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Jasper smirked at his Captain. "Toys eh?" he asked with a slow shake of his head. "What the fuck took ya?"

Pete flopped down beside him and proceeded to study his nails. "Oh you know, had to check out the package store at the airport. Pick up some good booze, couple a' t-shirts, shit like that." He grinned and Jasper stifled the urge to roll his eyes. "So, old man, you ready to fuck shit up, or what?"

Jasper snorted. "Beyond ready, Captain, now tell me what ya brought."

"I'll do ya one better," Pete said as he hopped to his feet. "I'll show ya."



Chapter 12

"You two," Jasper commanded two lower guards who snapped to attention, "Get those vehicles outta here now that the cargo's been unloaded. I don't care where ya take 'em, just make sure it's far and they can't be traced back here. When this goes down, it's gonna draw attention from the humans," he said, sweeping the rest of the guard with his gaze, his commanding voice rising to be heard by all as he continued. "We need to do this, grab Stefan and Vlad if they manage to make it outta the inferno, make sure the scene is cleaned up as far as vampire parts go, and get the fuck out on foot before any humans show up to investigate." He met the gazes of each guard in the contingent, making absolutely sure they'd been paying attention, before giving a curt nod.

"All right, so you each have an RPG and a pile of hand-held grenades, you know how to use 'em, and have identified your targets. No one is to proceed down-range until I give the all clear, and no munitions are to be used after the all clear is given! I don't need ya blowin' the shit outta any of our own." Again, he paused to survey them.

"Yes sir, Major!" they answered as he slowly paced before their line.

He smirked and met the grinning gaze of his Captain. Fucker was insane when it came to shit like this. "Excellent." he barked. "Remember, if ya see Stefan or Vlad makin' a break for it, grab the bastards, disable 'em and get back to blowin' shit up.

"Now, we got ourselves a mission to complete. Try not to fuck it up! Take up your positions and fire on my mark!"

He gave them a good few minutes to get into position since they were basically surrounding the entire keep of the Romanian's from the surrounding hillsides. They had to cover those damn sonic weapons from every angle they'd been placed, plus, he'd admit, he just wanted to blow the absolute shit outta the fuckers for all the grief they'd caused him over the years.

It was his sincere hope for Stefan and Vlad to be captured rather than destroyed today. He had plans for those two fuckers—plans that would require a good amount of time with them—something he wanted to do at his leisure. 'However,' he thought with a dark scowl as he took up his own position, the heavy RPG perched on his shoulder, 'If the fuckers burn today…they burn.' He sure as fuck wasn't gonna be surgically precise about this. His goal this day was the enemy's complete destruction and he'd see it done, come hell or high water.

With that cold determination settled in his mind, he looked to see everyone armed and in their places. Aiming his own weapon, he smirked coldly and yelled, "Fire!"

The noise was deafening as the rocket propelled grenades hit their marks damn near simultaneously, but after dealing with the pain of those damn sonic weapons for the last four days, these explosions were music to his ears; the resultant screams and chaos mere icing on the cake.

Towering plumes of flame, vampire parts, and mechanical debris billowed into the air before raining down in molten chunks, causing the small valley around the keep to resemble…well…a war zone, especially as the surviving vampires scrambled to escape the carnage.

Jasper grinned and began zinging hand grenades. "You fuckers wanted to integrate with the human world?" he muttered while targeting groups of fleeing vamps. "Well, here ya go!" he ground out as he pitched the last of his grenades at a terrified looking group who was fleeing the flaming wreckage of the keep.

"Alec, Jane! Subdue any that come your way! The rest of you…finish them! It won't be long until the humans notice this and we need to have this over and be gone before they arrive," he reinforced his orders, his voice raised over the chaos while concentrating with his gift to disable a group that was headed toward him and his Captain.

"Damn Major, let 'em up!" Pete said with a malicious grin after lobbing his last grenade into the center of the mayhem. "I was lookin' forward to a bit of a tangle."

"All right then...Cease fire and move in!" he bellowed, and with a glance and a nod, they both took off toward the fight. They were joined seconds later by a grinning Felix who clothes-lined the first vamp they encountered, causing the body to flip in the air and land on his back with a dismayed squawk. He picked up the vamp by the neck and smiled widely at Jasper who'd just torn the head from his own opponent.

"This is the most fun I've had in decades!" he said before tightening his grip on the unfortunate vampire's neck, effectively separating the head from the dangling body.

Jasper smirked and shook his head before deftly sweeping the legs of another opponent and pinning him to the ground. "Please! Please, no!" the terrified vampire pleaded under Jasper's boot. The Major grinned maliciously, leaned down and drawled, "I reckon ya should'a thought a' savin' your ass before joinin' the wrong side son."

With that, he reached down and twisted the struggling vampire's head off.

The lightest touch to his shoulder had him spinning around, instantly subduing the vampire who'd touched him, but he brought himself up short when Pete grinned sheepishly in spite of the lethal grip in his vulnerable neck and twisted arm.

He held up his free hand. "It's just me, Major," he wheezed and Jasper raised a brow without letting go.

"Shouldn't you know better than to lay hands on me in a fight, Captain?"

"Yes sir," Pete rasped, "but in my defense, it's been a while. Forgot what a lightning fast, jumpy motherfucker you are."

Jasper dropped him and shook his head before gazing around at the battlefield as Pete rubbed his neck and flexed his arm. "Looks like we're done here. Any word on the fearless leaders?" he sneered and Pete nodded.

"Yes sir, Alec and Jane got both of 'em."

Jasper's eyes narrowed as his lip curled over a deadly fang. "Good. Dismember and pack the bastards for transport, make sure all the rest are burnt and let's get the fuck outta here. It's time to go home."

Pete grinned with a manic gleam in his eyes. "My pleasure, Major."

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