Welcome friends to the third and definitely final installment of the Total Pokemon Series! There are going to be differences in this series that I think you'll all enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, Total Drama, or anything like that. I own the character personalities and the story. That's it.

Some things to look forward to:

Mew and Mewtwo will still be hosts. Celebi will make appearances and such.

No aftermaths, there's really no purpose for it in the direction I'm going.

New elimination styles, new game mechanics.

More of the alliance nonsense. New relationships. New stuff.

FAIR WARNING: If I am unable to finish this season, it will be unfinished. Unlike Total Pokemon World Tour, I make no promises this time.

Be prepared and get ready for this next season!


"Welcome, one and all!" shouted the normal pink host, a devious gleam in his eye as he floated in the air. "I am your host, Mew! Legendary Pokemon and a legendary host as well! And here we are bringing you Total Pokemon Redux! The return and newest season of a great series that has also been hosted by me! With help from my co-host, Mewtwo! Say hi to our fans, Mewtwo!"

"I can't believe I'm still working for you," growled Mewtwo, pulling up on the dock besides Mew. Mew gave him a scowl before brightening up once more.

"Before all of our lovely contestants arrive, we'll be giving you a tour of this season's location!"

The camera panned out to a large and familiar Island that was looking as strange and terrifying as ever. "This is Total Pokemon Island! A place that has not been seen for a whole season! Luckily, we've been holding the whole place together, and filling it with even more insane creations to keep our victims- I mean, PLAYERS guessing!" explained Mew.

He held up a large briefcase. "And we also have a BRAND NEW prize of one million dollars! The contents of this case have only been won before by two top players!"

Mew teleported to the center of the camp where there were two large stone statues. One of them resembled an elegant, beautiful dancer, and the other was a short, squat flower.

"Vileplume and Gardevoir have both survived every challenge, trial, and curveball I've thrown at them to make it through the game! And they have the spoils of war to prove it! Take it from these guys- the challenge, while hard, is worth it in the end!" shouted Mew.

"I thought you'd have a statue of yourself," said Mewtwo, arching a brow.

Mew pointed up to one of the mountains, where a face had been carved. It resembled the manipulative little host immensely, especially the stone smirk carved into the rock. Mewtwo rolled his eyes.

"We'll explain the rest of the new stuff later, but first, it's time for everyone's favorite part- MEETING THE CAMPERS!" shouted Mew.


"Mewtwo, come on, be a little more-!"

"Get on with it. I have plans tonight."

"ANYWAYS," grumbled Mew. He and Mewtwo teleported back to the dock. "Let's introduce our returning campers before we get started! Go on, Mewtwo, get the plane!"

Mewtwo teleported away, before a loud noise was heard. He floated back to the dock with the S.S. Kyogre floating in the air behind him. He gently lowered it in the water, letting it float, almost resembling the certain legendary Pokemon it was designed after. It was confusing for a moment, before loud shouting was heard inside the plan.

"Get me out of here!" shouted one voice.

"Whoever's hand is on my ass better take it off before I remove it for you!"

"That's my foot, and it's not my fault, I've got someone's butt in my face!"

"Why is their smoke? Charmeleon, get your tail away from that!"


"Well this is awesome, thanks guys."

Mew smiled, wiping a tear from his eye. "Ah yes...just as I remember them. It hasn't even been a full year yet, but I've missed these guys so much! So, without further ado, let's show everyone who's come back for anther round! Our first returning contestant is...Diglett!"

Mewtwo opened one of the hatches to the plane, before pulling out a large red wheelbarrow and setting it down on the dock. Diglett whirled around wildly, panicking slightly to see that he was back where he didn't want to be- in Mew and Mewtwo's clutches once more.

"Oh great, we're back here again!" moaned the mole, shaking his head. "No way, I want no part of it!"

"You're free to walk away, but I mean, I don't know if you can without feet," said Mew, snickering.

"But I have feet!" protested Diglett.

A small blue body burst from the wheelbarrow. Pink antenna were popping out of this Pokemon's head, and his eyes were wide with amazement.

"YOU have FEET?"

"Wooper, our runner up from last season, is also back!" announced Mew, clapping his hands.

"Yes, Wooper, I have feet, but you never let me explain how it-!"

"Nevermind, dude, it's not important!" said Wooper, nodding sagely. "We're still best friends for life, even with your problems."

"How has the dynamic duo been doing?" asked Mewtwo curiously.

"We actually share an apartment now!" said Wooper, nodding happily. "Well, us and Trapinch anyway!"

"Really, and what money do you have to pay for it?" asked Mew.

"Diglett makes a bunch of money by digging."

"It's not necessarily...difficult," said Diglett sheepishly.

"And our next returning player is..."

Mewtwo yanked another player out. This time, the Pokemon was big and made of stone. Large sickles adorned his hands, and his lean body was rippling with muscle. But that wasn't the only thing- this familiar face hadn't been seen since Season 1.

"Kabutops!" shouted Diglett.

Kabutops dusted himself off as best as he could. "That's right, kid, I'm back again!"

"It's been forever dude!" said Wooper, grinning. Kabutops smirked.

"Yeah, well, point is I'm back in town and this time, I've got a million to win!"

"Not if I can help it!" shouted a loud voice. Kabutops turned to see a red and black Pokemon gliding towards him in the air. She had large claws, a spiked head, and dark eyes. Kabutops gave her a roguish grin.

"Scizor, babe, you made it!"

"Hi hon," said Scizor sweetly. Kabutops returned her kind smile. Wooper and Diglett exchanged a confused glance. Didn't they always compete with each other...?



"Aren't you two dating?" asked Mew, creeped out.

"Well yeah," said Kabutops.

"It's healthy competition," explained Scizor. "Just because we want to beat each other doesn't mean we don't love each other- that'd be stupid."

"Sorry, we're used to Charmeleon and Gabite," admitted Wooper.

"Don't compare me to spitfire," grumbled Kabutops. Scizor shuddered.

"Alright, alright, you'll have time to catch up with each other later!" snapped Mew. "Next returning player is..."

Mewtwo yanked another player out, but he managed to snag two, as one was stuck to the other. One Pokemon fell in the water, while another hit the dock. As she got up, everyone could see a few sparkles as she moved. The Pokemon was icy white, with a pink bow adorning her figure, which resembled a kimono almost.

"It's been quite some time everyone," said Froslass, bowing her head. Diglett gave her a happy nod.

"Good to see you again Froslass!" said Diglett.

Wooper was staring at her, drooling a little.

"Wooper?" asked Froslass, concerned.

"Uh, hi there!" said Wooper nervously. Diglett sighed under his breath.

"Don't stare at her like that."

"But she's so PRETTY!"

"And our...uh...next player-" said Mew.


A sopping wet arm appeared from the water, long claws attached to it. They dug into the wood as a dark blue Pokemon pulled herself out of the water. She had red parts on top of her head and a nasty gleam in her eye as she shook out her fur.

"Ah...our resident retired evil villainess- Weavile!"

"Can we put that behind us already?" snapped Weavile. "There's more to me than just being a bitch!"

"Enlighten us," said Kabutops, striking a mock thoughtful pose.

"I bake! I skate! I actually do more than just plot!" growled Weavile, folding her arms.

"Calm yourself, Weavile."

Weavile turned at the familiar smooth, sophisticated voice. Floating from the airplane was a golden Pokemon with brown arm. He had long ears and a longer mustache, with two spoons twirling around him as he gracefully landed on the dock. He cocked a brow as he landed beside the rest. Scizor looked annoyed, and Kabutops swore.

"Alakazam has also decided to come back!" said Mew, laughing.

Alakazam folded his arms. "Yes, I have. And I can tell that everyone's happy to see me."

"Yeah, I'd be happier if you weren't going to be such a tricky bastard," muttered Kabutops.

"I'M happy to see you," said Weavile, smiling a bit shyly. Alakazam returned the smile.

"I'm glad to see you're out of that pit of depression. It was very unfortunate."

Mew let the campers chat before turning to the plane. "And our next returning camper is-"

"GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE!" roared a voice. Charmeleon crawled out of the plane, landing on one of the wings, legs wobbling. He looked down at the water frantically, his tail swishing back and forth, before he saw the dock. "Mewtwo! Come on, get me off this thing!"

Mewtwo shrugged, before carelessly tossing Charmeleon on the dock. Charmeleon groaned and got to his feet.

"Couldn't be a bit gentle, could ya?" snarled the fire lizard. "And I dropped my cigs on the plane."

"You smoke now?" asked Alakazam, stunned.

"I'm a Fire Pokemon- it's not too different," said Charmeleon, shrugging.

"You COULD be a Fire/Flying Pokemon," said a powerful voice behind him.

"Oh god, Gabite," moaned Diglett, terrified.

"Not this again," muttered Charmeleon.

"Ah...not exactly," said Mewtwo, smirking.

A large fin appeared in the water, before a powerful dark blue body burst from it. However, it was not the body of Gabite they remembered. Instead, she was taller, more sleek, with longer finned arms and more powerful legs. Her head had changed from its original shark-like shape to resemble more of a hammerhead. A star was present on her snout.

"Gabite? You mean GARCHOMP!" corrected the shark angrily. "And THIS LOSER could be a Charizard if-!"

"I don't WANT to evolve!" snapped Charmeleon. "Charizard look all fat and stupid and with dumb wings and crap!"

"Yeah, and I've got a shitty star on my forehead, we can't win them all!" hissed Garchomp.

"And you compared US to them?" asked Scizor to Wooper in undertone.

"I apologize," said the mudfish.

The next one to show up was a purple ghost, a large hat on her head as she floated to the others. A red set of gems could be seen on her torso. She gave them all a confident nod.

"Hey guys."

"Mismagius makes her magical comeback!" shouted Mew.

"I'll be making my million as well," said Mismagius.

Two more ghosts emerged from the plane. The first one was also purple, with a wide grin and red eyes. Gengar's spiky, shadowy body was a familiar sight. He flashed everyone peace signs as he landed on the dock, letting out a loud cry.

"Gengar is back again, baby!" he shouted.

The grey puppet ghost landed beside him, and Banette gave a big grin. "Ghosts are back in town, dude!"

"Gengar and Banette have also ret- holy cow, we have a lot of ghost competitors," said Mew, staring.

"You're noticing that NOW?" asked Scizor.

Gengar high fived Scizor and Kabutops before walking over and hugging Froslass, who giggled. Banette, on the other hand, grinned and waved at everyone before he saw Mismagius. He looked away awkwardly, which Mismagius did as well. Banette huffed and kept walking before he saw Weavile.

"Uh...hi!" said Banette, looking uncomfortable.

"Yeah uh...hey there...guy," said Weavile, giving a weak smile.

Kabutops and Alakazam exchanged a look of confusion before Banette moved to stand next to him.

"What's with you and-?" asked Kabutops.

"Nothing," said Banette quickly.

A loud, raucous squawk announced the arrival of the next contestant. A massive black bird that seemed to have a hat on its head flew over the waves and landed on the dock. A cigar was placed in her mouth, and her red eyes pierced everyone, sizing everyone up. Everyone took a step back.

"Good ta see you all are still among the living," said Honchkrow, smirking at them. She blew a ring off of her cigar before turning over to the plane.

"Crobat! How long you gonna nap back there?"

A large purple bat flew out of the plane as well, even faster than Honchkrow. He moved and fluttered beside her, giving her a smirk.

"Ladies first," he said.

Honchkrow groaned. "You don't hafta treat me like I'm some flighty dame."

"I know," admitted Crobat. "But you like when I do."

Honchkrow tilted her hat down, hiding her flush as she stomped past the rest of the campers. Gengar stared, dumbfounded.

"Dude...Crobat got...confident?" he whispered to Froslass.

Froslass seemed to be in a trance.


"He's actually...kinda hot now," said Froslass, gaping.

"WHAT?" asked Gengar.

Froslass shook her head quickly. "I mean- he has a very attractive form, model wise!"

Gengar folded his arms. "Just uh...remember my attractive qualities...okay?"

"Will do."

Wooper banged his head on Diglett's wheelbarrow. "She notices CROBAT but not me."

"Wooper, you're denting my wheelbarrow, please stop-"

There was a loud bark, and everyone turned to see two Pokemon arriving, one carrying the other. The first one was a massive creature that seemed to be a mix between a tiger and a dog, while the other looked like some weird mix of a bat and a scorpion. Gliscor dropped Arcanine onto the dock before landing on his tail, grinning at the other campers.

"Guess who's back for another go!" said Arcanine, flexing his muscles. Everyone rolled their eyes.

"So...you've been hitting the gym still," commented Charmeleon.

"Of course! Gotta look good, right? Need to impress ladies," said Arcanine. His face shifted to a concerned look. "Uh...is Ninetales gonna be here?"

"Nope," said Mew. "She and Houndoom aren't coming back."

"Oh thank Arceus," said Arcanine in relief.

"Wait, Houndoom isn't coming?" asked Gengar, looking upset.

"Nope. He threatened to burn down the island if I forced him. He's a grumpy pup, so we let him go. Ninetales obviously opted out as well."

"Who else isn't coming back?" asked Banette. "Out of curiosity."

"We're only bringing twenty of you back, so we got rid of people with a low fan base like Lapras and Rhydon. While some others, who will not be named, got away because of loopholes."

Kabutops leaned and whispered to Banette. "Cacturne, right?"


Weavile, on the other hand, nodded to Gliscor. "Good to see you're back on your wings. You gonna get sick again?"

"Uh...no" said Gliscor, giving her a clever smirk. Unlike most contestants, he didn't have a real feud with Weavile except her being a colossal jerk. Most of her plans were never aimed at him.

There was a loud shout from the plane.

"Come on, honey, I'm stuck, help me out!"


The plane shook and a massive, furry shape popped out, splashing into the water. A tidal wave rippled forward, nearing the contestants, but Alakazam stopped it with his mind and sent it away. Everyone stared as a massive brown Pokemon emerged from the water. It had a blue mask around its eyes, large feet, and a bright pink nose. Gargantuan tusks seemed to sprout from its furry face.

"Is that...?" said Garchomp, looking almost impressed.

"Dang," said Gliscor.

"He turned into a Mamoswine," observed Scizor.

Mamoswine let out a happy shout. "Hey guys! I'm back again! How're you all doing?"

"I feel so much smaller than I used to," said Diglett.


"Wooper, no."

"How much did you eat to et that big?" asked Arcanine.

"Uh...not too much, I think! I actually started jogging and lost weight...well...before I gained it all back!" said Mamoswine sheepishly.


Everyone froze.

"That's not...her...right?" asked Froslass.

Luxray appeared behind Froslass. "Who?"

"ACK!" Froslass floated over the water, while Luxray grinned. Her body was larger and far more muscular, but she still had her zany expression.

"Shinx was hyperactive, Luxio was off kilter...," mused Alakazam. "By that logic, Luxray should be in an asylum."

"I was! For a while! But I overloaded the machines so they had to let me go!" said Luxray proudly. "NO ONE WILL STOP MY REIGN!"

Everyone stared at Luxray for a long time. Mew coughed.

"And our last contestant is..."

No one emerged from the plan. Mew growled under his breath and yanked hard with his telekinesis. A large turquoise bell was pulled from the plane, hitting the dock and clanging loudly.

"Can you not?" asked Bronzong, sneering.

"Tough luck, bell boy, you're back for another season!"

"How many tricky, scheming jerks is he gonna bring back?" muttered Mismagius. Then she counted.

"Wait...that's the last? You only brought back nineteen!"

Mew frowned, He looked over every contestant again before cocking his head to one side. "That's strange- I thought...well, guess I counted wrong!"

"That's really professional," drawled Bronzong. Mew growled at him.

"Can we get started already? I have a prize to win," said Charmeleon, folding his arms.

"Ha! You wish!" said Gliscor, smirking.

"Just a minute- I never said you were the ONLY ones competing," said Mew, giving a sinister smile.

"What? More newbies I assume?" asked Gabite, rolling her eyes. "Probably gonna be easy. You only brought five last time, and the only one who was an issue was Hypno."

"Even though Honchkrow and I outlasted you," pointed out Froslass quietly.

"I'm not bringing five this time, though," said Mew, laughing. "I'm bringing thirteen!"

"What!?" exclaimed Banette. "That's a ton!"

"Well with all of the campers who managed NOT to return, I figured I'd get some new blood from some of the regions we haven't hit yet!" said Mew, chuckling. "So then...without further ado!"

Mewtwo came along, piloting a boat. No one had noticed the co-host slipping away. The boat pulled up to the dock and a walkway extended from it, landing at the edge of the dock. The first Pokemon soon emerged.

They were small and round, and resembled a mouse. With blue skin and a white belly, they had a very cute appearance. Lugging along a battered suitcase, they hopped on down. They waved hello to everyone.

"Hi guys! The name's Marill!" shouted the small Pokemon. "Nice to meet you all!"

"Marill here is our first new contestant! So, think you can compete with these veterans?" asked Mew.

"I can walk the dock AND talk the talk!" shouted Marill. Then she snorted and started laughing hysterically. "Get it? Because I'm on a dock? Hahahaha!"

Mew groaned, but most of the campers cracked amused smirks. Marill hopped over and stood next to Scizor.

"Hi there!"

Scizor gave a smile. "Hello."

The next Pokemon was a large grey bird- well, minus its head, which was a vivid pink. Long tendrils were flowing from his head and he had a crafty smirk on his face.

"Well look at all these losers! Couldn't get anymore people for me to wreck?" he asked arrogantly.

"Unfezant is our second arrival!" said Mew, grinning.

"And probably the first departure," whispered Alakazam to Weavile.

"Well, all I can say is, good luck because you'll need it!" said Unfezant, strutting past them with his nose in the air.

Honchkrow growled and started to stomp over, before Crobat held her back.

The next Pokemon emerged from the boat soon after. It was also a male this time, but he looked nothing like the first two. He had red armor, with silver blades emerging from his body. He walked with grace, but also with purpose, while his eyes scanned over the contestants.

"This is Bisharp," said Mew.

"Charmed," said Bisharp, in a tone that showed he had no time for nonsense. "I'm not one for introductions, so let's just get to know each other during the game."

He walked over to stand next to Kabutops, offering a handshake, which Kabutops hesitantly accepted.

"What do you think of him?" asked Arcanine to Gliscor.

"Seems like an okay dude, but way too serious."

The fourth Pokemon was nothing like the one before him. He hopped off of the boat and slid down the railing. He landed on the dock with ease and grinned at his competitors. He resembled some strange sort of blue frog, with an orange throat and yellow eyes.

"Name's Toxicroak! Cool to be here!"

"Are you the kind of guy that "TOX" a lot?" asked Marill, smirking. Nearby, Charmeleon groaned.

Toxicroak stared for a moment, before he leaned back and let out a loud, cackling laugh.

"Oh man! Priceless. Oh Arceus, my sides!"

"Which one's worse?" groaned Garchomp.

Toxicroak high fived all of his competitors before standing beside Bisharp. Everyone was shocked by the next newcomer- not because of who they were, but because they had all seen her before.

She looked as if she was in a large dress of gothic fashion, with bows adorning her figure. Her face was a deep purple, though her red lips glowed brightly. She walked with the balance and poise of a professional model. Everyone glanced from her, before their eyes turned to Alakazam. He seemed to be totally stunned as well.

"Since we lost Gardevoir, and with Froslass as only one model...I decided to bring in this lovely lady, Gothitelle!" said Mew, laughing.

Alakazam walked forward, taking her hand and placing a kiss on it. "This is an unexpected pleasure. I didn't know you had entered!"

"Oui, I wanted eet to be a surprise for you," said Gothitelle, in what seemed to be a Kalos accent. "Now we can both compete in zis show together."

Alakazam smiled. "I'm sure it will be delightful."

"It sure will," groaned Weavile.

Everyone was so entranced with Gothitelle that they didn't see the next player show up. He was a large rock with what appeared to be an orange nose, under which was an enormous hairy mustache. Probopass silently floated down from the ship, settling down near Gabite.

"This is Probopass!" said Mew.

Probopass said nothing.

"Not a very...talkative guy, is he?" asked Banette, eyeing the rock warily. Probopass turned to face him. Banette stepped back.

"Not really," admitted Mew. "But hey, whatever, we decided to take him!"

Banette stared, confused. There was something weird about some silent rock. Banette turned to Alakazam, wondering if he should ask the Psychic, but Alakazam was talking to Gothitelle.

There was a loud screech as another Pokemon burst from the ship. This Pokemon was dark black, but with many different colored parts. She was a strange creature- she looked like some weird cross between a dragon and a bat. She flew in circles in the air before landing on the dock, all of her stuff clattering to the dock.

"Wazzup guys!?" she asked, clapping her hands. "Name's Noivern! Here to rock out, party it up, and play the game! Let's all wreck this stuff, y'know?"

"You're...very loud," said Diglett, quietly.

"Hell yeah I'm loud!" said Noivern. She reached into her luggage. "Wait...wait...hold up, my guitar's in here somewhere-!"

"Not again," growled a voice. A dark canine creature was shuffling down the dock. They had grey and black fur, with some black markings around the eye. Her expression was completely miserable. Noivern turned and pouted.

"Mightyena, come on, just one more song-!"

"You played over fifty songs on the ride here and none of them sounded like actual music," muttered Mightyena, slipping over to the edge of the dock and sitting.

"She seems nice," whispered Kabutops to Scizor, snickering. She giggled in response.

The door on the boat slammed open and another Pokemon strode out. This one was a glowing with a dark aura, and resembled a tree. But unlike a normal tree, this Pokemon had large wooden arms and a single glowing red eye. He strode down the pathway and folded his arms. The veterans noticed some carvings in the wood- perhaps they were his form of tattoos.

"Trevenant. That's all you need to know," he growled. His single eye flickered from contestant to contestant, eyeing them and sizing them up. This guy looked mean. Really mean.

He moved along past, with Mismagius peering at him curiously. Banette followed her gaze, and frowned. He didn't like that guy either.

In his wake, emerged a tiny Pokemon. Roserade hopped down from the boat gracefully, before landing in front of everyone. Most campers smiled. This one seemed normal.

Roserade grinned. "So, who wants to smoke a joint with me?"

Everyone stared.

"What," said Arcanine.

Roserade laughed and pulled out a tiny little joint, putting it into her mouth. "Aw yeah, that's the good stuff. Anyways, the name is Roserade. Let's just...y'know...be mellow, you dig?"

"She's stoned," whispered Diglett. "I've never met a stoner before."

"Relax, stoners are people too," said Mamoswine. "There as much of people as actual stones are!"

Diglett rolled his eyes. "Yeah, but rocks don't have brains or anything."

Probopass turned to look at Diglett silently. Diglett gulped and burrowed into the dirt in his wheelbarrow.

The next guy emerged from the boat, and he let out a loud shout. "Woo hoo! I am here and ready to play!"

He was large and blue, resembling some sort of amphibious creature. He had dark fins on his head, with orange eyes and cheeks. A large gray fin was his tail. Puffing out his chest, he walked down to the other contestants and started doing push ups.

"Swampert's my name, fitness is my game! Let's work together, work out, and work as hard as we can as a team!"

"Look at this guy," muttered Charmeleon to Garchomp. "He's a total nut."

"At least he evolved," scoffed Garchomp, causing Charmeleon to growl.

As Swampert was doing his push ups, another Pokemon walked over and kicked him in the gut. He looked tall, lean, and mean. This Pokemon was a red crocodile with dark eyes that almost seemed to resemble sunglasses. His belly was white, and he had black spikes jutting out from his back. His tail lashed as he looked down at Swampert.

"My mistake...didn't see you there," he said in a clever voice, lifting up Swampert and dusting him off. He looked to his competitors and cracked a smirk. "Krookodile. And may the best Pokemon win."

He strode past, with Gengar and Arcanine eyeing him warily. They then both looked at each other and shrugged. Swampert on the other hand, moved and stood next to Roserade, flexing his muscles all the while.

"And our final player is...," said Mew, smiling as she came out from the boat. Hopping down the dock, she landed in front of everyone in a battle pose. She had a thin, tan body, but her legs were very round. She resembled a mix between a fighter and a yoga artist.

"My name is Medicham. It is an honor to make your acquaintance," she said, bowing before them.

"You're...shiny," said Froslass, surprised.

"Yes...I notice you are as well, though yours is a bit more subtle than mine," said Medicham, nodding to Froslass's bow. She turned to the rest of her competition.

"I hope you all decide to play honorably. I would like to test my skills against those who play with integrity, rather than those who try to cheat or exploit loopholes."

Charmeleon snorted, before being punched by Garchomp.

"Integrity, eh? That's an idea," commented Krookodile quietly in the back.

Kabutops glanced at him, but couldn't tell if he was sarcastic or not, before shrugging it off.

"Alright! That's everyone!" said Mew. "If you will all follow me to a familiar location- the campfire pit!"


"Since you haven't been here in a while, and the rules of the game have changed a bit, I figure it's only fair that I go over the rules for both veterans and newcomers!" said Mew. "The rules are simple. Be the last camper on the island, and you win the prize of one million dollars AND a lifetime supply of Poffins! However, it's not going to be EASY."

"First, we'll split you into two teams. The two teams will compete in challenges with one another. The team that wins is either automatically safe, or gets some sort of other advantage in the game. The team that loses must vote a camper out! The camper who leaves will be sent home and lose their chance for the prize. Eventually, the teams will become small, and so we'll merge them. After that point, it's every man and woman for themselves. As I said, last camper standing wins."

"Yeah, yeah, we know- get to the new stuff," said Mismagius impatiently.

Mew scowled. "For starters, singing is not required this season. We've dispelled that rule. On another note, there are a few changes regarding eliminations!"

"Such...as?" asked Diglett, confused.

"No more handing out free immunities for seemingly menial tasks. No more tricking people into automatic eliminations. And absolutely NO messing with the votes. If you mess with the official votes, you are AUTOMATICALLY ELIMINATED!"

Charmeleon grinned at Weavile, who rolled her eyes.

"Secondly, there's gonna be a new system during the elimination ceremony. Mewtwo and I have added something INSANE to this season!"

Mew grabbed all of the contestants and teleported them to a beach on the far side of the island. Mew pointed out in the distance, and everyone stared. There was a small, lonely dark island in the distance. No one could tell what was on it, though. From the looks of it, it was filled with dense foliage, brambles, and large rocks. It looks like some night forest or something.

"What is that?" asked Wooper, curious.

"That, my friend, is a new addition called the Nightmare Isle!" said Mew, grinning. "The Winning Team and Losing Team both get an advantage from this, and it's a doozy! After each elimination, the winners and losers get to pick a member of each opposing team and send them to the Nightmare Isle! There is no shack, no food, no hospitality! It's a downright horrifying place!"

"How bad could it be?" asked Gengar, rolling his eyes.

"I got help designing it," said Mew, grinning. "As a permanent settlement in freeing him from my contract forever, Cacturne helped me design it."

Gengar gulped.

"However, the ones on the island shouldn't fear. Because on this Nightmare Isle is an advantage like no other. There is a small stone sculpture of me. I call it the Im-MEW-nity Statue. You get the Im-MEW-nity Statue, then at an elimination ceremony where you are the one being sent home, you will instead cash in the idol to stay in the game! But be warned- getting sent to the island isn't easy, and you may be a liability in challenges later on."

"And what if the first person sent finds the idol?" asked Bronzong, eyes gleaming.

"We keep doing it until the merge regardless. Even if the relic has been found and used, you can STILL pick a person on each team to send to the island. Think of the competition, and who you want to cripple- but remember, they have a chance to get an extra life if you send the right person."

"Clever," growled Garchomp. "That's a clever little thing you put together. Jerk."

"Thank you very much," said Mew, snickering. "Now, we have some other rules. This new rule applies to all of you that can Mega-Evolve."

Garchomp looked surprised, while Banette and Gengar exchanged a glance. Scizor folded her arms, while Swampert clapped his hands.

"If you can Mega Evolve, we do ALLOW Mega Evolutions...but only once. You can only Mega Evolve once during this competition."

"Drat," growled Garchomp.

"It's totally unfair to those who CAN'T Mega Evolve. So, if you want to turn the tables during a challenge, you can, but remember- don't do it again. Only once. For ratings. But, better not waste it and always remember- if you activate YOUR Mega Stone, someone on the enemy team can activate their own!"

"Perfect," grumbled Charmeleon.

"This is why YOU should evolve!" snapped Garchomp.

"SHUT UP!" roared Charmeleon.

"Any other new rules to watch out for?" queried Mismagius, folding her arms.

"No, but any new rule that pops up will be explained in time!" said Mew. "Also, I have some more news- the challenges this time won't only be designed by me."

"What does THAT mean?" asked Bisharp, cocking a brow.

"A good portion of these challenges will be old ones, renovated by me, and made into completely new, crazier challenges," explained Mew. "But another good portion will be created by your very own ex-competitors!"

"WHAT?" exclaimed Gliscor. "But half of them hate some of us!"

"Yeah, Gliscor- be careful when Pidgeot hosts," said Mew, snickering. "So...let's divide these guys up into teams! So...on our first team, the Graceful Gardevoirs...we'll have...Banette, Gliscor, Wooper, Diglett, Luxray, Alakazam, Garchomp, Weavile, Bronzong, Unfezant, Noivern, Krookodile, Mightyena, Gohitelle, Marill, and Swampert."

"Graceful Gardevoirs?" asked Weavile, looking sickened. "Gardevoir is fine. But Graceful?"

"I agree- you belong on a Gruesome Garbador team," said Unfezant, snickering.

Weavile sharpened her claws and stomped towards him, causing the bird to flap away nervously.

Alakazam smiled at Gothitelle. "Same team. Perfect."

"Remaining players...which would be Gengar, Froslass, Arcanine, Mamoswine, Mismagius, Scizor, Charmeleon, Kabutops, Crobat, Honchkrow, Bisharp, Toxicroak, Trevenant, Roserade, Probopass, and Medicham...you'll be the Victorious Vileplumes!"

"Victorious, eh?" said Crobat, grinning. "Not bad at all!"

"Tch. Stupid name," grumbled Trevenant, folding his arms.

Roserade grinned, blowing a smoke ring. "Far out..."

"Now get ready, because this season is gonna be the craziest one yet! So- hop into your confessionals and make your first speeches so that we can start- because the first challenge takes place in ONE HOUR!"

"An hour?" asked Mamoswine, incredulous. "Holy Miltank, that's soon!"

"All the more reason to get in the confessional! Now move!"


"Well, we're back again," said Diglett, sighing. "Not much to say I guess, but I think we should expect some crazy hell challenge like we always do. Hopefully the ex campers shouldn't be bad- how nasty could Vileplume and Lileep be when making a challenge? Then again...there is Rhydon...and Hitmonlee...and Primeape...oh gosh."


"Another season? Another chance," said Scizor. "Other than Kabutops, I don't really plan on allying with anyone. I'll just play like I did last time- be useful, don't make friends, and don't make any enemies I can't beat. Hopefully I don't get completely cheated last tie. No offense Banette, but you're not screwing me over this time."


"I can't wait!" said Mamoswine. "So much food to eat! So many things to see! This'll be great! Mewtwo better rev up those fryers, because I'm ready to chow down!"

Mamoswine frowned. "But...I'm on a separate team from Luxray and the others. Ugh. What a bummer."


"I plan on playin' da same way I always do- my best," said Honchkrow. "And with a more confident bat at my side, I'd be pretty surprised if someone knocked me outta dis thing early. Get ready, boys and gals- Honchkrow is playin' hardball this season!"


"Smash apart the competition, win the million, and convince my idiot boyfriend to evolve," grumbled Garchomp. "That's what's gonna happen this season. Any losers on my team are gonna get cut."


Weavile sighed. "This time, I'll try and actually, y'know, ENJOY this game. No schemes, no alliances...no tricks. I brought my skateboard and some other stuff to do while I'm here. Keep my mind occupied- maybe I won't get a huge target on my back."

Weavile gave a nervous look. "But Banette is here, and Alakazam and his girlfriend are here, and I don't...I don't know what I'm thinking...no! Don't let your heart distract your head! I won't forget what that yellow bastard did to me last season. Thank goodness he's not here."


Gliscor grinned. "I ain't getting sick this time! Gonna enjoy this competition to the fullest. And who knows? We've got some cuties that have come to the island. I might score a babe!"


"The doctors say the electricity in my head has made me unstable!" shouted Luxray, grinning. "AHAHAHAHAHA THAT'S CRAZY TALK! I'm not unstable at all! I'm perfectly normal for me!"

Luxray felt a jolt go through her body. "One could say that my chronic condition affects my personality and mood. It seems to change periodically when I get zapped."

Luxray was zapped again and grinned evilly. "MAYBE I'LL BLOW UP MEW'S PLANE AGAIN!"


Mismagius groaned. "Banette's here, again. I'm still really uncomfortable around him...and I still have feelings, and...ugh."

She perked up. "But we've got new cute girls and guys on this island! Roserade and Medicham are both cute. Bisharp isn't bad. And TREVENANT. Holy cow, he's a looker. Bad boys really get me going. Maybe someone new will get Banette off my mind. Of course, don't let that fool you- that million is the top priority."


Alakazam gave a charismatic smile. "With my brilliant brain on one side and my lovely girlfriend on another, what is there to lose this season? An all new chance to test my brain against these new players. As much as it makes me seem nasty, I almost hope there's another player like Hypno this game. I doubt I'd enjoy trumping them as much, but ah, well it's the thought that counts, isn't it?"


Kabutops grinned, sharpening his scythes. "New season, new ass kickings! I was in juvie last time for causing some trouble on the streets, which is why I didn't return for World Tour- Scizor was a sweetheart, she didn't go in without me. Not like I enjoy causing trouble, it just happens! Either way, this show should be fun- though I AM gonna miss the old crew."


Charmeleon scoffed. "Garchomp needs to lay off. Anyways, this season looks interesting. A lot less girls are around, but that's probably because Mew's a creepy jerk who needs to lay off. Seriously- I'm surprised Gardevoir never sued him."

He lit up a cigarette. "I don't need to evolve to win this season. No automatic elimination is gonna crush my ass this time. And if Garchomp wants me to evolve, she can suck it. I'm doing what I want this season."


Froslass looked a bit nervous. "The first season was rather intense- I'm wondering if Mew is going to be even more insane this time. But...well, at least I have Gengar with me again. For a whole season, no less! And I have so many good friends on this show now. Although...Wooper keeps staring at me."

Froslass glanced left to right, before giggling. "And if all else fails...I brought some chocolate."


Wooper gave a grin. "Froslass is here! Diglett is here! Luxray is here! Mamoswine is here! And I'm here! Now all I need is the million and I can win! I was runner up last season, so who knows- maybe this time I'll actually WIN!"


"Ready to party, and ready to rock and roll!" shouted Gengar. "This season is MY season!"


Banette groaned. "Mismagius AND Weavile are here? Oh man, what're the odds. At least Gengar and some other old friends are around...maybe that'll distract me. I still care about Mismagius and all, but then Weavile and I...well...ugh. Great, I've got myself in a pickle now. Either way, no crazy eliminations this time. That's a plus!"

Banette frowned, before sighing. "Oh, who am I kidding? I'm gonna get to the final ten and then get screwed over by a Legendary. First it was Mewtwo, then Giratina, what now? Arceus descending from above just to flip me off and kick me into another world?"


Bronzong sneered. "I'm going to do what I always do. Play the game. Play it by my rules. Yeah, I may have gotten a bit better at, y'know, not caring about anything, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna toss a million bucks aside. I'm gonna scheme, I'm gonna manipulate, and I'm gonna knock anyone who's convenient enough for me to knock out of this competition."


Crobat smiled. "This season could be my lucky time to play! Honchkrow and I have learned some new tricks and moves together. One thing's for sure- Zubat couldn't do it, Golbat couldn't do it, but Crobat definitely has one hell of a shot!"


Arcanine grinned. "No ladies getting in my way this time...well, I hope! Whatever, anyway, the point is, I'm playing this season and I'm gonna go all the way. Be a great teammate, and then shine on my own post merge. That's gonna be the Arcanine strategy!"

Arcanine cocked his head. "Still, I hope I can get along with the newbies. Who knows? Maybe they'll like us."


"I immediately hate everyone," growled Trevenant. He folded his wooden arms. "But still- some people look like they'll actually be good players, and some of the girls are cute. Mainly that ice ghost, the witch, and the stoner. But they're not worth my time until they prove it. Money first. That shit comes later."

He cracked his knuckles. "My plan? Beat everyone out of my path. Maybe even literally."


Marill grinned. "First I went out of my house to come here, and now I'm in an OUTHOUSE! AHAHAHA!"

She wiped a tear from her eye. "In all honesty, I'd like to meet some folks and make some friends! Spread the humor and laughter around. Money is money, but I really want to make this competition less...well...competition-y. Money's worth a bit, but a smile can be priceless!"


Unfezant snorted. "Losers, all of them. I'm the smartest, best looking, and you know what else? The future winner. I don't care what they think. You can't vote off your best player too soon, and when it's too late...well...it's too late!"


Toxicroak grinned at the camera. "This is looking to be one HELL of a shindig! I may be a punk, but I hope these guys enjoy me being here! A plan to win? Not needed, I'm just hoping to have one crazy bash! YOW!"


Roserade had a bowl with her, before she grinned lazily at the camera. "Man...this is gonna be...so radical. So many cute girls and boys...and like...everyone seems so chill. That's my plan...be chill...never lose my cool...and smoothly sail to the top. Well...is that even a plan?"


Probopass silently stared at the camera.


"Zis will be a pleasure!" said Gothitelle, smiling politely at the camera. "Zis will bring my magazine ze publicity eet deserves! And ze best part? My beloved at my side. Our relationship 'as been quite quiet for a long time, but I am not ashamed of ze man I love, even if his past is a bit questionable. Good luck, everyone. May ze contest be fun for us all!"


Bisharp folded his arms. "This entire game is chess. You need to know what moves to make. Your moves must be disguised- not too strong, not too weak. Not so bold to alert the enemy, but not so quiet so you miss your opportunity. You must know who is a king, who is a knight...and who is a pawn."

Bisharp clapped his hands. "My plan is simple. Amass an alliance. Numbers are the key factor in controlling this game. Using my comrades, I will control the vote for my team, allowing me to pick off threats and weaknesses. Once we get to the merge, we'll continue to dominate until we make it to the finals. I'm here for the competition and money, not friendship."

Bisharp gave a grim, determined smile. "And I WILL have it."


Swampert flexed his muscles, grinning. "Alight, it's time to pump it and it's time to show off my spirit as a player in this show! I'm gonna be strong, work hard, and help my team do that too! I hope they all like me and like fitness, because we're a package deal! Either way, this'll be fun, yeah?"


Mightyena sighed. "I shouldn't have come. What's the point? I'm not even a serious player in this show. They probably all think I'm some weirdo shut in goth."

She sighed again. "Well, then again, I am."


Krookodile smirked, picking his tooth with his claws. "Seriously? THIS is my competition? This is just SAD. These guys are a bunch of idiots- well, they will be when I'm done with them anyway."

Krookodile tapped his skull. "The key to being a winner is laying low, but still causing mischief. I plan on being a useful asset to my team, but not overly so. What I want to do is mess up my own teammates to take out the threats as quickly as I can. If the other team is losing, I'll just slip a target on their backs! Sabotage and blackmail are great!"

Krookodile laughed. "After all, it's not cheating until you get caught! And I NEVER get caught!"


Noivern gave a loud shout. "AW YEAH! ROCK ON! I am so PUMPED for this thing! So many people, so many things to do, so many things to see, this is gonna be AWESOME! Plus, now that I'm on an island, I get to rock and jam out! Normally I get in trouble in my apartment because I'm so loud, but that's just because they don't appreciate the ROCK!"

Noivern took a deep breath and let out a loud screech. Shouting was soon heard outside.



Medicham rubbed her head. "Oh my. Anyways, the competition seems to be rather difficult. This is perfect. I have been waiting a long time to test my skills and apply all of my training to events in the real world. I will be very happy to try and climb to the top. And while I do not believe that everyone will play fair, I will reach the end through hard work alone!"

Medicham folded her arms and nodded. "Good luck to all. May the best Pokemon win!"


And that's the first episode of the new season!

The challenges will be devised by the past contestants. All of them. Although some of them, Mew will just rehash from old challenges. It'll be pretty great, I hope.

19 old campers, 13 new comers, adds up to 32 campers to go through. Who will make it and who won't? We'll just have to wait and see. Anyways, the profiles for the new campers are below:

Marill- The Punny Comedian
Gothitelle- The Foreign Model
Bisharp- The Chess Master
Toxicroak- The Cackling Punk
Roserade- The Lazy Stoner
Trevenant- The Nasty Brute
Krookodile- The Devious Saboteur
Swampert- Mr. Fit
Mightyena- The Depressed Goth
Noivern- The Party Girl Rocker
Unfezant- The Obnoxious Blabbermouth
Probopass- The Silent Watcher
Medicham- The Honorable Fighter

Make your predictions! Pick your players! And get ready for a brand new season!

Next Episode: The campers are given a challenge from high flying bug that hasn't been seen in a while. The challenge is a homage to the original challenges of long ago. Campers learn who the real players are, and who are the useless jerks. And as always, someone is sent packing!

Mew: Get ready to review!