Muggle Movies 2: The Chamber

Part Nine: The End…Again

RON: It's over, then. Let's go get some more popcorn and then head back. (gets up)

HARRY: (pulls him down) It's not over, yet.

RON: (looks back at the screen; blushes) Oh. Right. Woops.

DRACO: He just wants more popcorn.

RON: (hotly) So what if I do?

HERMIONE: In Ron's defense, it sort of did look like it ended.

DRACO: (considering this) Yes, I suppose it did.

RON: (rolls eyes) You only say that because you want to get into Hermione's skirt.

HARRY: I think the phrase is 'into her pants' but I'll let this one slide.

GINNY: You didn't let it slide.

HARRY: (sighs) I tried to.

RON: (changing subject) Oh, look, there's Dumbledore's office, again. Brilliant place.

DRACO: (blandly) Potter's the heir of Gryffindor. Shocking.

HERMIONE: That's not what it means, actually. At this point in time, they don't know he's the heir.

HARRY: (giving her a Look) They don't know that now, either.

HERMIONE: (quietly) Right.

DRACO: The sword means he's a true Gryffindor, then? Well, I knew that. It's obvious, as he's so goody-goody.

HARRY: Oh, shut up.

Lucius: Let's hope he's always around to save the day.

Harry: Don't worry. I will be.

PANSY: (fanning self) Well, that was hot.

DRACO: Don't stoop down to that level, Pans. (looks at Ginny) No offense.

GINNY: (shrugs) None taken. I don't care what you think.

DRACO: My father's a bit of a prick in this film.

RON: In real life, too, in case you hadn't noticed.

DRACO: (cheerfully) No, I noticed. I just don't say things like that because they'll get me killed.

PANSY: Reason enough, I say.

DRACO: Thank you.

Harry hands diary to Lucius; Lucius hands it to Dobby; Dobby pulls sock out of it.

Dobby: Dobby is FREE!

HERMIONE: (teary) Awww! That's so fantastic. Harry, you're so sweet!

HARRY: (blushes) Erm. Thanks.

Harry pulls up pantleg revealing sock-less foot.

Lucius: You've lost me my servant, boy!

DRACO: Father was terribly cross that day.

RON: More cross than usual? How can you tell, exactly?

DRACO: It's in the eyes, mostly.

GINNY: (bored) Do you think Oliver will be on again?

PANSY: God, I hope so.

Lucius: Avada K----
Dobby: Master will not harm Harry Potter.

DRACO: Forceful little bugger.

HERMIONE: (Scowling) Rightly so. Your family treated him like bloody vermin.

DRACO: Well, that's what house elves are, Granger.


SNAPE: Shhhhh.

McGONAGALL: You could get up off your bum, Severus, and escort Malfoy out of here. If he were gone, there would be no problems at all.

DUMBLEDORE: (placidly) Oh, look. It's the end of the year feast.

Sir Nicolas: Welcome back, Miss Granger.

Hermione runs to Ron and Harry, who look extremely happy.

DRACO: (blankly) That's sweet.

Hermione and Ron are about to hug, but shake hands instead, both looking uncomfortable.

DRACO: I hope I don't detect some sexual tension.

RON: Not in real life. The films completely make that up. It's ridiculous.

HERMIONE: It really is most distressing.

DRACO: (raises eyebrows) When will they depict our sexual escapades?

HERMIONE: (monotone) Never.

PANSY: I think I see Oliver!

GINNY: (jumps awake) Where?

PANSY: Maybe that wasn't him. Maybe it was that Neville boy with his toad.

GINNY: They don't look a thing alike.

PANSY: No, but the hair is the same shade.

GINNY: (rolls eyes) Neville is about six feet shorter.

HERMIONE: (seriously) More like a foot shorter.

Ginny and Pansy give Hermione annoyed looks and turn back to the screen; the boys all sigh simultaneously.

RON: (wiping away tears) That was so sweet. Hagrid's so brilliant.

Draco's so bored and annoyed, he doesn't even bother responding.

HARRY: That was kind of a crap ending.

RON: Yeah. I wish they'd have shown us getting back onto the train and going to the station, where Mr. Dursley was waiting for you, looking all purple and annoyed. He's good fun to mess with.

HARRY: (nods) Very.

DRACO: That's it, then? (stands up as the lights go up in the theatre) Let's get out of this place before I kill myself.

HERMIONE: Don't be so dramatic.

GINNY: Can we go see that Lord of the Ring thing now?

DUMBLEDORE: I'm afraid we must get back.

RON: I hope we don't have to write a paper on our trip this time.

McGONAGALL: It only has to be 5,000 words, Mr. Weasley.

SNAPE: In my house it'll be 300 words.

McGONAGALL: (rolls eyes) Oh, please.

Everyone is now outside the theatre; Ron and Harry are looking at the list of other movies playing while Hermione tells Ginny about LOTR over by the LOTR poster. Pansy goes over to join them. Ginny and Draco are standing by themselves with the teachers.

DRACO: What'd you think, Weasley?

GINNY: (shrugs) I didn't care for it, really.

DRACO: The only thing I like is that the actor who plays me is good looking.

GINNY: Yes, well he is.

Draco winks.

HERMIONE: (walking up to them) Oh, dear God. Don't start that now.

DUMBLEDORE: This way. Come along, Harry, Ron. Porkey this way.

RON: (to Harry) I wish we could see a Bond film or something before we go.

HARRY: (whispering) Maybe we'll sneak back someday.

DRACO: (winks at Hermione) You know you love it.

HERMIONE: I honestly don't.

DRACO: (winks at Pansy) Pansy does. Don't you?

PANSY: (Shrug) I'd prefer if your actor winked at me, actually. (Catches up to Hermione and Ginny.) When does the third movie come out?

HERMIONE: I don't know. Sometime in the next few years, probably.

PANSY: I'd like to see it now.

HERMIONE: (sighs) So would I, Pansy. So would I.

The End


(A Rather Long) Author's Note:

I would like to say thank you to those of you who have supported me throughout this difficult endeavor. When I started Muggle Movies (1) I honestly didn't think I'd have trouble writing a second one. Obviously, I hadn't counted on things going horribly wrong in my normal life. Luckily things are back on track (sort of) so I had time to finish this off.

Thanks to everyone who has reviewed, I honestly appreciate getting feedback of all sorts. Most especially those raving about how good this story is. (LOL) Those of you who didn't rave, but complained about how long it took me to finish this, I don't thank you, because it mostly made me not want to continue at all, but I don't blame you for being angry/annoyed. I would have been, as well.

I'm sure there will be a Muggle Movies 3, but I haven't yet made any sort of plan for it. I'm really excited for POA, though, so I'm sure if there is an MM3, then it'll be finished in time for GOF to come out.

All seriousness aside now: WOOOOOOHOOOO! It's finished! AT LAST!

I really would like to thank everyone individually who've helped me along, but I can't because the list would be FAR too long, so I'll just say that any of you who reviewed with suggestions and praise, it's all thanks to you that I even bother writing. (At least in the HP fandom.) And you all ROCK.