Chapter One

"Captain Levi! What now?" Eren yelled, clearly panicking. Levi, at first, made no move to talk as he raced through the Forest of Giant Trees aback his horse but then gave a very forced sounding sigh.

"We'll try and outrun them. If we keep up this pace, we should make it back to base. Do not try to fight them; you can't afford to get injured again." Levi spoke sternly and monotonously. Eren's eyes widened as he turned to look behind him once more, almost pulling the muscle in his neck as the horse beneath him jolted with the unsteady movement of galloping. "Don't look back!" Levi snapped without, as Eren soon noticed, even looking back at him. How did that clean-freak even know what he was doing?

Shaking the thoughts from his head, Eren once again focussed his mind on just trying to stay alive and outrun these mindless titans. Two four meter and a seven meter class were sprinting towards them, acting like the savage beasts they were as they barrelled towards them. The titans' eyes were hungry and glistening in a frightening kind of way, their faces seemed too happy, it was as if they were enjoying the hunt as much as what would come after if Eren and Levi didn't pick their pace up a little.

The trees were tall with large branches and broad trunks, perfect for 3-D Manoeuvre Gear. Eren noticed how easy it would be to just take these three titans down here and now, they weren't Aberrant they were just plain stupid. Although just because they weren't the smartest it didn't mean that they didn't have a chance against Eren, Levi no, but if they all attacked at once maybe Eren. The young titan-shifter could feel sweat beading in his palms and making his hands slip across the beaten, leather reins, he could hear his heart thrumming in his ears at the heavy footfalls of the advancing titans behind him.

Eren swallowed past the terrible dryness in his throat as a rather large bang reverberated behind him. Just the vibrations made the horse beneath him stumble, catching itself before it fell and carrying on as though nothing happened. Slightly behind Levi, Eren took a chance to quickly glance behind him; he supposed that on this occasion looking back would be excused.

Although, as his head whipped around, he really wished he hadn't bothered looking at all. Through the filtered vision his brunette hair gave him, Eren saw an unusually large titan heading towards them. The height of it could rival his own height in his transformed state, it looked around twenty meters; however its eyes seemed more lethal than all the titans he'd ever seen put together. They were of a blood-red colouration, wide with tiny black slits for pupils; long black hair hung messily from its humanoid head like an unruly mane. Like many other titans that he'd seen this one seemed to have a low intelligence and was more than a little beastly.

"Hey, you might want to look back!" Eren shouted as loudly as he could over the earth-shattering thuds the titan behind him was making as he ran. Levi turned his head slightly so that he could hear what Eren was saying and then he turned to face the creature behind them. The younger of the two could clearly see that Levi was shocked at what had appeared behind them, even if the emotion wasn't visible, Levi's eyes quickly narrowed as he pushed his chestnut-coloured horse to move even faster.

"Keep moving. We'll see if it tries anything. We don't know for sure whether or not it's an Aberrant. We need to get back to the cas-" An ear-splitting roar penetrated their ear drums and cut Levi off mid-order. Both Eren and Levi turned to see what was going on this time; the oversized titan was swinging for the smaller ones. It had already stomped upon one of the four-meter class titans and was now lunging for the other two. It was rather easy for it to kill them, all it took was a single swing of its monstrous arm and both of them were smashed acrimoniously against two unsuspecting trees. Unexpectedly, it lifted the limp, mangled body of the now steaming seven- meter class titan and dropped it into its ghastly open mouth. Eren felt sick.

Unfortunately, that lone swing had created a terribly strong onslaught of wind, sending both Eren and Levi flying, neither had any control over the direction they soared in, nor did they have the time to use their 3DMG. Branches, both large and small, thwacked against them and sliced their already bruised skin as they went. Eren noticed that the strange titan seemed to show a twisted kind of happiness from seeing the two of them in pain, it's thin, red lips curled upwards into a bone-chilling smile as Eren felt his body abruptly stop moving.

At first, he thought he had hit the ground and was dying, but then his eyes opened (he never realised that he'd closed them until now) and he saw two rows of giant, knife- like teeth smiling at him. Eren heard a low groan of pain and, automatically, his green eyes searched for the source. Levi was enclosed tightly in the titan's left fist; crimson liquid was running down the side of his head, glistening evilly in the dimming daylight. His face was twisted into pain, an expression that Eren had never seen on the man's face before. This was serious. Really serious.

The titan growled quietly and unevenly, it almost sounded like it was laughing. Suddenly, he was moved even higher up, he was literally eyes to eye with the beast. So was Levi. That was when Eren realised that he was helplessly dangling in mid-air, encircled in a titan's clawed fist. A pungent stench invaded Eren's nostrils as the beast opened its giant mouth, saliva glistening grotesquely as it hung in strings from jaw to jaw.

That was when both of them realised, this was the end.

They'd gone out on this mission to secure the area and ensure that no titans would threaten them in their base in the giant castle outside the walls, Levi and Eren had gone out alone, not expecting there to be any real problems. They'd gone out to check the surrounding area many, many times without a cause for concern, other than the mindless giants wondering around hungrily. But this time, it was different. They should've brought backup with them. Eren hadn't exactly had the best of feelings about going out today… it looked like his gut-feeling was right. Mikasa was going to be seriously pissed off, and Armin was probably going to have a breakdown. Again. Although he'd gotten a lot stronger since the day the wall first fell, he was still… well he was still Armin.

Eren was harshly brought out of his thoughts by a coarse scream, he looked over to Levi and saw that the man's lips were tightly sealed in a silent grimace of pain- he'd probably broken his ribs. That was when he was brought to the realisation that the one doing the screaming and giving out grunts and groans of pain was him. How had he not realised that it was he who was making all the noise? Was he really thinking that much he'd mentally detached himself from his body or something?

A shiny glint within the titans open mouth caught his eye. Eren felt himself moving closer to the object inside, he was about to be devoured. Upon closer inspection, Eren noticed that the shiny object seemed to be made of metal; it looked like a giant ring and was adorned with small blue gems of some sort. Strange markings were engraved around the edge; it almost looked like a crown, but not quite. It wasn't nice enough for someone of that stature, especially not in the condition it was in now.

Looking quickly over to his left, he saw Levi moving closer and closer towards him. The giant monster of a titan was attempting to devour both of them in one go by the looks of it. Levi looked at him with a dead kind of look in his eyes.

"Eren, can you move your arm or not?" He asked, referring to whether or not Eren was going to be able to transform into a titan and save them both. Disappointingly, said boy was not able to move either of his arms, his right was spreading searing pain all over his body, probably broken, whereas his left was able to shift slightly but was pinned to his side by the crushing fingers around him. Only his right arm was outside the grip, ironic.

"No. I think my arm's broken! Levi, I'm sorry! I didn't mean for this to happen!" Eren felt tears spring to his eyes; he blinked them back, feeling pathetic.

"It's not your fault." Levi answered simply. "This is the fault of no one, but either way, we're probably going to die now. It seems our decision to go out without backup today was wrong, therefore we must face the consequences."

"But- but we can't die now! There must be something we can do!" Eren argued, fighting against his own body as he attempted to lift his broken arm.

"Stop it, brat!" Levi snapped harshly, his face twisting into disgust as the clean-freak was thoroughly exposed to the disgusting stench of the titan's terrible breath.


"No! We made a decision and it was wrong!" Eren stopped struggling completely as he came to terms with what was being said to him.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled after a few seconds of silence, they were moments away from being eaten now, less than a meter away from entering the mouth. This titan seemed to be taking its sweet time; it was almost like it was waiting for something to happen, either that or it was thinking twice about brutally killing them.

Then, on the contrary to the previous pace, everything went by in a blur. The titan quickly thrust Eren into its mouth, shortly followed by Levi who gave a small cry of pain as his body was roughly thrown onto the monstrous tongue. Eren quickly reached out one of his bloody hands and caught hold of one of the giant teeth, he cried out as it sliced his soft flesh and cause more red to seep out.

"Eren!" Levi called out. Said boy thought it was strange seeing Levi like this. He was normally so… strict and cold, but now he was… asking Eren for help. Despite this sudden thought, Eren managed to swing his body slightly so that his broken arm was within Levi's grasp.

"Grab my hand!" Eren yelled in a panic. Levi quickly followed the order, his eyes widening unusually as he realised that he was weighing down Eren's bad arm. Almost on cue with the thought Levi had had, the brunette screamed in agony. Eren's hand slipped a little down the tooth and he soon realised that this was the dagger-like tooth with the strange object caught on it.

The large metal ring, upon closer inspection, seemed to have rounded edges, so naturally it wouldn't hurt his hand so much if he were to grab hold of that until the two of them could devise a plan to free themselves. With a loud grunt, Eren allowed himself to slip a little further into the titan's repulsive mouth as he lowered his hand a little more.

"What are you doing?! You'd better not be losing your grip you goddamn brat!" Levi yelled. Although he tried to hide it, Eren could tell just by hearing the tone of his voice that he was panicking. Eren couldn't really blame him though. This was exactly how countless numbers of the human population, including people who he'd worked with, had died.

Concentrating too much to give an answer, Eren slid his hand down a little further, the sharp tooth slicing his palm open even deeper, crimson ribbons wrapped around his dirty arm as they ran beneath his jacket sleeve. He was almost there now… just a little more… He grabbed hold of the metal and felt the difference immediately. The metal was smooth and cool to the touch, despite the fact that it was stored inside a titan's ugly mouth.

For a short few second nothing happened, but then everything began to swim. The inside of the titan's mouth began to swirl around, faster and faster, all the colours began to mix into a spinning white. Eren could faintly hear Levi yelling up at him, ordering to know what was going on. Was he seeing the same as Eren was? Left, right and centre, Eren could see nothing, no matter where he looked, everything was the same. He began to feel like he was floating but at a rather fast speed. If it wasn't for all the experience he'd had with the 3-D Manoeuvre Gear, he'd of probably succumbed to the stomach- turning nausea and thrown up; instead he waited out the ride.

Fear bubbled in the pit of his stomach as a mixture of browns, golds, blues and blacks came together to create a blurry picture. It almost looked like… a hall maybe? There were definitely people down there. Whatever it was, it was coming up to meet him, and fast. Eren could still feel Levi's clammy hand weighing his broken arm down, that's when he realised; there was no way that either of them could survive an impact like this.

A loud cracking sound burst in his eardrums, his vision went momentarily black, and a cold surface pressed against him. He'd landed. And he was still alive. Eren tried to open his eyelids; all he got was an unfocussed image of many, many blurry figures sitting at various tables. He could hear a steady rumbling of confused noise, then a panicked shout, and then… nothing. His eyes closed and he fell into unconsciousness.

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