this story turned into this huge tale. And do you all know what the point of that was just now?

THIS WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED IF IT WEREN'T FOR YOU! That's right, I'm talking to YOU! Everybody who is reading this at this very moment! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! You really don't know how much you've done for me. I'm just a girl who enjoys writing and I'm so happy that you guys like to read my stories. Your reviews have filled my day with joy, bringing a smile to my face and laughter too. Each and every single review was read carefully, their words taken into consideration. You've really helped boost myself up too with the idea of me wanting to become an author. Thanks to those that always stuck by my side, reviewing faithfully each chapter and thanks to those who read silently but didn't always review, thanks to everybody who took the time to read my story. And as odd as this might sound, I'd also like to thank my male fans, it means a lot knowing that I have so many different age groups and male/females reading it. It makes me feel really good knowing I can get different kinds of people interested in this. Either way, a writer would never exist if it weren't for the readers and so, one last time; I thank you all for everything

How odd, I finished this only a few days after my birthday! I started it when I was fifteen and finished it at sixteen! I'll miss working on this story but keep an eye out for other stories of mine or a possible sequel. I've always got some idea or another spinning around in my head.

And lastly, just a little extra thing I'd like to share with everybody for your enjoyment and laughter. My friend Kim and I had fun trying to figure out a good job for Inuyasha and our conversation turned out to be a bit…interesting. Either way, here it is.

Lauren: hey, what would be a good, modern job for Inuyasha?

Kim: hmm...-thinks- anger...haha

Lauren: lol anger management XD nah, really

Kim: I can't see him as anything ^^; construction worker XD (damn that red hat)

Lauren: haha! Let's say he is making a job switch from a psychiatrist to a __________ blank

Kim: chiropractic XD

Lauren: LOL!

Kim: he'd...need one, actually

Lauren: Yeah. This is so hard _

Kim: child daycare XD

Lauren: lmao!

Kim: yup

Lauren: oh jeez, that would be scary

Kim: lmao. Janitor

Lauren: XD XD XD

Kim: muhahhaa!!!

Lauren: it's janitor Inuyasha!!

Kim: o_o we can call him 'bob'

Lauren: and he can clean up student's trash...hmm anything else?

Kim: hmm

Lauren: gahhhhhh -brain explodes- MOBSTER! He would actually look really good doing that…hey, what about a fireman or a cop?

Kim: oooo cop!!! hahaha!!

Lauren: should he be like a detective or police officer?

Kim: IY: -in cop uniform- Hey! Get down on the ground, you bastards!! haha...Detective..he can track XD

Lauren: Plus, in his last job, he had to use his brain to figure out problems so he can figure out cases in the police department too! And kick major butt!

And so, with that final note…

Thank you and, until next time, see you later!