I decided that no matter who the next newcomer would be, I'd do one of those Newcomer introduction stories. I was anticipating Shulk, but Robin and Lucina is fine too…

Fire Emblem Awakening Spoilers down below.

Chapter 1: Arrival at the Mansion

Two figures approached the Smash Mansion. One was wearing a dark cloak. While the other was a female swordsman. "Is this the place?" the cloaked figure asked.

"Yes, Robin." the female swordsman replied.

Robin smiled. She pulled out a folded piece of paper. It was a letter addressed to the two of them. Robin and Lucina. The letter was an invitation to the Smash Mansion, as participants in a fourth Smash tournament.

"Still, why you and me?" Robin wondered. "What about your father?"

"Maybe the person who sent it knew that he was busy as the ruler of Ylisse." Lucina replied. "Not to mention looking after my younger self."

They just walked up to the door and just knocked. The person who opened the door was a person wearing a helmet. Captain Falcon. He just looked at the two a bit confused.

"Hello." Robin said, holding up the letter. "We're here for the tournament.

Captain Falcon just looked at Robin. "But didn't you all ready come here?" He said confused. He turned to Lucina. "And Marth? I was just talking to you in the kitchen... is this some sort of joke?

The two of them just blinked a bit confused. "What are you talking about?"

"They don't know." A voice said. Walking towards them was someone who was wearing an identical cloak to Robin. But this person was discernibly male. "They must come from a different universe that I came from." His voice was raspy, and seemed to have a slight echo.

Lucina just drew her sword. "Grima!" She said shocked. The person just removed the hood to his cloak, and pulled out the paper.

"Sorry, Lucina, but I'm here to participate in this tournament too." He laughed.

"Why?" Robin asked.

"I got an invitation, and I thought it would pass the time." Grima replied. "Anyways, welcome to the Smash Mansion!" he just walked away laughing.

Captain Falcon just looked back at the two in the doorway. "You know him?"

"Grima, the Fell Dragon." Lucina replied. "He ravaged my world. I thought it was finally over against him, but now there's another one."

Captain Falcon just looked at the two women in the doorway. "Um, can you come in please, there are a few people who don't like the bugs that are getting in the mansion."

"Sorry about that." The two said. They walked in and closed the door.

Captain Falcon just smiled. "Well, I guess it's my duty now to show you two around the mansion. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask."

"In that case, how can you live with such villains underneath the same roof?" Lucina asked Captain Falcon, her tone had made it quite clear that she wasn't amused.

Captain Falcon let off a sigh. For him, who had been here since the beginning it was common now. But for them, who were just getting here, he could see why they would be upset. "It's what Master Hand wants." Captain Falcon said, shrugging off the comment. "He's not the first villain here, and probably won't be the last, I suggest for your own good you drop this subject. If he does cause problems, Master Hand will get rid of him. Anyways, let's start by introducing ourselves. I'm Captain Falcon."



Captain Falcon just nodded. "Well then, please follow me." he said. "I'll escort you to your rooms and you can go from there."

Captain Falcon just led them to a hallway. "Where do you think you're going?" A voice asked.

Captain Falcon and the other two turned around to face Princess Zelda. "I was just showing the newcomers to their rooms."

"You know I'm not allowing you to enter into the woman's dorms." Zelda sternly said. "If you even tried, a phantom would of attacked you."

Captain Falcon just looked a bit nervous. "Right..." He said. "I forgot about that. Well then Zelda, you can take it from here."

Zelda just nodded and walked over to Robin and Lucina. "I'm Princess Zelda of Hyrule." She said.



Zelda just smiled. She directed them to two rooms that had their names on the doors. "Well, here are your rooms." Zelda said. "Please get yourselves settled in."

The two just nodded and entered their rooms.

Sort of quick and dirty to just get it out ASAP… I think it's just going to be a quick few chapter story. The whole Grima being Male Robin was just my justification for both Robins being there. Technically it's also +1 to the villain count, so I'll take it.