Mr. J: Hey everyone

Harry: What happened to updating once a month or twice a month?

Mr. J: Well, to be honest I lost interest in writing for a while and started reading more stories. By the way, if you're an author that has a bunch of stories and you don't update all of them, burn in hell. Also, I got caught up in the you tube lets play character craze. Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and therpgminkx just blew me away with how awesome they were. Also something happened.

Harry: What happened? *leans in closer*

Mr. J: *grins and slaps Harry* An EVENT!

Harry: Damit, can't believe I fell for that.

Mr. J: Anyway, on with a Mr. J ending the story thing, I have a new idea for a story but won't start it unless the current one is done…..some authors should do that, its not hard.



As Harry woke up the next day, it felt like it had been months, almost a whole year since he did anything.

Just then, Deadpool teleported in and started ranting about the author not updating the story and should be ashamed of himself. Of course the author did and he made Deadpool chimichangas which shut Deadpool up and went on his merry way.

Anyway, Harry felt a disturbance and opened a portal to where the small bundle Voldemort was. What surprised Harry was that nobody was there, but he decided not pass up the opportunity and killed Voldemort.

Harry then went back on his trip to become the ultimate fighter.


Mr. J: Told you it would be crap.

Harry: Wow…..that was crap

Mr. J: Well like I said, I lost interest, but AT LEAST IF FINISHED THE STORY UNLIKE SOME AUTHORS WHO SELDOMLY FINISH THE STORIES AND LEAVE THEM HANGING FOR ALMOST FOUR YEARS! Anyway, a good story I like is Hermione's White Knight (Danny Phantom Harry Potter crossover) and it hasn't been updated in a long ass time.

Harry: Yea, that story is good.

Mr. J: I am sorry again for the crap ending, but if anyone wants to make their own versions of my stories, PM me and let me know. I will try and get some good ideas and write a decent story. Again, sorry for the disappointment.