Antonin Dolohov sucked. Remus Lupin felt like a toddler in this assessment, but he still maintained its truth. He had a bad feeling about this duel, and he was all but pleased about this jerk taking away his new found happiness.

He was tiring and he knew it.

And then the worst-best-scariest thing happened. He saw his wife. It was his Dora, sending Stunning spells at dueling death eaters, looking regal and intense, and not at home with his son.

"DORA!" His shout caught her attention, and it was filled with grief. She could not be here. He could not lose her. He stunned Dolohov and screamed, "GO HOME! I LOVE YOU, GO HOME! FOR TEDDY!"

She shook her head in tears and took on Bellatrix Lestrange to save Ginny Weasley.

His heart was beating faster and tears ran down his face. His hands shook with dread and he did not react to the rise of Dolohov quickly enough.


He was gone.


Nymphadora Tonks felt dead inside, her heart dropped out of her chest.

"Petrificus Totalus!"

She hoped that the curse would hold, her bat-shit crazy aunt was one problem, but how could she deal with that when her world had collapsed?

She raised her wand and in a flash of green light, Dolohov was dead. She dropped to the floor beside her love and wept over him. She took his hand and she did not care the least bit about the curse that hit her, the curse Bellatrix had cast.

She was gone, but no widow.

Her son was an orphan.