Chapter 4, The Babbling Moment of Truth

Back at Tommy's house, Stu and Didi fed Tommy and Dil some macaroni and cheese. Tommy sat there, staring at his bowl, his eyes looking droopy at this point, feeling really bad about all that had happened that day.

"Come on Tommy, let's eat your lunch now." Said Didi encouragingly.

Tommy POV

Mommy was trying to get me to eat my lunch, but I wasn't really hungry. I had a really bad day and I just wanted the day to be over. It was barely nappy time, which meant I'd have to see Peter again that night. But I didn't care. Peter caused Reptar to disappear and I wasn't gonna have any of it. It was either go get Reptar back, or, go down for my nappy and not wake up till he had gone home, till it was tomorrow.

End of Tommy POV

Dil finished his lunch, but Tommy refused to eat it.

"Hey champ, why don't you tell us that word you learned." Said Stu.

"Now Stu, I don't think Tommy seems to be feeling well. Maybe I'll just go put them down for their nap." Said Didi, as she scooped Tommy out of his booster seat and Dil out of his high chair, and carried them upstairs.

"But Didi I sort of wanted to hear Tommy's first word! Celeste told us last night about how Tommy said it." Said Stu from the bottom of the stairs.

"Later Stu!" Snapped Didi as she rounded the corner at the top of the stairs, taking Tommy and Dil to their room.

She rocked them in the chair, singing "Beautiful Dreamer," to the boys, as they quieted down, Dil yawning and falling asleep. Tommy wasn't even awake for the song. He fell asleep on Didi's shoulder the minute she started singing. Didi went and put Dil down in his crib and Tommy down in bed, tip towed out of the room, and closed the door behind her.

A little while later, Tommy had another bad dream. This time, he was back in Pride Rock, those antelope and hyenas were chasing him. But before Peter could save Tommy, the hyenas started to take bites out of him. Just then, Goober walked up to them.

"Hey, can I have a hug? I'll save you." Said Goober.

"No! I don't want you. I want Reptar!" Protested Tommy, who at this point, had no more arms and legs because the hyenas had ripped them off.

""You'll have to give me a hug." Said Goober.

"No!" Snapped Tommy.

"Well ok then." Said Goober, hopping away.

Just then, the hyenas finished Tommy off and he awoke. Tommy screamed, waking Dil up from his nap.

"What's going on in here?" Didi said as she ran into the room.

"Awe, did you have a bad dream sweetie?" Didi said to Tommy, as he reached up and gave her a hug.

"It's ok sweetie, you were just having a bad dream. Now you go back to sleep now." Didi said, rubbing Tommy's back until he fell back to sleep in her arms.

Dil was over in his crib, awake and watching everything. Didi could tell he was wide awake, so she quietly took Dil downstairs to where Stu was looking through the video collection, getting out something for Peter and Tommy to watch together that night. Didi arrived with Dil in the living room to find a huge stack of Reptar videos on the coffee table.

"Honestly Stu, you let Tommy watch Reptar way too much. And now he's having nightmares!" Said Didi.

"Oh come on Didi, Tommy loves Reptar!" Said Stu happily.

"Well can't you get something else out for them to watch tonight?" Asked Didi, as she went and put Dil down in the playpen.

Meanwhile, Peter had sent all of his Disney friends back to their homes through their respected portals, and was wandering around downtown, trying to figure out a way to cheer up Tommy.

Peter POV

I felt bad about making Tommy mad at me earlier that day, and if I could just prove to him that Reptar wasn't disappearing, I knew he'd forgive me, but how! I walked along and saw the sign for Toy Palace. So I went in, only by this time, my watch read 5 minutes to 5.

"The Toy Palace will be closing in five minutes, please take your purchases from the store." Said an announcer's voice over the P.A. system.

"Oh no!" I said out loud.

"Something wrong sir?" Asked a friendly store clerk.

"Yes mam, do you know where I can find Reptar dolls?" I asked the friendly store clerk.

"Right this way." Replied the clerk.

She led me to an isle with all sorts of Reptar murchendise on it, but they only had one Reptar dall left. Luckily it was green, and looked just like the one that got destroyed of Tommy's at the park today.

"That will be fourteen 95." Said the casheer as I headed up to the counter to pay for the toy. I paid for it and headed for Tommy's house. I had half an hour to get there, so I walked, surely some fresh air would help me to clear my head. As I didn't know what form of Tommy I was gonna be greeted with when I got there.

The sun was starting to set, but just as it was, I turned on to Tommy's street, and headed to his house. Finally, I made it up to the front door, and rang the doorbell.

"Well hello Peter, so glad you made it!" Said Didi.

"I'm glad I made it too. So, where's Tommy? Has he calmed down from earlier?" I asked.

"Well yes, but he's sound asleep. Why don't you go make yourself at home in the living room. I'm about to go wake him up now." Said Didi, as she led me to a chair in the living room.

"Here, this ought to cheer Tommy up, we were gonna give it to him for his Birthday, and somehow I managed to lose it, until now." Said Stu, handing me a Reptar video.

"Oh I don't know if Tommy will want to watch that." I said to Stu.

"Of course he will. Tommy loves Reptar!" Said Stu.

Of course, I knew Stu and Didi would never believe the whole Reptar disappearing thing, so I just took the video from Stu's hand, and stuck it in the Toy Palace bag along with Tommy's replacement Reptar doll, and said nothing.

"What you got there?" Dil asked, looking at me from his stroller, pointing to the bag.

"Oh I got your brother a present!" I replied.

"And why did you do that. Not only did he not let me finish my nappy today, but you know he wanted you to disappear. Tommy's not gonna be happy to see you here." Dil said.

I just sighed before answering him back.

"Now Dil, maybe that's true, but your parents asked me to babysit, and I don't turn down a job." I replied.

"Besides, you're getting a special night out alone with your mommy and daddy to go hear your usual babysitter perform, if I were you, I wouldn't worry about your brother and go have a good time tonight." I continued.

"Who said I was worried, I'm glad I don't have to see him for a few hours." Dil replied, crossing his arms.

Just then, I heard Tommy let out a loud scream followed by a cry on the baby monitor in the kitchen.

End of Peter POV

Didi ran upstairs to see what was the matter. She arrived to find a crying screaming Tommy, this time on top of his blankets, kicking and screaming, only this time, she noticed something different about him.

Tommy POV

I awoke from my nappy to notice it was dark outside, and my throat was hurting, just like Dil's was the other day. First Reptar disappeardid, and now, I've got that foot in mouth disease that Dil had the other day. And then it hit me. I never put my toes in my mouth and I still got sick. Peter was right, you don't get it from sucking on your foot, if only he was right about Reptar too.

End of Tommy POV

Didi picked up Tommy when she came in to notice spots on his hands and feet, and she saw into his mouth his red throat.

"Oh my sweetie, it looks like you came down with what Dil had the other day." Said Didi worriedly, feeling his forehead, noticing it was warm.

Just then, Stu came upstairs to change his tie.

"Dil's downstairs with Peter, now I just need to change my tie and then we'll be ready to go." Said Stu as he headed into the bedroom.

"Take your time Stu, it appears Tommy is sick with what Dil had the other day." Said Didi.

"Now don't tell me we're not going." Wined Stu.

"Now Stu, I never said we weren't going." Replied Didi, as she took Tommy into the bathroom, had him use the potty, and changed him into some pajamas. Suddenly, Tommy spotted his Reptar toothbrush on the counter.

Tommy POV

I didn't feel good, and wanted to just stay in bed, but mommy made me go use the potty anyway. Then, I saw my Reptar toothbrush on the counter. Maybe Reptar wasn't gonna disappear after all, but I had to find out. My throat really hurted, but I didn't care, it was time for the moment of truth.

"Reptar! Reptar!" I shouted, pointing at the toothbrush, only making my throat hurt worser.

"Tommy, you're talking!" Mommy exclaimed, as she helped me get into my PJ's. Just then, daddy walked into the bathroom.

"You did it, you said your first word. Way to go champ!" Said Daddy, giving me a pat on the head.

When they were done though, I was pleased to look up at the counter to see my Reptar boothbrush didn't go nowhere. Reptar didn't disappeardid after all. But just the same, I just wanted to go back to bed. I didn't feel well, and just wanted to sleep. So I ran back to my room.

"Ok sweetie, your daddy, Dil and I will be home later, and I'll leave Peter with some Tylonol and some yummy apple juice for you." Said my mommy as she tucked me back into bed. I shut my eyes as soon as mommy turned out the light and shut the door, and fell back to sleep.

End of Tommy POV

"Everything ok up there?" Peter asked as Didi and Stu came downstairs.

"Afraid not Peter, it looks like Tommy came down with what Dil was sick with the other day." Replied Didi with a frown.

"But we did hear Tommy say his first word. We're quite proud of him." Said Stu, as he went and gathered up the stroller with Dil in it and headed for the front door.

"You head on out Stu, I just need to take care of a couple of things." Said Didi.

"You run along Didi, after taking care of Dil the other day, I know just what Tommy needs." Said Peter.

"Well all right. We'll see you later then." Said Didi.

"Have a nice time." Said Peter, waving out the window, as Didi headed out to the car, got inside, and they pulled away.

Peter POV

I watched Stu, Didi, and Dil drive off to the Java Lava to catch Taffy's concert, being pleased that Taffy got well in time to put it on tonight, as I recall I was asked to babysit the other day because she was sick. Still no sight of Tommy, so I decided to sit down, and watch whatever was on TV. I turned on the TV to find a hockey game on. The Sharks versus the Bruons, figured it would be a pretty good game, so I just sat there and watched it for a while. At one point, Spike and Spikfee came up and licked me. Forgetting to ask if they had been fed, I headed into the kitchen and fed them their supper. Just then, I heard some noise over the baby monitor, so decided maybe I'd better go check on Tommy. But when I got to the bottom of the stairs, I was met by 30 pounds of 2-year-old toddler Tommy, complete with purple hair and blue pajamas, hugging my legs.

End of Peter POV

Tommy POV

After mommy lefted me, I fell asleep for a while, but then awoke remembering that Peter was here to babysit me. Feeling bad about earlier, and now realizing that Reptar wasn't gonna disappear after all, not to mention, my throat really hurted and I was hoping he could do for me like we all did for Dil the other day, the tea with lemon and honey thing, I decided to head downstairs. So I got out of bed and headed downstairs, only to be met by Peter at the bottom. My throat hurted too much to talk, so I just wrapped my arms around his legs and gave him a big hug.

End of Tommy POV

"Awe Tommy, I'm sorry about earlier. I hope you can forgive me." Said Peter.

Tommy looked up at him, his face was pail, but he was smiling.

"Now Tommy, you don't need to say anything. Your mommy tells me you've come down with what Dil had the other day, so I know your throat must hurt really bad. No worries, I know just what to do to fix it." Said Peter, as he scooped up Tommy in his arms and took him into the kitchen, where Spike and Spikfee had finished their food, and had headed to the backdoor, wanting to be let out.

Peter let them back outside and set Tommy down in a booster seat. He fixed Tommy a sippy cup with some tea, honey and lemon, along with some Tylonol, and gave it to Tommy.

"Here you go Tommy, let's see if this works as well on you as it did your brother the other day." Said Peter, giving Tommy the cup.

Tommy took it and drank every last drop. Afterwards, Peter took him into the living room where they sat down together in an easy chair, Tommy in Peter's lap.

"If the tea made you feel better, then these surprises are sure to make you feel all better." Said Peter, pulling the Reptar doll out of the Toy Palace bag and handing it to Tommy.

"Reptar." Whispered Tommy with a smile as he let out a little cough and took the Reptar doll from Peter's hand.

"See? Didn't I tell you Reptar wasn't gonna disappear?" Asked Peter.

Tommy nodded approvingly as he hugged the Reptar doll, and rested his head on Peter's shoulder.

"And I've got another surprise too." Said Peter, as he lay Tommy down on the couch, which he had recently put a pillow and blanket on to make him a little bed. Tommy lay there with his Reptar doll, watching Peter, as he got out a video from the bag and put it into the VCR.

"I give you, Reptar 2050!" Said Peter excitedly, as the video started to play and Reptar appeared on the screen.

Peter and Tommy watched the video together, Tommy falling asleep as soon as it was over.

Five days later, Tommy was finally over his Foot in Mouth disease, and all of his friends came over to play. They were all rolling the star ball around in the playpen when Tommy spoke up.

"Hey guys I'm sorry about everything last week." Said Tommy.

"It's ok Tommy, we forgive you." Said Chuckie.

Zack, Kimi, Phil, Lil and Dil all nodded their heads approvingly.

"Yeah but we still missed the Goober movie." Snapped Dil.

"Don't these things eventually come out on video or DVD anyway?" Zack asked.

"I don't know." Dil replied.

"Well, I think they do." Zack said.

"Yeah but it's not as much fun as seeing it at the movie." Replied Dil.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Didi went to answer it to find Peter standing there, along with the Beast and Jefar.

"Hi Peter, what are you doing here on this fine Saturday evening?" Didi asked.

"Well I was wondering how Tommy was feeling and if he wanted to accompany me and my friends, Beast and Jefar to a movie!" Replied Peter.

"Reptar! Reptar!" Said Tommy happily from the living room, overhearing Peter and his mom talking, he opened the playpen with his screwdriver and rushed out, Zack following behind.

"I'll take that as a yes." Said Peter, as Tommy and Zack ran to the front door and took Peter's hands.

Didi closed the door and went and told Stu what was going on, as they watched out the window to see them leave in a horse and carriage pulled by Philleep.

"Hey I've got an idea." Said Stu.

"What?" Asked Didi.

"You'll see." Stu replied, with a twinkle in his eye as he gathered up Dil, Phil, Lil, Kimi and Chuckie.

A little while later, everybody was in line at the Octaplex, only this time, Peter, the Beast, Jefar, Zack and Tommy all headed into the Reptar movie, while everyone else headed in to see one of the last showings of the Goober movie, as according to an add on the wall that read the movie titles and showtimes, there was a note by the Goober film stating it would be leaving as of the following Friday. And this time, everybody saw the movies they wanted to see, and in their entirety as well.

The End

I hope you all enjoyed that story. It took me all night to write it, but I enjoyed writing it nonetheless, and, not sure when I'll be back with anymore stories, but I'm sure I'll be back again really soon.