A/N: This was spawned during a conversation with Max on tumblr and now I've gotten around to starting it. Dark stuff going to be going on here so strap in folks. This one will get messy.

Seth leaned back in his chair and tried not to stare at the clock. The last day of school had been dragging by so slowly and now that they were in the final ten minutes it felt like time had stopped. Mr. Long had let them all just visit but given the fact that none of his friends were in the class, the decision hadn't benefited Seth in the very least. So he had tried to pass the time by absently draw in his notebook while occasionally glancing around at his classmates. They had moved the desks all around so they could sit where they wanted. Summer Rae was the one who kept getting his attention though not for any actual good reason. She was just being obnoxiously loud and flirting so shamelessly with Johnny Curtis despite the fact that he was dating Layla. That fact wasn't stopping him from flirting back and while Summer's flunkies Charlotte and Sasha thought it was hilarious, Seth could only cringe. They were just so gross that he couldn't stand it. He looked back down at his notebook. The page he had open was covered in doodles but he would be damned if he even knew what any of them were. He was a terrible artist. His best friend Cody was the one who had the artistic talent. He had tried to help Seth develop some of his own but that had failed at an epic level Cody was forced to give up.

He turned his head to the window, trying his best to keep his gaze on the cars going down the street as opposed to the clock. Out of the corner of his eye he saw that he wasn't going as completely unnoticed as he thought. Dean Ambrose was watching him again. He tried to mask the fact that he had even noticed. Dean was not only the resident loner but a complete lunatic as well. On the good days (much like today) he was quiet save whatever it was he mumbled to himself. On the bad days...well there were a lot of stories about what happened on the bad days. And while a lot of them were surely exaggerated, Seth knew there had to be some truth in them somewhere. And the kernel of truth in those stories made Seth more than a little nervous whenever he caught the dirty blond hair boy looking at him. He didn't know what always had his attention anyway. It wasn't like they ever really had much to do with each other before. Just a few shared classes since freshman year. There was that one time they got paired up to be lab partners in biology but Dean had refused to even look at him then. Not like now, where he was just fucking staring and rubbing his right hand across his left shoulder. His fingers drummed against it all the while. Pinky, ring, middle, index. Pinky, ring, middle, index. Over and over again while his eyes bore right through Seth. Seth was starting to think he knew he had been caught and was just amping up the intensity of his stare just to scare him. And it was most definitely working.

The bell rang and Seth let out a loud sigh of relief. He gathered up his stuff and quickly shoved it in his bag. Everyone made a mad dash for the door, eager to get out and start their summer vacation as soon as possible. Seth slipped in between Randy Orton and John Cena, making it out of the door and finally breaking the weight of Dean's stare. He let out another sigh of relief and started heading for his locker. Normally he would be meeting up with Cody but Cody's parents had already been looking to leave for their annual family vacation so he had missed the last three days of school entirely. Seth wished he would be back already. Sure he had other friends but Cody was the one he was closest to. They had been friends since they were five and were so very rarely separated that Seth never knew what to do with himself when it did happen.

He got the rest of his stuff from his locker and left the building. His mother had said his dad was going to pick him up but the old pickup truck was nowhere in sight. Not surprising. His father was famous for doing shit like this. It was a huge point of contention between his parents. Who knew where his dad actually was. Maybe he was at a bar or maybe he stayed at work to bang his secretary again. Seth didn't even want to know.


Seth looked up to see it was Phil yelling for him. He was sitting on the hood of his car with his girlfriend AJ cuddled up next to him. Her friends Kaitlyn and Dolph were there too, though both of them were too busy looking at something on Dolph's phone to take much interest in him. "What's up?" he asked as he walked over.

"We're camping out in the woods by Roberts Park tonight," Phil answered. "You should join us."

Seth's first instinct was to say no. He hated camping. But given the fact that his nights now typically consisted of him hiding in his room while his parents fought, any excuse not to be home with them needed to be taken advantage of. "I'm in." Forget even asking for permission. He doubted they would even notice he was gone. "What time are we meeting up?"

Phil shrugged. "Seven?" He looked to the others. "That sound good to you guys?"

AJ nodded.

"Sure," Kaitlyn agreed. She flipped some of her blonde and black hair out of her face. "Eve wants to come."

"And Kofi," Dolph added. "I already told him he could."

"Fine fine." Phil slid down off his car before helping AJ down as well. "The more the merrier." He headed around to the driver's side door. "Need a ride?"

It took Seth a moment to realize Phil was talking to him. He almost said no. If his parents were going to be fighting he wanted to avoid home for as long as possible. But as he stood there he felt those eyes on him again. He didn't even have to look back to know. A small shudder went through him and he quickly nodded. "Yeah." He went around to the back of the car so he could squeeze in after Kaitlyn. "Thanks."

Long after the other students and even the other teachers had left Dean remained by the chain link fence that separated the student parking lot from the track. He had nowhere else to go. His mother had run off with her latest boyfriend after she got them evicted from their apartment, leaving him with nowhere to go. He had nowhere else to go so he had been sleeping on park benches-when he could sleep anyway. Any time he closed his eyes the voices started up, getting worse than they were when he was awake.

He chewed on his lower lip, biting down until he tasted his own blood. They were always fucking talking. Sometimes loudly, sometimes softly but they were always fucking there. They gnawed at him, twisting him up on the inside until he exploded, whether it be on himself or on someone else. It was building up in him again but there was nobody to get in sight. He dug his nails into his palms but even as he felt himself relax he knew it would be short lived. It always was.

He pushed himself off the fence and began to walk. He wandered a lot, finding it easier to avoid nosy cops if it seemed like he was going somewhere. He rubbed his shoulder as he went, the limb never having healed right after one of his mom's asshole ex-boyfriends ripped it out of its socket a few years back. Every twinge of pain worsened his mood. It made the voices even louder. They kept talking to him, telling him he was stupid, telling him to die, telling him to kill...they were all jumbling together. He hated them. He had to make them shut up. The closest he got to them being quiet was when he started watching that Rollins kid in his classes. The other boy captivated him in ways other people didn't. He could think about the things he wanted to do to him. Things nobody would ever let him do to them willingly. He didn't know how this shit started or why. Rollins wasn't anything new. They had been around each other for a couple years now. Yet somehow the seed had slipped into his brain and blossomed and was now driving him even crazier. Not that it mattered. Seth wouldn't love him. Nobody ever would. He was dirty and useless and stupid.

"Stop it." He balled up his fist and punched himself across the face. "Stop it." Over and over again he hit himself, nearly breaking his own jaw. It didn't shut them up though. They just kept it up and he felt his hands start to shake. People were staring at him. He could see them all. The little homeless lady on the corner looked frightened. The little kids walking by were curious and their mothers gave him death glare. From across the street he could see a bunch of other kids he went to school with. Boy scout John Cena with his bimbo cheerleader Nikki Bella. Nikki's sister Brie with Daniel Bryan, who had been this huge nerd until this past year when he became the star of the school's wrestling team. Another cheerleader named Kelly and then there was Randy fucking Orton. Orton, who was Principal Helmsley's pride and joy despite the fact that he was legitimately awful to everyone around him. There was a bruise on Dean's back still from where the fucker had pushed him down the stairs. There hadn't even been a reason for it. Dean hadn't even done anything to him. He was just an asshole who liked to fuck with him. And he was very tired of people fucking with him.

Orton smirked as they made eye contact and whispered something to the group. Nikki and Kelly laughed obnoxiously while Bryan, Cena and Brie all looked uncomfortable. Dean's spine stiffened. He felt something snap inside his brain. Fucking asshole Orton wanted to laugh at him? Oh he would give him something to laugh about. He knew where he'd be tonight. Roberts Park was playing host to a good chunk of his fellow classmates tonight. Some staying in the park itself, some going into the woods...Randy would be in the woods. And he would be waiting for him.

"If you go into the woods tonight, you won't believe your eyes," he sang to himself as he began to walk once more. His lips turned into a little smile. "If you go into the woods tonight, you're in for a big surprise..."