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Lemon Alert Below



Mini Prologue


Jasper paced his study like a caged lion, eyes as black as night from his instincts.

He had tried to hold off his reaction, but he just couldn't manage it any longer. The Major was taking over and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.

He had told Edward not to bring the human girl here and when that hadn't worked, he had appealed to Carlisle.

That hadn't worked either.

Neither of them would believe him when he told them that his beast wanted the girl.

Carlisle had scoffed and told him to go hunt. That a fresh hunt would stifle any primal instincts that he may have lurking from his previous way of life.

He had hunted but it hadn't stifled a thing.

Alice told him that he would be fine as long as they had sex just before Bella's arrival and so they had and it was terrible for Jasper. It had felt wrong to him in every way, sort of like it had when he'd first met Alice and she had begun making him drink this strange drink mixed with animal blood.

At first, he had refused to bed her at all, not finding her attractive in the least. But then, over time and the more of the drink that he consumed, and the more therapy sessions he had with Carlisle, the less he seemed to care and she would stimulate him and then ride him to orgasm. He was never the instigator of these sessions. It was always her and they always left him feeling oddly empty, in some ways, violated.

He froze in his pacing, not even breathing as he heard the sound of Edward's car coming up the drive and parking.

He heard it then; the steady beat of a human heart drawing closer and closer as Edward escorted the human into the house.

The door to his study opened, Alice starting to say something as he took a deep breath in; a breath that was liberally laced with the scent of one Isabella Swan.

Those were Jasper's last coherent thoughts of that day, as at that moment, the Major took control.



Alice skipped her way from the kitchen where Esme was busy making food for Edward's human, to Carlisle's study. She wanted to make certain that she had done everything correctly where Jazzy was concerned. None of them wanted to lose him from the coven after all.

They had worked and planned much too long and put too much work into molding him into what they needed him to be to let him go now. He was wonderful insurance against anyone ever daring to even think of attacking their little 'family' and they damn sure weren't about to let go of protection like that.

No. Having Major Whitlock in their coven had been one of Carlisle's goals and Alice had finally accomplished it, with the liberal help of certain substances to keep him docile and compliant, that is.

Everything had been damn near perfect now for sixty years.

She curled her lip in a silent snarl at the mere thought of Peter Whitlock and his mate Charlotte. They had been a real stumbling block at the beginning, but after some stronger substances from Carlisle, and some intense hypnotherapy sessions from him, Jasper had been a good boy and had told his brother that he no longer wanted them involved in his life and they had left, albeit reluctantly.

They hadn't seen the pair since then and she was glad for that fact. She couldn't stand the two. They were what most would describe as "down to earth" types and they made her sick with their laid back ways and lack of sophistication. Jasper had been that way too and it had taken a monumental effort on her part to change and mold him into something half-way acceptable.

The first thing that she had worked on, along with Carlisle via more hypnotherapy was his atrocious accent. She simply couldn't tolerate it and so his therapy had been intense in order to eliminate it.

They had then worked on his lust for human blood, but Carlisle had suggested that they build in a weakness with a trigger so that he would have "accidents" every so often followed by heavy periods of guilt and depression.

Carlisle had said that, in this way, they would build a dependence on them in Jasper's mind, that he wouldn't dare go against due to the guilt he would experience for doing so.

She smiled and shook her head. Carlisle, in her mind, was a fucking genius, and it had all worked like a charm.

Arriving at his door, she knocked lightly, entering when she heard him call out.

"Carlisle, I just wanted to make certain that I've done everything correctly where Jazzy is concerned."

He gestured to the chair in front of his desk as he answered her. "You've given him his dose for the day and he's gone on a fresh hunt?"

She nodded. "Yes, and I even stimulated him and rode him to completion as you suggested. He's displayed no primal urges whatsoever since then, not even a growl and his eyes, when I left him were a perfect shade of butterscotch."

Carlisle sat back in his seat, folding his hands atop his desk. "All sounds to be in order to me Alice. Was there something in particular that you were concerned with?"

She shook her head and smiled brightly. "No, I just wanted to touch base with you and make certain that I had followed your instructions. He's much too important to risk losing, especially now, when Edward has finally found someone he considers to be an acceptable mate.

Imagine! Finally finding someone that is totally silent to his gift! He can finally get some peace, even when he's fucking her! He must be so relieved."

Carlisle smiled and nodded. "I am pleased for him, to be sure. It's a miracle that she is silent to him and after a mere two sessions of hypnotherapy, his lust for her blood is gone completely. Of course, she doesn't know this yet Alice so do not let the information slip in your exuberance."

"Oh, no sir, I won't. We've come too far to screw it up now by petty mistakes. I know this."

"Very well, Alice. Edward and his human will be here very soon." He rose and gestured toward the door. "Shall we go take our places then?"

"Absolutely! I'm so excited!"

Carlisle opened his study and the sound of a human heartbeat flooded their hearing.

Alice turned to her leader. "Oh she's already here! I'd better go and get Jazzy. He was a bit nervous and so he's in his study. You go on ahead and we'll be there for the introductions momentarily."

He nodded and made his way down the stairs while she made her way to Jasper's study door, a grin on her face and a spring in her step.

Needless to say, she was wholly unprepared for what she faced when she opened that door.

Fear flooded her at the sight of eyes that were black as pitch, his lip curled in a snarl as he removed her head from her shoulders, tossing it neatly out the door. He ripped up the rest of her in the next two seconds, spreading the parts throughout the room to prevent her reassembling herself, then he was moving.

In one smooth and silent jump, he was down the stairs, taking out the blonde bitch and her slow, muscle bound mate before either one had a chance to protest, also throwing their various parts in opposite directions.

Next to feel his wrath was the Doctor and his mate. Oh, they had tried to subdue him, to their everlasting folly, but he had dispatched them just as quickly and efficiently as the others.

He then turned his attention to the mind reader who had just jumped from the kitchen balcony, the human clutched to his side with one arm as he made his way into the forest, trying desperately to escape the killing machine that was Major Whitlock.

The Major stood on the balcony taking deep breaths of air mixed with the scent of the human girl that he recognized as his mate. He smiled a feral smile then and the pursuit was on.

The mind reader was going to be in for one hell of a shock. He had always been so proud of the so called fact that he was the fastest in the "family".

The Major loosed a dark chuckle. The boy was about to see what real speed and skill was all about.

Catching up to him in no time, he was careful not to injure his mate who was still clutched to the mind raper's side.

In order to stop the other vampire and still keep his mate safe, he was going to have to make his kill swift and precise.

He decided that a leaping attack was in order, making sure that he layered that thought under several other conflicting thoughts.

The Major had learned to do this long ago in order to protect his continued presence in poor, drugged and hypnotized Jasper's mind.

Circling around in front of the fleeing mind raper, he leapt at him on his way by, literally taking his head off on his way back down to the ground.

By the time the headless body began to falter, the Major was there, taking his mate into his arms, a deep purr sounding from his chest in order to comfort her.

She clung to him, looking at him with wide eyes at first until the sound of his purr registered in her mind and soul and she snuggled against him, sighing and nuzzling his neck, the mating instincts at work even on her human consciousness.

His purr became more intense as she began to leave moist, open mouthed kisses all along his neck and he quickened his pace back to the house.

It was time to claim his mate, even though he would not change her here. He needed a much more secure place for that to happen and Forks, WA was not it. Not with her father and a whole reservation of hostile shifters to deal with. Not unless she made the choice that would allow him to change her slowly, but that choice would be made right before the claiming,

And claim her? Hell yes he would. That would not wait even if he had to wipe out half the town to accomplish it.

Jumping back into the house that had been just another one of Jasper's many prisons, the Major went into Jasper's study and set her down on the couch. He would not defile her by claiming her on the bed that Jasper had been regularly violated on. That would burn along with the entire house and it's occupants when he was done here.

He went to the hall closet and gathered all the clean blankets he could find there, bringing them back to his little mate and making somewhat of a nest for her.

Next, he stripped her, nuzzling and purring to her when he felt her embarrassment as he did so. Outside of comforting her, he paid little mind to that. She would have other things on her mind soon enough.

Placing her in the middle of the nest he had made, he stood and stripped himself quickly. He was beyond ready to be buried inside her after all, but there was one thing he needed to know from her and this was their only chance as a couple for this particular opportunity.

Joining her in the nest, he nuzzled her and she bared her neck to him as a good mate should, all the while whimpering and panting with her almost overwhelming need.

"My beautiful mate, there is something we must decide and this is our only chance. Once you decide and our initial claiming is over, we'll never have the chance again as this will be the only time that I can accomplish it."

She nodded to let him know that she was listening.

"Do you want a baby with me?"

Her breath caught and she studied him for moments as she thought about it and she was shocked to find that the desire to carry her mates child and give him a son was very strong within her. "Yes, I do."

He growled and kissed her and she shivered in anticipation as she laid back in their nest of blankets, reaching for him with both hands.

He covered her quickly as he felt his fangs descend, the very tips tasting of the sweet venom that would allow him to impregnate her. This would be the one and only time that he would ever produce it and it would not only impregnate her, but it would transition her slowly over the span of her pregnancy, painlessly.

He was pleased with her decision. She would never have to suffer with the burning in order to change and this fact eased his mind greatly.

He kissed her then, his purr ever constant and she responded just as she should pulling him down into her widely spread legs as she panted and mewled against his neck.

He took in her scent deeply then and growled lowly; she was ready for him.


Lemon Alert


Drawing his hips back, he placed his cock at her entrance and surged forward, quickly taking her innocence while using his gift to soothe her pain.

She wrapped her silken legs around him and he began to thrust into her, rocking her small body in his close embrace as he filled her over and over again.

He kissed and sucked at her neck where he would place his mark on her and she gasped with the ecstasy of being wrapped in him and filled by him. It was a never ending circle of sensation and her orgasm built rapidly from the experience.

She felt his thrusts slow somewhat, coming with more force and depth and he growled out to her, "Come for me my beautiful mate. Come now!" and with two more powerful thrusts, her whole consciousness shattered as lights danced behind her clenched eyelids and her back arched as she groaned, baring her neck instinctually for his mark.

He bit down on her satin flesh, fangs injecting the sweet venom of procreation and immortality as his cock pulsed filling her with his seed, a mighty growl of triumph shaking the entire structure of the house.

Outside, Peter Whitlock hugged his mate close to him with a smile of joy on his face.

He now had his brother back.

At last…..

The Major had broken free.

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