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Chapter 31 / Epilogue

In the next few days, several articles appeared in the Daily Prophet, The Diagon Alley Journal and The Hogsmeade Times about Severus Snape's impending marriage. Rhea Skeeter seemed to love the topic very much and wrote long, essay-like articles about the 'transvestite' Snape who had suddenly turned out to be one hundred percent heterosexual and was surely no longer interested in wearing vulture hats and female robes with red handbags.

Some articles of hers still dealt with the reborn Voldemort topic, emphasising that Albus Dumbledore was to be blamed for everything – had he been more careful, had he paid better attention to the students he let into his school, no one would have been harmed and Miss Chang would still be among the living. Harry felt utterly relieved that no journalists got to know about Norbert's real parentage and hoped that it would never come to light. He thought that Rhea Skeeter's articles were simply ridiculous and once asked the headmaster what he thought about them.

"Oh, I do not care for anything what the Skeeters write as long as they don't get a Pulitzer… but I think that is something we do not have to worry about," Dumbledore winked at him. "I know that they have it in for me, but it really does not annoy me at all."

"Excuse me, Albus, but why do they have it in for you? Hermione and I have been wondering this ever since that article about the Halloween events came out."

"Oh," the old wizard grinned, "you know, Harry, the Skeeters have held a grudge against me for over a century."

"Over a century?"

"Yes… I happened to be courting Rita's grandmother – Rhea's great-grandmother – but left her for… um… the goat."

"The goat?" Harry stifled a chuckle.

"Yeah… Amelia the goat was much, much prettier than Rebecca… since I left Becky, she decided to marry Roland Skeeter, but, as I heard, their marriage was a catastrophe. So, her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have hated me ever since."

Harry shook his head in disbelief. "I would never have thought that one goat could ruin so many lives, Albus."

"Well, in most cases we have no idea about the consequences of our acts, do we, Harry?"

"No, we don't," the young Charms professor replied. One night, twelve years earlier came to his mind: the night of his third wish. 'My third wish: make all my descendants be magic!' he had told the goldfish. 'Are you sure?' the fish had asked. 'Do you really want all your descendants to be magic?'

Back then he had had no idea why Desideria the goldfish had demurred. Had she been some kind of a Seer? Had she seen that one of Harry's progeny would turn evil – as evil as one could turn? Or had she only had a hunch that something bad would happen if she fulfilled that wish the way Harry had said it?

Harry did not know.

Since Minerva, Aberforth and their great-granddaughter Julie decided to spend most of their summer holiday abroad, even visiting Snow White the yeti in the Himalayas, Angel the baby unicorn had no one to care for her, so Harry and Ginny decided to 'adopt' her – and not just for the summer, but as long as Angel wanted to stay with them.

The Potter children were delighted to have the cute foal around the house, especially little Lea. Lea was also very happy about having Liu as her new elder sister. The triplets and Lily had also befriended their new sibling, but Daniel was the happiest about having her in the family. He was no more in love with her, and was relieved to get to know that Liu wasn't in love with him either, but he knew that they'd become very, very close friends.

Daniel had been taken aback when he had got to know that Cho had died – he had long been unconscious in the chamber when that happened. He decided to be as good a brother to Liu as possible. He had never been a model brother to Lily and had been teasing her all the time, but he was resolute to be nicer to his new sister. He didn't know whether the wishing well had been working or whether it had just been a ruse, but from a certain point of view his wish had been granted: from now on Liu would be around him, always.

Daniel had also decided to give up playing Quidditch from the next school year on. He felt that it'd be simply unfair if an Imaginer were playing Seeker for Slytherin while the other team Seekers had no powers rivalling his. When he had announced his decision to the family, Harry had told him that he was very proud of his son's fairness. For one fleeting moment Daniel had felt tempted to say 'that's what a true Gryffindor would do, isn't it, dad?', but he had thought better of it. His family didn't need to know that the Sorting Hat had wanted to place him into Gryffindor, did they? Neither did Gilda need to know that he had only chosen to stay in Slytherin in order to stay with her.

For the first time in his life, young Potter was truly in love. Now he could make a difference between a crush and love, and he knew that he was in love with little, unattractive, but witty and always-ready-for-a-good-fight Miss Lockhart. Though it was way too early to even consider the topic, he wondered what his father would say if he got related to Gilderoy Lockhart some time… heh, that would be fun for sure!

* * * * *

On 2nd July, a very sunny summer day, the little chapel of Hogsmeade felt pleasantly cool compared to the almost unbearable hotness outside.

Harry had never thought that he'd have an opportunity to witness a wedding here, let alone the weddings of Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy.

Judging by Snape's looks, he wasn't downright delighted about 'Potter' being present, but one of the brides – Gabrielle Delacour - had invited the Potter couple.

Fleur and her husband Bill were also present – the latter getting rather sour glances from Draco. Harry couldn't hide his grin when he realised what Malfoy's sour glances meant: Draco wasn't taken with the idea of being related to the Weasleys through this marriage, but what could he do? Gabie was Fleur's sister, Fleur was wife to a Weasley, and since Harry was husband to another Weasley, Draco and Harry also got related.

Malfoy, however, wasn't the only groom having problems with his future relations – so was Severus Snape. He kept glaring at the smugly grinning Neville Longbottom, who would become his brother-in-law. 

There weren't many guests present – except for Harry, Ginny, Bill, Albus Dumbledore, Neville and his wife Mary Sue, there were only the parents of Beryl Bradley and the Delacour sisters, plus the mothers of the grooms: Narcissa Malfoy (looking much healthier than a month ago) and Snape's mother who was crying all the way through the ceremony.

Gabrielle wore an elegant, long white gown that sparkled as though it had been woven of diamonds, and she also had some sort of a diadem glittering on her golden locks. The other bride, Beryl Bradley, wore a much simpler, cream-coloured, loose-fitting dress that more or less concealed her six-months-pregnant belly.

Old Mrs. Snape had not only been crying all along, but also muttering about knitting beautiful jumpers for her grandchild, and Harry had no idea why the Potions Master made a wry face at this and commented 'Just don't knit lilac ones if it's a boy, mum'.

Harry couldn't help grimacing when he imagined his son or daughter-to-be-born, Snape's child and Draco's future children playing together while their parents kept trimming each other's bushes and exchanging hexes over the garden-fence.

When he had told Ron that he would not only have to put up with Draco as a neighbour in the future, but also with Snape, Ron had nearly laughed his head off and complained about serious pains in his midriff afterwards.

"Honestly, I feel sorry for you, mate," he had told Harry, still chuckling. "You could somehow get along with Malfoy, but with Snape…!?!"

"Well," Harry had shrugged. "Snape's not as bad as he looks, really. He saved my life in the chamber, exactly the same way I saved his at Stonehenge. We are quits, so he might stop hating me… and even if he's nasty, his fiancée is really nice and she'll surely make up for good ol' Sev's meanness."

"Really, is it true that he's marrying the caretaker who is a woman but has been disguised as a man?"


"Weird!" Ron had shaken his head. "She seems such a nice person… even pretty. What could she see in Snape?"

"The same as Millicent sees in Dudley or Aberforth sees in McGonagall."

"Cupid is sometimes really, really stupid," Ron had said, and Harry couldn't help but agree. Cupid must have been either stupid or must have had a very strange sense of humour…

Now, as he watched the two couples exchange rings and kisses and heard Vicar Diggle pronounce them husbands and wives, Harry took Ginny's hand and she sent him a brilliant smile. Harry hadn't seen her smile like this for a long, long time… ever since before she had lost their baby at Christmas. But now she was the old Ginny again – the old Ginny who could produce the brightest smiles ever. His heart wanted to skip out of his chest whenever he saw that smile, or even if it didn't jump out of his chest, it wanted to burst with happiness.

He remembered the 25th December, when he had stood here, praying: 'Just let Ginny get all right, okay? Let her get out of her depression, let her heal… that's all.'

And Ginny had healed.

'Hey, Old Boy,' Harry lifted his head, as if trying to look beyond the chapel's ceiling, 'I suppose I owe you an apology. I've been rather… rude to you recently… not that you haven't made me go through a lot, but in the end everything got settled, and… perhaps you helped in it. I don't know, but… I'd like to believe in it. So... thanks.'

The two newly wedded couples headed for the door of the chapel in tow with the guests. Snape's mum was still crying and Neville Longbottom was still challengingly grinning at his new brother-in-law, but Severus no longer seemed to notice. All his attention belonged to Beryl Snape who was beaming at him.

Just before the two couples stepped outside (Snape and Beryl in front, Draco and Gabie behind them), Albus Dumbledore pointed his wand towards the exit and said Avis!

A flock of white doves shot out of his wand and took off towards the dazzlingly bright sun.

As Snape and his wife exited the chapel, they thought at first that they had been blinded by the sudden change from the relative darkness of the chapel into bright sunshine, but seconds later they realised that it wasn't the sunshine that blinded them but the flashing of cameras.

"Hey, hey, hey, what's going on here?" Snape growled at the dozen journalists who had gathered around the small building.

Rhea Skeeter elbowed her way to the front, holding out a magical microphone to the Potions Master: "At last we found you, Professor! Let me congratulate you in the name of all of my colleagues!"

More cameras flashed.

"But… why?" Severus knitted his eyebrows. "I didn't think that my wedding was that much of an important event for the press."

"Who was talking about the wedding?" Rhea waved. "We've come to congratulate you on winning Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award!"


A/N: Zenon Lee said that Rowling would tell us what happens to the characters after book seven, and I also should do so. Okay, Zenon Lee, you wanted it… beware!

Harry and Ginny will have this baby (a boy) and live happily ever after. Since they'll be using extra-durable condoms in the future, they won't have any more children. Honeydukes will be profitable, and Ginny will have a lot of fun running it. Harry will continue teaching Charms till he's old enough to retire, and he will have a lot of opportunities to bicker with his two wonderful neighbours as long as he lives (bushes and flowers barely left in their gardens, and the walls of their houses singed and dented from mutual curses).

McGonagall will finally get pregnant just to annoy Aberforth and their child will be called Amelia. *does the name ring a bell?*

Draco and Gabie will have a daughter and a son. Snape and Beryl have a daughter. In thirty years the Potter's baby boy will marry Draco's daughter and Draco's son will marry Snape's daughter. This will even more bring the Potters, Malfoys and Snapes together *now the reader is running off, shouting 'AgiVega's gone maaaaaad!'*

Daniel will be the greatest Imaginer ever and will of course marry Gilda who will be working at the Ministry as the new Minister's (Sirius Black's) advisor. Dan and Gil will have a horde of kids – some of them will take after grandpa Gilderoy, to Harry's utter horror.

Lily will marry Chris Wood and they'll move to Peru to start a llama-farm. *don't ask*

David will marry Circe Diggory and produce a whole bunch of wizard-Dursleys – to Petunia and Vernon's even grater horror. The house at 4. Privet Drive will be filled with bangs of Filibuster's Fireworks whenever (great)grandma Petunia is taking care of her (great)grandchildren. Vernon will freak out and move out of the house, into his office at Grunnings.

Albus will retire in a couple of years and the new headmistress of Hogwarts will be Hermione, who will make 'Hogwarts, a History' a compulsory book for all Hogwarts students (resulting in several Hogwarts students fleeing from the school and rather choosing to continue their studies at Durmstrang where Viktor Krum is still the headmaster and has finally found himself a girl and forgotten about Hermione).

Percy will never become Minister of Magic and will continue to be as sour as he always used to be. However, his son Lancelot will have enough of him and start a life far away from 'annoying, fussing dad': he'll become a top scientist in charm-development in the U.S.A.

Liu will continue running her mum's McRice restaurants and will finally marry Kevin Weasley (who would have thought?).

Valentine will manage to forget about her love towards Snape, however, she'll realise that while she was in love with Snape, she fell in love with Potions as well, so she'll be a Potions teacher at Beauxbatons *Madame Maxime screams and flees*.

Viviane will be a journalist and will prove that not all journalists are bad… some are even worse. Rhea Skeeter will turn green with envy seeing that Viv can outdo her in this respect.

Voldemort will rot in hell and curse the day he was born (either as Tom Riddle or as Norbert Devilsmoor).

Trelawney will one day predict her own death and… it'll come true!!!

Gilderoy will write several new books on fashion-tips, and will have some facial surgeries done to conceal his wrinkles. He'll also continue being envious of Severus, especially now that Sev's won Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award.

Mrs Figg will die in a heart attack when her cat named Vader turns to the Dark Side.

Lucius will spend most of his time kissing Dementors.

Rupert – to Ron's greatest dismay – will decide to become an actor and play in Muggle movies.

Narcissa will buy the Three Broomsticks from Rosmerta who will move to London with her new husband, Minister Black.

As for the others… I'm tired of making up more 'visions of the future' for them. (Hope you're satisfied, Zenon Lee or at least think that I've gone crazy and immediately need a straight-jacket and a padded cell in St. Mungo's :)

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