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Very Draco centered.


September 1st is as always a day of chaos. When masses of wizarding families congregate on the King's Croos Station's platform 9 and 3/4 tearfully- or in some cases happily- send their spawn's off to another year at Hogwarts.

Usually Heath rather likes the first day of September. It's when he's finally free from the overprotective clutches of his parents. But unlike the past two years, this year he won't be able to run free, what especially with the recent news of Peter Pettigrew having broken out of Azkaban. How the rat has done it still a mystery since according to his dad, Wormtail was never the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Heath grimaced a little as he felt his mum wrap another hug around him; his dad ruffled his hair affectionately.

"Well kid, be good to your mum yeah?" James Potter said, "I'll miss you two, can't believe you're both leaving me for Hogwarts."

Heath rolled his eyes in the way that only a thirteen year old boy could, "Dad", he struggled out of his mim's grasp and tried to smooth down his hair to no avail, "Honestly, it's not like mum isn't flooing home to you every night."

Lily Potter laughed, "Someone doesn't seem excited to have me at Hogwarts!"

"Mum, Dad, for the last time, it's not cool to have your mum as the new DADA professor okay!?" Heath exclaimed irritably.

James lightly flicked his nose, "Oh stop it with the attitude, you've been complaining about it since we told you two! Your brother doesn't mind!"

"He doesn't care for much these days." Lily murmured.

"Lily." The Head Auror frowned at his wife.

Lily pursed her lips as her green eyes flickered across the platform, settling the on the figure surrounded by a crowd of other students near the front of the red train, "It's the truth."

The Potter Lord's face tightened with tension as his eyes met his wife's, they stared at each other challengingly- both strong willed and stubborn.

Heath coughed awkwardly, "Well, I'm gonna board the train now, gotta find Ron."

His parents both turned their attention to him, forcing smiles onto their faces.

Lily squeezed his shoulder again, "Yes darling, go on. I'll be flooing to Hogwarts for tonight's feast."

Heath nodded and waved at his parents as he grabbed his trunk- spelled featherlight- and headed for one of the train entrances.

Just before getting on, huge glanced back at his parents. HIs mother's lips were turned down in a frown as her mouth moved rapidly, no doubt saying something heated to her husband, then in a swirl of pale blue robes and brilliant red hair, the newly appointed DADA professor apparated on the spot.

Meanwhile, James stared at the spot where his wife had disappeared, hand running through his messy raven hair- a sign of stress. The man sighed before turning and heading towards the throng of people at the front of the platform. Face determined as he headed towards his eldest son.

Heath grimaced a little as he tracked his father's progress. This past summer had been pretty... strained in the Potter household.

"Oi, Heath!"

The hazel eyed boy turned and grinned as he spotted his, "Ron, mate!"

Blaise hesitated outside the door unsure if he should enter.

"You can go in you know." A voice said from behind him.

Blaise jumped and swirled around, meeting the smirking face of Daphne Greengrass.

"Right." The golden-brown eyes boy said. He stepped aside as his yearmate moved to slide open the door and cautiously followed her into the compartment.


Blaise offered the grey eyed boy a curt nod and sat down in the seat that the boy motioned at.

"Malfoy... Greengrases."

Daphne sniffed at him in disdain as she turned her attention back to the copy of Witch Weekly that she was reading. Her younger sister, Astoria, smiled shyly at him from her seat beside the Malfoy Heir.

Blaise blinked and quickly hid his surprise when he spotted entwined hands resting between the two blonds. So the rumors of their betrothal is true. Blaise mused as he diverted his eyes to meet Malfoy's when his fellow Slytherin once again spoke.

"How was your summer?"

"Fine, and yours?" Blaise asked.

The platinum blond paused as if seriously considering the past few months, "Surprising. How was the wedding."

Blaise stiffened as Daphne laughed sharply.

"Draco!" Astoria whispered.

Blaise wasn't sure if the firs year was trying to defend him, but he appreciated the thought. His mother's many trips into matrimony had always been a sore subject with him, "Like the previous eight I suppose." He answered at last.

The third year was surprised when Malfoy made a sound that could almost pass off as a light laugh. He glanced up and was met with amused silver eyes.

The sight was strangely unsettling; there is a reason that the Malfoy Heir is known as the Ice Prince.

"Blaise! There you are I've been-" Theo trailed off when he suddenly realized who his best friend was sharing a compartment with.

Malfoy's gaze shifted to the compartment door that had suddenly slammed open, "Nott."

Blaise winced as Theo instinctively shrank back from the admittedly intense stare of the other thirteen year old.


Blaise tensed ready to defend his friend if necessarily; however, to his surprise, the blond merely tilted his head at the seat next to Blaise, clearly inviting Theo to join them.

From the way that Daphne head has swung sharply to stare at Malory, he and Theo weren't the only ones surprised by the invitation.

Malfoy didn't pay attention to the shocked stares of the two Slytherin boys, nor his future sister-in-law. Too caught up in his murmured conversation with Astoria Greengrass.

As Theo slowly relaxed and began a tentative and stilted conversation with Daphne, Blaise could only stare at the two blonds caught up in their own world, sitting so close together that they're practically in the same seat.

He tilted his head in puzzlement as golden-brown eyes flitted between the two. Something was off about Malfoy.

Realization slowly dawned on him when Astoria murmured something especially amusing, causing Malfoy to actually smile- albeit a small one that can barely be detected, nonetheless still a smile- fondly down at the girl.

Somehow this little eleven year old had managed to melt the impenetrable wall of ice surrounding Draco Malfoy.

He woke up has soon as he felt the jolt of magic run through him. Beside him, Stefano stiffened and shot a sharp look at him, "Wes?"

The dirty blond haired boy touched his boyfriend's hand in reassurance as he turned his attention inward, tracing the Brothers-in-Arms bond he shares with Hadrian.

He breathed deeply when he felt a wave of affection wash over him from Hadrian's side of the bond- I'm fine. It seems to say before a flicker of an image appeared in his mind and disappeared again.

Weston Yaxley opened his eyes and met the tense stare of his friends.

"What is it?" Celia asked, already reaching for her wand.

"Dementors." As soon as the word left his mouth, the Hogwarts Express suddenly screeched to a halt.

"Well fuck." Adrian said as he glanced nervously at the compartment door.

Wes scoffed, "Eloquent as ever Ace."

Marcus stood up and peered out the window on the door, "What do we do?"

Weston tensed as Celia, Stefano, Marcus, and Ace all looked at him for instructions, "We do nothing, they're probably here looking for Pettigrew; and unless one of us is hiding that the rat, they wouldn't bother us."

"Yeah I highly doubt that." Adrian muttered as he glared suspiciously at the door.

"We should prepare ourselves just in case." Stefano said as he gripped his wand tightly.

"How?" Celia asked disdainfully, "The only thing that can stop a dementor is a patron us."

"We're dark wizards we don't do patroni!" Adrian threw his hands up in the air.

Marcus shoved the auburn haired sixth year, "Shut up dumbarse."

"I'm just saying." Adrian sulked.

The compartment door suddenly slid open and all five occupants pointed their wands at the door.

"Ugh, paranoid much?"

Stefano sighed, "Sera, really?"

Serafina rolled her eyes at her brother and slipped into the compartment. Weston relaxed when Hadrian followed behind her, sliding the door shut.

The raven haired sixth year leaned agains the door and examined his friends, "So, dementors."

Wes smirked half-heartedly, "You know Hadrian, we should really start recruiting some light wizards."

His best friend grimaced, "Can no one here cast a patronus?"

Six identical shrugs answered him.

Hadrian sighed, "Damn it."

"Can you?" Marcus asked curiously.

Wes frowned thoughtfully, Hadrian did after all come from a light family.

The sixth year prefect drew his wand and incanted the spell. He scowled darkly at the wisp of white that appeared from the tip of this wand.

"I was able to, but not since accepting the Black Lordship." He admitted.

Before anything else could be said, a sharp scream rang through the train. The two only had to exchange a look. "Stay here." Hadrian ordered the others before flying out of the compartment, Weston hot on his heels.

As soon as they neared the compartment filled with swirling black robes, Hadrian sheathed his wand and held his hands together, slowly a light flickered into existence between his palms. Weston watched with fascination as it grew, a pure ball of magic.

When it was the size of a tennis ball, Hadrian chucked it at the swarm of Dementors. Immediately, they dispersed, fleeing the crackling ball of magic. Hadrian staggered and Weston caught him, leaning him against he wall.

When the blue-grey eyed boy tried siphoning some of his magic into his friend, Hadrian shoved weakly at him, forehead glistening with sweat.

"I'm fine," he grunted as he slumped against the wall, "go check on them."

Weston nodded and quickly entered the compartment.

The screaming had stopped as soon as the Dementors fled.

Weston cursed under his breath when he five unconscious students in the compartment.

Four. He mentally corrected himself when a shaky wand was leveled at him.

"Malfoy." Weston said when the pale and shaking boy lowered his wand once recognizing him, "What happened?"

"Tori." the blond third year said, "They wouldn't leave her alone."

Weston noted now the boy's arms were wrapped around a smaller blonde. Even unconscious,s he continued to shudder, silent tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Astoria Greengrass." Hadrian said as he slowly entered the compartment, still weak from the drastic use of pure magic.

"Damnit Hadrian," Weston growled when his friend collapsed into one of the seats, "Stop moving around, you're still drained." He gaping hole of magic he could feel through their bond is making him worried.

Behind him, he heard footsteps that came to a screeching halt, "Bloody hell."

Weston spun around and watched as Heath Potter's face drained of color, hazel eyes flickering around the compartment.

The boy's eyes widened in horror when he caught sight of his brother, "Merlin, Harry!"

The kid lunged at Hadrian.

"Circe, I'm fine brat." Hadrian muttered as he shoved at the flailing Gryffindor.

"I thought you were dead!" Heath exclaimed, voice rising in panic.

Weston blinked slowly. Huh, so the brotherly 'love' isn't as one-sided as he had always thought. He wondered what changed.

"Morgana, Potter could you be anymore louder." Malfoy sneered.

The Gryffindor's attention immediately snaps to his year mate, "Malfoy!" The boy made to touch the blond, eyes wide with concern.

"Go make yourself useful and get us some chocolate, they're waking up." Malfoy snapped.

Potter flinched at the hostility before glancing at Weston then Hadrian.

"Go get some brat. It helps with the dementors." Hadrian said.

The Gryffindor reluctantly lef the compartment.

Weston stared at the Malfoy boy who was too preoccupied with the littlest Greengrass to notice (or more accurately, too worried for his betrothed to care that he was under scrutiny). Once again, Weston was caught off guard by intelligence shown by Lucius Malfoy's spawn. The sixth year Slytherin when he would ever stop being surprised by the third year.

Hermione didn't bother looking up when she heard someone settle into the seat next to hers at the table in the far west corner of the library under the window facing the lake.

"Not going to the village?"

"I can say the same for you." Hermione responded as she reached into her bag and pulled out a sleeve of Oreos and placed it between the two.

"It's All Hallows' Eve, my father expects me home for the celebration tonight."

Hermione perked up, "You're leaving?"

Draco Malfoy carefully tore open the packet of Oreos, "Only for the night, most of us have family celebrations to attend to."

"Huh." Hermione said thoughtfully as she recalled the past two Halloweens she had celebrated at Hogwarts, "Do you all leave after the feast?"

"Yes." The blond said, "Hogwart's All Hallow's Eve feast may not be traditional at all-" he sneered a little, "but it is... mindlessly enjoyable."

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Pureblood snob."

"Uncultured muggleborn." He shot back automatically.

Hermione huffed in amuse exasperation and watched as her kind-of-not-quite-really friend delicately broke the Oreo in half, two equally large pieces of the biscuit. Hermione had always wondered he managed to do it so perfectly. He offered a half to Hermione, keeping the one in his left hand for himself.

Hermione accepted it, like she had hundreds of times before.

It's strange, the relationship they share.

For the past two years it was one of hostility and academic competition. But then this year, Hermione had began Ancient Runes. Due to a whole summer of diligent study, she was able to skip the introductory course, to her surprise, she wasn't the only third year to have skipped ahead.

Professor Babbling had paired her and Draco together in class, citing that it would be better for them to work together since they were yearmates.

The first two weeks had been tense, the pair often receiving only an Acceptable on their group assignments since both were unwilling to work together. However, they soon discovered that Hermione had a knack for piecing together runes while Draco was able to spot every small and concise detail in a single rune to add to Hermione's 'bigger picture' view.

One Outstanding later, they have decided to throw out any animosity they have in order to pursue a, as Draco would say: "A much more beneficial relationship in which we crush the upper years with our collection of Os and superior intellect."

And from there, their partnership had grown in the past two months to an unacknowledged friendship.

Draco likes to think that their friendship is built on shared intellectual ambition; however, Hermione thinks (and Draco will deny this forever) that their friendship is built on a shared addiction for the muggle treat known as Oreos.

"Did you finish your DADA essay yet?" Hermione asked.

The Slytherin nodded absently as he flipped through a potions book, "Yes- do you have the book about Ashinwder parts in potions?"

Hermione passed the book she had just finished over, "I marked the pages."

Draco murmured a quick thank you as he continued working on his potions' essay.

The third year witch reached around the Slytherin to grab his bag, pulling out the third scroll of parchment, being careful not to disturb anything in the bag. She knows that Draco always kept his essays in alphabetical order.

Before retuning the bag to the left side of Draco's chair- it's always the left, just like Draco sits on the left side of the table, and is left handed. She noticed a glass bottle of pumpkin juice,.

It was half empty.

"For me?" Hermione asked, already knowing the answer even before the blond made a noise of agreement.

Draco never finished any food or drink. He always only drank or ate half of something, no matter a cup of water, a bowl of soup, an apple, an Oreo, or in this case, a bottle of pumpkin juice.

At first when they began sharing some of their meals together in the library, Hermione had suspected an eating disorder. But Draco always got more than most people; instead of one sandwich for lunch, he'll get two and eat half of each so he never ate any less. It only took a few more days of observation before Hermione realized that Draco Malfoy had OCD.

Just like their friendship, it's another thing that they both knew and accepted, but never acknowledged.

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