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Harry smiled down at his seven month old baby boy. Even after all these months he couldn't believe that little Ryce Edward was home with him and was a happy and healthy, albeit still small for his age, little baby boy. It had been a long and agonizing two months waiting for him to get strong enough to come home from the NICU, but he was worth the wait and all the heartache.

He had cried horribly every night when he had to leave Ryce in the NICU so he could go home to get some rest. The only thing that made him feel better was knowing that either Rosalie, Edward or another family member would sit with little Ryce throughout the night. Jasper was unwilling to leave his side after he had been technically dead for fifteen minutes, even though he too was worried about their son and didn't want to leave him.

He still couldn't believe that he had died, even if it was only for fifteen minutes. To him, though, fifteen minutes seemed like a hell of a long time to be dead. It had killed him hearing how his family had thought he was dead...especially Jasper. He loved them all so much that the thought of them mourning his death tore at his heart.

Just because he had started breathing again didn't mean that he had been out of the woods. His core had been completely drained and that wasn't something easy to recover from. Ry had explained that he was the only known person to live through a completely drained core. Even after he woke he was still too weak to get out of bed for four days. It had taken him another week before he was strong enough to be able to leave the hospital. In that time they worked on getting Ryce use to being away from his magic so he wouldn't suffer when he left. Still, he got up before the sun everyday and Jasper and him would return to the hospital to be with Ryce and he refused to leave until Ry had to physically kick them out of the hospital late every night.

Ryce was a very much loved and very spoiled little boy. Sirius and Remus had surprised him the day after he woke from his coma, by not only visiting him and Ryce, but by moving to Forks Washington so they could be close to them. He knew that they were planning on moving, he just didn't realize that it would happen so soon. It seemed with the Minister in trouble, all charges against Sirius had been dropped by Madam Bones.

Sirius and Remus were living on the reservation in a little, but cozy, house not far from Billy and Jacob. Both his godfathers were immediately smitten with his little boy, and after leaving the hospital, they went out and practically bought out an entire baby store. Surprisingly, Rosalie and Sirius had bonded over designing and decorating the nursery, much to everyone's shock. The pair got along great even though they were complete opposites, and often times they could be found together in the nursery cooing over Ryce.

Things had been bad there for a while after he admitted to Sirius and Remus that Jasper was the one who attacked and raped him. He had considered never telling them, but he didn't want anyone looking at his son differently because they thought some savage monster raped him. Ryce also looked too much like Jasper, it was only a matter of time before they put two and two together. It was only thanks to Dumbledore's, Ry's and Sanguine's interference that Sirius didn't kill Jasper. Things were still a little tense between Jasper and his godfathers, but they knew that there was nothing they could do about it. Remus also understood what it was like to lose yourself to your instincts. Hell, he had almost killed his own godson because of his instincts.

"Do you want a baba, sweet one?" Harry asked his son who was looking up at him out of his own green eyes. He had been thrilled when Ryce's eyes turned from newborn blue/grey to his own emerald green eyes. His blond hair had also grown and gotten thicker, and it seemed he was going to luck out and not get cursed with the unruly Potter hair. Ryce's hair was a shade lighter blond than Jasper's, but it had a slight wave to it just like his daddy's hair. Ryce looked an awful lot like Jasper, except for the eyes, the nose and the slightly feminine features from his submissive inheritance. Other than that, he was all daddy's boy.

As Harry watched lovingly as his son played with a stuffed horse on his bed. He couldn't believe that he had been afraid that all he would see and think about when looking at his baby was his rape. Not once did he think about that night when looking at his son. He thanked Merlin everyday that he didn't take that horrible abortion potion. He couldn't imagine a minute of his life now without his sweet son in it.

Things between Jasper and himself had also been growing, much like their beloved son. They still hadn't had sex, but cuddling, kissing, and some groping through clothing had been happening behind their bedroom door at night. That was another thing, Jasper and him now shared a room, even though Jasper didn't sleep. After leaving the hospital he hadn't wanted to be alone and Jasper didn't want him out of his sight. Since then, they shared a room and his old room became their son's nursery.

"I think Uncle Edward is on his way to get you," Harry said, peppering his son's tiny face with kisses. He loved hearing Ryce's giggle so much that he didn't even mind that he was kissing drool slopped lips and cheeks. He hated this time of night, the time that he had to go to sleep and one of his family members watched over Ryce. It seemed that Ryce didn't need as much sleep as a fully human baby and they were lucky if he slept for three hours a night. He did nap a couple times a day, but they were short little power naps. Unfortunately, he needed more than three hours of sleep a night, so every night he would hand Ryce over so he could sleep for about five to seven hours.

Ryce started exhibiting little vampire traits shortly after leaving the hospital. When he started crawling it was much like a human baby learning, until he got the hang of it. Ryce was fast on his little hands and knees, a lot faster than a normal human baby. It was a good thing that they were all faster so they could easily keep up with him. They also just recently found out that Ryce needed blood. Three weeks ago he went through a faze where he was crying a lot and only drinking half his bottle before pushing it away. It was while holding him while he was eating that they discovered that he now needed blood mixed in his formula. Ryce had reached out and dipped his little fingers in his cup of dipping blood then happily sucked on them while making content little gurgling noises. He continued to dip his fingers in until the blood was completely gone. Now that they added the blood, he was no longer crying or pushing his bottle away.

Since Ryce was a growing boy they decided to feed him human blood, much like when he was pregnant with him. Human blood was better for him, easier to digest and higher in nutrients. After meeting the tiny little miracle, the shifters all offered to donate blood for him for however long Ryce would need it. Luckily, Ryce had a way of winning over everyone that he met so the shifters no longer saw him as a threat.

Since having Ryce, he was able to switch back to animal blood with no problems. Human blood still tasted a hell of a lot better, but he didn't have a craving for it. He was happy and content back on his animal blood.

"Is my little monster ready to play with Uncle Edward?

Ryce's head spun towards the door and a large grin broke out on his face. Dropping his horse, he held his arms out and made grabby motions with his chubby little hands.

"I'll take that as a yes," Edward chuckled, scooping up the still small baby. "I wish that drool sloppy grin was for me, but I know that it's for your bottle that I have in my hand," he said, holding up a creamy red bottle. "You have your momma's appetite."

Ryce squealed in delight and reached for his blood bottle. "I bathed him already," Harry said sadly. He hated having to sleep. Why couldn't he be like the rest of his family?

"Are you still going to cry every night when you go to bed when he's a teenager?" Jasper teased.

Harry stuck his tongue out at his mate. "Maybe. Don't be mean, I can't help it. Ry said my emotions are still all over the place from the pregnancy. I just hate when he's not with me." According to Ry, it was harder for a male to physically and mentally recover from being pregnant than it was for a woman. It could take months for their hormones and magic to stabilize.

Harry got up and pecked his son on the cheek. "You be a good boy for everyone and I'll see you in a couple hours. We have a big day tomorrow. Your Uncle Ron and all the other Weasleys are coming to visit you." Ron was out of Hogwarts for summer vacation so Sanguine was going to portkey them all over. He was so excited to see everyone that he was afraid that he was going to have a hard time falling asleep.

Harry felt a slight twinge of pain at the thought of Hermione. If she hadn't turned on him, she would have been visiting him and Ryce tomorrow too. He was furious when he got an owl from her acting as if nothing had happened and begging him to write to all their friends and demand that they be nice to her. She didn't even apologize for telling the Minister about him. She did yell at him though for not returning to Hogwarts.

Hermione's owl showed up two days after he woke from his coma. He was weak, scared for his child and extremely hormonal. In his unbalanced state he listened to the advise that Gray had given him. Since Hermione owed him a life debt, he suggested that he have her magic bound and forced to leave the wizarding world for good. She was nothing more than another Fudge in the making, and that was something that the wizarding world didn't need. He had been shocked when Dumbledore visited him in the hospital and had readily agreed with Gray's suggestion.

In his anger he may have taken it one step farther. Gray and Dumbledore wanted to obliviate both her and her parents, making it so they didn't remember anything about witches and wizards. He didn't like that idea. As far as he was concerned, it was as much her fault as it was Fudge's and Malfoy's that his baby almost died. No, he wanted her to remember everything. He wanted her to mourn the loss of her magic and what life could have been for her as witch. He had it so not only was her magic bound, but she was incapable of talking about the wizarding world even though she remembered every detail. He felt that it was a fitting punishment for her for what she had done to him. He was anxious for Ron to get here, he was going to show him his memory of her getting notified of her fate.

"Wake me if he needs me," Harry said sadly as Edward walked out the door with his baby.

"I know, you remind me every night," Edward chuckled. "You know he's going to be fine and will probably crash around 3am."

"Still," Harry pouted. "You just never know."

"I will wake you if he needs you...or if he sneezes," Edward joked. He knew how much Harry hated this, but it was important that he get his sleep. Even after all these months he still wasn't fully recovered from the incident. He still got a chill throughout his body when remembering when Ry explained to them that when a witch or wizard completely drains their core, they die. There was no coming back from a drained core. It seemed that once again Harry had done the impossible.

Since the coma, Harry's magic had been unstable and unpredictable, and he tended to tire easily. Something as simple as levitating a feather would knock him out for an hour or so. Ry said he would get better, but only if he got a lot of rest. It was a fight to get him to sleep in the beginning, but he gave in when Ry threatened to use elf magic on him in order to force him fall asleep.

Jasper took his mate into his arms. "Love, it's healthy for the two of you to get some time away from each other. He knows that you aren't abandoning him. All I felt was love and contentment when Edward carried him out."

"I can't help it," Harry said, face buried in Jasper's neck. "I love him so much and I'm terrified that someone is going to take him away from me. What if they find out that he's a submissive?"

"No one knows about that except for family. Gray set up wards all around Forks to alert him if an unknown witch or wizard comes onto our territory. Now that the new laws have been passed, a person would be stupid to attempt to kidnap, harm or force a submissive to have sex with them." It had been a tough battle, but after months of arguing and fighting, the ICW voted that every country had to respect male submissives. Dumbledore had a strong case, and he showed memories of how his mother had suffered at the hands of the Ministry. He also researched and showed proof that forcing a submissive to carry children from men other than their mate would produce average, to below average magical children. Only when being with their mate would a male submissive birth an exceptionally powerful witch or wizard. No one could understand why since the baby was still sustained by the submissive's magic, but the proof was there for all to see.

The penalty for breaking the male submissive law was life in whatever prison was in their home country. They would get a trial, but if found guilty they would be immediately shipped off. If the submissive already had a mate, then it was in the mate's right to kill the attacker without fear of getting in trouble. The magical world needed more powerful wizards like, Merlin, Slytherin, and Dumbledore, and the only way that was going to happen is if male submissives had children with their destined mate. Male submissives were rare, there was only one born every couple hundred of years or so.

Minister Fudge and Lucius Malfoy were convicted before the new law was voted on. Lucius tried to hire a handful of top notch lawyers, but after hearing what his father had done, Draco went to Gringotts and took control of the Malfoy finances. Draco had just come of age, so with his mother's backing, he became Lord Malfoy and left his father to fend for himself. The goblins were only too happy to hand the finances over to Draco as they knew for a fact that Lucius would be convicted. Draco may never have liked Harry, but as far as he was concerned, no one deserved what his father and the Minister wanted to do to him. Draco had even sent Harry an apology letter, which shocked, but warmed Harry's heart. It was good to know that Draco was no longer following in his father's footsteps, but becoming a better and more respected man.

Lucius ended up with life in an American prison, and no amount of sweet talking was going to get him out. Gray had considered shipping him to Azkaban since the man had an incredible fear of Dementors, but he wanted him somewhere where he could keep an eye on him. The American prison wasn't anywhere near as horrible as Azkaban, but that didn't mean that Gray couldn't make it just as horrible for him. He may not have had Dementors, but he had potions that affected you the same way that Dementors did. Every night for the rest of his life starting at 8pm, Lucius Malfoy would be reliving his worst memories thanks to the Dementors Potion. For someone like Lucius Malfoy, Voldemort's right hand man, that was a lot of awful memories to relive and it took hours to go through them all. Lucius had already tried to off himself three times, but there was no way that Gray was going to let him off that easily. He had him under twenty four hour surveillance and wards surrounding him keyed in to both his physical and mental health. Lucius Malfoy had many, many years of suffering left.

As for Minister Fudge, he tried his damnedest to get Harry arrested. Gray had collected Harry's memories, and after the ICW watched them, they dropped all charges against him without him needing to step foot in a courtroom. He then tried to say that Lucius had forced him under the Imperious curse to kidnap Harry and use the the dark potion on him, but thirty seconds under Veritaserum cleared that up quick. Still, the ICW recognized that Fudge wasn't the master mind behind the plan, Lucius was. Fudge was just a greedy bastard who wanted money and the Fudge name to become as prestigious as the Black's, Malfoy's and Potter's. In the end it earned him fifteen years in prison, but since his sentence wasn't as harsh at Lucius' Gray made sure that Fudge was placed in a muggle prison with his magic bound with rapists and other degenerates.

Gray was not a nice man, and he never claimed to be. He wanted Fudge to experience what Harry would have had the man got his hands on him. Fudge would have happily sat back as Harry was being repeatedly raped, so Gray was going to do the same thing. Things were going to be tough for the pompous bastard, all the magic and potions in the world couldn't fix the man's legs. He would be spending his life in a wheelchair at the mercy of other criminals for the next fifteen years.

Harry wrapped his arms around Jasper's waist and started nibbling on his neck. Up until now he didn't think he was ready for sex, but now he wanted to do it. He didn't want to spend the rest of his life being terrified of having sex with his mate. He wanted a lot more children and the only way that was going to happen is if he conquered his fear of sex and his mate.

Jasper couldn't hold back his growl, it wasn't often that his little mate was this forward. They had kissed and done some petting, but always with their clothes on. He was almost desperate to become one with his mate. Even though the rape gave them their son, he would never think of it as their first time together.

Smirking, Harry pushed Jasper backwards until he fell onto the bed. "Sit up with your back against the headboard," he ordered in a raspy voice.

Raising a single eyebrow, Jasper did as instructed. This was new, he wondered what his little mate had planned. He could feel desire, determination, nervousness and fear rolling off of him. He definitely had something up his sleeve.

Harry took a seat straddling Jasper's legs. "Raise your arms up above your head."

Feeling a spike of excitement coming from Harry, Jasper complied without hesitating. "What are we doing?" he asked curiously.

Nervously chewing on his bottom lip, Harry waved his hand and ropes shot out of nowhere wrapping around Jasper's wrists and securing them to the wooden headboard.

Shocked, Jasper tugged on the ropes, finding that he could easily get free. "Harry, you know that you're not supposed to use magic, Ry's orders," he scolded. "What are you doing? I can easily break these ropes and get free."

"Don't," Harry whispered, his emerald eyes pleading with him. "I can make it so you can't with magic, but like you said, I'm not supposed to be using magic. Please, just keep your hands where they are. I know you can get free, but I'm trusting you not to. I want to touch you, but on my terms. Is that alright?"

Jasper's eyes bled black with arousal. "I promise." He understood what his mate was doing. He had pinned Harry under him and brutally raped him and now Harry needed to feel in control, but not enough to leave him helpless. That's why Harry didn't magic the ropes, he wanted him to know that he couldn't escape at any time if he needed to.

Taking a deep breath, Harry scooted up until he was straddling Jasper's waist. "I want to be with you like a true mate, I'm tired of being afraid." Leaning forward, he placed his lips tentatively over Jasper's.

Jasper moaned into the kiss. He didn't want to get his hopes up, but he was feeling a hell of a lot of determination coming from Harry. "Harry, you don't have to do this. We have forever to be together."

"Shut up," Harry whispered in exasperation, and with another wave of his hand, Jasper's shirt disappeared.

Jasper started to protest at Harry's use of magic, but his words got caught in his throat when Harry started to suck, bite and kiss his way down from his collar bones to his nipples. "Shit," he growled when Harry latched onto his nipple and started sucking.

Jasper's growls and moans where turning him on and giving him more confidence. With trembling hands, he started undoing Jasper's pants. He had felt his mate's erection before brushing against him when making out, but he had never seen it or touched. Glancing up, he noticed that Jasper's eyes were coal black and the veins in his neck and arms were bulging. Knowing that Jasper could easily break free from his restraints but wasn't, made him feel more relaxed and confident.

"Is... Is it alright if I...?" Harry blushed and looked away. He didn't want to just touch him there without permission. He knew what it felt like to be touched against your will and he never wanted someone he loved to feel that way.

Unable to talk, Jasper just nodded his head. It was an incredible struggle to not break out of his bonds and touch his beautiful mate, but he didn't want to break Harry's trust.

"Lift up your butt," Harry said shyly, unable to make eye contact with Jasper. Carefully he scooted off his lap, he was feeling a bit dizzy from using magic to tie Jasper up and vanish his shirt so he didn't want to push it by vanishing his pants too. He wanted to do this, and he was afraid if he stopped now then it would be a while before he could pluck up the courage to try again.

After tossing Jasper's pants across the room, Harry turned to admire his naked and bound mate. He had seen other naked males while at Hogwarts, but Ron, nor Neville could hold a candle to Jasper. The man was mouth watering gorgeous. Heart pounding in his chest, he tore his eyes off of the pale, rock hard chest and six pack abs and let them slowly drift down to his groin.

Jasper tensed when he felt fear roll off of Harry. He knew it was because he was looking at his very hard, and very interested cock. He knew that he was big, bigger than the average male.

Harry held up his hand to stop Jasper from talking. "Just, give me a minute, ok?" Straddling Jasper's legs again, but careful not to touch his naked erection, he started nibbling on his neck and made his way back up to his lips. He loved kissing Jasper and it always turned him on.

Needing oxygen, Harry wrenched his head back while digging his fingers into Jasper's shoulder. Taking advantage of the delectable exposed neck, Jasper leaned in and started nibbling, sucking and licking at the sensitive flesh. He had to keep his hands clenched in a tight fist around the ropes to keep from touching his mate.

Harry brought his hands up and ran them through Jasper soft, wavy blond hair. Jasper's cold lips felt wonderful against his scorching skin. Feeling brave, he dropped his hand and let it brush over the tip of Jasper's penis.

Jasper couldn't stop his thrust up and against Harry's hand. Even though it was only a light brush, it felt like an electric shock straight to his cock.

Sucking on his bottom lip, Harry looked down and wrapped his hand around Jasper's penis

and slowly started to pump it. He was still scared, but right now his curiosity overruled his fear.

Jasper threw his head back, hitting it hard enough on the headboard that he heard it crack. Since Harry didn't seem to mind, he started to thrust up, fucking himself into his small fist.

Feeling overly hot, Harry used his other hand to pull off his shirt and pull down his sweatpants. He was so fucking horny that he felt like he was going to explode. Living in a house full of super hearing vampires didn't give a person much of a chance for a wank. Luckily, earlier that day, he had asked Remus to cast a silencing charm on his room. He had told him it was because he didn't want to bother anyone when Ryce was being fussy, but he could tell that Remus didn't believe him for a minute. For one, Ryce was never a fussy baby.

Jasper was damn near trembling at the sight of his naked mate. His boy was beautiful, and he desperately needed to touch him. "Harry!" he panted.

Harry looked at Jasper with lust blown eyes. With one hand still pumping Jasper's penis, he took his own in his other and started pumping it in time with the hand around Jasper's penis. It felt so good that he knew if he kept this up he wouldn't last much longer.

"Jasper, please, what do I do?" Harry panted, sweat dripping down his face. He had hoped to watch a porno or something on the internet so he knew what to do, but Jasper never left him alone for five minutes. He knew the basics of course, but he was still extremely inexperienced. He didn't count a few frantic wanks as being an expert.

"Damn, Harry, I want to touch you so bad. You are so fucking beautiful." Jasper growled. "What is it that you want?"

"I want you," Harry whimpered, running the head of his penis over Jasper's. "I want you inside of me."

Jasper bit the inside of lip so hard that it started to bleed. "You need to be prepared. You need to be stretched so it won't hurt as much. Can you untie one hand so I can help you?"

Harry didn't even need to think about it. He needed Jasper to take the ache away that was throbbing deep inside of him. With just a thought, he released Jasper's right hand, swaying a little when the use of magic made his head spin.

"No magic," Jasper growled, wrapping his arm around Harry's waist and pulling him forward so they were chest to chest and groin to groin. "Kiss me!" he ordered.

Harry gasped when their erections brushed and ground against each others. Taking advantage of the open mouth, Jasper thrust his tongue in and started passionately kissing his mate. He had dreamt of Harry naked in his arms a thousand times since the day he first stepped foot in their house. It had been hell fighting his instincts and keeping his distance from his mate.

"Do you have lube?" Jasper grunted, praying that his fiery little mate had thought of the lube.

Harry blindly reached out to the side table a grabbed the small bottle of lube that Alice had given him earlier that day...much to his mortification. It wasn't often that she got visions of him, but of course the rare one that she did get had to be where he was having sex with Jasper.

Jasper took the bottle with his only hand and flipped the top open. "Anytime you need to stop, just say the word. I promise that I will stop what I'm doing and I won't be upset."

"For once," Harry panted, "you're talking to much. Please, I want you."

Jasper wished that he had use of both his hands, but he wasn't going to push it. If him being bound set his mate at ease, then he would happily deal with it. Awkwardly he reached down and ran a finger down Harry's crack then dribbled a generous amount of lube on it. Placing the lube next to his hip in easy reach, his brought his hand back up and started massaging Harry's butt cheeks, letting his fingers slip in the crack and brush against his tight little hole.

Squeezing his eyes tightly shut, Harry rested his forehead on Jasper's shoulder and swallowed his moment of panic. He hadn't been touched there since...

Jasper froze with the pad of his index finger resting over Harry's opening. He felt his fear so he decided to give him time to get comfortable with his touch.

Panting into Jasper's neck, Harry started to wiggle his butt then slowly he pushed back on the finger at his opening. When he felt it sink in, he bit down hard on Jasper's collar bone.

If anything, the bite turned Jasper on even more. Hoping that it was alright, he started to thrust his finger inside of Harry's incredibly tight and hot channel while he thrust his hips up, rubbing his cock against Harry's.

Jasper's finger inside of him burned more than it hurt, but it also was starting to feel a little good, especially the deeper he went in. "Please, Jasper, I need..."

"I know what you need, my love," Jasper said huskily. Angling his finger just right, he pushed against his mate's prostate.

Harry screamed in pleasure, clawing at Jasper's chest. "Fuck what was that?" he cried, grinding hard down on Jasper's finger, trying to get him to hit that spot again.

"That, my love, was your prostate," Jasper chuckled, pushing a second finger in Harry's now somewhat looser hole.

"More? Fuck, that felt amazing," Harry whimpered, almost bouncing on Jasper's finger.

Not one to deny his mate, Jasper started to jab hard at Harry's prostate. His little mate was enjoying it so much that he never flinched when he added a third or fourth finger.

"I need... I need more," Harry cried desperately. "I'm so damn close." Harry's entire body was trembling and he was pouring in sweat.

"I got you, my sweet little mate," Jasper purred. "Get up on your knees and lean forward." This wasn't going to be easy with one hand and Harry was too far gone to be much of a help.

Harry felt empty and cold when Jasper's fingers left his body. "Jasper, please don't stop."

"Harry, do as I instructed," Jasper growled. "I'm not going to leave you empty for long." Once Harry got to his knees and off his lap, he lubed up his dripping cock and poured a bit more down Harry's crack. He was going to try to make this as painless as possible for him.

Jasper held his slick cock up with one hand and pointed it towards Harry's entrance. "Harry, this is going to hurt a bit at first, just go slow and take what you can handle. Now, relax and slowly sit back down."

Whimpering, Harry could feel the spongy head of Jasper's penis pressing against his hole. Taking a deep breath and trying to relax like Jasper ordered, he lowered himself down until just the head of the penis popped inside of him. "Oh, fuck that hurts," he cried.

Jasper dug his heels into the mattress, it was taking everything in him to not thrust up and bury himself into his mate. Feeling his cock sink into Harry like this had been well worth the wait. "Give yourself time to adjust, then sit farther back down." He wished that he could take Harry's mind away from the pain by pumping his cock, but the only hand he could use was holding own his cock steady.

Unable to keep his head up any longer, Harry rested it on Jasper's shoulder again while lowering himself down a bit more. It felt like Jasper was splitting him in half. Trying to ease the pain, he lifted himself up then slowly sank back down. It wasn't so bad doing it this way, and after a few more times, he had managed to take all of Jasper inside his body.

With tears in his eyes, Harry lifted his head up and looked at Jasper. "Raise your arm back up please," he panted.

"I will," Jasper said between clenched teeth. Harry was so hot and tight that he needed him to move. He didn't want to embarrass himself by coming just from Harry sitting on his lap. "No magic though. I promise to hold it up and not touch you."

Nodding his head, Harry started to wiggle on Jasper's penis. The pain wasn't as bad now, but it felt odd. He wanted to find his prostate again, that felt incredible.

Jasper could feel the wood from the headboard splinter under his hands. It now made sense why Alice gave him the furniture brochure out of that morning's paper then skipped away giggling. "Up and down, baby," he instructed hoarsely, thrusting his hips up just a little.

Harry screamed as stars burst behind his eyes. When Jasper thrust up he nailed him in that wonderful spot. Taking his advise, he started to move up and down, crying out loudly each time Jasper thrust up and hit his prostate. "Fuck, harder, Jasper!" he cried, slamming down on Jasper's lap.

Jasper was now brutally thrusting up. The sound of their skin slapping and the moans coming from his mate was quickly driving him over the edge. Harry was now riding him hard, his fingers digging deeply into his chest and leaving marks.

"Jasper, I'm close...so close. Please, I need you to touch me there."

Jasper knew what Harry needed. Dropping his hand, he took his mate's painfully hard cock and started pumping it in time with his thrusts. Harry was now babbling nonsense with his head thrown back as he bounced up and down.

Harry screamed and shook violently as he came all over Jasper's stomach. Not caring about the mess, he breathlessly collapsed onto Jasper and closed his eyes.

Jasper wrapped his arm around Harry's waist and continued to fuck up into ass as he rode out Harry's orgasm. The contractions around his cock were mind blowing, and after only a few seconds, it milked his come right out of him as he spurted his most intense orgasm ever deep into his mate's bowels.

Harry couldn't move until his heart rate slowed down enough that he could catch his breath. He could still feel Jasper buried deep inside of him, twitching occasionally. "Why did I wait so long to do that? That was incredible."

"It was," Jasper agreed, already feeling himself harden again inside of his mate. Even after fucking him and filling him with his seed, Harry was still incredibly tight. "I love you more than anything, Harry."

Harry peppered Jasper's face and lips with tiny little kisses. It felt like being with Jasper had lifted a huge weight off of his shoulders. "I love you too, Jasper." Reaching up, he untied Jasper's bound hand then slowly started to ride him again. "Thank you for letting me do that."

Jasper wrapped his hands around Harry's small waist to help lift him up, as Harry sank back down he thrust up into him. They kept the pace slow and easy, savoring the feel of their bodies working as one. They claimed each other's lips in a slow and passionate kiss...a kiss full of love and tenderness. They kept up this pace until they were both coming together, crying out each other's names.

It took a lot of hard work and patience for Harry and Jasper to finally come together. There were a lot of obstacles thrown in their path, but there was also a lot of love and support from family and friends. It proved that as a family they could overcome anything and be stronger because of it.



A little sneaky peak at my alternate version of this fic. Keep in mind that this is unofficial and unedited, I can, and probably will change it. This is just what I wrote up yesterday. I probably won't post until I have a couple chapters of it finished.


Harry was sitting alone on the floor in a dirty, dark corner in the back of the Black Library with a dusty ancient tome open in his lap. Sitting next to him on the floor was a crinkled up copy of that morning's Daily Prophet. He had been spending every waking minute, and those where he should have been sleeping, in the library researching. He figured if any library had what he was looking for, it would be the Black Library. The Black Library was full of ancient and illegal Dark Arts, and other questionable books, exactly the types of books that he was looking for.

"Harry, you know that I don't like you in this section of the library." Sirius said gently. "These books are very dark and dangerous."

"And yet, they're the only books that will be able to help me," Harry said sadly.

"I know," Sirius sighed. "That's why I haven't warded you against this section of the library."

"I know everyone expects Dumbledore to be able to save me, but he can't. I have to turn myself in. I can't risk you or anyone else getting hurt because of me. I'm not worth it."

"But you are, pup," Sirius said, siting on the dirty floor across from his godson. "You are worth it, that's why your parents didn't report you when they found out. They loved you too much to see this happen to you. They were ready to risk life in Azkaban for you."

"Yeah, instead I got them killed," Harry said moodily.

"Dammit, Harry, you did not. You didn't ask to be born and you didn't force Voldemort to attack you." Sirius snapped. It hurt him every time Harry blamed himself for his parents death. "This has nothing to do with Voldemort anyway, you killed him months ago."

"I should have let the insane maniac have this stupid world," Harry muttered, a lone tear escaping his eye.

"I feel that way too sometimes," Sirius agreed. "Especially now."

"I'm sending Minister Fudge an owl," Harry whispered brokenly.

"Harry, no!" Sirius cried. "You can't turn yourself in."

"And I can't stayed holed up in here. You read the paper, he's going to send Aurors out to bring in you, Remus, and the Weasleys if I don't turn myself in by Friday. Sirius, you were just found innocent, I can't have you or anyone else sent to Azkaban. I don't have a choice."

Sirius shivered at the thought of returning to Azkaban. "Harry, you know what's going to happen to you if you turn yourself in."

More tears fell from Harry's eyes. "I know," he choked. "I-I'm going draw up a contract, and if the Minister refuses to agree to it by a magical oath, then I will make sure that they will never be able to use me."

"How are you going to get him to agree to that? Fudge is a stubborn bastard that has Lucius Malfoy whispering in his ear."

Harry reached in his pocket and pulled out a small vial that was filled with a glimmering red potion. The vial was no bigger than a sewing needle, but it had an ominous look and feel to it.

"Harry, what is that?" Sirius asked fearfully.

Harry stared at the potion, the glimmering was almost hypnotizing. "Your ancestors could have given Voldemort a run for his money had they wanted to. I don't even think he was as dark or sadistic of a wizard as they were."

"Harry?" Sirius wanted to reach over and shake his godson out of the strange trance that he was in, but he didn't want to risk Harry dropping the vial. If it came from his ancestors, then it could only be dangerous and evil.

Blinking rapidly, Harry smiled sheepishly up at his godfather. "I'm not afraid to die, you know," he said tonelessly. "Honestly, I never expected to win the war anyway. I have been prepared to die since I was eleven years old. Younger even than that if you count all the times my uncle threatened to drown me or beat me to death. Really, death wouldn't be so bad, it's preferable to what the Minister wants from me anyway. Just think, I would get to be with my mom and dad at last. Yes, death wouldn't be so bad, Sirius."

Sirius lunged to his feet. "Dammit, Harry, you're really starting to freak me the fuck out. What are you on about?"

Harry absently twirled the small vial in his hands. "If a drop of this potion touches you anywhere on your body...instant death," he explained, chuckling softly. "No pain, no antidote, just a peaceful death. I don't think that's such a bad way to die. One second you're breathing, the next you're not. Kind of cool, don't you think?"

Wide eyed, Sirius shook his head no, a shiver going down his spine. It felt like tiny spiders were crawling all over his body. "No, Harry, it's not cool. Give me the potion," he demanded, holding his hand out.

Shrugging his shoulders, Harry handed the vial over. "It's alright, I have plenty more. Just be careful with it, yeah?"

"Are you serious?" Sirius barked.

"No," Harry giggled somewhat madly. "You are, but I do have more of that potion if that's what you meant."

"Harry!" Sirius growled in frustration. Normally he would laugh at his own joke being used on him, but this was no laughing matter. "I want all of it," he ordered. "Now!"

Smiling sadly, Harry shook his no. "Can't do that, sorry. I need that potion to force Minister Fudge into taking that oath."

"So, it's like blackmail?" Sirius asked in relief. "You wouldn't honestly use that potion, would you?"

"Oh no," Harry chuckled darkly. "I wont hesitate to use it if he refuses my oath. I refuse to live like that, Sirius. I would choose death any day over that."

Sirius stuffed the potion in his pocket, hiding his trembling hands. "Would it work on you though? You know, now that you're half vampire."

"Well, according to your many times great grandfather whom had a vendetta against vampires, it works great on them. He was the one who actually created this potion. He would levitate it over unsuspecting vampires then let it drop. He didn't sound like a very nice man."

"Most Blacks aren't, Harry," Sirius grumbled. "I knew I shouldn't have let you in this section of the library unsupervised."

"Don't worry, Sirius. I found a couple of useful spells and potions to use if the Minister takes the oath and I get shipped off."

"That's what worries me, Harry. Those are all dark and dangerous." Sirius warned.

"I know, but I have nothing left to lose." Harry whimpered, curling in on himself.

"You can lose yourself to them," Sirius replied gently, kneeling down and cupping his godson's tear stained cheek.

"I'm losing myself anyway when I turn myself in. At least this way I will have a chance at saving any children I have."

"What do you mean? Sirius asked.

Harry shook his head. "Don't worry about it. The less you or anyone else knows the better."

Sirius didn't like it, but he reluctantly dropped the subject. "You missed both breakfast and lunch, that's not good in your condition."

Harry rested his head back on the dusty bookshelf. "Breakfast I meant to miss, not lunch."

"Then why didn't you come down?"

Chuckling, Harry looked down at his body. "I couldn't get up," he blushed.

Sirius threw his head back, howling with laughter. "Harry, you're eight months pregnant, what the hell made you think it was a good idea to sit on the floor?"


So, as you can see, even though the Cullens aren't in it yet, the attack and rape already happened. Carlisle and Edward didn't go looking for Jasper's victim in the park so they didn't know that Harry wasn't dead,