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*** SLIPPED ***

Jasper was sitting at the table looking around nervously, and shaking. The rest of the family were scattered around the room, looking at him with pity and disappointment. He could feel their emotions rolling off of them and they were suffocating him.

"Jasper, take off the sunglasses." commanded Carlisle, in a calm, but stern voice. He was stunned when they came home from sightseeing to find Jasper, sitting at the table, reeking of human blood.

Jasper shook his head no and looked down at his trembling hands. How could they stand to look at him after what he did? Of course, they didn't know the worst of it. Jasper looked up and made eye contact with Edward. Edward knew...Edward knew the vile thing that he did. "Please, Edward" he begged telepathically. "Please don't tell them what I did. I couldn't live with myself if they knew I did that." As it was, Jasper didn't know how he was going to live with himself anyway. He knew that for the rest of his immortal life, he would never forget what he did to that poor, beautiful boy.

Edward grit his teeth and clenched his fists, but then nodded his head. He wouldn't tell the family what Jasper did. He knew that Jasper was beating himself up over it, and he didn't want to push Jasper even farther over the edge. Still, he would never be able to get the image of what Jasper did out of his head. He never would have thought that Jasper could have committed such a horrific crime.

Jasper closed his eyes in relief. At least his family would never have to live with the knowledge that their son and brother was truly a demon.

"Jasper, I'm not upset with you." said Carlisle softly, reaching over and taking his son's hand. "We will deal with this as a family, now take off the glasses."

Jasper sighed, but reached up and removed his dark sunglasses. He was so ashamed over what he did, that he couldn't even look at his family.

"Oh, Jasper." whispered Esme at seeing her son's blood red eyes. They could smell that Jasper had drank human blood, but it was still hard seeing the proof. She knew that her sensitive son had to be dying inside over it.

"Didn't you see this." screamed Rosalie at Alice. "Two days... We have only been on vacation for two days, and now we have to leave. I have been looking forward to this trip for ages, and now it's ruined." She had spent six months planning this trip to England and she didn't get to step one foot in to a store. It wasn't often that they went somewhere other then Esme Island, on vacation. She had planned to totally redo her wardrobe on this trip, taking advantage of all the department stores.

Alice, looked to her brother Jasper with wide eyes. "I'm sorry" she sad sadly. "I didn't see it, I didn't see anything." She always kept an eye out on Jasper, worried that he would slip. There were numerous times in the past that she saw Jasper slip, and for the most part, they were able to prevent it. She didn't understand why this time was different.

"Damn bro, those are some seriously red eyes." whistled Emmett.

"Son" said Carlisle, giving Jasper's hand a squeeze. "It's going to be, ok."

Jasper looked at him with pained eyes. "It's not going to be, ok." he said brokenly. "He was just a boy, no older then fifteen. He...he was terrified, Carlisle." Jasper grabbed his sunglasses and shoved them back onto his face, trying to hide shame. It was going to take months for the red to completely leave his eyes. Months of him being vividly reminded of what he did. He knew that every time he looked in the mirror and saw those red eyes staring back at him, that he would also see huge emerald eyes filled with fear and pain. Unfortunately, he would also be reminded of how amazing the boy smelled and how incredibly perfect he tasted. He had never been drawn to someone the way he was to that boy. He had also never tasted blood as exquisite as his. The boy was perfect... He looked perfect, tasted perfect, and felt perfect.

Carlisle stood up, walked around the table and embraced his son. Right now Jasper didn't need to be told that he was a failure. Jasper was hurting, he needed support, and his family. Every day was a tremendous struggle for his son who craved human blood. For so long Jasper had been able to fight his bloodlust, he wondered what happened to make him snap? "Please, son, don't let this one slip up defeat you. You have done amazing for so long. This is not an easy life style that we have chosen, and regardless of the occasional slip up, I am proud of you."

"Yeah, don't beat yourself up over it. It's not like your the first in the family to slip up." Emmett wasn't just trying to make his brother feel better, he was also speaking the truth. Since becoming a vampire, he had slipped up five times, Edward had slipped up three times, and Alice once. Carlisle, Esme and Rose were the only ones so far with a clean record. Heck, Edward had even taken off and spent ten years drinking human blood.

Jasper covered his face with his hands. How was he going to live with what he did? Even now he could hear the boy's terrified screams. He could hear him begging and pleading for him to stop. He was a monster, he didn't deserve his father's understanding and love. If his father knew just how sick he was, he would kick him out of the family. He was a disgrace, and he didn't deserve the Cullen name.

Edward wanted to reassure his brother that their father would understand, but he honestly didn't know if Carlisle would. What Jasper did, went way beyond just draining a human.

"That's it!" screamed Rosalie. "Guess I will just go and pack so we can head back to Forks before the cops come banging on our door."

"He was alone." Jasper said softly. "He was in a small park, all alone. It was dark and there wasn't another human around. I promise, I wasn't seen."

Carlisle sighed. "Alice, keep a watch out and let us know if you see anything. We will keep an eye on the news and the papers. For now, we stay and continue with our plans." Carlisle turned back to his son. "I'm sorry Jasper, but what did you do with his body?" He knew this was hard on Jasper, but the boy had family that deserved closure. He would rather know that his son was dead, then spend the rest of his life always wondering what happened.

Jasper flinched, because of him, a family was going to be grieving. The boy was someone's son, grandson, possibly brother. He took the life of an innocent boy... Hell, he took more then just his life. "He's still in the park, in the bushes. I-I panicked when I came out of the bloodlust. I drug the body into the bushes, then took off."

Carlisle ran his fingers through his pale hair. "Ok, Edward, you come with me and we will find the body and place it somewhere where he will be found, but by the authorities, I don't want a child to stumble across a dead body tomorrow at the park." It was three in the morning, so hopefully they could do this without being seen.

If Jasper could have, he would have paled even farther. He didn't want his father too see the body, if he did, then he would know what he did to the poor boy before draining him. "Please, Edward, don't let Carlisle see." he pleaded telepathically.

Edward cringed, he didn't want to do this. He loved his brother, but what he did was horrific. It was one thing to slip and drain a human, but there was no excuse for what he did to that child. A child was what he was too. Jasper guessed him to be fifteen, but he looked even younger to him. "Carlisle, I think you should stay with Jasper, he needs you. I will take care of the boy, and make sure he is found." Edward glared at his brother, cursing him for making him do this.

"No, Edward, that is too much to ask of you. We have already had one slip up, we don't need two." Carlisle knew how tempting the sight and smell of blood could be. He already had one one suffering from losing control of their vampire, he didn't need Edward slipping too.

"Carlisle, please don't leave me..." pleaded Jasper. Jasper hid the boy, but he didn't clean up his mess. Carlisle was a doctor, he would know immediately what he did to that boy, not to mention, he would be able to smell it.

"No, Jasper, you will be fine here with Emmett and the girls." Carlisle turned to Edward. "Come on, let's get the boy taken care of before we run out of time."

Jasper dropped his head onto the table, shoulders shaking, crying with tears that would never fall. He knew he only had a few hours left with his family before Carlisle kicked him out. Carlisle was the most caring and compassionate person on the planet, but not even he could forgive the raping of a child.


"He's not here." said Carlisle in confusion. For the last hour they had searched the park, bushes and surrounding woods for the boy's body, but it was gone. There were signs of a struggle, and blood on the ground, but no body.

"There are no new scents, just Jasper's and the boy's. The body couldn't have been found." said Edward. It didn't make sense, a dead body didn't just disappear on its own. If someone would have discovered the body, then they would have picked up on their scent, too.

"Jasper's scent is incredibly strong, what wasn't he telling me, Edward?" asked Carlisle. He knew there was more to the story, Jasper was keeping something from him. Jasper scent shouldn't be so overpowering. Jasper had also slipped before, and he had never been this upset over it.

Edward flinched, he hated lying to his father, but he didn't want to tell on Jasper. What Jasper did was horrible, but he didn't want to lose his brother over it. Jasper had slipped before, but he had never raped someone. Jasper was a good person who struggled with his vampire for control. He didn't understand what made him snap so horribly that he forced himself on a teenaged boy.

Edward walked towards some bushes in the far corner of the park. "This is where Jasper drug the boy." said Edward, ignoring his fathers question. Taking a deep breath, he added. "There is a scent, a mix between Jasper and the boy's heading in that direction." Edward pointed down the street towards Privet Drive.

"How can that be?" asked Carlisle, picking up the scent that Edward was talking about. He could smell the blend of his son and the boy, but no other human scents. "Did Jasper leave the boy alive?" he asked in horror. Even if he didn't drain the boy, he wouldn't have been able to just get up and walk off. The venom would have started the turning process and he wouldn't have been able to move.

Edward looked down the street with wide eyes. "That can't be. I saw what he did, he drained him, the boy was dead."

"This isn't right. Let's follow the scent and see what we find." Carlisle was actually scared of what he would find. If Jasper had created a newborn, then they were going to have to take him in. It wouldn't be easy on the boy or Jasper to be around each other. Obviously, there was something about the boy that Jasper couldn't resist, and it wouldn't be fair on the boy to be in the same house with the person that attacked, and killed him.

*** SLIPPED***

Harry was laying in the tub sobbing as scolding hot water fell on him from the shower. He couldn't believe what had just happened to him, and how much pain he was in. On top of the pain in his neck and backside, his blood felt like it was boiling and his head was throbbing. He was still confused over what had just happened. Earlier that day, he had returned home after his fifth year at Hogwarts for summer vacation, to find out that his relatives were leaving for a week vacation after dropping him off. He was surprised that they were leaving him home alone, but they did leave three pages worth of chores for him to do, and very detailed descriptions of what would happen to him if he didn't get them done, or destroyed the house. Even if he worked nonstop between now and when they returned, he would never get everything done on the list. Not to mention, his family didn't leave him paint or money, to repaint the house, shutters, and fencing. His uncle was just looking for any excuse to beat the hell out of him.

After his family left, his day wasn't too bad. His family, being the loving caring family that they were, made sure to empty the cabinets and refrigerator before leaving. The first thing he did was walk the five miles to the nearest store to buy some food with what little money he had left over from his last trip to his vault. After returning to the house, he made a small sandwich and then went out to cut the grass and pull the weeds. He worked so hard that he fell asleep instantly, something he hadn't been able to do since the incident at the ministry. He was plagued with nightmares of Voldemort, Death Eaters, and seeing his godfather almost fall through the veil. If it wasn't for his quick thinking, and knocking him out of the way, then he would have lost the only adult who truly loved him. Unfortunately, his peaceful sleeping only lasted for two hours before he woke up screaming his throat raw from a nightmare. Too scared to fall back asleep, he decided to walk to the park, despite it being two in the morning. He was lost in thought, thinking about how close he came to losing Sirius, when someone tackled him from behind. Even if he had his wand, which thanks to his uncle was locked in his trunk under the stairs, he wouldn't have had time to pull it out anyway.

The attack was so fast and so brutal. The creature tackled him from behind while he was on the swing. He knew immediately that the person couldn't be human because he was incredibly fast and strong. He tried to scream, but a vice like, cold hand clamped over his mouth. He tried to fight off the beast when it started tearing at his clothes, but it released a vicious warning growl. He never got a look at the creature, but he knew it couldn't have been a werewolf, there was no full moon.

"Mine." growled the beast, as it started poking at his virgin entrance. Up until that point, he had only ever kissed Cho, and that was a disaster. He hadn't had time to give sex and his sexuality much of a thought. He had never even given a thought to how two men had sex.

Tears were streaming down his face as he tried to stop the creature from raping him, but he was no match for its super human strength. When he felt a cold finger sink into his body, he screamed loud enough to tear his throat, despite the hand over his mouth. He begged and pleaded with the creature to not hurt him, but the hand over his mouth, muffled his cries.

"So tight, so perfect. Mine!" the beast growled again, as it added a second finger. "You are mine, must claim you."

The pain was blinding as he was violated with two dry fingers. He tried desperately to crawl away when he felt the fingers pull out from his ass, and the creature shift to his side. He managed to get a few feet before he heard the creature chuckle, then something sharp was piercing his neck, at the same time, something big and hard was thrust into him. He didn't know what hurt worse, the pain in his neck, or the raping of his body. The creature was brutal with his thrusts, taking him hard and fast as he feasted on his blood. He knew now, that this was a vampire, and that he was going to die while he was being raped. Without proper potions taken ahead of time to stabilize his magic, a wizards magic would fight the venom, painfully killing him. His last thought was of Sirius, before he heard the creature scream with his release, and everything went dark.

He didn't know how long he was out for, but when he woke, he was surprised to find himself naked and in the bushes. Despite the intense pain, he managed to crawl out and find his torn clothes. He didn't know where the vampire was, but he wanted to get home before he came back for round two. He could never remember a time where he was in so much pain, and that was saying something, because his uncle had caused him a lot of pain over the years. His uncle took great pleasure in beating, whipping and breaking his bones.

He was relieved when he stumbled through the front door of Number 4, Privet Drive, and for the first time, he felt safe here. For fourteen years, this house had represented pain and suffering for him, but now it meant safety. He didn't know how he found the strength to walk the two miles from the park to his house, but he thanked his damn Gryffindor stubbornness for it. He could feel that he was bleeding from his neck and ass, and he was surprised that he even had any blood left in his body. He knew vampires drained their victims completely, unless they were turning you. He knew that the monster that attacked him had no intentions of turning him, he only wanted him for two things, sex and food. He didn't understand how he was still alive, his magic should have fought the venom, killing him.

Dragging himself up the steps on his hands and knees, he stripped out of his ruined clothes and crawled into the tub. Turning on the hot water, he laid there, sobbing. What was he going to do now? He had just been raped and bitten by a vampire, and he didn't have anyone to help him. Despite him killing Voldemort for good at the ministry, Dumbledore had insisted that he return to his relatives until all the Death Eaters had been arrested. Sirius fought to get him, but Dumbledore refused. What he wanted, was for his godfather to comfort him and tell him it was going to be ok. If he wasn't going to be ok, then he at least wanted his godfather to keep him company until he succumbed to the venom, and died.

Harry didn't know how long he laid in the tub, and he must have passed out at some point, because he woke to ice cold water hitting his fevered body. He was shivering uncontrollably, yet at the same time, he felt like he had been set on fire. He knew that it had to be the vampire venom in his system. He was going to die like how he spent his entire life, alone, scared, and in pain.

Pulling himself up, he managed to turn off the water and roll over the side of the tub, landing on his back on the hard floor. Grabbing a towel, he wrapped himself in it and just curled into a ball, shivering on the bathroom floor. He didn't have the energy, and he was in too much pain to make it to his room. His relatives were going to come home from a great vacation to find their nephew, dead and decomposing, on their pristine, white, bathroom floor rug. If he wasn't in so much pain and scared, he would have thought it was funny.

***SLIPPED ***

Carlisle and Edward stood outside Number 4, Privet Drive where they tracked the scent of the boy that Jasper attacked. They were looking at each other in disbelief because they could hear the beating of the boy's heart.

"What is he thinking, Edward?" asked a stunned Carlisle. This did not make sense. That boy should be dead or turning, neither of which he was doing. There was definitely something going on with the boy, but he couldn't make out what.

Edward tilted his head to the side, peering up at what looked to be a bathroom window. He was picking up on his thoughts, but it was like it was coming through a long tunnel, it was all garbled and distorted sounding. "It's hard to tell for some reason, but I can tell he is in a great deal of pain, and he is frightened. He thinks he is dying, and he wants someone by the name of, Sirius."

"Damn" swore Carlisle, concerned for the child. "How is he still alive and not turning?"

"His blood is boiling, at least that's how he is describing the pain. Maybe he is turning, but it is slower." said Edward, looking to his father.

Carlisle sighed, this was bad. He had never heard of a turning like this, and he wasn't sure how to handle the situation. His first thought was to rush in there and help the boy, but if he wasn't turning, he didn't want to expose them. "For now we wait and watch the boy. He is home alone so we don't have to worry about his family, but should they come home, we might have to interfere. If he turns, then we take him with us. I just pray that he doesn't die."

"This is going to kill Jasper." said Edward. "He is really beating himself up over attacking the kid."

"What else happened, Edward?" asked Carlisle, glaring at his son.

Edward gave his father a pained look. "Please, Carlisle, don't ask that of me. Jasper begged me, and I'm afraid we are going to lose him over this."

Carlisle sighed. "Alright, for now I will accept that, but should I need to know the truth for the boy's sake, you will tell me." ordered Carlisle. It wasn't often he gave his children orders, but this was a very serious situation. A child's life was at stake, and while he would love and protect his son regardless of what he did, he couldn't just sit back and watch a child suffer.

"Agreed." said Edward. "Why don't you head back to the rental house and I will take first watch. I know your worried about the boy, but Jasper really needs you. I have never seen Jasper this upset after slipping." He knew Jasper was more upset over raping the boy then he was about biting him. Jasper was always the perfect gentleman, thanks to his upbringing and training in the Confederate Army. He was curious on what made him rape the boy. From what he got, Jasper was more drawn to him sexually, then he was by his bloodlust.

Carlisle looked to the bathroom window with worry. The doctor in him didn't want to leave the sick and injured boy, but the father in him wanted to help his suffering son. "From the steady beating of his heart, I would guess that he is sleeping, or he has passed out."

"I think he has passed out." said Edward.

Carlisle placed his hand on his son's shoulder. "Call me if there are changes, any at all. I am really worried about this, Edward, there is something strange going on here."

Edward agreed with his father, there was something seriously strange going on here.