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Such a Perfect World?
Part 7:- Bridge of Lost Hope. (TK part 2)
Written by Sethoz.
'In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.'
- Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968)
"Why is it called the Bridge of Lost Hope?" TK asked, his eyes still fixed on the plaque. Mornamon looked at him in disbelief, unable to believe he hadn't figured it out. She gave a sigh, getting through to him seemed to become more and more impossible but she had to try.

"It is called this because it is where the Digidestined lost there hope... it is where they lost you."

"No... I wouldn't." TK muttered. He spun round, tears in his eyes. "You lie! You made this whole world out of a lie. It's not true. It can't be true."

He turned back to the plaque, wishing that it would have something different carved on it. The words however remained the same, oblivious and uncaring of the pain they were causing. Mornamon was lost for words, she didn't know what to say, didn't know how to make this all better. She wished again- as she wished a thousand times before that she didn't have to do this, she wished that none of this had happened. But this story had begun many thousands of years ago, had begun on that fateful day when Zanthmon had made his one simple mistake. Before Mornamon had a chance to decide what to say and do TK took her by surprise and ran off, away from the bridge, Mornamon and the tiny bronze plaque. Mornamon made no move to chase after him, instead she stepped forward, up to the plaque. With a single slow movement she bent down in front of the bit of metal, her head level with the words. She placed her right hand over the area her heart would be if she was human in a sign of respect. On the plaque was just a few words.

Our Shining Hope.
We may not understand why you did it,
But we will continue with you in our hearts.
We know you are happy wherever you are now.
Be At Peace~

"Why did I do it?" TK asked, walking slowly back towards Mornamon. She displayed no surprise at his return or at his question.

"You had lost hope. As I said before the person who gained Courage also gained the egg of Friendship to save Matt but it was only a temporary reprise. A week later he will killed, protecting the TK of this world. Mad with grief he had Patomon digivole into his Mega form, who deleted countless ringed Digimon. When TK saw what he had done he came here. Just one little step off the edge and... well we will move on from that, it is over. So that is why you did it." Mornamon said, while tears fell down TK's face as he listened to her story.

"This all happened because Davis isn't here?" he asked. Mornamon paused, an unreadable expression on her face as she considered TK's question.

"I would be lying if I said everything Davis did was of great importance, however with no Davis the whole world would be very different. All I am doing is showing you the worst possible way a world with no Davis would be like. If you or Kari, or any of the others had not been born, life would have been very different for everyone. Davis is an important member of your group and a good soul. Why can't you see that?" Mornamon asked. She clapped her paw to her mouth in horror her brain caught up with her mouth and she realized what she had said. She had come very close to braking her only rule. She had very nearly interfered directly with someone's life. TK stared at her as he digested her words.

"Maybe... Maybe I always saw, but just couldn't admit it." TK said very slowly. He locked eyes with Mornamon, pleading with her, asking an unspoken question.

"How sssweet, the little boy knowsss he'ssssss wrong." hissed a low, voice to there right. Mornamon on TK turned slowly, dreading what they would see. It was a tiny flying Ex-mon.

"Who was that?" TK asked, staring hard at the flying thing.

"It used to be a DemiDevimon" Mornamon began. She got no further as at that very second the shape began to change and take on a new form. Mornamon watched the transformation with a guarded expression. She knew what was coming would be the hardiest test TK had yet to face. As she thought the shade that now stood in front of her was in the shape of an Devimon. Mornamon gripped TK tightly by the shoulders.

"Let me go!" He cried, his eyes locked on the approaching Ex-mon. He wanted nothing more than to run as fast and as far away as he could. She bent down and stared into TK's eyes, braking his contact with the shade. Her gaze bored into his, as she held him, stopping him from giving into his fear and running.

"Listen to me." she said, as TK tried to squirm away. She gripped him tighter, and moved ever so slightly so she was once again in his main line of vision.

"No, Listen to me. You have to be strong, I know you can be strong." For a few seconds even the Ex-mon froze as she stared into TK's eyes, searching for any sign that she was getting through to him.

"You are who you are. You are the hope of all the Digidestined if you believe you are." She let go of him and moved around, so she was standing next to him, her whole body ready to fight the Ex-mon who had continued his slow walk towards them. He was in no hurry to reach them, every step he took would fill the brat boy with fear and the thing that had once been Devimon liked fear.

//I don't have the strength to fight and delete another Ex-mon, even if I did get some of my power back.\\ Mornamon thought, fighting to keep a cool face on all that was now taking place.

//All my hope now rests on one scared boy...\\ The Ex-mon gave a growl and suddenly pounced on TK sending him flying to the ground where he remained, too paralyzed with fear to do anything. The Ex-mon gave a smile of pure evil and leaned in for the kill when, out of no where, Mornamon sprung into action. She bent down and scooped up a lose rock, and, with a cry she slammed it into the Ex-mon, sending him staggering off TK. The Ex-mon raised it's head and fixed it's eyes squarely on Mornamon. She gulped and took a step back. With one bound it had leaped onto Mornamon. She gave a howl as it bit into her shoulder, with her last dregs of strength she pushed the Ex-mon off and rolled away. Weakly she lifted her head and looked over to TK, knowing that if he could brake the spell some of her power would be returned to her.

"You. Are. Hope." she forced out, before letting her head hit the ground once more. TK looked at her then back at the shade and he suddenly realized something. He didn't have to be afraid, he had no reason to be afraid because Devimon couldn't hurt Patomon and- as long as TK kept that hope burning Devimon couldn't hurt anyone. The Ex-mon gave a roar of confusion as it felt energy being shifted, now all it's power was fading. It looked at TK and it knew. It knew that TK no longer feared it. The Ex-mon let out a howl as it's power began to decline. TK smiled at the startled Ex-mon. He felt as if a black vale of evil had been lifted from his eyes and all his negative feelings about Davis had lifted as well. He knew that he and Davis could become such good friends - as long as TK could make it up to Davis. The Ex-mon knew it had been beaten. With a final roar it took a shaky step towards TK, with every second that passed more and more of the Ex-mon was fading. After about seven seconds there was nothing left.

"I'm sorry about the way I treated you Davis." TK said, even though he knew there was no possibility of Davis being able to hear him. Mornamon climbed slowly to her feet, suddenly feeling her age. She wanted nothing more than to sleep but her task had not been completed.

"You broke the spell that had been placed on you." she said, dusting down her robe. TK didn't need to ask her what spell she meant. He had felt it go, as if something had left his system and he felt lighter, cleaner somehow. He looked over at Mornamon and saw pale white tentacles of mist creeping round the folds at the bottom of her robe.

"What... what are you going to do now?" he asked, suddenly feeling very sleepy.

"I still have other's to talk to." She said. The last thing TK saw before the deep abyss of sleep claimed him was Mornamon's wise face gazing down at his own.


Screams. Everywhere, all around him he could hear the screams and the clash of arms as Digimon fought Digimon, snarling at each other, with no thoughts but the wish to destroy there enemy. Cody blinked in horror at all the fighting that was going on around him. Everywhere was death and more death.

"Lovely, isn't it." Mornamon said, her lips curled in disgust at what she was looking at. Cody stared at her, his small dark head turned from the war, as if by not seeing he could block it from his mind. Mornamon bent down and looked at him.

"Would you like to meet the you of this world?" She asked.



Coming soon... Part 8: The Underground.