So I've always only been keen on typing transformer fictions but I thought I would try something else. Also I'm a big fan of LOTR and Hobbit so I figured this would be fun to do. Hope you guys enjoy and don't forget the review Rated M just for safety and a heads up for future chapters there may be dark scenes I'll be putting in. I don't own The Hobbit or anything of Tolkien. OC belongs to me.

There are times you ask yourself what you could have done to prevent something from happening and no matter how much we all look there is nothing you can do the change the past. Sometimes you feel like you could have done more and there is that whisper in your ear that continuously remains you about your past that you just want to escape. Sometimes escape isn't a solution though and we all have to live life and death is the only escape from it all. But we can't let death win; not when we are much stronger than we look. One woman has proved that and cheated death before, nothing will stand in her way.

She was a half-breed.

Her father was named Durgar, a dwarf warrior from Erebor, a guards captain, very skilled with weapons, brave and who gave his heart to a lovely man folk maiden.

Her mother's name was Anna, a gentle hearted woman with a passion for animals and kindness. There isn't much to tell about her life other than she was someone who traveled around and one day bumped into a dwarf who stole her heart.

Word had spread about what happened to Erebor and it left so many in exile across middle-earth. Many turned their backs on them thinking they deserved it or just didn't want to offer sympathy. Anna though was different than others and wouldn't turn away from those who needed a helping hand. They saw something within each other that they couldn't explain, other than it was love at first sight. Sure it may sound corny, but that is the truth. Anna saw so much through his eyes, seeing the suffering he's had since Erebor and thought what a long way he has come.

Durgar saw a beautiful woman and it didn't take them long to realise they were meant to be. She was his one, there was no doubt about it.

It wasn't common for a man folk and dwarf to pair up and many others would think its a dishonor to do so, but they didn't care. Durgar was a loyal dwarf but after everything that has happened he just wanted everything to be better for himself. Anna healed his broken soul with her gentle nature and love.

They built a cottage half way between Rivendell and Erebor, in an area away from everything and at the edge of a large forest. A long creek ran across behind their lodge, surrounded by blooming flowers in the spring time and tall trees to keep them hidden from view. It was the most peaceful and beautiful area to live in.

It wasn't long before their first son Morar came along and then their second son Garn who both resembled their father a lot. There were difficulties during the second birth and a healer who had been traveling not far came to the scene. He was graved to say that it was most likely Anna would never had another child. They tried, for htye desired more children but it never happened, so they accepted it an raised both their sons. When Anna reached her forties though something unexpected happened. She fell pregnant again. She gave birth to their third child, a girl, calling her Farili. She resembled her mother's appearance and nature but also her fathers, which meant she was nice getting to know but get on her bad side and you're in for a lot of trouble.

Her build was odd, different from both dwarf and man kin. She wasn't as solid or thick as a dwarf would be though didn't have her mother's figure. It was strange, in a good way. She had ivory skin with glossy rich brown-red wavy hair, the length came to an end down her rear and had chocolate brown eyes. Thick eyelashes, full pinkish lips, rosy cheeks and always wore a cheeky grin on her sweet face. She was a real beauty.

Durgar told many stories to his children, about the battles he fought in, Erebor and in the battle of Azanulbizar, he told his survival of the dragon of the north that man came like a hurricane and burned down the city of dale before taking over the mountain and burring himself in the gold treasure.

Farili admired her father and would spend many hours listen to his stories. She wasn't much of a lady, they all sure this. Her mother was the greatest and most respectful woman but she would rather spar with her brothers and being a wild dwarf child other than wear dresses and cook. She found skirts to be annoying and refused to have them on.

For years they lived at the lodge away from civilization. They managed their living and traded with very few trusted passers who would be traveling from town to town trading materials and stock.

The three children of the family rarely saw anything from the outside world. They've only seen very few man folk and everything else was from books. They love their family and loved where they lived, but they needed adventure. The three wanted to travel to towns and kingdoms, meet other kins and experience the life everyone else lived in. Durgar and Anna agreed to this as they didn't want to keep them from doing what they pleased, but it was decided they would go when they were ready and not to hurry into anything.

Both Morar and Garn used heavy swords and axes which was much to their liking while Farili used a bow which she felt more comfortable in using. Her brother's would tease her about it until she proved them wrong with her sharp eyes and quick growing skills that even Durgar was impressed with.

Over the growing years everything was normal for them and seemed perfect. The three sibling's even started planning their travels they had been craving for a long time. Something happened though they were never prepared for. It was that night she believed she could have saved her family somehow and has never forgiven herself for it. If there was one thing she feared in life it was ending up alone, and that's what happened.

Far into the forests there stood a small cottage in the starry night. The sounds of the crickets chirped nonstop in the gardens and trees overlapped the sky above her home. A trail of smoke came out of the chimney and a faint light filled one of the windows on the cottage. Inside their sat a woman on her fur rug in front of the fireplace while reading one of her books. She liked reading. No, she loved it. It didn't matter what the book was about she will try to ready everything there was available.

Her rich brown-red hair locks hung down her back in a low tie and lightly flowed from the breeze out of her slightly opened window. She wore her trousers, cotton sleeved shirt and a tunic. She still wasn't that fond of skirts and didn't think it was going to change. Her mother would think she was a tom boy, or a boy trapped in a girls body. She would have to hold her down as a little girl to force a dress on her. In time she gave up due to her still refusing or right away taking the dresses off and let her dress like her brothers did.

She was no longer known as Farili, the name was too painful and a remainder of her past which she is trying to forget. She now calls herself Lia, a name she remembers her mother mentioning, maybe from a family member of hers but she doesn't remember. The name has grown and she is use to calling herself this now. She hoped to start a new life with a new name

Like her family use to she lives away from everything, about two or three days walk from The Shire, which she has thought about visiting but hasn't gained the courage to put herself back out into the world. Honestly she doesn't leave her cottage much and stays indoors or around her garden as much as possible. It was sad really, she knew this wasn't what a new life should be like but maybe down the long run she'll eventually feel that confidence again and go to The Blue Mountains.

A crack from the fire knocked her from her thoughts and gave a weak smile before placing her book aside and adding another piece of wood to the fire.

The crickets outside her cottage went silent as someone or something was approaching. Slowly she prepared herself, grabbing her bow she notched an arrow and aimed it at the door. Breathing out softly she used her foot to swing open the door ready to shoot at whatever was here but she never did. She was greeted by a smile from an old friend she hasn't seen for a long while.

"Gandalf!" She breathed out in disbelief, "The bloody hell are ya doing? Scared the living daylight's out of me."

The wizard chuckled softly. "I didn't mean to frighten you my dear, but it's good to see you never let your guard down.

Lia placed her bow down and smiled. "I get paranoid, sorry. What are ya doing here at this hour?"

"I wish to speak with you, Lia," Gandalf took his hat off. "May I come in?"

"Oh! of course," she moved aside for him to enter her cottage and closed the door again. "Would you like any tea?"

"Tea would be lovely." Gandalf walked in and looked around himself. "I see you've settled in quiet well over the years. How have you been Lia?"

"I'm ok I guess," she honestly didn't have much to say to him. "Just been keeping myself busy."

"Do you get out much?"

She didn't need to answer him with the look she gave. Gandalf sighed softly. "Have you at least visited The Shire, like I suggested?"

"I-I've been meaning too...It just hasn't happened yet." She sighed at the thought of how long she's left it before something else came to mind. "Gandalf, I haven't seen you for at least eight months. It's great to see you and all but I just have this nagging feeling that your here for a reason."

"You're quite right." He smiled taking a seat in the arm chair. "It's about Erebor."

Lia felt her heart skip a beat, excited to hear what his visit had to do about her father's home. "Erebor? What about it?

"It's time for the kingdom to be reclaimed so I'm accompanying a gathering of dwarves for the long journey ahead."

"Are you serious?" Lia couldn't stop the beaming smile that spread across her face. "That's amazing to hear! Maybe I could go live there when it's reclaimed?" The thought of it bought an excited giggle from her.

Gandalf smiled warmly at the young woman never seeing such a bright smile from her. "It will be good for you to live there, where your father and his bloodline came from. But there's something else I want to discus with you."

"Oh? What would that be?" She poured the tea for Gandalf before offering it and sat down in another chair in front of the wizard.

The wizard blew softly at the tea taking a sip with a satisfied hum. "I would like you to come along with us."

Lia almost dropped her tea from her hands. "M-me? Why?"

"Lia" Gandalf straightened himself in his chair. "You need to associate with other's, especially the dwarf kin. This journey would be perfect for you to get to know them and experience the adventure you've always wanted. You're a very skilled archer with a strong heart; something this company needs" He takes another sip from his tea as she listens in awe. "You'll make friends and find a a place to call home. I'm inviting you because you need to do this for yourself and your family. What are your thoughts?"

So many thoughts and emotions rushed through her. She's just been offered a huge opportunity to finally meet dwarves and see her home. Other thoughts came to mind though and did fear of the danger they might encounter. This wasn't going to be an easy journey as anything could happen. Dangers from weathers, climbing mountains to foul creatures.

'Rakhas.' She thought to herself nervously.

Lia looked at the floor board below her feet and breathed out softly. "I can't."

Gandalf gave a flat smile of understanding. "Lia, you're afraid and I understand. But think of what you'll experience. Not only will you get an adventure but you'll make friends and learn more of your father's kin."

She gave a weak smile. "I understand, but Gandalf, I don't know if I'll be able to handle it." She sat herself in front of the wizard with a huff. "What if we come across…orcs?" She spat out the name of those beasts.

"I can't say what will happen or what we will encounter, but you'll be alongside dwarves who have fought them many times and have done many other things to know the dangers."

She was biting her lip nervously. "I'm not looking for protection. I just don't think I can handle the experience. I've been on my own for almost six years and I know if I'll be able to cope with it all."

"Being alone is something you've never liked. It's been dragging on for too long, you want affection and to be surrounded by those with a heart, which is what you'll find with these merry dwarves. I cannot force you to do anything, but I hope you'll give it thought."

She looked up at the wizard, blinking her eyes back to try and stop her tears from falling. "Putting that aside, what about the dragon that took over the mountain?"

"Smaug hasn't been seen for at least sixty years. Either he'd fled back to the north or is still slumbering under the old. I have a plan and more of it will be discussed when we're gathered." He then thought he'd mention a someone. "Thorin will be leading this company."

She stared at him with a gasp. "Thorin Oakenshield

He smirked at her reaction. "The same. I'm sure he and his kin will enjoy your company. I know this is a big choice for you to make but I hope you'll accept. You may think about it over the next two days. After that, we'll be beginning out journey." He finished his tea and took his hat before standing. "We'll be gathering in The Shire at Bag End in two days time. You'll need to find a large green door with my inscription."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "The Shire? Are you getting hobbits involved now?"

"Only one. He'll be the companies burglar and goes by the name of Bilbo Baggins." He started making his way out the house before turning to say his final words for that night. "Thank you for the tea. Hope you have a pleasant night, Lia." He's then gone, leaving her all alone once again.

Sighing heavily she took the empty cups and placed them in the washing tub and knelt their as she thought hard. Gandalf had come to her home almost in the middle of the night asking her to come on an adventure of a lifetime back to Erebor where her father was born and reclaim the mountain once again, and she just turned it down because of the worried fear she felt. Gandalf had been the one who saved her life and since than has been her only friend. Being with dwarves was probably the best thing for her, getting to know them and making friends was what she needed in life. The thought of her family came in her mind and hummed softly to herself.

"I miss you all so much." Her soft voice whispered. "What do I do? Please...give me a sign?"

It's as if they heard her when a strong gust of wind blew over her house making her wooden door fly open and bow to fall onto the down right in front of it. She couldn't help but smile, knowing now she had to do this. For herself and for her family, they would have wanted her to go. They were telling her to go.

"I know." She spoke once more to herself softly. "I need to do this."

She was suddenly on her feet and rushed around her small cottage gathering everything she needed for the journey. The thought of leaving her cottage did sadden her but hoped that maybe someone might come by it and look after it themselves, knowing she wasn't coming back. She was going on an adventure.

After a two days walk Lia finally made it at bag end and now stood in front of the door that matched the description Gandalf told her. Listening closely she could indeed hear racket inside and felt her the butterflies in her stomach flutter about. Straightening herself she took a few quick breathes and gave a knock at the door. There was no turning back now.

"No, no! I do not want any more visitors!" She didn't expect a response like that."No more dwarves are to enter my home! Go bother someone else!" The door flung open to reveal a very unhappy hobbit that stood there a little stunned to see her. "O-oh beg your pardon madam. I'm sorry for my rudeness it's just...been an odd night."

"Bilbo Baggins?" She asked in question, her eyes narrowing in confusion wondering if she had the right place. But the mark was right their on the door, it had to be this one.

"Yes that's me." He huffed in announce. "A-and again forgive my rudeness."

Lia gave a gentle smile at him oddly feeling comfortable in front of the hobbit. "No need to apologize Master Baggins. I've been given directions to where the meeting was, or has there been a change of plans?"

"No, meeting is here." He exhaled. "However so far you're the only one that hasn't just barged into my home, I appreciate it. It's cold outside and I wouldn't leave a woman like yourselves in the cold." He finally stood aside to let her in. "If you're hungry better hurry before the others raid it all."

Lia smiled shyly and stepped inside. "Thank you, Master Baggins."

Bilbo closed the door behind him. "Please, call me Bilbo. May I ask you're name?" He kindly took her hooded leather jacket, bow and daggers and hanging them to the side with everyone else's belongings.

"Lia, at your service." She bowed lightly.

"I'm at yours. Pleasure to meet you"

Lia looked around the beautiful hobbit home and exhaled softly. "You have a really lovely home Bilbo. It's nothing like I've ever seen before, so remarkable."

"Why thank you." He blushed at her kind words and felt much better now to be speaking to someone that was in his home who had manners. "I apologize if I'm out of line, but I imagined dwarf woman to be….hairier?"

A sweet giggle was given from her. "That is true, however I'm a half-breed. My father was a dwarf and mother was man folk."

"Wow, fascinating." He praised "Well I can say I hope you enjoy your time here."

She smiled once more at the hobbit before turning her gaze to the hall to see Gandalf making his way towards her. "There you are dear, just in time as well."

Smiling she quickly went over to him and threw her arms around his waist. "Thank you."

"What for love?" He let out a chuckle at her sudden embrace but welcomed it.

"For this, inviting me and giving me a chance. You're right, I need to do this for the better of me and my family."

Gandalf placed his hand over her shoulder and gave a satisfied smile. "You deserve the best in life Lia, and this is the start of a new chapter for you."

Sudden loud cheers broke out from the other room making Lia jump slightly. Bilbo let out an annoyed grumble directed at the wizard. "You're replacing any damage they do Gandalf," with that he stormed off.

Lia watched him leave and looked up at him. "Is Bilbo really the burglar?"

"Indeed he is"

"Are you sure? He doesn't seem very pleased about all this."

"Oh he just wasn't expecting company. He'll be ok. Now, let me introduce you to the others."

They made their way towards the next room and Lia felt butterflies flutter harder. "I-I feel nervous..."

"I know this won't be easy for you, but they will welcome you and respect you. You'll be ok."

Her heart thumped against her chest quick and hard repeatedly, feeling her fingers twirl together and eyes focused on the floor she walked on as she followed Gandalf. The noise got louder and she now knew they were only a few feet away from the room.

She hid behind the hallway door frame as Gandalf stomped his shaft on the ground to grab their attention. "Pipe down the lot of you!" His loud voice boomed in the room and the racket settled down to silence. All eyes laid on Gandalf while she hid herself behind the door way, slowly shrinking back into the shadows feeling ever so scared and shy. Looking up her brown eyes saw Gandalf trying to coax her to come out of hiding. "I'm right here."

Lia slowly stepped forward and took another step before she was out in view for everyone to see. Her eyes still focused on the floor but she managed to slowly bring them up to see all eyes on her, seeing many different reactions such like, shocked, happy or just confused. Each dwarf looked more interesting than the next, seeing many appearances which made her smile at the sight of them all. She lifted her head up proudly and straighten herself with some of her hair locks falling down the side of her face as she moved and offered a shy smile for everyone.

"Everyone I would like you to meet our final member of the company. This is Lia. She's a brilliant archer with remarkable hunting skills and I'm sure you'll make her feel welcome"

One dwarf spoke up. "A woman Gandalf? This journey has no place for any gentle lasses, she'll only slow us down."

Gandalf stared annoyed at the dwarf who spoke. "You know Master Dwalin, when I say make her feel welcome I meant it!" Chuckles broke out at Gandalf's response "Lia, I would like you to meet everyone. Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Dwalin, Balin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dori, Nori and Ori. Were still missing one but he shouldn't be too far away."

She swallowed and gave a nervous wave. "Evening everyone, i-it's a pleasure to meet you all," she was surprised with her own words before continuing on. "I-I understand you weren't expecting me to join but I can tell you now I don't need protection. I've taken care of myself for a while now and I know how to fight. I'll watch your back and you'll watch mine."

Silence was set at her words before the dwarf known as Bofur spoke up. "I like her," he proudly said out and others agreed. Dwalin grumbled and went back to eating. "Dwalin, don't be rude. The lass says she can handle it." He pulled out an extra chair next to him and offered it to her. "Here we go lass. Join in, have a bit to eat."

Lia breathed out like she cold breath again followed by a gentle smile at the kind cheerful dwarf. "Thank you, Master Bofur."

Gandalf gave an approved hum and carried on.

Lia sat beside the cheery dwarf and eyed the large amount of food covering from top to end on the table in front of her. Bread, vegetables, fruit and…meat! Oh how she craved for the meat. Reaching forward she grabbed a piece of freshly made bread, along with some potato's before raiding some chicken breast and sausages. She looked about and spotted a juicy looking ham but was a little out of reach from it. Lucky for her Bofur noticed and just laid over the table to get it for her. "Some ham for the lass?" He smiled offering her the plate.

"Yes please!" Her voice filled with glee as she carved away a few slices.

She remembered most of who had been introduced and watched as the blonde dwarf known as Fili suddenly stood up on top of the table holding two large ale mugs and noisily stepped towards her, knocking a few of the dishes over and shaking everything on the table in the process. "Drink ale, Lia?"

She accepted the drink and couldn't help but giggle softly watching as he made his way back while the others threw food at him to get off and sit back down. Lia noticed the moment she entered the room there were different reactions from all. However there was one who had his eyes on her and finally looked directly at him. She remembered Gandalf introducing him as Kili, and he had been smiling broadly at her since she's stepped foot in the room. His dark eyes brighten when her eyes made contact with his, his smirk widening. He looked young, was definitely handsome, and she returned the smile at him. Doing this she received a wink from him, one that made the butterflies return and giggle softly at him before pulling her stare away and dug into her meal.

"So tell us lass," Dwalin swallowed a large amount of fish he shoved in his mouth just before. "Why are you wanting to come on this journey?"

"I'm doing it for myself, Master Dwalin," she expected to be questioned and politely answered him. "Gandalf gave me the opportunity and I took it

"Are you man folk?" Ori curiously asked from beside Bofur.

"I ahh," shhe softly cleared her throat and tried answering calmly. "I'm a half breed. Father was dwarf and mother was man folk." Her answer silenced the room.

"Really?" Balin, an elderly looking dwarf asked in curiosity. She nodded shyly and that was her only answer. He smiled kindly, "That explains the height."

"The love for meat," Bofur added.

"And beauty," Kili suddenly added which caused cheery laughter around the table. Lia half chocked a laugh as her face flushed in embarrassment but figured he was just messing around. She smirked when Fili punched his shoulder in a playful way.

Balin continued. "I've only met very few like you in my time but always good to meet more. Where are you from lass?"

"Just a few days east from The Shire. I wasn't from a civilized area, so this is quite new for me being here."

"Don't like having company?" Bofur asked sympathetically.

"No, it's not that. It's just how my life has been, that's all."

"This journey won't be peaceful, a lot will happen." Dwalin continued to pile on.

"I know what to expect in the wilderness. Don't worry, I'm not that easy to get rid of." She received cackles from different dwarves as Dwalin gave her an unsure neutral look and grabbed a piece of fruit from a bowl.

She watched as him, Fili and Bombur each had a piece of fruit and were just about to bite into them. She spotted three cheese knifes not far from her and saw her chance to show everyone how sharp her eyes were. Swiftly she grabbed them and threw them at the pieces of fruit in their hands as they bit into them. The knife's came in contact, inches from their faces and almost nicking their fingers. But Lia's aim was perfect and too good to be ignored. Silent filled the room seeing what just happened and all stared back at Lia. Dwalin moved the apple away from his mouth and stared dumbfounded at her and tried to figure out what just happened. Fili grinned proudly seeing how good her skills were and Bombur just simply took the knife out before eating it whole. She simply smiled sweetly at Dwalin, like a cheeky child who just did something wrong but funny. It wasn't long before cheers broke out in the room, hands banged on the table and pats on her back were given by Bofur who was quite amazed.

"I love this woman!" Fili cheered with his fists in the air.

"I saw her first!" Kili told him off and looked back in her direction, giving a second wink before drinking his ale.

He seemed like a charmer she thought, and maybe the youngest male in the group due to the lack of beard, not that she minded. He was a little taller as well for a dwarf. She didn't take his motives seriously, thinking he was just having fun but something in her was set off the second she saw him for the first time. She felt a warmth like nothing she's ever felt before, and from his expression she could tell he was just feeling the same that moment. She tore her gaze away from him and continued with her meal.

Supper was continued and the table was cleared of food quite quickly. Lia took her time in getting to know each dwarf that she will be traveling with thinking it would be nice just to introduce herself properly. There was still Kili who she was unable to locate at the moment but figured she will find him later. She did stater a little at first as she has not made talk with many for a long while now. Gandalf did visit her when he got the chance at her cottage which was always good, but being in a much larger group strangely felt better. She has never felt so stuffed with food in her life. She felt a little bad at eating Bilbo's food but her hunger got the better of her. However she remembered him saying if she was hungry then she better hurry before it was all raided. So she just took that as the offer. Later everyone were scattered around the hobbit home or still seated at the table making talk with one another. Lia leaned her back against the wall and gazed around with a smile, thinking this was a good thing and felt nice to be with others again.

"So, Lia was it?" Kili popped out of nowhere in front of her.

'Ahh there he is,' she smiled kindly. "Aye. Pleasure to meet you Master Kili"

Kili held his smirk as he reached for her hand. "At your service," he placed a small kiss on top of her knuckles making her blush slightly on her rosy cheeks. His prickly beard tickled her skin but didn't bother her one bit, in fact it made her shiver unexpectedly. He leaned his shoulder against the wall besides her. "I never expected to see a woman as beautiful as you to be joining us," he smiled broadly. "Gandalf says you're an archer, am I right?"

She blushed. "I am an archer, something I'll never give up. How about yourself?"

"Aye, archer too," he proudly said. "You'll have to show me your skills sometime."

Lia smiled hearing he was an archer as well. "And you the same"

Kili gave a quick glance at Gandalf who was on the other side of the room puffing away at his pipe weed and was curious to know. "How do ya know Gandalf? He seems to look out for you."

"He's a good friend, and I owe him," she looked over at the wizard and smiled weakly. "He saved my life." Those last words left her lips unexpectedly.

"Saved your life?" Kili cannot help but questioned. "How so?" He right away see's her hesitance and wants to smack himself for asking such an inappropriate question. "I apologize, it's none of my business."

Lia nodded and he shamefully went to walk away but was stopped by her hand placed over his shoulder.

"I didn't mean for ya to go, there's just thing's in my past I'd rather not speak about. But we can still get to know each other, if you like?"

Kili stared at her small hand over his shoulder and back at her face, taking in her beauty and watched as her eyes sparkled like gems. He'd never seen any woman like her before, she was magnificent. Everything about her looked so perfect that had a sweet kind heart to offer everyone. He completely understood what she meant and smiled. "What would you like to know about me?"

Lia was grateful she didn't scare him away "What's your reason for being here?"

"Well, my brother Fili and I are nephews of Thorin."

"So you're royal? I met your brother before, he didn't mention it."

"Aye. Fili doesn't say it out much, likes to be treated like everyone else."

Lia inched closer to him. "My father told me many stories of the Durin blood line and of his time in Erebor. I would listen to him for hours every day."

"Sounds like your father knew a lot, is he from Erebor?"

"Aye." She didn't know what else to say to him and tried keeping most to herself.

He now stood in front of her and smiled. "Will you walk with me?"

She was happy to and they both wandered down the hall of the hobbit home sharing few more details about each other. It's been a while since she's communicated with someone but it felt good. The feeling of speaking with another gave her a warm feeling in her and continued to listen to Kili. After a while they came into the main hall where Bilbo was until he was approached by Ori.

"Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt, but what should I do with my plate?" Ori's voice was heard.

"Here you go, Ori. Give it to me" Fili said as he took the plate and tossed it to Kili, who quickly caught it as Gandalf moved out of the way. Lia was impressed with their quick movement but was a little confused as he tossed it into the kitchen where Bifur caught it. She moved aside a watched plates being thrown around, gazing at Bilbo who was in panic mode and trying to tell the dwarfs to cut it out.

"Take that back. Excuse me!" More plates and bowls were tossed towards Kili and other's started to join in. "That's my mother's West Farming pottery. It's over a hundred years old!"

Lia tried her best not to laugh at this as it looked like they were having fun but also helping Bilbo do the dishes in a different way. In the other room she could hear the rest at the table banging the knives and forks.

"And can you not do that? You'll blunt them!"

"Ohh. You hear that, lads and lass?" Bofur asked with a smirk. "He says we'll blunt the knifes"

Blunt the knifes, bend the forks!
Smash the bottles and burn the corks!
Chip the glasses and crack the plates!
That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!

Lia was amazed to hear a song break out from everyone so suddenly and random. Music was something that hardly wasn't involved in her life growing up unfortunately, but that didn't mean she didn't enjoy it.

Cut the cloth and trail the fat!
Leave the bones on the bedroom mat!
Pour the milk on the pantry floor!
Splash the wine on every door!

Her foot tapped on the floor board at the beat of the singing, clangs and thuds. A plate was tossed in her direction and caught it with no trouble before throwing it to Kili, who was proud to see her joined in and threw it into the next room. After that Kili took hold of her arm and let out a small yelp as she was spun around in his hold. A familuar happy laugh was sounded from her as she danced with Kili around through the hallway and into the kitchen where everyone now joined. She wasn't much of a dancer and tried not stepping on his feet as he twirled her around in his hold.

Dump the crocks in a boiling bowl!
Pound them up with a thumping pole!
And when you've finished, if they are whole,
Send them down the hall to roll!

That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!

The song ended with cheers and Lia found herself still in Kili's hold with his arm wrapped around her shoulder, not that she was complaining. She enjoyed the dance and felt an old warm feeling swell in her with joy. Bilbo pushed his way frantically between everyone to see the damage but was surprised to see all his dished washed, dried and stacked up neatly on his table.

A sudden loud knock was heard from the front door of the hobbit hole and silence was set from everyone. Lia turned her head in the direction of the closed door and knew who had finally arrived.

Gandalf's few words were said. "He is here."

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