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Such a Perfect World?
Part 1 - Real Friends?
Written by - Phoenix (Flame of the)

'In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.'
- Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968)

Cody looked around at the other Digi-destined.
"So? Where is he?"
"I don't know... you know Davis he's always late." Kari answered. "As soon as he gets here we will split up into teams and knock down some more control spires."
"Yeah and I know what Davis will say 'I'm going with Kari!' or 'Back off TM'" Yolie laughed. Kari bent down and picked up Gatomon, a small frown on her face.
"Maybe he's in trouble?" she said softly, her gaze on the far away mountains. TK shook his head.
"No, he's just late. If he needed us he would call on his digiterminal. Anyway now that Ken's on our side we all should be safe."
"Don't forget that weird woman Palmon saw." Cody muttered. Yolie stamped her foot.
"Sometimes Davis makes me so mad! I wish he had never been born!"
"Yolie!" Kari exclaimed. Yolie shrugged her shoulders.
"Think about it, no Davis, no waiting."
"Yeah and no stupid comments" Cody said. TK smiled.
"We could tell everyone if we ever wanted to go out with each other and not have to worry about Davis throwing a tantrum."
"It would be nice... not to have Davis trying to impress me all the time." Kari admitted.
"I'm glad you all had the nerve to say this to my face." came a voice. They all spun around. Behind stood Davis, blood running down his face. He walked with a limp, his right leg seemed unable to support his wait. In his arms he held a sleeping, batted Demi-Veemon. Davis stared at them all, anger in his chocolate colored eyes.
"I was late because me and Veemon here got attacked! There was no time to call you all, I was more worried about not having my head bitten off!" Davis yelled. "Seems I didn't succeed in that." He paused and tears filled his eyes. "I thought you guys were my friends... If you didn't like me you could at least have said it to my face." He turned and limped away. The other Digi-destined stared after him in shock.
"Davis! Wait!" Kari screamed after him, but she was to late. Davis had gone.
"Chosen Children, I never thought you were fools until now!" boomed a voice. TK looked around.
"Where are you!" he yelled to the empty space.
"I am right here." came a soft voice. He jumped and looked to the right of him. A few feet away stood a robed red figure. Kari looked at it, her face empty.
"What do you mean 'fools'? Who are you?"
"I am Mornamon" her hood flew back reveling a cat shaped face. It was black with gold markings under two ice blue eyes. When the Digimon heard her name they gaped.
"Mornamon?" Hawkmon asked his eyes wide open. Mornamon nodded.
"Who is Mornamon?" TK asked.
"Mornamon is the Digimon who guides deleted Digimon back to the digital world. " Patomon replied.
"She is there for every Digimon that is deleted in the digital world." Gatomon added.
"With her help, each Digimon decides wither or not it wants to re-formatted. If not they wait until they do." Patomon finished.
"That is right. I have been watching you all and you are all fools!" Mornamon glared at each Digi-destined in turn. "Do you really think you're lives would be better with out the miracles child?" Everyone looked to there feet, not knowing what to say. The look on his face when Davis spoke to them was not one they were going to forget in a hurry. Mornamon lifted her arms and a white mist began to settle around each child.
"Shall I show you what the world would be like with out the bearer of Courage and Friendship?" The next second the white fog was every where. Kari cried out in fear as Gatomon vanished. Her vision began to blur and she let darkness take her. TK began to run towards the last place he had seen Kari, but all he could see was white. His eyes rolled up to the top off his head and he passed out. Cody was all ready out cold. Yolie looked about her in fear, then she too surrendered to sleep.


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