BANG BANG! Rin awoke to the sound of her children banging on their door. Her disheveled hair looked similar to a birds nest. Sess was glaring at her, warning her to not open their bedroom door. Their lack of clothing was one factor that they did not want the children to disturb them, the other factor was that Sesshomaru wanted...

"Morning sex," he said with his husky tone of voice.

Rin rolled her eyes, she lightly smacked her husband's arm before ordering him to get dressed.

"We shall continue this later," he informed her before opening his door to find his three children on the floor waiting for them to open.

"Hi daddy," Kirara said hugging his legs. He picked his younger daughter up from ground, while Taisho ran to his mother.

Aimi ran to the bathroom.

"I know I have another bathroom." Sesshomaru said.

Rin decided to change the sheets that they were sleeping it. They didn't want their kids to be on top of all that mess.

"But I like it here!" Aimi said from the bathroom.

Rin laughed at her child. Sesshomaru was the same way.

"You can't ask for a paternity test, the proof is right there." Rin pointed towards the dark wooden door.

"I wouldn't doubt it." Sesshomaru said smiling at his wife. "Aimi is exotic, of course she's my child."

Sesshomaru dodged with Kirara in his arms as Rin threw a pillow at him.

"We need to get ready," Rin told Aimi.

"Where we going?" Aimi asked when she came out from the bathroom.

"Daddy is going to his daddy's house, and we going to grandmas." Rin informed her first child.

"Can we go?" Tai asked. "With daddy?"

Sesshomaru shook his head. "Not today, Taisho. Now let's get ready."

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha stood in front of their father's mansion. It was the same mansion that he met Rin, where he got her pregnant, and where he missed her terribly when she wasn't around to bother him.

An elderly male with gray hair in a butler outfit opened the door.

"Sirs, welcome back. Lady Izayoi and master Taisho are waiting for you both in the dining area." He bowed as they entered.

"Thank you Saya." Inuyasha spoke.

Sesshomaru ignored the old man and walked to where his father was. It was a secluded area to the right of the mansion. The dining area had a long red wooden table in the center with dark brown chairs. The beige wallpaper emphasized the wide room and the dark furniture.

An older and more refined version of Inuyasha stood tall with a big smile of his face. His face quickly down casted.

"Where's Rin and my grandchildren!? I want to see Taisho Jr." He demanded.

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru eyed him with annoyance.

A beautiful woman with long black hair smiled at the boys.

"He wore his best outfit for the children. Please don't blame him." Lady Izayoi said.

"I see father prefers my children over myself." Sesshomaru teased.

"Of course, I do. My son got my favorite person, in the world, pregnant twice and conceived three children. Thank God there was no lawsuit. I love Rin." Taisho said with pride.

Sesshomaru's temper was slowly rising. If Inuyasha's mother was not here, he would have cursed him out like never before.

"Dad, we came here to tell you something that has nothing to do with my nieces and nephew." Inuyasha interrupted.

"Right, what is it?" Taisho asked.

"Um, well," Inuyasha began to speak.

Sesshomaru's temper levelled by skyscrapers now.

"He's getting married to Kagome Higarashi."

Both of Inuyasha's parents stared at Sesshomaru in disbelief. Their gaze went from the elder child to the younger.

"Wasn't she engaged to Okami?" their father asked.

Inuyasha nodded his head. "Through a series of unfortunate events, for them, she and I became a couple. And now we are engaged."

"So we came here today to invite you. So you both would not be upset with Inuyasha or myself." Sesshomaru added.

"Why you think that we wouldn't go?" Inuyasha's mother was shocked and a bit offended that her "sons" believed that they would be upset about this whole ordeal.

"Well, I mean it's a bit of a scandal mom. Sesshomaru is married to a female eleven years younger than him. I, basically, stole Kagome from Koga, and they're sisters. The media would be eating this up from the palm of their hands." Inuyasha explained.

"The media is trash!" Their father exclaimed. "You love these girls with everything you got. You both may not have realized it before, but you have now and all that matters is that you cherish that happiness and never let it go." Sometimes Sesshomaru would acknowledge his father's wisdom.

This was one of those times.

"Thanks mom and dad. And by the way, the wedding is next week." Inuyasha informed them.


Kagome was not sure either it was crab cakes from last night's dinner or the nerves from the wedding being so close, but she was a wreck. She threw up all of her meals from this morning to yesterday morning. Thankfully Rin and the kids were with her today.

"This is the third time, Kagome." Rin said as she handed her sister a towel.

Sighing, Kagome wiped her mouth and gave Rin a sad look.

"I'm never eating crab cakes again."

"What? But Inuyasha's crab cakes are so good." Rin was actually craving some.

"If they were so good, why am I throwing up like crazy?" she yelled out.

Rin shrugged her shoulders. The off shoulder pullover sweater, she wore, fell a bit more, exposing more skin and her bra.

"Maybe you're pregnant," Rin joked.

Kagome paused, staring at her sister with horror and fear in her eyes. The Higarashi sisters locked eyes as if reading each other's thoughts.

"When was your last cycle?" Rin asked.

"What's todays date?" Kagome slowly asked.

"The ninth."

"Shit!" Kagome said. She placed her hand on her forehead in desperation. "I'm late, it was supposed to come the last week of the month."

Rin ran to her purse and came back with a pregnancy test. Kagome eyed her warningly.

"You never know with that man, and it's possible the dame with his brother." Rin handed the object to Kagome.

A few minutes later, Kagome came out looking like Casper, the ghost.

Rin leaped from the couch, leaving her children playing as she went over to her sister.

"What does it say?" Rin looked over to the stick that would change everything.

"I'm not pregnant. I thought I would be, but I'm not. I was actually disappointed, but the good thing was that Inuyasha would not have to worry if it's Koga's or his."

Rin hugged her sister, feeling sorry for her.

"Hey, but now you and Inuyasha could definitely start making babies during the honeymoon."

Kagome laughed. She looked towards her nieces and nephew.

"Yeah, I can't wait."


Sango and Rin were finishing the touch ups on Kagome.

"You look magnificent." Sango said, wearing a blood red one shoulder chiffon dress with a few flowers decorating the sleeve.

"I agree." Rin wore the strapless version with a sweetheart neckline.

Kagome turned around to see her reflection. She gasped. The same Lazaro white satin trumpet dress, was as beautiful as the first time she tried it on so long ago. The top was decorated with lace, her sash was the same color as Rin and Sango's. Kagome's hair was tucked to the side, giving it a classy 1920s look. Her birdcage veil matched the lace on the dress.

Her makeup was to die for, Sango did such a good job giving her the Natural look. To Kagome, it brought out her features more.

Rin handed Kagome a bouquet of white roses.

"You ready?" she asked her sister.

"More than ready." And the females left the hotel room, Kagome never looking back.

Rin sat on the sidelines of the reception, utterly exhausted from today's events. Aimi, in her white and red flower girl dress, was running away from Shippo. She had such fun playing with all the children. Taisho and Kirara were speaking to their grandfather. Tai was flabbergasted when he met the man he was named after. Taisho became smitten with all of his grandchildren, Aimi, especially.

Rin noticed that many people came even though the notice was so late. Those of Koga's personal friends and family did not attend, but business executives, co-workers, even Naraku showed up to this wedding.

The ceremony was small and sweet. Inuyasha walked down with his best man, Miroku. Sesshomaru followed next, then it was Sango, then Rin, followed by Aimi and Kirara, who did an excellent job of placing the flowers on the ground. Tai came next as the ring bearer. The music played and Kagome was walked down the aisle with her mother and brother.

Rin saw the look on Inuyasha's face when he spotted his bride. She swore tears were threatening to come out. After the preacher and declared them as husband and wife, they moved onto the ceremony. Kagome left the dress on and got rid of everything else.

"Want to go home?" Sess asked as he sat with his wife, holding a sleeping Kirara.

Rin looked to see that Inuyasha plastered cake all over Kagome's face, in turn, Kagome did worse damage to her husband.

"I want cake." Rin thought aloud.

Sesshomaru chuckled.

"Our daughter is thinking the same." He pointed to their eldest as she eyed the cake with want and need.

Rin laughed. She turned to her husband and child to caress her head.

"I'll take some to go." Rin said.

When the Takahashi family came home, Aimi was the first to hit the bed. Rin gave her twins a nice warm bath, and joined in as well.

When the children were put to bed she relaxed against her pillow. Sleep was eating at her. Sesshomaru entered the room after coming from the bathroom himself. He settled next to his wife. He pushed her body so that she would face him.

"I'm tired!" she called out like a cranky child.

"Do you regret marrying me?" he asked.

This woke Rin up. She faced her husband with shock.

Shaking her head, she said, "No…I mean we had our ups and downs." She paused. "Mostly downs, but I never regretted marrying you. Preferably, I would have wanted to marry you earlier, but beggars can't be chooser."

He smirked, turning his head away from her. She was unable to see his proper expression.

"Earlier? At what age?"

Rin smiled. She propped herself straight and rested her body against the headboard of the bed. She looked up to the ceiling as if she was really thinking hard enough.

"When I was eight, I wanted to marry you. I promised myself that in ten years you would be my husband. I was right, but it took fifteen," she joked.

Sesshomaru lay down, but his eyes never left his wife's frame.

"Eight? I was too old for you. Pedophilia is not in my vocabulary."

"Well I was sixteen when we had sex, so I guess that's out the window."

Sess rolled his eyes.

"You are a vixen." He confessed.

Rin bent over to kiss her husband. He returned it with more passion. Rin allowed him to caress her body however he pleased, until there was a knock at the door. Sesshomaru groaned in frustration, while Rin laughed at his actions.

"Come in," she called out.

Kirara and Tai held hands entering their parent's room.

"Tai and me are scared," Kirara said.

"Can we sweep with you?" Tai asked.

Rin held out her arms as the twins came over to the bed. As they were tucked in, Aimi ran inside, making herself known that she had entered.

"She is your child." Rin said looking at her husband.

"And I'm glad," he replied.

Rin was lucky that she had a king bed to fit all of her children, including herself and her husband. Aimi held Sesshomaru with no intention of letting go. Tai held Rin and Kirara was in the middle. All three fell fast asleep minutes later. Rin, at the corner, held her children, as Sess did the same.

"Like I said, I don't regret it. I'm glad. But there were some things I wished I changed, but maybe if I didn't lose my memories, the twins wouldn't have happened. I guess me, losing my memories and then remembering the past, made me a better person. I love you, Sesshomaru Takahashi."

Sesshomaru grasped the detailed features of each of his children, then at his wife. He felt blessed that he was able to experience this.

"I love you, Rin Takahashi."

And with the exchange of words, the Takahashi family slept with nothing but good dreams on their minds.

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