Chapter 2: The other Robin

Lucina had finished setting her stuff up. The room was rather small, just having a single bed, a dresser, a closet, and then the washroom. She walked out to the hallway and knocked on Robin's door.

"Come in." Robin said.

Lucina walked in and just looked around. The room was exactly the same as hers. Unlike her though, Robin hadn't put away her clothes yet. She just left the bag on the bed, and had been curled up into a ball.

"Robin? Its about Grima isn't it?"

Robin just nodded. "The fell dragon is supposed to be dead..."

"He is in our universe." Lucina said. "But it seems that in an alternate universe we failed."

"Damn it!" Robin said pounding her fist against the wall. "What can we do?"

"Not much." Lucina said. "Captain Falcon made it clear that if he's here, it's what the runner of this tournament wants."

There was another knocking at the door. Lucina just turned to it and opened it. Standing there was a blonde woman wearing a pink dress. "You must be the newcomers!" She said. "I'm Princess Peach!"

"I'm Lucina, and this is Robin." Lucina said.

"You look so similar to that other person who came earlier today." Peach said.

"Grima..." Robin muttered.

"About that person. Is there someone we can talk to about him?" Lucina said.

"Why?" Princess peach wondered.

"He's not safe to be around. He's dangerous." Lucina said.

"He'll be fine." Peach said. "In the mansion, we aren't supposed to fight or attack each other, unless it's during a match."

The two girls looked up at Princess Peach. "Still, Grima will most likely try something..." Robin said.

Peach just smiled. "Well, anyways, I came here to show you around the Mansion."

"Okay." The two of them said.

They began the tour. In between a point of note Princess Peach began to talk "I'm just so glad that there are two more females. That's 9 now. Now then, I guess the first thing we have to do is meet Master Hand."

Lucina and Robin just nodded. They followed Princess Peach up to an office. And then Peach opened the door. Floating behind the desk was a giant white glove. "Ah, Peach, and the newcomers." Master Hand said.

However Lucina and Robin grabbed their weapons. "What is that monster!?" Lucina said.

Robin's hand began to glow with a green aura. Princess Peach however just stopped the two. "That's Master Hand." She said. "The runner of the Smashers."

"I think I suddenly see why Grima isn't so out of place in here." Lucina said as she sheathed her sword.

"Lucina, and Robin, I welcome you both to my tournament." Master Hand said.

"Master Hand, we have to ask about the other Robin." Robin said. "The male one, who said he was from an alternate universe."


"He is possessed by the Fell Dragon Grima." Lucina explained. "I come from a future where Grima has wasted everything with an undead army, and has killed nearly everyone."

"I know." Master Hand calmly replied.

"You know?" Robin said. "And you're permitting this to happen?"

"He may of come from an alternate universe, but he isn't as strong as he used to be." Master Hand said. "I've taken precautions, and it's a rule in the mansion. No fighting unless it's during a match. That rule also extends to you, so you better not hurt him."

The two of them just stood there.

"And Robin, I am fully aware, that you have the capability of killing him since you are also a part of Grima." Master Hand said. "Don't do it. There are other villains here, and they seem to get along quite well, most of the time. Now then, Princess Peach, you can continue your tour."

"Of course Master Hand." Peach said.

Elsewhere Grima was walking through the mansion. He had only been here a few hours, and all ready he was getting frustrated. One swordsman, named Ike seemed to try and get a bit chummy with him. But he had to stop himself from impaling him with a bolt of electricity.

He just made his way to a door and knocked on it.

"Go away." The person inside said.

Grima however didn't care what the person said and just opened the door. Sitting in the room, reading a book was Ganondorf. "I said go away." Ganondorf said. He raised his hand and a sphere of dark energy began to form.

"Are you the king of evil?" Grima asked.

"And if I am?" Ganondorf asked.

"I'm disappointed." Grima replied. "You look so weak."

The ball of dark energy rushed for Grima and knocked him flying back into the wall on the other side of the hallway. "I thought we couldn't hurt each other in the mansion."

"Yes." Ganondorf replied flipping a page on his book. "But, there are two reasons why I could attack you. The first, you went into my room. The second, I told you to leave."

"And what does that mean?" Grima asked.

"Aren't you a tactician? I thought you were smart, and a big enough boy to figure it out yourself." Ganondorf taunted.

Grima began to charge up some magic. His hand began to glow with power, however he saw Ganondorf beginning to smile. He stopped his attack. "You're not worth it." He managed to say getting up.

"You have access to magic too, so you should know that magic works on rules." Ganondorf said. "But there are always ways to bend the rules to your advantage."

"I didn't come here for a lecture." Grima said. "I just came to see the king of evil, but you're just some dried up old man. I'll easily be able to take some title like that from you."

"I await your attempt." Ganondorf said as he waved his hand to slam his door.

Grima just made his way to his room and lied down the bed. He closed his eyes.

The world had become an empty husk. His risen had spread across the land and destroyed nearly all life, and all but a last bit of resistance remained. But it would only be a matter of time before they would finally be killed. And then, one day the hand appeared in front of him. Several of his risen soldiers rushed towards the hand but were effortlessly pushed away by some invisible force. The Hand just floated before the giant dragon.

"Are you Grima the Fell Dragon?" The Hand asked.

"Who wants to know?" Grima asked.

"I am a traveler of time and dimensions, looking for worthy people to compete in a tournament. My name is Master Hand."

"And what use is competing in a tournament for me?"

"It's more or less your human body that I want." Master Hand said. "The one known as Robin."

"And why do you want me?" Grima asked.

"It's to see how strong you are." Master Hand replied.

"If it was for such a small reason, couldn't you attack me yourself right now, and figure that out on your own?" Grima asked. "I ask once again, why should I be interested in a tournament for mortals?"

"What if I told you that it wasn't just a tournament for mortals." Master Hand replied. "The people I wished to invite are others like you. Gods, Goddesses, god slayers."

Grima was silent for several seconds. Eventually he answered. "I'm listening."

"It is not simply a tournament between people you have met before in your realm. But others in realms there may be some who are far stronger than anyone you've ever met." Master Hand said.

"And why do you want me in the human's body?" Grima asked.

"It's more or less because well, it still requires a human body." Master Hand said. "Nothing as excessively large as you really exists in the tournament. Even the Gods and Goddesses in the tournament I've told have to be a normal human size."

"I see." Grima said. "To meet these others, I'd be willing to do that... But what's stopping me from raising hell over there?"

"Me." Master Hand replied. "I will have powerful magic set up so that no harm will come to the inhabitants of the mansion."

Grima just looked up at the ceiling of the room. "If I knew this was going to be so boring, I wouldn't of come." He muttered. "That stupid hand practically has me on a leash now... I can't even destroy this world." However a smile crossed his face. "Wait, he never said that, he said I couldn't harm the inhabitants of the mansion..."

He quickly made his way through the mansion.

"Hey Robin," Ike said walking over to him. "If there is anything you need..."

Grima didn't hear him. He just kept walking until he was outside. He walked to the front gate, and tried to step to the outside world. However he was suddenly sent flying back. A ward had been set up to keep him inside. Frustrated, Grima just began to let out blasts of magic out at the barrier, but it was no use. He walked around the fence, looking for any small break in the barrier.

"I told you Grima, that I would be stopping you from raising hell." Master Hand said.

Grima just glared at the hand. "You trapped me in here."

"You came of your own free will." Master Hand said. "To participate in my tournament against others."

"Don't you dare think that I can't see what you're planning on doing!" Grima shouted. "You brought that other Robin from another world here. You know she has the ability to kill me."

Master Hand just floated there silently.

"And that's everything in the mansion." Princess Peach said.

Lucina and Robin just nodded. It was beginning to get rather late and the two of them were getting rather tired. "I think I got all of that." Lucina said.

"Don't worry." Princess Peach said. "You'll have everything down in a week. I promise."

"I've all ready got it memorized." Robin said.

"As expected of my father's tactician." Lucina muttered.

"Now if you have any other questions, don't hesitate on asking any of us." Princess Peach said.

"Right." Lucina said.

Robin had looked outside and saw Grima shouting at Master Hand. "Lucina."

The two of them rushed outside to hear Grima shouting. "Don't you dare think that I can't see what you're planning on doing! You brought that other Robin from another world here. You know she has the ability to kill me."

Master Hand just floated there silently. "It seems that your shouting has attracted a few guests." Master Hand eventually said.

Grima just glared at the two of them. "You haven't heard the last of this Master Hand." He said walking back to the mansion. "You will regret bringing me here."

The two stared at Master Hand for a few seconds. When they were sure Grima was gone, they both turned to the hand. "Was that really the reason why you invited us and him to the tournament?" Robin asked.

"Yes." Master Hand said.

"It was a waste of time, and effort. The other Robin is long dead." Lucina said. "His life force became what revived the fell dragon after it possessed that Robin. If we killed that Grima, we would be left with an empty husk. If even that."

"I know that." Master Hand admitted. "I learned that later."

"So why is he still here?" Lucina asked.

"To have both the male and female Robin here. He was the only male Robin I could find." Master Hand said. "So, some sacrifices had to be made. And on the plus side it does add one to the villain count. Anyways, you two should get some sleep then for tomorrow."

The two just departed for their rooms.


"Gods, Goddesses, and god-slayers." Well this is referring to a few of the Smashers. It's more of a fan theory of Rosalina being the Goddess of the Mario universe, but it's my head canon now. Of course there is Palutena as a goddess. And then god-slayers… Well there is Pit, Ike also felled a goddess. And then there is the rumored Shulk.

Actually kind of glad that it wasn't Shulk today like the rumors said, and that Chrom was debunked. Smash Speculation might actually be interesting again and just won't default to "These leaked characters are the only ones left." Blah blah blah… it wasn't interesting and was getting boring.

I have no idea where this story is going… well it's too late to stop now…