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On Halloween night 1981 Lilly Potter put down her two toddler boys Harry and John.

Harry was older by three years. Lilly gave birth to him in the United States when they were touring the world. He was born on July 31 and was a happy baby. They did register him with the American Ministry of Magic (which from now on will be called the AMM. However due to the war they were fighting they never got around to registering him with the British Ministry or Gringotts. Lilly and James just assumed the other did that.

John was born in England though at home in Godrics Hollow 3 years after Harry on the same day of July 31. They did register him with the British Ministry and at Gringotts.

Harry had his mothers emerald green eyes and his fathers black hair. John on the other hand had the opposite. He had his fathers eyes and his mothers red hair

After John was born there was word that the dark lord Voldemort would be going after the potters and they went into hiding. They were under the fidelius charm which only the secret keeper could tell anyone o the location. The person they put their trust in would end up being a huge mistake.

After putting the children to bed Lilly heard her husband scream up the stairs to stay up their and protect the kids. She heard a thud then the door exploded and in walked the dark lord that they were fighting.

"Step away from the children and you will live you filthy mudblood." Lilly stood in front of her children with a determined look on her face. "Never you ugly snaky son of a bitch!" Voldemort laughed and bitch slapped her across the room. "Just for that, I'll give you a choice, which child will live…choose carefully now." Voldemort gave her a malicious grin which sent shivers down her spine.

How could she choose one child over the other. There was no way that she could do that. Voldemort saw her indecisiveness and pointed the his wand at the children. "Mommy?" both Voldemort and Lilly looked at Harry who was looking at both of them with a look of curiosity. Voldemort asked her again and she though if she could only save one… would have to be John. Harry has had three years of life, while John's was just begging. She felt sick to her stomach when she said, not John, not John and burst into tears. Knowing she was a bad mother.

Voldemort looked at her with disgust, even he knew that no mother should choose between children. But he was going to play with this. "You disgust me, but being a filthy mudblood, I guess it doesn't matter." He stunned Lilly and faced the crib and pointed his wand back at Harry and looked him in the eyes AVADA KADAVA. The killing spell left his wand and headed strait for Harry. Lilly couldn't watch and silently said a silent prayer for Harry before blacking out from the guild

Voldemorts aim was on target, but when it hit his target, it cut a diagonal cut on Harry's forehead and bounced back and hit him transferring a small part of his soul into Harry. Voldemorts body vanished and Harry fell backwards knocking John who was sitting up onto a loose nail that held the crib together scratching him.


An hour later an elderly looking man ran into the building calling for James and Lilly. He found James stunned and cast the counter on her him and they rushed upstairs to find Lilly also stunned. James cast the counter on Lilly while Dumbledore checked on the children.

Dumbledore check Harry and saw that his magical core was low and Johns was fine. He sensed dark magic and asked Lilly what happened. She told them that Voldemort sent the killing curse at the kids but doesn't remember anything after that. Dumbledore then checked the kids again and figured that somehow John must have deflected the curse back and destroyed Voldemort. So he picked up John and proclaimed him the boy-who-lived.

Over the next few weeks, letters were sent to the potters thanking them and John for their defeating the dark lord. They spent more time doting on John and slowly forgetting about Harry until he spoke or made a sudden noise. Dumbledore saw this and decided that maybe that Harry was feeling left out.

Dumbledore asked the potters what they were planning on doing. They were only talking about John and when Dumbledore asked about Harry they felt bad that they forgot about him. Dumbledore suggested that they send Harry to Lilly's sister so they can focus on John and not have Harry feel left out. He suggested to bring Harry back when he turned 11 to go to Hogwarts so they could be a family again.

Lilly was against it at first, but Dumbledore and James said it would be for the best and they would make it up to Harry when they brought him home. Eventually Lilly agreed. Little did they know that they were making a huge mistake.

You see, Harry has a special gift. He has a Eidetic and remembers everything. He wasn't sure what was going on, he knew his parents were paying more attention to his brother after the bad man said some words to his mother. He remembered that bad man had something to do with this but wasn't sure what.


The next day early in the morning Dumbledore showed up to take Harry to his aunt. Again he assured them that they could come get him when he turned 11 and in time for Hogwarts.

Lilly wrote a letter for Petunia explaining the situation. It told her that the child was her son and about him, that he was bourn in America, that he had a brother, that they would pick him up when he turned 11.

Dumbledore dropped Harry off early in the morning and left him on the porch with Lilly's letter expecting to see him in 8 years. However that would not happen. You see like earlier, not only was Harry not registered with the British government or Ministry, his name was not on the wait list for Hogwarts. It would not be learned until they go and pick Harry up later.


The next morning when Vernon Dursley went to get the paper he found Harry laying on blankets with a letter. He called for Petunia who red the letter and turned red from hatred. She hated her freaky sister and wanted nothing to do with her freakish son. She read that he was born in the United States and she figured that she would take her "nephew " there and let the American's deal with them. After all, her sister didn't even have the common courtesy to ask her in person.

So the next day Vernon and Petunia and her son Dudley took Harry to America and they left him on a random orphanage doorstep in New Orleans, Louisiana. There the matron who ran the Orphanage Ms. Kane felt a magical core from the child and took him into an expanded hallway where she called her friend Sarah from the AMM.

When Sarah got there she did an identification and showed it to be Harry Potter, She did a quick call to see if he was reported missing. While she was waiting she asked Harry if he knew what was happening. So he told her that his name and he was from Brittan also, he remembers was his mother choosing his brother over him and then getting hit with a spell. (remember Harry has a perfect memory recall, so he is a little more mature and knowledgeable).

Sarah was surprised at what she had heard and was angry at his mother for saying it was ok for one kid to die while the other lived. She then got a call saying that he was not reported missing, or even a British citizen. So they had full control over Harry's well being. So she signed papers saying that he was now a ward of the state and able to be adopted.


A year later (Harry is 4) Harry was reading a book outside when he did his first accidental magic. Harry was reading a book on hand made paper fans, and one appeared. He was surprised when a voice from another kid behind him yelled at him for being a freak. The boy was an older boy about the age of 10. Harry yelled that he wasn't a freak, but the boy said he was and was going to beat the freak out of him. Before the boy could do anything, Harry punched forward and a fist made out of magic shot out of Harry's fist and sent the older by shooting back into a tree knocking him out.

Harry looked down at his hand amazed when another voice behind him spoke up. "Well now, that's unexpected."

Mr. J: well the intro chapter is done

Harry: It wasn't all that good

Mr. J: Well it was just a info chapter to let the people know the basics of what is happening

Harry: oh, well still wasn't that good

Mr. J: *flips him off*

Harry: real mature

Mr. J: Fuck you. Now anyway, it was just an intro, the fun is just beginning, and it will be bloody, and have awesome language, and sexual themes later in Harry's life so it won't be for awhile. So it will deserve a M rating. A lot of stories that I look at in the archive that are rated M deserve a T rating not an M.

Harry: well maybe people don't like adult content?

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