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The song is Are you With Me by Easton Corbin

I wanna fly so high that I'll never come down
I wanna love so hard, it could rip my heart out
I wanna get so lost that I'll never be found
Are you with me? Are you with me?

The bed had proven to be an excellent decision—the shower afterwards even better—but Grant still found it hard to believe that his rookie was actually with him, at that moment, in his bed. Not to mention naked again since they decided to try the bed out one more time for good measure before letting sleep take them.

The theory well proven.

The specialist watched the blades of the ceiling fan spin slowly around above him, providing a slight breeze as it ventilated the stuffy room, the sound of the afternoon rain shower hitting the ground slipping through the small opening of the window in his bedroom. He's never slept in this late before, well, he's also never been kept up so late before with

Looking down at his chest, he smiled softly before bringing his fingers to weave through the chestnut curls spread out on his shoulder and pillow. Puffs of air warmed his neck from where her head was buried, her lips slightly open, and knowing she was awake he chuckled under his breath before pressing a kiss to her forehead.

The hacker was draped over his body with one leg between the two of his, her thigh resting over his hips as he drew lazy circles with his other hand on the smooth skin.

"You're thinking way too loud for—"she lifted her head to look for a clock. He smiled before he cut in, "eleven a.m." She nodded her head in agreement before letting it rest back on his chest, "Yeah, too loud for 11am," she snuggled further into him and yawned, "too early, for big thoughts…."

Grant shook his head and grinned, "Oh, I'm sorry…." The fingers in her hair pulling slightly to tilt her head up, "did you stay up too late?"

A sleepy hum was his only answer and he released her hair before combing his fingers through it.

"What were you even thinking about?"

The muffled question made him tense and he winced realizing she probably felt it. There really was no use hiding it. If it was a dream, it was a damn good dream, but he'd live….he hoped.

He whispered, "Is this real?"

Skye's fingers trailed up his abs, settling on his chest. Snorting, "I hope so…or else…this is a whole other level of 0-8-4."


A stupid set a numbers. A stupid set of numbers that attracted the investigation of a stupid agency. A stupid agency that had an even more stupid organization hiding in the shadows and emerging once it found out about the stupid set of numbers.

Grant groaned inwardly when the thought of S.H.I.E.L.D. popped up, and he remembered all too suddenly of the situation. She left S.H.I.E.L.D. to look for him. Now that she did….would she go back to them?

"I'm not going back Grant," He both loved and hated how she always seemed to know what he was thinking. He turned his head on the pillow and rested his chin on the crown of her head and sighed, "But Skye—"

"No." Skye pushed off of his chest and lifted her head out from under his chin, propping herself up with her elbow on the pillow above his shoulders. "I'm tired of losing Grant. I'm tired of helping other people get their happy ending and throwing my chance at one away." He stared at her in silence and ran the tips of his fingers up and down her spine before settling on her hip.

"I'm no one's happy ending Skye." Looking away, "All I bring is pain."

It was too painful. So he was doing what he always did, and started pushing her away. He didn't want to taint her. He was happy to have this last memory with her, but he would not do any more damage to her. It figured. After months of pining away, wishing she was here, now that he has her he starts pushing her away. Perfect time to develop a conscious.

"Yeah well it's a pain to not have you around so you're going to have to just deal." Skye's fingers turned grasped his chin and turned his head back towards her, "It's my turn to be selfish."



She didn't have a selfish bone in her body.

Suddenly Skye reached over his body and grabbed his other hand before throwing herself back on the bed to lay flat, pulling him over her in the process. He tried to squirm away so he wasn't crushing her but her hands on his biceps on both sides of her held him still, and his body relaxes as her small hands massage their way up to his neck, cupping his face.

Her thumbs begin to move over his stubble and her eyes search his. "Grant," His breath hitches as he waits for her to finish. "I know you're working with Fury and Hill…helping S.H.I.E.L.D."

Well…he wasn't expecting that.

He shut his eyes tightly and let his forehead fall onto her shoulder as his body sagged against hers in defeat, making sure to lean most of his weight on his leg at her side to keep from crushing her. Skye's hand moved to the back of his head, running her fingers through his hair as the other kept hold on his bicep.

His breathing was ragged as he tried to gain control of his emotions pushing to the surface. How could he have been so dumb? Of course she would find out, that's what she does. What could he say in defense?

Oh hey, I've been working with S.H.I.E.L.D. this whole time technically, I just didn't have time to find you?

"I hacked the Hub's servers…It's what made me decide to leave." Her fingers in his hair stilled, "Only it kicked me out before I could find out where you were."

Coulson pegged her right.

"Skye, I…" He sighed; he didn't want to have this conversation because he knew it would lead to her remembering the truth. He was a criminal. He's killed. He's kidnapped. He's done so many terrible things. Caused so much damage. He must have said it out loud because when he lifted his head up to look at her, she was shaking her head furiously and he swore he could see tears gathering in her eyes as she placed her fingers over his lips.

He silenced his pleas and felt her lips replace her fingers over his mouth. He immediately responded, trying to pour every emotion he couldn't say in the small simple kiss.

She broke away from the kiss first before she whispered, "I know…but…it's because of that, that made me decide to come find you."

"I don't understand…Why?"

A tear slipped out of the corner of her eye, and when he brushed it away with his finger, he felt as if he could cry too. No one's ever said he was worth anything…much less come back to him. He's never had the opportunity to let people that close to him.

Skye's hands are on both sides of his face now, holding his head up to look her in the eye, "Because you've never had anyone help you with anything in your life…"

Grant's eyes widened and he once again held his breath. A pain in his heart as the truth of the words hit him full force. He thought John was there to help him, but had been blind to his real purpose.

"And no one should have to go through life alone."

The barrier around his heart shattered, just as it had when he walked away from her at Cybertech. Only this woman could do that to him and he was done running away from her. He wanted this dammit, he was going to take it.

He lowered his head, pressing his lips to her gently, breaking away after a second but not moving away from her. He felt her whisper against his lips, "Let me help you Grant."

Are you with me?

Words he had never thought he'd hear. May had said them before, but it was meaningless. She was part of the mission, and he allowed her to comfort him. The fact that Skye was now saying them…fuck

She should have been the one to say them all along.

He nodded his head as he brought his lips down firm over her own, his hands smoothing their way up her sides. He could never deny her anything anyway. If she wanted to help him, she would do so with or without his consent…but like he said…he couldn't deny her if he wanted to.

Are you with me?

The sun was setting over the ocean when Grant finally emerged from the house, his shorts hanging low on his hips. His eyes looked out over the water horizon as he leaned his elbows on the railing of his back deck, surrounded by high bushes of grass and palm trees.

I wanna fall like the Carolina rain on your skin,

He smiled when he heard the screen door open, and he felt the breath escape his lungs when he turned his head to look at her.

Skye was running a hand through her messy hair, trying to untangle the curly mess, walking towards him wearing nothing but the bed sheet in a crude toga.

I wanna walk a little too far out on that limb

Leaning his back against the railing, hands on both sides, his smile broke out into a chuckle, causing her to release one of her own. The two of them were quite the pair.

Grant's hands remained on the banister as she came closer, holding the toga around her breast with one hand, the other reaching out to touch his chest, tickling his ear before grabbing the back of his head. He leaned in to meet her lips and his hands reached out on their own to grasp her hips, bringing her flush against him.

Take you every place I've been and never been.

He'd take this girl anywhere.

Are you with me?

His lips left hers to trail over her cheek and down her neck, resting for a moment longer on her shoulder as he ran his hands up and down her sides, one hand sliding inside the covers.

This girl…who traveled the country just to find him.

A breath of relief he didn't know he'd been holding left him, finally feeling as if everything was right. He was willing to try this…for her. This love thing. He's pretty sure he's got it down on his end, he just needs to make sure he can do it with her here….but, there shouldn't be a problem with that considering they can't keep their hands off each other.

We can chase the wild dreams

It wasn't lust…it was just…the feeling of finally….finally being home…finally feeling complete…finally being with the one they loved.

Live like crazy

They both had their demons, that in time, would come to life. Hugging her tightly to him, he pressed a kiss to the side of her head, breathing in the scent of her hair. They'd fight them together though. He'd lay his life down to keep her safe…knowing she'd say the same….but he wouldn't give her the chance.

It was hard to say whether or not his work with Fury and Hill was finished, but he would be ready should they ever need him again. For now though, he'd enjoy the gift life has given him…this girl…Mary Sue Poots…

Love me baby,

The Supervising Officer and the Rookie.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and…ex-Hydra agent.

Once two different sides of a coin…but just like a coin…they'd always have each other's backs.


His fingers on her back felt the vibrations as she hummed in response.

Just throw your arms around me,

"If Fury ever needs me again…I'm going to help...and I-I might…need your help."

Her shoulders jumped as she snorted, looking up at him, a smirk on her lips. "You are always going to need my help Grant."

He laughed at the assumption—the assumption that wasn't really an assumption it was scarily close to the truth—and he reached down for her hand on his chest, bringing her fingers up to his lips, kissing each tenderly.

We can run like we won't run out of time.

"But until then…I say we do whatever we want…Everything we never got a chance to do."

Her wide doe eyes looked at him in confusion…her lips breaking out into a wide smile as she saw the mirth in his eyes.

"Are you with me?"

Come on, come on, come on,

just come with me.