So, before I start, I should probably explain some things.

This story was written piecemeal, scene-by-scene, based upon a Twitch Plays Pokemon popularity voting contest. Each round, numerous groups were compiled, usually containing four characters each. The results of polling defined the story; if your character came first or second, they survived to the next round. If not...

Well. You'll see.

This tournament assumes some pre-knowledge of the characters of Twitch Plays Pokemon, and also tends to reference in-jokes. If murder is your thing, you'll probably enjoy it regardless, but the personalities of many, especially the in-game protagonists (Red, AJ, A, Alice, Napoleon, Aoooo, Jimmy) and Bill, come largely from there. As this is an action story based on a poll, it also just assumes that the 'tournament' is absolute. So unlike the Hunger Games or Battle Royale, attention is given entirely to the characters. The 'organizing body' is not mentioned, or relevant to the story.

64 characters; 7 Protagonists, 11 Rivals, 5 Major Canon Antagonists (including Cyrus), 3 Non-Canon Antagonists, 10 Gym Leaders, 4 Champions, 7 Elite Four Members, 5 Members of Team Galactic (including Cyrus), 5 Pokemon Professors, and 7 Miscellaneous. Let the bloodbath begin.

Round 1: Beginnings


Groups 1 & 2


The klaxon blared.

Red launched himself out of the gate, feet slipping and skidding on the rocky gravel underfoot. All around him, other shapes did the same, fleeing out into the wide, empty expanse of the gravel quarry.

To his left, the slender, red-haired form of Silver made a beeline for Lance, switchblade snapping into hand.

At the right, Whitney barreled towards Morty, a huge iron mace clasped firmly between two slender hands.

A terrified Will skittered into his field of vision, followed by the terrifying, black-cloaked form of Ghetsis Harmonia. Will stumbled, and the sharpened point of Ghetsis' staff punched through his lower back.

Red tried to force himself to a stop, but momentum carried him forward, driving him into Ghetsis and sending the two tumbling across the ground.

Over by the gate, Silver slipped under Lance's guard, and with a cry of exhalation drove the switchblade deep between his ribs. The cry caught Morty off guard, and Whitney's mace ploughed into the side of his head with bone-crushing force, sending his body spinning into a wall.

Shoving himself up, Ghetsis growled and grabbed Red by the shoulders, using his superior strength to flip the boy over. The larger man straddled him and pulled a thin, metal spike out of his coat, raising it high.

"I'm going to win this. Apologies." he hissed, eyes bright with anticipation.

Suddenly, there was an overwhelmingly bright explosion of light, and something black and heavy slammed into Ghetsis' side. The man was flung off Red, the sharp rocks slicing through his cloak like paper as he slid across the rough terrain.

Team Plasma's leader let out a groan of pain, which quickly turned to disgust when he realized that he was currently lying under the charred body of Silver. Ghetsis pushed the body off and got up, his eyes locking onto the man responsible.

Wattson stepped into Red's field of vision, sparking electricity crackling between two huge, metal gauntlets strapped to the man's forearms.

"This battle is electrifying! Looks like you don't quite have the zip, Ghetsis! WAHAHAHAHAH!"


Group 4


Jupiter crept across the dark, empty field, garrote in hand. A short distance away, Professor Birch lay slumped against a thick, black log, his thick head silhouetted by a fire that he had oh-so-stupidly kindled for himself.

Movement caught her eye. Jupiter froze. On the summit of a hill, red-coated form outlined by the brilliant white radiance of the moon, stood Bill.

He waved at her.

Jupiter dropped into the dirt, heart thundering in her chest. How had he seen her? This... she needed to get out of here! Birch would know, he...

... He wasn't moving.

And then, with a mounting horror, she realized that, from the very beginning, Professor Birch had not moved once.

A strong, muscular arm wrapped around her throat, and a rough voice... Koga's voice... spoke in her ear, "Sorry. You just got out-ninja'd."

Her eyes flashed up to the hilltop. But Bill was gone.



Group 3


Vines and branches whipping at her face, covered head to toe in cuts and bruises, Hilda fled headlong through the trees, blood pumping in her ears.

Two sounds came from behind her; the frantic stumbles of Professor Elm, and the quiet, methodical tread of the predator that been hunting them for the last day.

She heard Elm's shin slam into a rock, heard him gasp in pain and come to a stop. A second later, there was a soft chink of a blade hitting bone, a gasp of pain, and then nothing.

And then, the tread resumed.

Body leaden with exhaustion, Hilda slipped on a patch of moss. Her legs came out from under her, and her head whacked into a tree, sending stars dancing across her eyes.

A groan of fear and pain escaped her lips, and she tried to regain her feet. She had only managed to reach her knees when the shadowy form of Cyrus emerged from behind a tree, the long, thin blade in his hands glittering in the starlight.

The empty, sharklike eyes of Team Galactic's leader settled on her quivering form, and he stepped towards her. Cyrus calmly placed the point of the sword on her chest, then drew back to strike, not a flicker of emotion crossing his face.

A whistle of air came from her right. Cyrus leapt backwards, a throwing hatchet ripping through the air where he had been an instant earlier. Giovanni stepped out into the moonlight, shirt ripped away to reveal a bare, muscular chest.

He looked at her. "Can you fight?"

Hilda scrabbled to her feet. "Yes! Yes, I can!"

He nodded once, then tossed her a sword scabbard, which she somehow managed to catch through her grogginess. "Good. Then..."

He didn't get to finish his sentence. Cyrus darted forward, blade poised to strike Giovanni through the heart. With frightening speed, the Team Rocket Leader reached up and caught the blade in his hand. He let out a grunt of pain, blood streaming down his arms. "Now! Go!"

Hands shaking, Hilda clumsily slid the sword out of the scabbard and ran forward. Cyrus' eyes widened a fraction, and he tried to move backwards, but Giovanni's uninjured hand snaked forward, catching him by the shirt. "Oh no you don't."


Hilda's blade struck true. Cyrus twitched once, looked down at the sword sticking out of his side, then died without a word.

Giovanni released the body, letting it collapse to the earth. He turned to her, nodding once. "Thank you. Keep the sword."

And then he was gone.


Groups 7 & 8


A shot rang out behind him. Brendan ducked reflexively, a branch next to his head exploding in a shower of splinters and bark chips.

Lt Surge pumped his shotgun, spent shell cartridge falling to the mossy forest floor. "You can't run forever, kid! We're coming for ya!"

Brendan burst out of the treeline, finding himself on a wide, open road. His head span from one side to the other, searching for something, anything, he could use.


Heavy footsteps came from behind. Brendan turned to see the hulking form of Bruno fly out of the bushes, muscled arm pulled back to strike.

Brendan lashed out with his truncheon, but it had no more effect on Bruno than it would have on a charging rhinoceros. The huge man buried his fist in Brendan's stomach, actually lifting the boy off the ground. Brendan let out a wheeze of pain, staggering down onto his knees as Bruno closed in for the kill.


A black, red-streaked van roared around the corner, ploughing into Bruno with bone-breaking force. The Elite Four member flipped through the air, broken body slamming into a tree with a sickening crunch.

The van skidded to a halt. The black barrel of an M4 Carbine was shoved out the side window, as the person inside opened fire on the treeline. Lt Surge ducked behind a tree, bullets ripping through the foliage around him.

Brendan pushed himself to his feet, still dry-retching from Bruno's blow.

The van door was flung open, the driver making furious, emphatic motions with the M4.

"Get the fuck in already!" roared Camilla A. Slash.


Group 5


Four launched themselves across the gravel, scythe pulled back to swing.

Aaron raised his crowbar, but it was too little too late. The blade sliced through the air in a wicked arc, ripping through the flesh of Aaron's waist and severing his spinal cord in two.

The Elite Four member muttered something intelligible, slumped to his knees, and tumbled, face-first, into the dirt.

Four yanked the scythe out of his body, searching for the next threat. Nothing.

The gravel pits were mostly empty now. Only two other figures remained, battling in the blackened aftermath of Wattson's rampage. At the other side of the depression, Aoooo was skittering across the pits, yowling in fear. Behind her came Looker, coattails flying in the wind as he pursued her. A bloodstained knife was held in one hand, a knuckleduster in the other.

Four slung the scythe up onto their shoulder, ready to move the second either turned their attention to them. The full moon was just coming out from behind the clouds, so visibility...

..The full moon.

The full moon!

Aoooo suddenly came to a stop, hunching over as her yowling became something... much more guttural. Four took one look at the fur expanding out across her back, and took off in the other direction as fast as she could possibly muster.

Ten seconds later, Four heard a tearing sound from behind them, followed by Looker's terrified scream. Turning for a second, they were greeting with the sight of a grey, furry shape dig its fangs into Looker's neck.

The thing looked up, golden eyes locking with Four's. "AOOOOOOOOOO!"

Four ran faster.


Group 6


Drake moved to step out from behind the column, only to yank his head backwards as a crossbow bolt whistled through the air next to it, almost grazing his temple.

A short distance away, crouching behind a collapsed pillar, Green smirked at him. "Hah! You're quick, I'll give ya that. Smell ya..."

All of a sudden, Green went white as a sheet. Eyes wide as saucers, the boy turned and took off deeper into the rock maze as fast as his legs could carry him, empty crossbow clattering to the floor behind him.

A roaring, whooshing sound came from behind him. Whirling around, Drake was met with the sight of Bianca scrabbling backwards from behind a pillar a short distance away, hands raised in front of her face. A stream of flames burst out of the shadows behind her, wrapping her in fire. There was a small scream, and then her burnt body tumbled to the floor.

Misty stepped out from behind the rocks, flamethrower in hand, face twisted into an expression of insane glee. "Hey Drake! Do you like my new battle tactic? It's called burn everything!"

She turned the nozzle towards him, firing off a burst. Drake stumbled backwards, his skin prickling at the insane heat. He dropped low, taking off into the maze while trying to keep as many pillars between him and Misty as possible.

The Cerulean gym leader came after him, shouting in glee. Blasts of fire pursued him, setting his clothes ablaze. He tore off his coat and hat, flinging them aside, not slowing for an instant.

Drake sped round a corner, momentarily concealed from Misty's view. The gym leader leapt over the collapsed pillar that Green had fired at him from, then dropped to the ground. Grabbing the empty crossbow that the boy had dropped, he sent it skittering loudly across the ground ahead, then pressed himself into the pillar, making himself as small as possible.

Running footsteps came from behind him. Misty leapt over the pillar, eyes flicking left and right as she tried to locate him. The second her feet touched the ground, Drake leapt to his feet, and ploughed his right fist into her lower back.

Misty screamed in pain and rage, curving around his arm to point the flamethrower at his head. Drake's left arm shot forward like a viper, reaching for the weapon. His hand had just wrapped around the nozzle when Misty pulled the trigger.

Flames engulfed his left arm. Drake roared in agony, driving his whole body forward. The torrent of fire stopped, the flamethrower clattering across the ground as the two tumbled across the ground.

His whole body wracked with agony, Drake lashed out, his fist cracking Misty across the face. The Cerulean gym leader reared back, then grabbed his arm and sank her teeth into his hand.

Instantly, everything went fuzzy. A coldness spread across his body with terrifying speed, draining every trace of energy. Drake slumped to the ground, all ability to move vanishing.

Slowly, painfully, Misty got to her feet. Lifting the flamethrower off the ground, she grinned at him, revealing a mouthful of teeth lined with jagged needles.

"Hey Drake! Now, Misty beats you!"


Groups 7 & 8X


Saturn strode into the center of the clearing, swinging the spiked metal flail in lazy arcs. "It's time to make your choice, Erika. And believe me, I'm the better one."

Erika shrank down into herself, katana hanging limply by her side. "I... "

Professor Oak glared at Saturn, grenade in hand, finger on the pin. He was dressed in full riot gear, a bandolier of explosives strapped across his chest. "He will turn on you the second he gets back to Cyrus. I..."


A dark-haired, lab-coated figure fell out of one of the trees.

Fennel got to her feet, brushing twigs out of her hair. "I fell asleep. That was silly of me."

The three turned as one. There was a beat's silence. Then Saturn propelled himself forward, flail swinging through the air.

Fennel jumped backwards, the metal ball flying harmlessly to the side. "No! No metal!"

Saturn growled in frustration, pressing the attack. Fennel twirled out of the way like a dancer, face set in an excited grin. "Not my blood! Not my blood!"

Erika ran forward, blade in hand. At the same time, Saturn lashed out with a powerful strike, swinging in a wide, vertical arc. Fennel stopped moving backwards and instead surged forward, flipping herself over Saturn's weapon arm. As she did so, her foot caught him in the face, sending him stumbling forward.

Fennel's momentum carried her over Saturn, her feet coming to rest on the ground behind him. Seizing the opportunity, Erika pulled the sword back to strike, aiming for Fennel's waist. Fennel grinned, and tapped at the device on her wrist. "Entralink!"

A second before the sword met flesh, Fennel disappeared in a flash of light. Unable to stop herself, Erika continued forward. With a squelch, her blade slid deep into the nape of Saturn's neck.

Saturn let out a scream, swinging his flail behind him in a wide arc. The metal ball slammed into Erika's temple, and she crumpled like a broken doll.

A second later, Fennel reappeared in one of the trees above. Her gaze to swung to Professor Oak. "Wow-ee!"

Eyes wide, Oak drew back his arm and flung the grenade at her. Fennel jumped towards it, catching it in one hand. Then she vanished, reappearing next to him.

Fennel handed Professor Oak the live grenade. "Now was not the time to use that."

She disappeared.


Group 12


The roiling storm raging around them, four figures faced eachother down on the top of the mountain.

Charon leveled the flintlock at N, yelling to be heard above the gale-force winds that buffeted his clothes and hair, "Any of you come a step closer, I will shoot you in the goddamn head!"

"The instant you move, the other two take you apart!" Bebe roared back, hands tightening around Aaron's crowbar so hard they went white.

Charon snarled at her, a wordless sound of rage and frustration. At that moment, Professor Juniper leapt forward, metal pipe held high. Her foot slipped, and the strike went wide. The sole living Team Galactic member whirled back around, flintlock raised.


The metal ball shot through the air, entering Juniper's skull through her temple, going through straight through the head before punching out through the lower right-part of her chin in an explosion of blood and bone.

Bebe and N shot forward at the same moment. N came in from behind, arms coiling around Charon's shoulders in a full-nelson. Screaming in rage, Bebe brought the crowbar down on the grey haired man's head. Charon died instantly, head snapping to the side with a sickening crack.

N span around, and flung the body off the mountain.


Groups 9, 10 & 11


The katana sang through air on a collision course with Napoleon's neck. He jerked backwards, and the blade tore through his cravat instead, neatly slicing it in half.

Mars stepped forward, mouth set in a wide grin. "Come here, little boy."

He was about to respond when something hard bounced off the back of his head. Napoleon span to see a throwing knife clatter to the ground behind him. A few meters away, Lorelei fumbled with a belt blade, trying to pull out the next one.

A throwing knife. He'd just been hit in the back of the head by the handle of a throwing knife! If it had curved a little more, if Lorelei had actually known what she was doing...

"Pay attention!"

Napoleon dived to the side, Mars' weapon piercing the space that he'd been a second before. Rolling through the dust to his feet, Napoleon took off in a run, cursing the loss of his weapon.

The yard, surrounded on three sides by rusted chain-fences, was filled with figures locked in combat with each other. Norman and Dawn faced off in the center, each waiting for the other to make a move. Alice and Pearl had their arms wrapped around each other's throats, squeezing with all their might. By the wall, Burgular Arnie was backing Blue into a corner, a wooden table hefted high over his head. Brock watched it all from the sidelines, battleaxe ready.

"How artistic! How elegant!"

Another figure entered onto the scene, striding casually into the middle of the yard. Wallace, hands in pockets, looked left, then right, and grinned. "Wonderful."

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Brock charged him from behind, weapon ready. Quick as a flash, Wallace twirled on his heel, hands flying out of his pockets. Two knives shot forward, twice, five times, ten times, sparkling silver lightning in the evening sunlight. Brock stumbled, then fell, then Wallace kicked him in the face.

To Napoleon's left, Dawn bodyslammed Norman into the dirt, roaring in triumph. By the wall, Burgular Arnie brought the table down hard on Blue's head again and again, the wooden edge drenched in scarlet blood.

Napoleon took off in a run, trying as far away from his potential killers as possible. Mars turned away from him, giving priority to the bigger threat. But Wallace was already there. White cloak flying, he planted a blade in her chest, he shoved the other one into her throat.

Lorelei lunged forward, knife poised to stab. Without even turning to look, Wallace yanked the blade out of Mars' throat and plunged it deep into Lorelei's eye socket. Lorelei crumpled without a sound.

Sensing she was outclassed, Dawn leapt to her feet, stamping her heel down hard on Norman's throat, then taking off in the other direction as fast as she could possibly move. Alice shoved Pearl off and did the same, followed immediately by Burgular Arnie. Wallace span, eyes flicking between possible victims.

His gaze landed on Napoleon.

The boy tried to run, but Wallace was faster. Napoleon had almost reached the treeline when he felt the Champion's knife pierce his shoulder, the shock sending him lurching headfirst into a tree.

He had only a second to regain his bearings before Wallace flipped around over with his foot, raising the second knife to strike. "How... magnificent!"

Suddenly, the Champion froze. Napoleon looked down to see a metal spike protruding out of Wallace's stomach, only inches from his neck.

The spike retracted. Wallace fell. And Youngster Joey stepped into his place, mouth set in a wide grin. "That's right! My fighting skills are in the top percentage of fighting skills!"


Group 13



Cheren picked his way up the mountain, pistol dangling from a belt at his side, raven hair damp and unkempt from the rain.

"C'mon... C'mon, almost there..."

He reached the top, crouching beneath the line of rocks that concealed him from the other side.

"Just a little further, one is all it will take..."

Cheren poked his head over the top.



The bullet struck true. Cheren's head snapped backwards, blood spurting out of the hole in his forehead. His body tumbled backwards, then rolled down the hill, bouncing off the rocks.

From behind a ledge on a nearby hill, Lanette adjusted the sniper rifle, leaning back onto a rock as she wiped the sweat from her forehead.

What a foolish boy.

Lanette had left notes in a number of conspicuous places pleading with people to come to the valley beneath to form an alliance. A trap, obviously, but Cheren clearly hadn't been able to contain his curiosity. He'd seemed so smart, too. Sha...

"Hello, all you trainers out there! Welcome to the super Poke Dude Show!"

Lanette jolted upright. That sound... someone had to have have a megaphone. It had come from the same direction of Cheren. She snapped the rifle up, peering through the scope.

"It's me, Primo! Come on, let me hear you!"

Lanette scanned the ridge, rifle swinging back and forth. Nothing did he know she was there? He must...


Lanette fired. It hit something black and cube-shaped, that was just poking over the edge of the hill. The thing sparked, but didn't move.

Had she just shot... a TV?

"Today's lesson... diversions!"

A foot pressed down on her neck, pushing her face into the dirt. Lanette gasped in pain.

Elesa smiled down at her, and activated the electrified gauntlet. "Hey there, sweetie. You're not very good at this."


Group 16



Steven ducked under Cynthia's swing, pushing forward with his spear. Cynthia jumped to the side, parrying the blade with her own. Quick as a flash, Steven retracted his spear, bringing it up into a guard position.

The Hoenn leader stared her down for a moment, then took two steps backwards, planting the base of the ornate, eastern-style weapon in the ground. He slumped onto it, wiping his forehead with the sleeve of his shirt.

"We've... been at this... for hours." he panted, pulling at his sweat-drenched clothes

Cynthia let herself fall back against a tree, exhaustion gnawing at her muscles. "Don't... talk. Just... wait."

Steven was about to answer when a whooshing sound came from his right. Old Man Abra ran out from behind a tree, a look of pure terror on his face. A second later, a roaring burst of flames consumed him, frying him in an instant. The immediate area was set alight, close enough that Steven could actually feel the heat.

Blaine ran in to view, face set in a grin. A pair of strange-looking metal gloves, one of which was glowing red-hot, were strapped to his outstretched hands.

Before Steven could react, the gym leader's eyes settled on him. Blaine grinned, and pointed the glove at Steven's face.

No escape.


And then, Cynthia launched herself to his rescue.

Blaine turned, surprised, then raised his other glove. Two metal coils burst out of the palm, shooting forward to wrap around the handle of Cynthia's weapon. Blaine jerked his hand up, and the sword was flung into the bushes. The coils retracted slightly, then snapped out with a sickening crack, whipping Cynthia across the face.

Seizing the opportunity, Steven drove his spear towards Blaine's chest. The gym leader whirled back around, tendril-glove raised. The coils lashed out, wrapped around Steven's throat and lifting him into the air.

Steven moaned in pain, flailing ineffectively at the air with his spear. Blaine smiled an unpleasant smile, and raised the other glove.

Behind Blaine, Cynthia was just regaining her feet, one hand held to a bloody gash in her cheek.

"Ciffia!" Steven gurgled.

She looked up. With fading strength, Steven flung his weapon in her direction, praying it wouldn't spear her in the head.

Cynthia stumbled forward. Caught it.

And shoved it through the back of Blaine's head.


Groups 14 & 15


Proton stepped forward, twirling the knife between his fingers. "You're not carrying weapons. I honestly can't see this ending well for you."

Lucian smiled at him, stretching out a single hand towards the other man. "I have my mind. That's the only weapon I need."

A short distance away, Colress swung his sickle at Professor Rowan in a vicious, overhand strike, laughing in maniacal glee. Rowan raised the suitcase high, and the blade punched through the leather instead.

Proton motioned with his head to the sidelines, where Jimmy and Teala were watching, ready to pounce at the first opportunity. "You don't want to deal with them first?"

Lucian's smile grew wider. "No. I'm good, Rocketman."

Proton made an amused noise, turned as if to direct his attention towards something else, then dashed forward.

Lucian closed his eyes, and started humming. Proton was suddenly wrapped in an unearthly, purple light, ethereal tendrils wrapping around his arms and legs.

But... it wasn't enough.

Proton slowed, but didn't stop. The Rocket member took a step forward, then another, exertion clear on his face. A bead of sweat trickled down Lucian's face, and he placed his hands on his temples, pushing the fingers into his skin so hard that they went white.

By the trees, Rowan wrenched the suitcase to the side, sending it and the sickle tumbling through the folliage. The Professor launched himself forward, catching the Team Plasma man in a flying tackle.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Proton continued his advance. Lucian made a groaning noise, and the light grew even brighter, but the other man didn't stop. Reaching the E4 member, arm shaking with exertion, Proton raised the knife high, ready to strike.

Then he imploded.

The Rocket member crumpled in on himself, blood and bone compressing into a ball of matter. The ball hung in the air for a second, then splattered to the ground. Lucian's jaw dropped, limp arms falling to his sides. "...Did I do..."

There was a soft cracking noise, and Lucian's legs just fell away from his torso. His face morphed into an expression of shock and pain, then went slack, lifeless torso falling to the ground.

Sabrina stepped out from the shadows, dark eyes flicking to Teala. She made a casual flicking motion, and the girl's head flew from her shoulders.

Jimmy let out a laugh of pure terror, then dived behind a tree, out of Sabrina's line of vision. The psychic's eyes followed him for a second, then turned towards where Rowan and Colress were fighting.

Fighting desperately to stop Rowan choking the life out of him, Colress spotted the carnage out of the corner of his eye. Pupils dilating in terror, he shoved Rowan off him with a terror-fueled kick to the ribs, then scrabbled backwards across the ground like an animal, driving straight through a thicket of thorn bushes in a desperate attempt to escape Sabrina's field of vision.

Rowan got to his feet, confusion marring his features. Then something lifted him into the air and slammed him into a tree, snapping his ribs.

Sabrina stepped across the headless body of Teala, a single finger pinning Rowan in place. The Professor made a wheezing sound, clawing at the invisible hand wrapped around his throat, but to no avail.

Sabrina raised her other hand, placing a second finger next to the first, pointed at Rowan's back. Rowan groaned in pain.

Sabrina yanked the fingers apart.


AJ stumbled out of the trees, blood streaming from a wound in his shoulder.

He'd been lucky, Surge's bullet had only nicked him. A short distance to the right, and it would have taken off his head.

A rusted, chainlink fence swam into his blurred field of vision. Panting with exertion, the boy let himself fall against it, slumping to the ground.

He raised his head. The inside of the fence was covered by some black material that concealed whatever lay within from sight, but a short distance away, there was an entrance. And above the entrance, a faded wooden sign swung in the breeze, old black chains creaking out a soulful melody.

Between two grinning, painted clowns, AJ could make out three faded words.

Giovanni's Wild Ride.


As a note, for anyone following other stories who's been wondering where I've been these past few months, I've been wandering around the Twitch Plays Pokemon subreddit under the name ZetsutheFirst. I am going to get back to these eventually, though.