"Harry James Potter!" Sirius called in disbelief as he stared at Harry's room. He had come to collect Harry's laundry but he was shocked by what he saw: clothes scattered everywhere, his bed unmade, various toys all over the floor instead of the toy chest, and a few candy wrappers that had missed the trash by several feet.

Harry ran to the door. He had just come in from flying. When he saw his godfathers face he seriously considered running down the stairs and back outside.

"Hey," he said innocently.

"'Hey'? Harry, I have told you twice to clean up this room and Remus reminded you yesterday. Why isn't this room clean?" Sirius asked.

"Um..." Harry couldn't seem to come up with a quick excuse to get himself out of trouble.


Harry sighed. "I'm sorry, Sirius. I was gonna clean yesterday but then I wanted to go flying and I was about to do it this morning but...I went flying again and..." he trailed off because he realized this was a pitiful defense.

"Harry, when I tell you to do something, I expect it to get done. Harry, I love that you enjoy flying but I'm not going to let it effect your chores," Sirius responded sternly.

"I'll clean it now, I promise," said Harry.

Sirius nodded. "Yes, you will because you aren't leaving this room until it's clean. As punishment for not cleaning your room when I repeatedly asked you and going flying instead: no flying for a week."

"Aw, Padfoot, no!" Harry whined. He used every chance he got to fly and a week with no flying would be filled with boredom.

"Yes. Sorry, bud. Now, clean your room," Sirius ordered gently before closing the door.

Harry was pretty bummed about not being able to fly and therefore he dragged his feet quite a bit in cleaning his room. He picked up his laundry and put it in his basket and then he took a break to play with his owl who had hatched nearly two months ago and had flown for the first time a week or so ago. The owl was a Snowy White, female owl and Harry adored her. Her cage was nearly the only thing Harry kept clean though that was mainly because any time he let the cage get dirty, the owl pecked at him. Harry had named the owl, Hedwig. He liked the name quite a lot and had come across it while flipping through Hogwarts: A History.

Harry spoke to the owl for a few moments about how unfair it was that he couldn't fly his broom but this conversation was cut short by Hedwig beginning to squawk and peck at his finger so Harry opened the window and door to the cage and Hedwig went out flying. Harry couldn't thing a bit begrudgingly that it wasn't fair that Hedwig could fly and he couldn't.

With no one else to keep him company he continued his cleaning. One floor below him Sirius sat in the living room, utterly bored without Harry. He wished Harry had just cleaned his room last night. Truthfully, Sirius didn't mind a little clutter but Harry's room had become ridiculously messy. Sirius wanted nothing more than to go upstairs, tell Harry to forget his room, and take him out flying. Of course, Sirius knew that would be an awful idea. Sirius had to keep Harry humble. The last thing he wanted was for Harry to develop a big head. So, Sirius sighed and wrote a letter to Moony to occupy his time. Once Harry focused, it wasn't much longer until his room was clean and he was running downstairs.

"Padfoot! I'm finished," Harry exclaimed proudly as he he found Sirius in the living room sitting on the couch.

Sirius smiled and wrapped Harry in a hug. "Awesome, bud! I'm going to go get your laundry and then we can make lunch, alright?"

"Sounds good."

Sirius was very happy to find Harry's room neat and organized. He took Harry's laundry, put it in the washing machine and headed to the kitchen with Harry where together they made a lunch of stew and ham sandwiches. The rest of the day went by in a breeze and Harry was glad to see his godfather was no longer upset with him though he still wished he could go flying. Still, as long as Sirius wasn't angry, Harry supposed he could wait a week to fly.

Of course, a mere day later, Harry was begging to go flying. It was very disheartening to Harry that Sirius was remaining firm. Harry grew so bored that he even resorted to reading which was something he almost never did outside of bedtime stories. He managed to read a full two chapters of Hogwarts: A History before becoming even more bored. The week continued on slowly and by some miracle, Harry survived his week with no flying and couldn't have been more excited when he was able to grab his broom and go play Quidditch with his Sirius.

It was another month or so before Harry did anything wrong. Harry was actually pretty proud of himself for lasting so long. He was usually in and out of trouble on a semi regular bases. Remus had once joked that it would be easier if Harry could just schedule out a part of the month to be mischievous. The whole situation started with Harry and Ron writing letters to each other. Hedwig was very good at delivering letters which was good because Ron's old owl, Errol , was not. With letters came scheming. Ron and Harry realized that with all the flying they'd done, they had never done much distance flying, especially not on their own.

Still, they weren't daring enough to think two nine year olds venturing out on there own was a good idea so in order to do this they got the help of the only two people that would be helpful and willing: Fred and George. They loved jokes and pranks and all around mischievousness. Fred and George were only too eager to take place in this scheme and they even pointed out that if we all wanted to off flying on our own without getting caught it was best to go at night after everyone thought they had gone to sleep. Harry usually knew he was bound to get caught for this kind of thing but this time he actually felt he might get away with it.

Harry already spent the night at the Weasley's every few weeks anyway so when he asked to spend the night, Sirius wasn't surprised and agreed easily.

"Oh Harry, it's so good to see you," Mrs. Weasley had greeted when he arrived with Sirius.

"Hi, Mrs. Weasley."

"Are you sure it's alright for him to stay, Molly?" Sirius asked.

"Oh, of course. Harry's welcome here anytime, isn't that right Harry?" Harry beamed at her. "Now go on home, Sirius. Harry dinner should be ready anytime. You look a bit peckish." Mrs. Weasley left the two at the fireplace and resumed her cooking in the kitchen.

"She thinks everyone looks peckish," Sirius said amused. "Now be good for the Weasley's, okay?"

"Yeah, Padfoot," Harry lied.

"Good. have fun and if you need anything, I'm just a fireplace away."

"Okay. Love you."

"Love you too." They hugged and then Sirius stepped back into the fireplace. Harry found Ron sitting in the living room.

"We all set?" He asked.

"Yeah. We're set," Ron responded conspiratorially.

Dinner was delicious as it always was and a few hours later Mrs. Weasley was ushering them to bed. In order to not raise suspicion Harry and Ron were sure to put up a bit of a fuss over going to bed but eventually settled down for the night. Or so Mrs. Weasley thought. Two hours later they were up out of bed, creeping down the stairs along side the twins. Ever so carefully they pushed open the back door and silently made there way to the shed were all the brooms were kept. There were about six brooms in total, all of them Cleansweeps which were fairly dependable. Fred opened the shed with a key that Harry had no idea how he got. No one spoke a word as they each mounted a broom and flew away.

Amazing. For Harry, it was one of the most free feelings in the world. The breeze brushed ferociously against his unruly hair and his lips curled into a large smile. He glanced at his friends and they all wore similar expressions. It was the freedom of not only defying odds but also being so high made everything else, every little problem, seem insignificant.

"This is the best!" Ron called.

"I know!" Harry agreed.

"There's definitely something to this," George gave his input.

They flew around for hours, enjoying the few, flying in loops and making flips. It wasn't until they gotten over Diagon Alley that they turned around as that was a bit far from the Weasley's. They got home and, just as quietly, put the brooms back exactly where they found them, and made there ways to bed feeling utterly exhilarated and yet worn out. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were still sound asleep as was the rest of the house, including Percy which was a relief as he was a major rat. As Harry laid in bed, moment away from sleep, he felt just a twang of pride. They had gotten away with it and it had been wonderful.